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The datasheet should show Id leakage current versus vds.
How to find the I-V characteristics Id versus vds? of an NMOS transistor Also.. How do I sweep the VGS and vds from 0 to 3V? I am having a bit of trouble using spice, if anyone knows a good tutorial "for dummies site" please let me know...
"I tried to derive these on my own by writing the large signal Id (saturation) equations, and keeping the constrains (vds versus Vgs-Vt) satisfied; is this the right approach?" This approach is not necessary. The easy way is just to remember, for analog design ,each MOS must be in saturation region,so you need to make (...)
Thanks for holddreams's reply. If vth is not equal to vth0, how should I set Vgs in spectre? is there any ideas?