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hello all i wanna to connect sht11 with long cable to atmega32 when the length of cable is less than 30 cm the micro show the data on lcd and the data is correct when i try to connect sensor with a cable =1 meter to micro didnt show anythings on lcd!!! how can i increace the distance bitween sensor and micro? sht11 worked with (...)
I have interfaced MCP7940M with avr. I know working of i2c where in case of RTC write we use following sequence: 1. Start 2. Slave address+Write bit 3. Register address 4. Register data 5. Stop And of course after each byte there is ACK or NACK But actual confusion is in RTC read Definitely first two steps will be as it is (...)
dude, that's a i2c memory, not a microcontroller... what exactly do you need? an avr sample in atmel studio (avr-gcc? or avrASM?) to write an i2c memory (your at24c512) trough the TWI interface? (something like this could
Multiple i2c LCD with avr and mikroC PRO avr. I didn't post in my previous Multiple LCDs thread because this is for avr. This is a Multiple i2c LCD library. You can have 8 i2c LCDs on one i2c bus. I have used i2c LCDs and modules from Banggood.
This is Multiple i2c LCD code. It is written using CCS C Compiler version 5.044. This si tested in Proteus and also EasyPIC v7 development board with 2 x 20x4 LCDs. LCDs should be HD44780 or compatible. I have used i2c LCDs and i2c LCD modules from Banggood. I will soon post mikroC PRO PIC and avr (...)
My project is i2c LCD with ATMEGA1284. Project tested in Proteus and also mikroElektronika Easyavr v7 dev board. Code is written in mikroC PRO avr compiler and uses TWI library. mikroC PRO avr files and Proteus file are attached.
It's highly unrecommended to build a software serial port. The serial-port signals are over-sampled and require a percise monitoring of the signal to cancel-out any potential noise. I would suggest reconsidering the MCU used if you don't have enough serial ports for the project. You could also use a i2c to UART converter (for example SC18IM700). T
Check this one... #include #include <avr/io.h> #include <avr/interrupt.h> #include <avr/sleep.h> #include void i2c_init (void) { TWSR = 0x00; TWBR = 0x47; TWCR = 0x04; } void i2c_start (void) { TWCR = (1<
Please help me coding for RTC(i2c) using ATmega32. (Master with slave.) It's show time duration on LCD. :!:
Do you have enough I/O pins on the avr to attach an external UART IC? If not enough for a parallel interface, you can connect an external UART IC which uses i2c interface (only 2 pins for clk/data and up to 3 more pins for control, reset, and IRQ). One possible IC for this would be MAX3107
i dont use microc.. so i can't help with its library functions... but i can help you with avr studio... - - - Updated - - - it seems that your sht1x device communicate via i2c protocol... find proper sequence to operate it... (means data frame and command frames) they should be given in its datasheet... also compare your
i'm using two atmega32 for i2c. master will call a slave & send the address of the slave as data & the slave will show it on PORTA. Master is transmitter and slave is receiver. i'm not getting expected result.slave is not showing its address on PORTA. where's the problem. plzz help. master code: #include <avr/io.h> #include
the critical thing is your image processing - how large are the images? how do you acquire the images? processor power required will depend on the complexity of your application at first glance you clearly need a powerful microcontroller with at least 3 UARTs (PC, XBee, GSM modem), i2c, SPi, etc - I would probably look at a PIC32 or an ARM,
Can you be more specific, what type of sensor? Sensors can be used with SPI, i2c, digital pins or analog ADC inputs. If you got a good programing experience with c it should be fairly easy to interface anything if you check the datasheet of your device and avr
Hello i have a gps module (cmps09) i can read data from it but i write another program to change it address. but it doesn't work properly.could you help me on this? what is my problem? $regfile = "m16def.dat" $crystal = 8000000 $hwstack = 32 $swstack = 32 $framesize = 48 '==================== Config Scl = Portc.0 Config Sda =
look for a camera for which you can find datasheet .. interface details etc .. camera modules use various interface standards .. i2c, parallel .. i am not sure what the phone camera uses in particular and if you are really keen on proceeding with this camera .. look for schematics of phone ..find lines interface to camera .. and find out interface
Which compiler are you using? Implement i2c with the TWI module in the ATMEGA 8/32. If you need ready-made code and don't want to learn how to do it yourself, google it - you can find lots of codes.
system STMPE811 from ST Micro was used in this project. Quality, speed, accuracy and interesting possibilities offered by the chips, with their small size and convenient use with the i2c are strongly in favour of their use. This is how it looks on the PCB: [url=obrazk
Hello, I have the code shown below which will receive one byte from a slave avr to a master avr processor. The for loop call each slave with its address and the slave responds with the "SlaveToMasterByte". I have tried now for a while and I find this a little difficult. My question is how do I expand this code so (...)
As far as i know there is no avr part with built in adc above 10 bits. If you need more resolution better use external adc with i2c or any other input with 12 bit or 16bit.
I suppose you could also use any mcu (pic, avr) to do that job instead of a dedicated chip and it would also be easily customizable with different keypads. I don't know the cost of your mentioned chip so i can't judge which solution is cheaper. You can also use an i2c port expander if you already have an mcu in your project and you don't (...)
You should know first how your car central locking interact with outer world :) I mean what its interface with the microcontroller ? SPI, CAN, i2c, or what? Then you have to know what the format of data packets should be sent to control? Regards Amr
with RS485? ow long is your communication length??? for small lengths o, in-pcb comm, you could use i2c (twi on avr)
I need a source code with c or assembly that creat communication between two atmega 32 ,one micro as a master and other is slave.but we have not premission to use TWI module in micro,assume that we use PIC that has not TWI module. TANKS with ALL.
For avr stuff why not try i2c is an addressable bus, your RTC and other devices should have their own addresses.
hi there! I have some sensors all exporting analog ouputs. To be exaxt i have: 1 :: 3-axis accellerometer 3 :: Gyros 1 :: Compass and i want to output their values to i2c. Can you give an implementation either on PIC avr or ARM ?? Thanks in advance
I've got a project to build a device. The device is digital tone control. It consist of avr uC, LCD16x2, IR remote, and digital done control IC (using i2c protocol). The project is only for prototype, and I design the HW+ SW. I wonder how much is it cost for such project in your country? I live in Indonesia, and get paid for $150
hi all.. i'm working on project creating datalogger using avr ATMega8535, i using RTC DS1307 conect to avr : SDA --> PB0, SCL --> PB1 for time stamp and store log data using EEPROM 24C256 , code for RTC i create using CVavr that have built in code to run RTC DS1307 and it works, but for storing logged data to external EEPROM 24C256 i (...)
Dear all, I have some problem. I want to interface ATMEGA8535 with cmps03 using i2c. I have interface the ATMEGA8535 with DS1624 before and it work well, but when I interface it with cmps03, the problem I have is the data that I passed to the port always changing when I reset my avr, supposedly the data is (...)
yes it can definitely be done... which uC do you want to program with i2c?? check out the links for some ideas.. for avr - for PIC - did this help?? regards, wiztronix
Hi there, I was using ATMEGA8535 and want to use it i2c, programming using ICC avr. But I have a problem that I couldn't resolve. Help me pls.. Here is a part of my i2c program to send data I've made 3 sample program at the first time the number1, the number 2 and number 3 was the modification. void twi_init(void) { TWCR= 0X00; (...)
i m working on scada with avr microcontroller. i m going for one master & two slave. which should i prefer for communication i2c or SPI. slave may increased in future.
for avr i2c: do you want code with internal i2c hardware or software (bit bang) i2c? If you need hardware check atmel website, they have application notes on avr i2c,atmel use word "TWI Interface" instead of i2c.
you can use PCF8583 OR DS1307 becuase protocal use i2c and Example :arrow:
Hi The problem might relay with your software insted of your hardware Connect a scop to the i2c signal and obserb & comper them to the i2c bus signal spec Best regards Bobi
hi all, my proposed project is on i2c Thermometer,based on ATMega 8 avr microcontroller.can anyone suggest me some good links or books,where i could get more information? i have found some good sites on avr like,and so on,but i want specific to my miniproject.if anyone has some ideas,share me here. (...)
:?:could it be done by a 8-bit MCU? ... Almost the CMOS camera module (OV, hynix,...) using i2c interface to transmit bitwise-image information to controller (dsp). External ram, I think, exist for buffering. It may be possible.....but note that the speed of processing and power consumption.:D
HI Do need hardware interface or software inerface ? If you need software inerface you can take any code wirtten for any micro controller {PIC,avr,Z180,ARM...etc) and transfer the code to 8051 And I belive you can find code for 8051 - search google for "i2c 8051 code" All the best Bobi
Hi I am making home automation with i2c. Is this good idea? Have anybody something schematic of PIC or avr with i2c ?
You can use the following Add DS1337 (Real_Time Clock) to the i2c bus .. and all is done. All ICs you can obtain from MAXIM-IC as free samples ..
if you dont want to desolder it just cut the SDA/SCL lines and report them to LPT-i2c reader after it you make a so little solder bridge :D
Im working with avr300.asm file from Atmel (software master i2c). Simply make it accessible for IAR avr C. Conversion between Atmel assembler to IAR assembler was succesful. The assembler program uses R16-R18 registers in my 2313 avr chip to store variables. I need to write and read these registers from my (...)
It is a i2c bus controlled PLL initially designed for use in TV tuners but due to its wide band coverage, has use in a lot of ATV circuits and transmitters. It is easily interfaced with avr and PIC mcu's. Check out the pdf in the philips site for that and its variances. Cheers sda
Hello, I'm using IAR C Compiler and Imagecraft C Compiler (sometimes). Can anybody explain me how I can use a Software UART with this compilers? Is this possible? Another thing, where I can download libraries for this compilers? Does anybody has a library (for LCD or i2c) and wants to share it? Thanks Eze H
Hallo, how has written a routine for the TWI interface. And will share it with me. I like to use a i2c aplication whith the mega323. thank you for you help !!