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dear all i ask about how i can do correlation between two image for same object using matlab depend on code not existed function because after understanding this point i will implement it on FPGA wait your reply thanks
hi, i want to find the auto correlation & cross correlation in horizontal ,vertical & in diagonal direction of the output image obtain after doing the quantization of image*(*this image is obtain after taking the FFT of image & then finding the magnitude of that image)in to (...)
download this source code Sagar's Lab: Object tracking using corss correlation ---------- Post added at 20:18 ---------- Previous post was at 20:16 ---------- use matlab image and video acquisition tool box. study t
Good evening, With the aim of achieving a correlation, I need to create two images of size 256 * 256, which contains a letter F and serve as a target, while the other has two letters E and F showing the scene . I'm stuck in, how to center the letter F in the middle of the image, and how, after correlation, display (...)
Hai Every time I get an image, I need to compare it with a lot of existing images and take an appropriate decision. But, the 'elseif' statement makes it very slow. But I cant use switch case because the switch expression needs to be a scalar or string. How can I do my comparison in a faster way? Please help. :-( Thanks
Hello dears, I want to match a test image with the template image in matlab, For this task i am using normxcorr2 function for correlation, this function returns an array of correlation between template and test image. This function works fine when template image is a (...)
i am doing a project on image wwater markin usin threshod based correlation. since i am a beginner in this field ineed help.. i need source code for visible water marking .please help.
Hi, Template is the pattern you want to find in the image. For example if you are looking for circles in an image, a smaller image containing only a circle is the template. Once you calculate the cross-correlation between a template T and an image I, you obtain an image X. The (...)
Hi, I am a third year mechanical engineering student and have been assigned to design matching algorithm based on image "correlation" using matlab. I am free to research and inspire myself from any source code I can find, as I will be awarded with marks for research. The problem is I must use the matlab function (...)
To generate a Rayleigh fading channel model, you first generate real and image part of the independent Gaussian process, then you need design a filter to have the spretrum similar to Jakes model, i.e, to have the Bessel function as the auto-correlation. Passing through the I, Q Gaussian process to this filter, you oculd get the Rayleigh fadung mode
I need matlab code for correlation coefficient. In Elastic Body Spline Technique for feature point generation and face modeling, I am in need to locate a face from test image(with background). To locate face only,correlation coefficient is used for similarity measure between facial template and test (...)