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Dear all .. what is the procedure of simulation of phased array antenna along with the components like resistor, capacitor, varactor and pin diode in ie3d or CST MWS. Can you please send the link for such documents. Thanks
Dear all .. what is the procedure of simulation of microstrip antenna along with the components like resistor, capacitor, varactor and pin diode in ie3d or CST MWS. Can you please send the link for such documents. Thanks
heyyy can any1 tell me whr can i download HFSS for free and wats the size of it..plz i am doin my mtech proj in ie3d and my results r not xact as on the paper..and the author has done it in HFSS ..plz tell me the link and size..
Dear friend I attached an ie3d tutorial at the follwing link: Marios Pantazis
ie3d is bit tough to get on net. I had downloaded it from net but that link is broken now. U may also search on but i am affraid that that software will not work if you connect ur PC to internet after installing that software from net......
It is in .\ie3d\manual in your installation.
Hi, gigahertz: You can try ie3d. It is accurate and efficient for multi-layer PCB structures with 3D features such as vias, wire bonds and solder balls. It has an automatic link to Cadence Allegro and APD for PCB and packaging, so that you can build the full-wave EM model directly by selecting the nets of interested on an Allegro or APD net list
Hello All, I am trying to simulate waveguides in Fidelity. Does anyone know any link that talks about examples concerning waveguide simulation on Fidelity. Any such link will be of great help. Even such links on ie3d will also help. Please reply ASAP
I am trying to simulate a waveguide in Fidelity. Creating Geometry is not a problem but then getting the simulation setup is giving problems. Does anyone have any link where fidelity examples are dealt. Even ie3d examples on waveguide will be helpful. Please reply ASAP
I think for that kind of structure, EM softwares such as ie3d, CST m HFSS is better than ADS
Hello all, first thank you all for your replies. I really appreciate your time. Hi Manjunatha_hv, I have tried quickwave (FDTD solver of Concerto) before, but the software is very non user friendly. Also, for small enough problems, I couldn't find much speed advantage over CST. Though in larger problems, one of my friends found it much mor
i want to design a slotted wave antenna in uhf range . I am using ie3d software . I am in search of a good material; for this purpose. can anyone give me the link of good tutorials on this .
hi all, i am working with patch i need to get the radiation pattern for my own structure...The structure dimensions are given in the followinf link.... Substrate thickness-1mm Dielectric constant(substrate)-4.4 patch(copper) thickness - 0.045mm I need the geometr
Hi: In fact, you may be able to do antenna design from Cadence Allegro + ie3d very soon. ie3d will have the Cadence Allegro link formally released. The beta is in fact released on the ie3d 11.14 on the web. On the Cadence Allegro to ie3d Flow, you can open a .brd file. Select the critical nets and reference (...)
Jian please let meknow, whre i can download ie3d + patching thx /Warning #1 - Read Rules! It is illegal to request cracks. (klug)
Both products will be released before MTT 2003 (June). Nothing about ie3d 10 has been mention on the website, but as to Fidelity 4, the most considerable stuff: 1) "IT IS BASED ON CONFORMAL FDTD" (Warning for CST, as they have just appreciated conformal FIT and are going to implement it. They had better be fast.) 2) IT IS COMPLETELY REWR
I know Empicasso has periodic green's functions built in. This would be most efficient. ie3d and HFSS can simulate periodic structures.

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