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Analog DCT Although this is DCT, it can be applied to DFT.
I found this document useful But,You need ieee login.
Hi everybody. I want to employ ridged sections to perform the transition from ridged rectangular waveguide to rectangular waveguide. I found some info about in the article. But I struggle to un
I remember having similar struggles with SPECTRE's NF calculations on N-path passive mixers similar to this work. The conversion loss (and thus the minimum DSB NF) of a simple two-path ideal mixer
Suggest me some capless architectures. Here are a few links which could be helpful: EDAboard - capless
Did you get this circuit from this Milovanovic or
Look for Ron Hogervorst papers about opamp from 90's, i.e. that one
Hi guys, basically I am working on this project for Physical layer security in wireless networks. I was supposed choose a information forwarding relay and a Jamming relay from a number of relays using particular criterias. The paper which I am following can be found here : -
If I good remember second pole is bounded with gm and cgs of cascode transistor. Check this paper:
Hi, I am looking to design a parallel squarer circuit using VHDL and try optimizing interconnections to see if it can be more efiicient. The design template Im looking to follow is based on this
I've got no access to ieee papers any more, sorry. Non-uniform metal coverage of course may create stress on silicon, but primarily has nothing in common with non-uniform
Yes, metallization over matched transistor pairs does affect matching properties: There may be multiple reasons: hydrogen diffusion through the oxide and passivation of interface states under the gate; mechanical s
Hi I want this article: ofdm versus filter bank multicarrier by behrouz farhang. Thanks
It seems some Prof's have covered this topic in Tw. You try to get up to speed with them.
Hi, thank. But I found the ieee article, (this link ) and I mean, that I can do it.
This paper, in addition to many others, have used a half-wave resonator as a generic model used towards completion of whatever goal. For anyone who can't view the paper, it pict
Activv is a specific antenna: ieee Xplore - Sign In Also check Tavvel if small size is important.
You can find it from ieee Xplore - Sign In Note: You may need to login before download
See this paper ieee Xplore - Sign In
Hi frns I have downloaded a power profile for BAN from ieee login. I have also calculated BER using that power profile. But result is totally opposite. Can anybody help me on this topic? Thanks
Hi, I'm trying to find some results to confirm my CST simulations for a circular waveguide that is excited with circular polarization. Could anyone give me the titles of books or papers that would have some results? I can then search for the papers through the university ieee login to get the paper. Thanks, Robin.
I think both these links have the same content: Could someone please upload the papers?
u can download some papers reg place and route in ieee Site also if u have login and password.
I have to design a Buck, Boost, Flyback and Self Oscillating 15 V output power supply boards for IGBT drivers that are used in inverters. It would be great if someone could help me with articles, what are the main considerations etc There is an article:
Hi all, I'm working on a singer recognition project that identifies singer in a music recording via Multifeature Statistical Singer Modelling. The architecture of the system that I want to implement, can be found in the following link: At thi
I need the following paper. The estimation of the gradient of a density function, with applications in pattern recognition Fukunaga, K.; Hostetler, L. Best Regards
Ciphering algorithms in MicroBlaze-based embedded systems - but here u need a login: here are another links: ht
you can find it from this site. It may be help full to you. It is ieee paper.
Dear All can anyone provide login pass .or informe how can access or dowload the online tutorials available at ieee communication society website.I need tutorial on MIMO systems. Best Regard Shakeel
hello all can any provide login pass or any way how to access the tutorial available at the following address Best Regards Shakeel
kindly refer to the folowinfg site u can also refer to the following books VLSI Algorithms and Architectures: Aegean Workshop on Computing, Loutraki, Greece, July 8-11, 1986. Proceedings (Lec
Dear friends, i came to know that international publications have a lot of value, so please tell me the method we have to follow while publishing our paper for example in ieee. pls tell me how shud we conatct them and also tell me some very good institutes like ieee where we can publish our papers.
The following paper makes a good overview of the existing comparator architectures: . Regards.
Of couse. You can find many VLSI architectures about 1D wavelet in the ieee. I cannot login herenow, So you can search some paper to read Good luck
I think this is the best paper...but you need to have ieee login to download... Best/worst case extraction and yield cost estimation using Monte Carlo statistical analysis Belova, N.; Aronowitz, S.; Dong, J.; Puchner, H. Page(s): 91-94 vol.1 Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/SMICND.2000.890194 Abstract | Full Text: PDF (280 KB) Or loo
The best thing u can possibly do is to get an ieee login.. go there and search for the recent publications.. it wud obviosuly papers are always good as they have a standard and accredation! with regards,
Hello! I need the documents mentioned in the subject. thx in advance for your help! Berti