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M. C. Jeruchim, P. Balaban, and K. S. Shanmugan, Simulation of communication Systems: Modeling, Methodology, and Techniques, 2nd ed. Norwell, MA: Kluwer, 2000. O. Shimbo, ?Effects of intermodulation, AM-PM conversion and additive noise in multicarrier TWT systems,? Proc. ieee, vol. 59, pp.230?238, Feb. 1971. S. Ariyavistakul an
I have many ieee papers and other papers about pipelineADC error correction and calibration. I will upload them in the ieee papers, Study papers board.You can find some papers that can help you.
Hi Crew I'm looking for FLL design notes or papers. I'm interested in understanding FLL in RF IC design, also at introduction level (such as e-books) or advanced material. I have ieee papers yet. In particular I've seen that the issue is contained in first book of digital communication Receiver, Wiley, (...)
hey i know that i can find it in ieee papers... i want to know about any book or other materials that describe them in a easily understandable form....
Hi, You make a digital PLL that is sourced with the datastream and the PLL will lock on the datastream and will also regenerate the clock from the datastream. The PLL can be implemented in the analog domain or digital domain. In the digital domain you can implement it in software or hardware (gates, logic etc). So its up to you to make the (...)
any one post this plz >Modulation/demodulation techniques with FPGAapos;s architecture to improve OFDM wireless underwater communication transceiver Nasri, N.; Ben Hnia, H.; Kachouri, A.; Abdellaoui, M.; Samet, M. Design and Test of Integrated Systems in Nanoscale Technology, 2006. DTIS 2006. International Conference on Volume , Issue , Sept. 5
PUZZLES: (1)Which frequency is the suitable? I always find many papers on ieee about PLLs which have a 2.4G frequency.Besides this frequency,which frequency is useful in the industry area? 900M,1G or the others? (2)In order to reduce the phase noise in PLL,which architecture is suitable or which papers I can refer to in the rece
I think you're not starting from the right point: -usually an integrated tranceiver for modern communication systems requires alot of resources (people), a baseband digital IC and more and more. -usually there is a target: what is your? -given the standard, you should define the IC architectrure, and it cannot be done without the baseband. -the
"As trellis-coded modulation is an extension of binary coding methods to larger signal constellations, so is turbo-coded modulation the extension of turbo coding principles to include larger signal constellations.", the aforementioned is come from the "The trellis and turbo coding" that is from ieee Press Series on digital & Mobile (...)
Hi All, Could some one give me name of a book that deals with designing analog circuits in subthreshold region of opeartion for mOS transistor. I have been going through ieee papers on the same but am unable to get a clear picture thanks in advance
I am research student and am starting to work on underwater wireless communication. As the part a litrature survey i have come across a large number of Stojanovic's papers and publication . They all have been very useful to me. As a begining, we have started with modelling the acoustic channel. We followed a paper named "Performance Evaluation of D
Hi guys, I am currently writing-up my PhD thesis, research topic is in the area 4G LTE and optical fibre communication integration, from not very well reputed university in UK. I have published about 8 papers, where 3 of it are ieee journals. I have another 3 under review, with one of it is ieee journal as well. Most of (...)