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Hi, I am working on PIC microcontrollers currently-dsPIC33F256GP710. I want to work my PIC as a slave device for i2c communication. I have done the initialization part only till now. If any one have the code for i2c slave mode for any microcontroller please upload here or please forward (...)
I need i2c slave Verilog code. Not VHDL code. And RTL verilog code. Not Behavioral code. Have a nice day. seem that most of serious designers prefers VERILOG than VHDL, any particular reason?
Hi , I want to send serial eeprom data to CPLD/FPGA in i2c bus . My component is AT24C16 and AT89s52 and FPGA There are two way I could think of : Way 1:So need to write a i2c HDL code let FPGA directly read AT24C16 Way 2:Use AT89s52 to read AT24C16 then write to FPGA by i2c bus . Coudl you help to get (...)
Does anyone has i2c slave routine (interrupt driven) in C language? Thanks.
Which PIC do you plan to use as your slave? I would recommend one with a MSSP port (hardware i2c) otherwise a i2c slave is very hard to implement. Another point is that the slave pulls SCL low while it is processing your request so your master code must wait until SCL is released from (...)
Hope this helps! zuisti I'm using PIC12F510 for the simple control in power supply (I do not need too many I/Os). However, there is i2c required in this design as it's receiving i2c command from the other end. But, F510 does not have i2c. I need the i2c slave source code to ki
@pintuinvlsi i2c is a bus protocol for comunication between different devices. i2c stands for IIC - Inter Integrated circuits. It contains two lines. SDA (data line) and SCL(Clock line) You can search more on the net for the same. Hope this helps.
XAPP333 - CoolRunner XPLA3 i2c Bus Controller Implementation This document details the VHDL implementation of an i2c controller in a Xilinx CoolRunner XPLA3 256 macrocell CPLD. CoolRunner CPLDs are the lowest power CPLDs available, making this the perfect target device for an i2c controller. Design Files: coolvhdlq.htm Associated (...)
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Hi everyone, I need to have an actual example of using 8259 interrupt controllers in a real system (in master and slave mode). I also need to know when "special fully nested mode" and "special mask mode" will be used (in a real system). regards, khorram
Hi, I am searching for an implementation for bit-bang i2c slave for PIC family, but all I found was few master implementations. Any member came across such a code in C? Thanks
I would like to transmit and receive data between two 16f877a in which one as Master and One as slave. In this, i have two doubts. 1. Can i connect the SDA and SCL pins of master directly to SDA and SCL pins of slave without using an i2c expander? 2. If i connect SDA and SCL of master and slave, i need to give address (...)
Hi there, good wishes. Do anybody have an idea about, how i2c slave ic can block the data from master mcu or how can it inform to master it is busy?? Thanks in advacnce
Hi, I am implementing i2c slave on dsPIC30F4011. It is working fine but there is one problem. In the Master Read mode, the D/A bit in i2cSTAT register is not getting SET when master read ack is recieved.... What is the status register value ?? when >>> 1) Master query for read with device address. 2) Master ack the (...)
actually i tried both, & and &&, it didnt change anything. (bt1 und bt2 were as char defined) if bt1 and bt2 are ints both & and && should work try it in a simple program, e.g. int main() { int bt1=0, bt2=01 , sequence={0};; if(!bt2 & !bt1) sequence = 0x91; else if(!bt2 & bt1) sequence[2
What type of device are you utilizing as the i2c master? Are there any other devices on the i2c bus? BigDog
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hi can anyone provide with information on detailed discussion on using master and slave mode in HFSS to reduce the simulation time for symmetric structures thanks
hi all i wann to configure spartan 3 fpga in parallel slave mode from dsp (21160)processor please if any one have any idea kindly let me know how to proced
Can anyone share i2c bus demo code of 8051? Thank you very much!!
hi am doing a project on i2c slave part, can any body help me how to get started
My design is i2c slave circuit, it latch data by pos-edge of SCL and output by neg-edge of SCL. I run simulation post-synthesis with modelsim, it is ok. And then I generate cdl file from nestlist with CMOS models, but when I run simulation with HSPICE, it is wrong. When it send ACK bit , SDA change low to high at (...)
hello , i am currently working on spartan3 1800a dsp fpga development board.what i am trying to do is interfacing c3038 (that uses ov6630 omnivision cmos sensor)in slave mode.but the slave mode timing diagram of ov6630 is not so if guys anybody is working on cmos sensor can share the view.
Hi All, Need your help.has anyone in this forum designed i2c slave without System clock means all the the logic inside slave is working on SCL. Waiting for your replies? Thanks
hey can any one tell me what is the role of sspadd reg in i2c. i want to connct a tmp snsor wid pic18f452.. and my crystal is of 12mhz.what shouil be the vaue of sspadd.its very urgent regards
Could anybody tell the steps to verify SPI in slave mode? What are the checks are required for proper verification?
Hi All, I have been assigned to relise an i2c slave and i have to make it compatible with Standard, fast and HS modes. My doubt is, when coding in HDL how can we assure that they are designed as per the protocol requirements to transfer 100kbps....3.4Mbps resp. If the frequency of the design is the key then what should be the frequency of (...)
Hi~ i heard that when i read to i2c slave, i should use repeated start command. It is only way to read to i2c slave? Should i use repeated start when i2c slave read ? If any way read data from i2c slave, please let me know that. Thanks
Can someone tell me the AT-command Program to set AUBTM-20 in slave mode. So that I can send data from my Mobile to AUBTM-20 Bluetooth Module and see the output on Hyper terminal.
Dear All Following code is for PIC16f877a i2c Start condition void i2cStart(){ SEN = 1; while(SEN); } Can I have the i2c start condition code for XMEGA128A1 MCU Thanks in advance
Hi all, i try to write i2c slave for dspic33f, slave interrupt function should run when adress match, but even i send correct adress, it doesnt work. any ideas? i made all oscillatör settings same at 2 microcontrollers. thanks
I did a communication between a dspic 33 fj256gp710 as a master (on a explorer 16 board) and a pic 16f887 as a slave (on a pickit 2 board). When I'm runnig the programs(both master and slave) in animate mode it is ok for the first cycle, in next cycle thoose does not syncronize I think. In normal running mode the same (...)
Dear all, I have some problem. I want to interface ATMEGA8535 with cmps03 using i2c. I have interface the ATMEGA8535 with DS1624 before and it work well, but when I interface it with cmps03, the problem I have is the data that I passed to the port always changing when I reset my AVR, supposedly the data is static (don't change)cause I didn't change
Hi all,,,, I need verilog code for the i2c(Only slave part), where the master Should read and write data from the slave,, I Couldn't find it any where.... Please send it.... Thanks in advance..........
in i2c, only a master could start a frame, that's means, only the master could start a read or write frame. so in your case, the master need to start by itself the write frame to the salve mcu.
If you use the google search i2c slave, you will find something you are insterest in.
Hi, Does any one knows that the codeVision for AVR use Hardware or Software i2c in Automatic Program Generator OR its include i2c library? Like the DS1307 library is using Hardware/Software i2c? thx
hi, i want introduce sti5518 as a slave in the i2c bus. i'm setting th MS bit to be the slave mode, but nothing changes. The chip still behaves as a master. What is the problem ?
Can show me some useful link with the project above? Main problem is CPU that working as fast slave mode i2c ( with hardware i2c controller, or with fast Risc CPU as Ubicom (Scenix)).
Do not use this SSP module in slave mode, because it's full of bugs. In case of use in slave mode always use PIC's with MSSp module., It works ok. tjalps, what do you mean? i'm trying to use i2c between 2 PICs (16f876)by HW i2c but the slave can't receive data from (...)
hi,torius It's not hard to do simple i2c IO use HDL but you shoud have some basis knowledge of i2c spec and logic design concept The fpga4fun.coms' i2c example is good for a tyro no more easy example like it.
There is no arbitor in my bus design. So before we output data to i2c bus, we have to detect if any other device is using it. Is there anyone that willing to share HDL code of the i2c dector?
On our board we are planning to connect 2 devices(slave) with i2c interface to 1 MCU (master). But the master (MCU) has NO i2c interface, should use 2 GPIO pins to simulate i2c timing, to implement the communication between processor and the devices. The host processor will be running linux 2.4.X on it. How to write a (...)
Hi, Does any one is using CCS-IDE for PIC programming..... I have written a code for i2c, but it is not giving the required result... i was thining to see the code generated from CCS-IDE wizard.... if any one can generate the code for PIC16F818, then it would be helpfull for me for refrence...
Attached are a couple of code snippets for master transmission/reception and 10-bit slave reception. These were test cases so pins have been driven to indicate status (e.g. BF flag set, Interrupt Routine entered, etc.) We have many customers developing multi-core systems as, when you step or debug in Proteus, the whole system advances/pauses
Hi Yes it is , you will need to do bit banging on the I/O poert simulating i2c bus in master mode Do not try to do i2c bus in slave mode using I/O very hard to impliment I belive you can find code for i2c master mode in TI site All the (...)
Hi gibs, I suggest you to bit bang (in slave mode) the i2c lines on PIC24FJ64GP008 microcontroller so that it won't interfere by sending any ACK signals. If you use engine, check the datasheet whether you can disable sending ACK signals once you receive any byte. Regards,
Hi to all.i am newbie to i2c in pic16f877a, i need to learn to programe for i2c in pic16f877a. but th datasheet of it is really confusing. so i cant get a neat idea abt how to start to write for SDA and SCK. so some tell me exactly how to write for it and upload some sample programes for MPLAB. :cry: thanx in advance
May be this can help you: i2c master connected and tested with LEON Processor... This design uses the open core's i2c master. The core's CPU interface is modified from WISHBONE to AMBA/APB. The latter is done in order to test the core and its new APB interface with LEON processor. LEON is written in VHDL therefor the core's VHDL RTL design is t
Hi to every being!!! I am confused with i2c interface use with multi-slave mode. How to determine the address of individual slave it predefined by manufacturer of the slave devices or arbitrarily determine by the user? Pls clearify this issue if possible with an example.... I want to interface 5 (...)