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dear friend i have made icd 2 with 18f anf 16f877a and programmed also with firmware it linked with mplab and driver also taken and hardware ok means icd ready but if i giving any command and it not responding and restarting to my computer so i request to everyone who made and working please help me to solve this problem thanking you, (...)
Hi, Just go with icd2 :
why not try microhip icd-2 i saw someone post a local version of microchip icd-2 on try to search this site
I'm to build ccs icd-s module and test on pic16f876 , pic16f877, pic18f442,pic18f458 it work !! but I'm test on pic12f629 and pic12f675 it error . icd ERROR : the configuration bits did not write correctly : the memory did not match . in my program : #include <12F629.h> #use delay(clock=4000000) #fuses (...)