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Hi Jian Can you tell us what are the changes in ie3d 11 when the mesh procedure Will be full automated? Like hfss that make auto mashing until the difference in error between the cells is less then the error you choose. PL
Complex normalizaiton impedance (Zc) is not good. There are many issues involved. We know that Gamma = ( Z - Zc ) / ( Z + Zc ). When Z = Zc and Zc is real, we get Gamma = 0 meaning no reflection. However, if Zc is a complex value, the formula for Gamma is doubtful. You can not expect Gamma = 0 with Z = Zc. I know ADS uses some revised formula on th
Hi, mwagner: There are multiple schemes in ie3d to do so. ie3d's default editor MGRID allowsyou to define the locations of some vertices as optimization variables. From the vertices, you can control the shape of your structure. However, MGRID does not allow you to specify the width and length or those high level geometry parameters because (...)
Dear Jian, Please check the following cases with your latest release. At least to me, there seem to be some minor issues needed to be fixed: 1) Try to import a SAT structure in mm. The result will be in Inches?! Changing the unit to mm will scale all dimensions. 2) Try to optimize a structure whose port is of wave type. ie3d sends an error
Hi, everyone. I am wondering how to set the location of the Probe-feed to Patch Antenna changable in ie3d? I try to select all the layer (including 3D) and window the probe and set it "variableo for selected object", but I am not sure is it correct. BTW, when you set the "probe feed to Patch", what is the meansing of Positive/Negative Level? I a
Hi, gw_uestc : Please go to the download area of . There is a Zeland Virtual Training and it will show you a movie on it. It is also discussed in the manual. Basically, on ie3d/MGRID, you are defining the locations of the selected vertices as optim variable. You amy also consider ie3dLIBRARY, it is easier to define the variables
(1) ie3d FastEM Design Kit for real-time full-wave EM design: ie3d FastEM Design Kit allows you to parameterize both planar and 3D structures, perform high accuracy and efficiency ie3d simulations on the structure, and extract the FastEM signature from the simulation results. The FastEM signature allows you to perform real-time EM (...)
Hi, aali: You can define as many ports on a patch antenna as you like. You can also put lumped elements connections on the ports and find the current distribution and raidaiton patterns with the lumped element connected using the combinations of MGRID/ie3d/MODUA. It is discussed in the manual. Best regards,
Does any people have made a matlab problem which can do optimization and call ie3d to do stimulation??I have great difficulty to do this.Please help!!!It is very important to me.:cry:
Hi I am simulating a bandpass filter with ie3d9.0. During the optimization with the gap between the coupled resonator cells, ther are much difference between the trend and what I want with the curves of s21 and s11. Total three parameters need to be optimized, which are local parameters. But I wonder How to balance every local parameters in thi
Hi, Mengjum: On the polygon based layout editor MGRID, you can only define the xy coordinates of a group of vertices as one optimization variable. You can also assocate the xy coordinates of multiple group of vertices with one variable. However, you can define the z-coordinate as an optimization variable on MGRID. Once we were thinking about to
Hi, Kbmanick: I think you need to design and optimize your feed network for it. You should try to use the SIMULATE AND FIND EXCITAITON feature of ie3d/MODUA. It allows you to find the output power at each port of your array. It should be useful for array's feed network and power distribution optimization. Regards.
ie3d, ZDS and ZDM Version 12.1 zeland said We are pleased to announce the release of ie3d, Zeland Distributed Server (ZDS) and Zeland Distributed Manager (ZDM) Version 12.1 for high performance network distributed EM simulations and optimizations. ie3d, ZDS and ZDM 12.1 feature: (1) ie3d FastEM (...)
what is and how to use the fastEM function of ie3d?
Hi, micro_tech: It really depends upon what are your requirements. 1. You will need to define some dimensions of the structure as optimization variables. For example, for a simple patch, you define the size of the resonating edge as an optimization variable. You can define the feed location as another optimization variable. You have (...)
Hi, djim: I checked your structure. The problem is in the connection between the feed line and the elliptical patch. They have only one common vertex but no common edge. They are disconnected. I have fixed the structure as pcp_r2.geo in the attached I also created a parameterized model pcp_r3.ie3 on ie3dLIBRARY. All the major d
how can i control and change the position of each of the shape in ie3d? is there some align function in ie3d? just like the align function that control the shapes of the structure in ansoft designer or AWR. i have a shape in trace plane, and a DGS in Ground plane. i try adv edit/ change dimension scales in ie3d, but that ask me for th
hi, i downloaded ie3d evaluation copy frm and tried to simulate a stacked patch antenna. i can run simulation.but when i define some variable for optimization(say patch length) and give for optimization shows some error..saying...this process type is not optimization. kindly help me sort out this prob. with regards abhi
Does any people have made a matlab problem which can do optimization and call ie3d to do stimulation??I have great difficulty to do this.Please help!!!It is very important to me.
Hi, rf-en: You may not be able to optimize the height on the polygon based editor MGRID. However, you can do it on ie3dLIBRARY. You can do sophistiicated parameterization and optimization on ie3dLIBRARY. By the way, you should upgrade to ie3d 14. The ie3d 14 has integrated layout editor, visualization and (...)
Hi: I have uploaded for you a tutorial by University of Central Florida. It's a very good tutorial for ie3d new designers. good luck!
Hey friends I am working on the optimization algorithms , and I try to use the ie3d to optimize antennas, How I can read and write the sim and geo files of ie3d by matlab? Thanx in advance Regards
Hi all, I m using ie3d to optimize chamfer bends at a particular frequency. In KC gupta's book on microstrips some relations have been given for optimum chamfering of microstrip bends. These relations are dependant only on width and height, but not on length of arms. But i noticed that by changing the length in ie3d, the graph of s11 vs frequency
i want to know what is Powel optimizer and E.M.optimization In ie3d.and how can i use it. i have design a sqaure patch which has two slots. i m getting two frequencies 1st is 2.4298,return loss(-13.86) and 2nd is 3.2 return loss(-8.84).i want to use powel optimizer and E.M. optimizer on how can i use it plz guide me
dear all i m facing some problem in optimizing the resonant frequency of a coaxially feeded microstrip antenna using Powel Optimizer in ie3d simulator. anybody can tell me........................ i hv already varified the optimization of the resonant frequency of a microstrip line feeded microstrip antenna using Powel Optimizer in ie3d
Respected all, Hello. I am designing a stacked and slotted antenna using ie3d. the same structure when i simulated with FEM based HFSS, gave me four resonances, the result of ie3d is also giving me four resonant points, but the problem is that the RL at two of the four frequencies is less than (above) -10dB. So i decided to assign the probe fee
Someone posted a conference paper written by the group of Pozar. I saw it in the disscussion on benchmarking, but I couldn't find it now. ie3d 4.? was used, I think. There is not much useful information on improving the accuracy of simulation.
Anyone has expeniences in using genetic to built or design antenna?? Is GA is useful?? Moreover anyone know how to do the optimization in ie3d?? I mean write your own GA program to call ie3d to do the optimization or draw random structure ??
Yes, mesh in MWO is bad. I'm attaching results of quick (hope substrate parameters was OK) analysis your filter performed by ie3d. Rgz, eirp
Hi, max! Why you simply don't perform an optimization (for example in ie3d?)?? Your project has a low degree of freedom, you'll get answer quickly!! Regards, eirp
+2 cents for ie3d of Zeland , and they provide you now a 60 days trial and manuals after registration.
Hi, Oggi: I would suggest you to try to optimize your element and 4-patch array using infinite ground plane first. Input impedance is normally not affected by the size and shape of the antenna much. You can optimize it to get good match first. ie3d has built-in optimizers to help you optimize antenna perforamnces (S11, Z, or even pattern parameters
Hi, new version of this wonderful software is just released Some of the highlights include: - 3D Graphs - Edit-in-place for layouts - Support for multi-element editing - New extraction/optimization methodology for EMSight - New bondwire model and many other new models - Integration of Zeland's ie3d in the EMSocket - Muc
I think ie3d is applicable in both problems.
hi Adel_48 Hi, You may try to use ie3d with corners as variables, then use its built in optimization routine to get the best design. BR Adel_48 if i want to use my own GA program, can ie3d can be embeded in my program?and if i want to optimize more parameters, can i use ie3d built-in (...)
Hi Use Zeland ie3d it's the best one from all. Accurate and fastest For this purpose you can import your GDSII file or sat. dxf. gerber PL
Hello, guys. I am a college student and new to antenna design. Right now I am working on a Printed Antenna project on PCB. Last semester I have done some simulations by using Zeland ie3d. Now I am asked to make a PCB and do some measurements. Since I am not very familiar with the PCB technique, I am wondering what kind of softwares are suita
Hi, caocao: Yes. Theoretically, you can optimize for null for the current density distribution. In the implementation, ie3d does allow you to access the current density data on MGRID in current distribution visualization. However, it may not be in the optimization loop unless you want zero current at a specific port. You can optimize for zero cu
What do you mean mim modeling? Do you mean MIM capacitor modeling. MIM capacitors are a kind of structures encountered much in MMIC and RFIC. MIM capacitors are tough to model. You can use ie3d for high accuracy and high efficiency results for MIM capacitors as well as spiral inductors. You also even use it for a real-time EM tuning and optimizatio
now i research about some DSG and related structure. Trace plane has some shapes also. so which simulator is more suitable for this work? pl help AWR, ie3d, Ansoft Designer, HFSS , ADS, Sonnet consider the more powerful control, friendly use and accurate. also if the device include some via, is there some change? i just took a A
At this time, finite dielectrics is not implemented in ie3dLibrary. It should be there some time after ie3d 14 release. ie3d 14 will be released tomorrow. Regards.
I want optimize multiband antenna (filter) to many various frequencies. How can I do that, or what optimization goals I must set up. i want this work in ie3d software.
Good Day everyone, I'm from Malaysia and currently doing a project on: "optimization of Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Particle Swarm optimization" i have done the literature review on PSO and pratical training, doing exercise on antenna design using ie3d.for ie3d antenna design software i still can handle it, but for (...)
Good Day everyone, I'm from Malaysia and currently doing a project on: "optimization of Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Particle Swarm optimization" i have done the literature review on PSO and pratical training, doing exercise on antenna design using ie3d.for ie3d antenna design software i still can handle it, but for (...)
there is an example also, in ie3d 8x8 array of patches with printed power divider. pl
I think you can do it with matlab. you get a text file then import this file to ie3d pl