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Yes I am talking about ie3d. In the simulation dialog you can select the width of the segments at the open edge of a structure. This enables the simulator to solve non-uniform current distribution that frequently appears at edges of structures without using a small mesh over the complete structure. In newer versions you can use AEC (automatic edg
Hello everyone, I read one paper about adding via-hole and air-bridge to reduce the spurious passband in a single-side cpw. In this paper, the author put the microstrip air-bridge in the backside of cpw. So the structure became the cpw cover and backing. I have finished the stimulation of the single-side cpw using (...)
Hello i want to design a microstrip antenna with cpw feed by using ie3d but i dont how to set the layers in basic parameters. please somebody help me in this. regards vishal.
Do you really need EM analysis for your cpw work? And if you do, why do you want to use HFSS instead of a planar EM solver? A planar solver like Momentum, Sonnet, ie3d is optimized for planar problems and much easier to handle. I see HFSS used all over the place here, for the most trivial things, but most users seem to have no idea what they
hi sir, i satya prakash i want to simulate cpw with out ground plane in ie3d,i dont know the procedure to do. and also tell me how to assign ports to cpw
ie3d from Zeland has a feature that allows to simulate efficiently slot structures in infinite ground planes: Magnetic current modeling of slot structures. For slotted structures such as coplanar waveguides (cpws), cpw antennas and slot-coupled patch antennas, ie3d can model the electric field distribution on the slots. (...)
Hi all I am trying to simulate a cpw-fed antenna that i found in an IEEE paper but i just can't find the results shown in that paper. I think that i am doing something wrong with the ports, ground or basic parameters. Can anyone check my .geo file and help me? If yes, please tell me to send my .geo file and the antenna of the IEEE paper that
Im trying to simulate a cpw fed slot antenna which is dual polarized. So I have two ports feeding the antenna. I am trying to figure out my mistakes in setting up my basic parameters (layers) because I keep getting a 100% radiation efficiency. I thought something was wrong with how im meshing it but the efficiency doesnt change when I refine my mes
r u getting the results for cpw feed in ie3d software.
Hi , please can anyone help me out with this, i was trying to design directional coupler with cpw and microstrip in ie3d, i got good results but when i try to increase the length of the cpw the magnitude of S parameters should not change only phase should change , but my problem is everything has changed. i am using the (...)
hi...iam solving an IEEE of an antenna for UWB(3.1-10.6 Ghz) using cpw feeding.How to define ports for this cpw feeding ,can anyone help me out ? I am attaching my .geo file...there is no ground at the bottom it is a back patch
Design of Broadside cpw- Microstrip Coupled lines ... having problems abt defining the ports. could any one help me out
Hello, Does anybody have a step by step description of the port creation process for a slotline and cpw in ie3d and ansoft designer? Thank you
Hi All, I see that not many work on a cpw fed vivaldi design. I have done some literature survey and couldn't find any reasonable designs which can clearly give me the dimensions. I am planning to design and fabricate a very simple Vivaldi in UWB range of 3.1-10.6 ghz. Please help me if any of you already have any designs in ie3d/CST. I would be
Hi every1 i have modelled an CPS and cpw antenna in ie3d. There differential feed option is there to have a feed having signal-ground at the sam level. How to do this in HFSS..can anyone help me asap thanx in advance
hi i m sreedhar ,studying M.Tech Communications in NIT Trichy.. I m implementing the following IEEE paper in ie3d "Coupling Behaviours of Quarter Wavelength Impedance Transformers for Wideband cpw Bandpass Filters. " I am facing problem with a 50ohm line at the input and output in the layout of the filter..i need the dimensions o
hi i m sreedhar ,studying M.Tech Communications in NIT Trichy.. I m implementing the following IEEE paper in ie3d "Coupling Behaviours of Quarter Wavelength Impedance Transformers for Wideband cpw Bandpass Filters. " I am facing problem with a 50ohm line at the input and output in the layout of the filter..i need the dimensions o
hi, i have attached one paper. in this they have mentioned microstrip to cpw connection in gnd plane. but i could not visuvalize it. plz help me in this reg. i am using ie3d. bye from bala.
I think for that kind of structure, EM softwares such as ie3d, CST m HFSS is better than ADS
hi, i have designed one cpw fed slot antennas using ie3d. if i simulate with 1. 20 cells/wavelength i am getting -12db return loss 2. with 40 cell/ wavelength i am getting -50db. which one is correct? frequency of operation 5.72 to 5.85 ghz.
Hi, Anyone has some HFSS tutorials on how to build and simullate cpw. I have been using ie3d to do this but will like to try HFSS.
I think the program linegauge of ie3d calculates the characteristic impedance using some formula, since it calculates the coplanar parameters pretty fast. but I don't know what is the formula
hi, i have a basic doubt in defining the port in case of grounded cpw structure - in the ie3d manual it is mentioned that while defining port (advanced extension/extn. for MMIC) we should define port only to a part of the finite cpw ground for higher accuracy, but my question is that - wat should be the size of that part/segment where (...)
Hi, Abhi: I believe you must have not defined differential ports between the center strip and the finite cpw grounds. The port you defined on the center strip is referencing the infinite ground. ie3d issues a warning message to you. If you define the ports correctly, it should cause such message. Attached are two models for your cpw (...)
Hi... does anyone can share their experienced on how to fabricate a cpw for monopole antenna? I've conducted the experiment, however, the results haven't perform a good agreement with simulated yet. I am using ie3d to simulate the monopole antenna. Thank you.
Hi all, I am trying to simulate a cpw planar monopole and has taken the attached example to try out in C$T. However using the dimensions in the attached paper, I didn't get the desired return loss response as described by the authors. Can someone pls help to see if similar results are obtained in ie3d and as compare with MW$? I
Hi, Faeyz: Please send me ( a description on your structure or your ie3d geometry file with some explanation. I will try to help you. Thanks! Best regards, Jian
how i can define Gcpw with finite ground in ie3d ?
Hi Does anyone have experience with Grounded cpw (all grounds finite) line simulation in ie3d? I've tried to use different port models and always got S11>0 at some frequencies. (There was no problem with standart cpw) Thanks in advance for any valuable response
i used ie3d and HFSS How could i simulate cpw to slot transition problem?

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