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Does 10K = 10.000 transistors ? If yes, forget it and use hsim or nanosim, for example. The run time is too long with hspice in any platform. Bastos
You can use CosmosScope to view the results. The linux version of hspice don't have awaves.
hi friends, i'm tired of using windows Os so that i have chosen linux.Now the problem is here.:-) How can i install hspice on linux?:-( i just have used Ubuntu,opensuse,fedora electronic lab and now using there is no difference for me to choose one. i'm just completely fresh on installing hspice.;-) i (...)
Hi every one. I am trying to run hspice in linux, using the command :" $hspice inputFile.sp > inputFile.lis" but it takes inputFile.sp as a command and says : command not found dose anyone know what should i do? P.S : I have found another command on (...)
how about linux version? is hspice on linux still less models than other unix version?
GTK wave supports hspice output files. It's free.
I was trying to optimize my circuit design about one year ago using hspice NT and linux versions. In my experience, hspice under linux runs much faster and shows up fewer convergence problems. I did not benchmark the results systematically, so it is just my personal opinion.
Hi, I have a problem with IC5 under linux. I have tried to simulate with hspice and not with spectre. But I found a problem: in whole cadence directory does not exist "hspice.exe" I lost one night to find a solution and I found this: in /bin exist only the "hspice" file (...)
Looking through the files I have found that most of the models only work with hspice and not spectre, what are these standalone models? i was using these before with spectre and I was getting wierd errors in thee simulations. I have managed to get Spectre working correctly using the TSMC 0.40u 4M 2P process but any other (...)
HI I apologise if this seems to be a bit of a stupid question by I am new to linux and unix. If a have a copy of hspice for linux, is it possible to install and run it on unix eg. solaris or hp-ux or do i need the specific version for that platform? thanks :?
Ic 5.0 and newer supprot a lot of simulators. However, you must have the interface licencse. i use in linux always the newest version of hspice and get no problem. BTW, picasso (synopsys), hsim (Nassda --> one of my favorite tools) are supported!
hspice 2004.09 has already hspice RF. Bastos
the follow document is test report on linux/winXP (Not use EDA tool but you can find video /audio coding performance between linux & winXP ) from this test report , some application on FC Suse or winXP have the equal speed .. but I don't know if use hspice on linux & winXP whi
I've tried several mixed-mode EDA tools, such as IC5033, hspice, and ADVANCEMS, on RH 8 and they're working pretty well.
I think that Synopsys has come up with a Schematic editor. Look into their Galaxy suite. But I am not sure that many reliable Schematic editors work on Windows. If you are doing smaller circuits, you can use LTSPICE or Orcad PSPICE. They have small but OK Schematic editors. Added after 2 minutes: Anyways,
Dear all: I have installed hspice on linux. However, Awaves can't work on linux! So, I can't view the waveform on linux. Which tool can instead of awaves on linux? Please give me some suggestions!!! Thanks for your help!!!! slchen
I has not do that work. however, in hspice, there is 'converter' command that can convert the *.tr# to psf format. awd can read psf file. you can try !
hi, in emule you can find hspice 2004 for linux, and it's manual, there is also a distribution for windows, if you download hspice make sure to download gwave too, for get your graphics results
I used to hspice in linux. However I have no any waveform plot program to view result file like *.tr0, *.sw0, etc under linux. I used some waveform program in Windows, But too slow and No compatible with linux kernel. Question: Is there any waveform viewer program to view hspice (...)
I installed hspice_2005_03 in redhat9.0 .The hspice can run. But it can not generate the files,such as *.sw*,*.tr*,*.ac*. So i can not observe the waves with cscope. there is the *.lis file: Using: /home/cs/synopsys/hspice/linux/hspice Incorrectly built binary which accesses errno, h_errno or _res (...)
I have been using ELDO since I moved into electronic industry. I have heard that hspice has a lot of convergence problems. I have virtually seen NONE so far in using ELDO. Has anybody found a convergence problem in ELDO thus far?
Dear all, I want to simulate phase noise in hspice. I write a testing script as shown below. .HBOSC tones=1.3e6 nharms=15 PROBENODE=clk_out,0,1.25 FSPTS=20,1.25e6,1.35e6 .PHASENOISE V(clk_out) DEC 10 10K 10MEG METHOD=0 *******Results****************** .print hbosc vm(clk_out) vp(clk_out) vr(clk_out) vi(clk_out) .print phasen
Hi, I am totally new to hspice. Can somebody recommend to me a tutorial document ? Ive downloaded an hspice manual but its not suited for a newbie like me. Perhaps what i need is a sort of "hspice for dummies" or something.. can anybody help me?
Hi~ I have windows ADS (2008) installed in my desktop and linux ADS installed in my department server. (2008 update 1) I simulate exactly the same structure, a LNA. From the ideal component to hspice model, the simulation results from the two versions are the same. But when I replace an inductor model to a s2p instance, using the (...)
Hi is your hspice linux version? It should have a executable file such as install.sp or so,check the readme files if it has run terminal ,login as root and execute the file ---------- Post added at 18:12 ---------- Previous post was at 18:10 ---------- By the way I need hspice on linux too, did you down
Did anyone konw how to solve this problem? I have just install the hspice and configured the license in .bashrc on the ubuntu system, but the log of hspice is always: ****** hspice -- D-2010.03 32-BIT (Feb 23 2010) linux ****** Copyright (C) 2010 Synopsys, Inc. All Rights Reserved. (...)
I am simulating a LC oscillator using hspice in linux and wish to have the phase noise results. But i get the following error while running the simulation. Please help out as its very important. Thanks. Error: (CNTFET05w.sp:1) hnw error #: sequence error Error: (CNTFET05w.sp:1) hnw error #: sequence error
I'm an analog designer and was considering set up a linux workstation to run some EDA tools, such as Cadence 5141, hspice, Calibre (DRC/LVS) and Matlab etc. I tried Ubuntu but too much trouble with older version EDAs. Any suggestions? Regards, Neo
You can use Cosmos to view hspice waveforms in linux. However, you need to make sure that you have the proper FEATURE line in your license file to enable this. Cosmos does not allow viewing .tr0 files without it.
I have "hspice exportrtl DC primetime covermeter verplex leda ecs formality vera" for linux platform If you have eda tool for linux,and we can share with each other. I 'm too need designware that can gen rtl, not smartmodel. If you have designware, share it with me. thank you
I download hspice 2001.4 for linux , the pack contain a file : metaencrypt , does it is cr@ck of SW ?
Thanks! I also need star hspice 2001.4 for linux, does anyone can help me?
Just want to run a test on my new linux machine, Plz PM me if u were so kind to share it with me.
ambit PKS 5 is now available on linux. nc-verilog/nc-vhdl are available on linux modelsim is available on linux Debussy is available on linux add synopsys synthesis tool synopsys VCS synopsys namoSim avanti hspice dolphin smash simulator novas Laker IC layout tool ...many .... maybe (...)
HI Smash5 already support hspice level49 model , and I evaluation it , look like is ok (compare with hspice 2002.4) , Have anyone compare it with nanosim or powermill /starSim ??
I know that EDA company use hostid to create license for Sun Solaris, HPUX and IBM AIX machine. Can anyone give me the most common method for licensing In RH linux box: Dongle or MAC id? I need the info for: Astro Synopsys DC, Primetime Mentor IC flow hspice IC5 Thanks
Since hspice Red Hat linux version had been released for a long while, I have never seen awaves on linux. How do people view outputs on linux ? Thanks!
SpiceExplorer is very goos to read waves from hspice, spectre or many tools. It has good tools for measurements. I prefer it to awaves either on windows or linux! It supports the 2 environnement and solaris as well. Very good tools to analyze analog waves (it also read digital ones)!
Hi All, I've been wondering if there exists a linux EDA benchmark. Does anyone know of such a beast? I was thinking of something along these lines: hspice run synopsys synthesis run verilog run DRC run Some sort of X window test with EDA tools. Byte
Hi all, I've got a copy of hspice 2003 but is only netlist entry, is there is simple to use schematic entry add on for this simulator ?? cheers Ody
Hi all, I need to come out with a timeframe for my analog design which consists of around 500 elements and I am using hspice. Can anyone tell me how long would the runtime of hspice be? Anyone has any idea?
sometimes, we can say that hspice is industry standard. most foundry support it.
I'll be very interested in the benchmark of running hspice under the latest 2.6.x kernel. Hi It is fine if you could test and run it under 64-bit linux cores (suse or fidora) tnx
I have Syn-U-2003.06.01(linux version) But Dont Know How to instal it and I want to setup Design Enviroment in Home. Can any experienced man share your experience for Q1.What kind EDA can install in What Kind linux(such as Syn-U- only can install in Red Hat .... ) Q2.Detail install procedure Q3.where to download (...)
As I knew, lots of them introduced gui interface for the next generation already on both unix and linux platform, such like smartspice, hspice(v2004), nanosim, adms...,etc. Regards,
could you give me the web ? linux edition.
As far as Iam aware hspice is extra for the Cadence, it only has the interface ready? I have the PC version with a license but I want to run it in linux. If anyone can help pm me a link, appreciate it. Hi If you want to run just the same program that you have for windows you can do: 1. Use win4lin OR 2. Us
Have anyone have experience on build linux server for EDA design ? my linux server should support 2~3 designer using EDA include hspice ... Q1: which CPU type have high C/P ration ? P4 or P4EE (Xeon - -> I think very expensive ) K8 or K7 and Intel P4 have high speed FSB .... I don't know which CPU (...)
Hi I find soem hardware test report on techReport and other site is from website test , K8 is fast than Xeon much more but it base on general application , have anyone use hspice (linux or windows) run demo PLL circuit (and enlarge simulation time bec
I setup a linux server for hspice .. but hspice no awaves on linux other waveform tool I don;t like it .. so I try to use wine run windows Base awaves .exe .. but still fail .. by the way , where can I download cygwin total setup file .. my home PC is "off line" PC