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How can one calculate the switch off resistance of a MOSFET used as an analogue switch? Simulate it within its real application environment. What kind of circuitry would one need if this switch off resistance is to be increased? Use lower width and/or length.
How to find the I-V characteristics Id versus vds? of an NMOS transistor Also.. How do I sweep the VGS and vds from 0 to 3V? I am having a bit of trouble using spice, if anyone knows a good tutorial "for dummies site" please let me know...
Trying to follow the example in Allen's book for a two stage op-amp design (6.3) Could someone explain the constraints placed on the common mode input range? Vin_max = VDD - sqrt(I5/beta3) - |VT03max| + VT1min Vin_min = VSS + sqrt(I5/beta1) + |VT1max| +vds5(sat) I don't understand his terminology, what is VT03max, and what is VT1min and
Thanks for holddreams's reply. If vth is not equal to vth0, how should I set Vgs in spectre? is there any ideas?