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Does 10K = 10.000 transistors ? If yes, forget it and use hsim or nanosim, for example. The run time is too long with hspice in any platform. Bastos
You can use CosmosScope to view the results. The linux version of hspice don't have awaves.
hi friends, i'm tired of using windows Os so that i have chosen linux.Now the problem is here.:-) How can i install hspice on linux?:-( i just have used Ubuntu,opensuse,fedora electronic lab and now using there is no difference for me to choose one. i'm just completely fresh on installing hspice.;-) i (...)
Hi every one. I am trying to run hspice in linux, using the command :" $hspice inputFile.sp > inputFile.lis" but it takes inputFile.sp as a command and says : command not found dose anyone know what should i do? P.S : I have found another command on (...)
Hello, I would like to know how to run hspice from linux terminal? I entered scripts/.... and then, what should I do to launch hspice? Thanks,
Hi, Pls help me for this newbie question. I used XP (NTFS) and linux RH8.0 in 1 harddrive. When I used linux, I can not mount to the partition that have XP(NTFS). The message is : mount: fs type ntfs not supported by kernel Anyone can help plz :oops: Thanks + Regards, Tr2000
Is it possible to install solaris and linux version LDV in the same directory? if i link tools to tools.sun4v, the commands will excute fail under linux . Anybody has good idea to install two version LDV in the same directory and share the doc ?
You mean Spectre with Spetra, if so both are circuit simulator, spectre has more capability and can support hspice netlist too.
how make serial communication in python for (windows and linux)?
hspice is generaly used for IC layout design.You can use it for ASIC design.For example you want to realize a circuit on-chip and you have a schematic usind gate,metal contacts and silicon you can design that circuit on a single chip by arranging w/L ratios or other parameters.
AutoTRAX EDA to run on Apple OS/X and linux AutoTRAX EDA is currently being ported to both the Apple OS/X platform and linux. The work will also benefit Windows users, since as part of the port, all dialogs will now be resizable. All platforms will have Qt Script for Applications which is a cross-platform toolkit that (...)
I ran a circuit in hspice ,with the inductor L (initial current=10mA),and got a result. and then ,I convert the hspice netlist to spectre netlist ,and use the spectre to simulate,with the same condition.But the result is far different .If change the inductor L intial current to a very small value ,the (...)
I want to get the wave like this: x-axis is 2Id/gm y-axis is Id. How should i do in hspice and spectre? thanks. i do this in that way in hspice and awaves. first i declare parameter xtmp which is avaiable in params in awaves results browser .probe xtmp = par('2*i(m1)/gmo(m1)') thereafter i
to avoid the problem of multibooting of windowsxp and linux on same hard drive, don't install grub on MBR but install grub at the first sector of /boot partition. hope this will help : my case first installed windows xp on first primary ntfs partition hda1 then i have d: and e: as logical fat32 drives hda5 & hda6 respectively (...)
Have you done Interface RS-232 with 16F877a and linux ? I need your help because I can not do it .
How window xp and linux make use of parrallel processing how processes are assigned
Hi Everybody, I think I have to make it straight for everybody. I have designed Opamp, Bandgap, Regulator, Rectifier and ? with hspice and also checked the simulation with Spectre, and silicon results. As you may know, BSIM models are the most accurate models exist for MOS transistors. These models are (...)
hi,, i am very much interested in learning ucos and linux.Please can any one suggest me the tutorials for learning them hi if any one is having please mail to me. my email
Hi, Does anybody know how to import a simulation data from pspice to hspice and vice versa? I want to test my designed IC(hspice) with external passive components(pspice). Is that possible? please help. --andrew
diff between hspice and star-hspice?
diff between hspice and star-hspice?
Hi All, What are the difference between Cent OS and linux operating systems. and which one is better??
I see one company that builds something like the automation system that is in the video link that I add and they wrote that they use VxWorks software and linux software I want to know what are the tools and functions that VxWorks software or in linux software have that the others software usua
Hello All, I am trying to do power measurements using spice simulators. hspice and nanosim are outputting power values 2e-06 where as xa simulator is outputting 2e-12. I am confused with this vast difference. I need a fast simulation so I need to go with xa simulator but I am not really sure if I could stick with the xa simulators power values.
how about linux version? is hspice on linux still less models than other unix version?
GTK wave supports hspice output files. It's free.
Looking through the files I have found that most of the models only work with hspice and not spectre, what are these standalone models? i was using these before with spectre and I was getting wierd errors in thee simulations. I have managed to get Spectre working correctly using the TSMC 0.40u 4M 2P process but any other (...)
I think that Synopsys has come up with a Schematic editor. Look into their Galaxy suite. But I am not sure that many reliable Schematic editors work on Windows. If you are doing smaller circuits, you can use LTSPICE or Orcad PSPICE. They have small but OK Schematic editors. Added after 2 minutes: Anyways,
hi, in emule you can find hspice 2004 for linux, and it's manual, there is also a distribution for windows, if you download hspice make sure to download gwave too, for get your graphics results
I installed hspice_2005_03 in redhat9.0 .The hspice can run. But it can not generate the files,such as *.sw*,*.tr*,*.ac*. So i can not observe the waves with cscope. there is the *.lis file: Using: /home/cs/synopsys/hspice/linux/hspice Incorrectly built binary which accesses errno, h_errno or _res (...)
Hi is your hspice linux version? It should have a executable file such as install.sp or so,check the readme files if it has run terminal ,login as root and execute the file ---------- Post added at 18:12 ---------- Previous post was at 18:10 ---------- By the way I need hspice on linux too, did you down
Any suggestion how to remote mount a Sun dirive in linux host or any better solution to share the files between linux and Sun? Currently I use ftp to transfer files between two workstations.
I have just tried AMS hitkit 3.5 on my linux ic5. I found that hitkit 3.5 still does not support linux ic5.
Hi friends, according to: the speed of a dual cpu pc (intel or amd) is comparable to a sun blade 2000. I want to know is it possible to install linux on a dual CPU PC ? If so which version of linux is better for this. also I want to know if the current EDAs can use the dual cpu stru
I would like to install the linux 6.2 redhat on my pc but I have some problem with the video card. My ATI radeon7000 isn't recognized by the installation tool and I haven't found documentation about the work-around of this problem. I've performed the installation choosing the "unsupported generic vga mode" option, but the result is very poor. So
I was trying to optimize my circuit design about one year ago using hspice NT and linux versions. In my experience, hspice under linux runs much faster and shows up fewer convergence problems. I did not benchmark the results systematically, so it is just my personal opinion.
Hi, I have a problem with IC5 under linux. I have tried to simulate with hspice and not with spectre. But I found a problem: in whole cadence directory does not exist "hspice.exe" I lost one night to find a solution and I found this: in /bin exist only the "hspice" file (...)
HI I apologise if this seems to be a bit of a stupid question by I am new to linux and unix. If a have a copy of hspice for linux, is it possible to install and run it on unix eg. solaris or hp-ux or do i need the specific version for that platform? thanks :?
Good news is we now have more CAD tools for PCs. Windos and Lnux. How many of you guys are still using Unx ? I really hate my workstation . It's 20 times more expensive than my x86 but runs 5 times slower. Plus it has ugly C0E . Yes I have more CPUs and memory in x86. What a shame. (':evil:')
Ic 5.0 and newer supprot a lot of simulators. However, you must have the interface licencse. i use in linux always the newest version of hspice and get no problem. BTW, picasso (synopsys), hsim (Nassda --> one of my favorite tools) are supported!
hspice 2004.09 has already hspice RF. Bastos
the follow document is test report on linux/winXP (Not use EDA tool but you can find video /audio coding performance between linux & winXP ) from this test report , some application on FC Suse or winXP have the equal speed .. but I don't know if use hspice on linux & winXP whi
I am using Modelsim 5.8 on windows platform... and now shifted to linux..... do i need to get a new license file from mentor or can i use the same license file from the windows platform?
i have simulated an analog circuit by hspice, and got satisfied results. then i want to do a power analysis by Nanosim. but i meet some problem that the transient result from Nanosim is different from hspice. it is the first time that i using Nanosim to do some analysis. i refer to the manuel file. but i still know nothing about the (...)
I've a PC with Windows XP Home Ed. and an ADSL modem. I have to share it with another PC with linux (fedora core2). The two PCs are connected by a LAN. I enable ICS function in Win XP but in linux I cannot connect. How to configure linux? I tried to search in Google but every solution bring to an insuccess. There (...)
I've tried several mixed-mode EDA tools, such as IC5033, hspice, and ADVANCEMS, on RH 8 and they're working pretty well.
Hi, I'm trying to run VCS under linux but get the following message when trying to compile a verilog design: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ gcc -o ../simv 5NrI_d.o 5NrIB_d.o nE5Z_1_d.o SIM_l.o /usr/cad/vcs/gui/virsim/linux/vcdplus/vcs7_1_0_1/libvirsim.a (...)
They are made by different companies. PSpice comes with a schematic capture program and does some things automatically. It is good for casual and new users. hspice has a wider range of user selectable options but therefore requires more user skill.
There are many waveform viewers that you can choose... If I am right, hspice liunx version did not release until Syn0psys take over... Try c0sm0ssc0pe by Syn0psys instead... Regards,
hspice is the reference for IC analog design. It has much more devices models than Pspice. Also its convergency algorithms are superior. Pspice is more for discrete design. Bastos