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The datasheet should show Id leakage current versus vds.
How to find the I-V characteristics Id versus vds? of an NMOS transistor Also.. How do I sweep the VGS and vds from 0 to 3V? I am having a bit of trouble using spice, if anyone knows a good tutorial "for dummies site" please let me know...
Trying to follow the example in Allen's book for a two stage op-amp design (6.3) Could someone explain the constraints placed on the common mode input range? Vin_max = VDD - sqrt(I5/beta3) - |VT03max| + VT1min Vin_min = VSS + sqrt(I5/beta1) + |VT1max| +vds5(sat) I don't understand his terminology, what is VT03max, and what is VT1min and
Thanks for holddreams's reply. If vth is not equal to vth0, how should I set Vgs in spectre? is there any ideas?