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Hi, I'm looking for the hung-chang or Protek 6510 oscilloscope service manual or schematic diagram. Thanks for any info.
Hi, I'm looking for a Service manual / Schematics for oscilloscope hung chang 5506. User manual also of interest! Any suggestions? - Please let me know! Regards // wyatt
Hi, I'm looking for a Service manual / Schematics for oscilloscope hung chang 5506. User manual also of interest! Any suggestions? - Please let me know! Regards // wyatt
Hi I need a manual and schematic for OS-620 oscilloscope (hungchang) Can anybody help me please ?
Hi i have the oscilloscope named above and i cant get it to sweep. it just has a dot in the middle of the screen which i can position. any help in making it sweep or if anyone has a manual would be appreciated :)
Hi, does anyone have Instruction manual for hung chang / Protek 3850 DSO? We've bought that DSO about ten years ago, but we've lost its manual. Thank's brmdjoko
Hi guys, I'm looking for the Tektronix 2465B oscilloscope manual : My internship referent give me one for thanking me of my good work, but he kas loose the manual. This is quite a good stuff, and I think the manual could be helpfull to use full possibilities this scope has. Hope someone can help. Sincerely (...)
Hi, i'm searching for Gould OS3000 oscilloscope manual. This piece need some repair. maybe someone can help. thanks chaparal
Hi, Has any one got L&T Gould os 320 oscilloscope manual. Kindly upload on the forum. Thanks in advance
I'm looking for the Tektronix 2261 oscilloscope manual or schematics. Thanks for any information.
Can anyone please help me with a scan of the GW (Good Will) GOS-955 oscilloscope manual. I am restoring one at the moment - they are a classic - I believe one of the first produced by GW. thanks in appreciation Harvey 109690
I had a hung chang 3850DML LCD oscilloscope+logic analizer (1200 euro), but it is not useful, my life is changed with Tektronix TDS210, is precise, simple, it has a good display, I suggest to wait, but buy a serius instrument, the difference betwen an economic instrument and null is very little
Hi, Has anyone got the manual and power lead for the HP 1741A oscilloscope.
anyone has a manul for that oscilloscope? I pay for a copy of it ;)
Hi Does someone has a manual and schematic to an Aron BS320 oscilloscope, or knows were I can find it. The problem is that the trigger doesn?t work in real time.
Hi, I'm looking for the user manual of Kenwood CS-6020 oscilloscope. I did google but had no luck. Thanks.
If someone has or knows where I can obtain a manual for my Gould Ultima 500 oscilloscope please let me know.
I have bought an old Philips pm3262 scope from junk sales. Does any one have a operating/service manual
I've got a Protek P3502 with a couple of power resistors that got cooked. I'm not real sure why but I know a service manual / schematic would sure help! Anyone have one? Or know where I can find one? The circuit in question seems to send signals to the CRT. So I suspect it's either the vertical or horizontal amp circuit. Thanks!
Hi, I'm looking for a Service manual / Schematics for FETVOM HC-5050DB. User manual also of interest! (hung chang, VOLTCRAFT or CONRAD make..) Any suggestions? - Please let me know! :smile: Regards // wyatt
Hi Guys, My first post here, been a long time lurker but really need help with this issue I'm having with my CRO. Its an Aron BS-601 which I got for $40 and works great except that when I set the TIME/DIV knob anywhere between 5ms-.1ms (6 clicks) the trace wont go across the screen it just get stuck at the very LH side. I am getting vertical
Hi everyone . I have been recently logging in using facebook and have decided to join this board witch i find pretty interesting . So my problem is with an old hung chang 5502 oscilloscope that was still unused though , i have used it mainly for monitoring some high frequency signals coming from switch mode power supplies pwm ICs . (...)
Hi does anyone know if these scopes are good ?
Hi, Anybody has a good chemistry ebooks on organic and inorganic Topics please upload it I am really interested in Chemistry with Online ChemSkill Builder by raymond chang ( solution manual also ) Thanks shweta
I want to understand Every Thing about triggering modes in both analog and digital oscilloscopes and the the related circuits that do that job , i want to understand all the details in brief , if anyone have any helpful PDF or sites please guide me to them , Thanks
Hi - can anyone help with the documentation for this instrument? thanks.
I am using a pin photodiode bpw24r along with op amp ada4817 wired as a transimpedance amplifier. By biasing the diode at 5v my datasheet gives me a capacitance of 3.8 pf which combined by a feedback resistor of 75K with the rest of the circuit would give me a bandwidth at about 20MHZ . My photodiode datasheet also states that the photodio
Hello I need this manual DS1052E 50 MHz Digital oscilloscope manual please help me
I am looking for PM3375 oscilloscope service manual. Thanks!
Please, I need the service manual for Gould/Advance OS253 oscilloscope. Cheers, FoxyRick
Please, I need the service manual for Gould/Advance OS260 and OS253 oscilloscope. Cheers, FoxyRick
Please, I need a service manual for Telequipment oscilloscope D65, or schematics/parts list at least. Thanks in advance, FoxyRick.
Does anyone have a schematic or service manual for a Kenwood CS-4025 20mhz dual trace oscilloscope? I have one that is doing some funny things. The trace is no longer a straight line. For most of the time it is a series of curly lines.
I need a schematic or a complete service manual concerning the TELEQUIPMENT D34 oscilloscope. Thanks for the help you can provide,
Hi! I'm looking for Meguro MO-1251 oscilloscope service manual. Can anybody help? Rgds, Aslak
Can someone please upload a Tektronix 2215 oscilloscope user/service manual. Thanks.
Hello!I need this service manual too, or specification.please send me!Gabor from hungary e-mail: thanks
who can help at an Fluke/PHilips PM3084 oscilloscope service manual or can copy for me a manual please email me if you can help me . regards m.mols
I'm in need of a service manual for the Tektronix 543A or 543 oscilloscope. Does anybody have a copy? Thanks
Here is picture of oscilloscope.I need operating manual for this unit. thank you
manual and service manual. MEGURO MO-1255 oscilloscope. Can someone help?
Hi all, Anyone has this old oscilloscope Service manual and schematic diagram can upload for me. Thank you very much in advance. make = AEL (American Electronic Laboratories, Inc.) Model: 725 This is an old transistorized oscilloscope, but still work, and I need its service manual + schematic diagram for keeping it (...)
Hi all, Just a shot in the dark. Could any body provide me with either a service manual or a circuit diagram for a Protek 6510 100Mhz oscilloscope? Any help or pointers would be muchly appreciated. Thanks Perry
Hi all colleagues i need both of service manual and user manual for this spanish made oscilloscope Promax model : OD-402B Please help and upload if u have thanks in advance Kind Regards
Does anyone have the service manual and schematics of GoodWill Instek GOS-623B analog oscilloscope?
wanted service manual MS-3015 15MHZ dual trace oscilloscope , urgent.
Hi, I'm looking for Service manual for the Protek P-2560 oscilloscope. Please upload if you can, or tell me where I can find it. Rgds // gan
Hi, could someone please post me a user-manual for my Gould OS 255 oscilloscope? or perhaps someone could give me a link to the www? thank you Rol.
Hi, I'm looking for schematics or service manual of Kenwood CS-5140 oscilloscope.
I have some problem with my EZ OS-5020. Does anybody have a circuit or service-manual for the EZ OS-5020 oscilloscope? Thanks for any hints or links! Nghia Here is link of user manual of EZ OS-5020: