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I'm looking for an off the shelf enclosure that would be similar to the enclosures used by Fluke, HP etc. for meters like the HP 34401. This is an example of the style I'm looking for, rack mount ready is not a necessity, but would be ideal: IF that case style is
For iec /FCC radiation field tests from 30 ~500MHz they use dual dodecahedral dipole antenna because of flat response into a constant BW spectral density analyzer.
From your question I would reccomend reading through some of these: iec 60950 Glossary Star Grounding Wars
go thr attached document which is from Advances in Microstrip and Printed Antennas by Kai Fang Lee / Wei Chen Also check this links
very nice :D
Does anyone has iec60335-1 standard? Actually I am searching about creepage and clearence distance for PCB designing. Thank you
Here is another good reference: Regards, IanP :D
Supplementary info: Regards, IanP
The European regulation is iec - EN60950 Enclosed the relevant pages
Hi, I'm looking for iec 1131 standard in pdf to download, tia! best regards