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hi everybody! i want to know how i can make the passive impedance matching of a monopole antenne between 50 MHz and 500 MHz thanks for replies
* To get best reception at a certain frequency, try to make L value variable (example, like the tunable inductors inside radio receivers.) * To do impedance matching between sections, a general rule is to base the L value on available current. Low A, low C, high L. High A, high C, low L.
Hi all, Please, How can I use Lumped element on a port for impedance matching purpose between a discrete port and dipole antenna in CST? How can I connected the Lumped element, discrete port and antenna together ? what I use to connected them?
I need to match two impedance, for example, one is 5 ohm, and the other is 100 ohm. How can I use the idea_balun or xfmr in cadence analog lib to realize the impedance matching between the two resistors. Thanks.
Hi friends! I am designing a matching network between Known source impedance(50ohm) and known load impedance(2Mega ohm). I want to know how to find the values of Inductor and capacitor. If anyones kindly share your knowledge.
Hi friends! I am designing a matching network between Known source impedance(50ohm) and known load impedance(2Mega ohm). I want to know how to find the values of Inductor and capacitor. If anyones kindly share your knowledge.
Hello, I have an UWB antenna that is composed of double sided substrate. I noticed that when i round the lower vertices of the upper side (patch) or the upper vertices of the lower side (ground) the matching improves, i reviewed the imaginary and real part of the input impedance and i found that they do get improve as (...)
If point B is 50 ohms (as should be) you can connect directly to that point a 50 ohms dummy load, and keep the PI network for impedance matching between PA transistor and the load.
If the two stages are close one to the other and not use 50 ohms transmission lines between them, you do not need to go to 50 ohms. Just use a matching network to match the output impedance of the first stage to the input impedance of the second stage. Designing the matching network have to (...)
you do not tell us how long the interconnecting transmission line is, nor how much amplitude ripple you can live with over a bandwidth. If they are really close, just hook one to the other. If they are far apart, you could add a series resistor at the mixer, and run 75 ohm line. if it is narrowband, you could just run 50 ohm line (...)
Hello Ali & Hocine Most probably the matching between chip and tag input impedance... Anyway, if you would like to check your .cst file, please share it with me in order to validate it. Thank you
Yes, don't even think to get good performances for this wideband matching circuit without using the "optimize" option of an RF simulator. Because the maximum frequency is relative high, very important is how to set all the parasitics in the optimization process. In this broadband match circuit the main goal is related to a huge (...)
So You don't have any matching circuit between filter and output stage. A filter can easily be designed for 50:50 impedances but you loose power because of this mismatch at this level of power.. The designer has to know output impedance of the final stage, otherwise it won't work..
Thanks. With my spectrum analyzer I have tracked many peaks and valleys from 26 Ω to 88 Ω along the receiving span, measuring every 10MHz; but larger/lower readings may be hiding in between samples. matching 75Ω over the full bandwidth does not make much sense. impedance is tied to a (...)
In order to optimize s-parameters on filters used in front-end input and output, impedance transformer line matching is necessary. Many resources exist on strip design.
For very high frequency 2 stage LNA, we also need to match the interstage impedance. I know for input output matching,we can add 50 ohm port to let input and output to matching to 50ohm. While for the interstage, how do I match the interstage, I can't add a port between the output of the 1st stage (...)
For proper differential application,balun in needed between your loop antenna and transmitter,of course the balun may be deleted only when your transmitter has diff.outputs. The SMD balun is good choice in our band, impedance matching may be needed.
I suppose there's no pure L matching network solution for the given impedances. Do you mean LC matching network?
Irrespective of HFSS, I leave the port impedance on 50 Ohm and use post processing to calculate the reflection coefficient between the chip and the antenna according the formula you have mentioned. When using a renormalization to a complex impedance, some programs have a different behaviour thus I avoid (...)
what is the meaning of "balun"? BALUN = BALanced to UNbalanced used for impedance matching and matching between balanced feedlines and unbalanced feedlines/antennas and between unbalanced feedlines eg. coax to balanced antennas eg dipoles Dave - - - (...)
Hi, BusyEng Tuning: adjusting the antenna so that the impedance is resistive at the frequency of interest matching: Make that the impedance is the complex conjugate of the feed or load impedance, or characteristic impedance of a transmission line (normally, but not always, resistive, usually 50 ohms) You (...)
So you want to impedance match a radio with antenna for maximum efficiency and have a transformer somewhere along the line. impedance matching can be done on either or both sides of transformer. It is only a question of what is the most practical alternative. Assume components have been added resulting in conjugate match (...)
Your calculations is not exactly correct.Odd and Even mode impedances are valid only and only if there are 2 coupled lines.But if there are more than 2 coupled lines like in your filter structure , it's hard to say that formulae will still be valid in any case.You forget other interactions between-for instance- first element (...)
hi, I am using ADS as a tool for designing a UWB down conversion mixer with TSMC 0.18?m. i am keeping all the W/L ratio and impedance matching networks same as in the tutorial but not getting the same results. My tutorial is is BSIM3_Model. is there any relation in between BSIM3 and TSMC 0.18?m.
hi, I am using ADS as a tool for designing a UWB down conversion mixer with TSMC 0.18?m. i am keeping all the W/L ratio and impedance matching networks same as in the tutorial but not getting the same results. My tutorial is is BSIM3_Model. is there any relation in between BSIM3 and TSMC 0.18?m.
What does impedance transformation mean with regards to antenna? For most folk, this means to alter the driving point impedance by adding some sort of matching scheme. This is usually a network of matching components/devices , between the the energy source and the antenna driven point. (...)
You cannot change internal output impedance of a signal generator, it's fixed by design. But you can use impedance matching between your divider and generator.However, input impedance of a divider is not passive like LNA ( because it works with large signal driven conditions (...)
Hello there. I have a question about impedance matching when you have a balanced connection. I have this network that has two balanced outputs that have 100 ohms each. I want to bring it to 50 ohm unbalanced impedance. The frequency of operation is between 200 and 400 MHz. Now, the most logical (...)
impedance matching between amplifier stages and that ideally you need the input impedance of stage n+1 to be much greater than the output impedance of stage n. For maximum power transfer you would want the load impedance to match the preceding stage. It is when you want to (...)
Power Amplifiers should be loaded with "Optimum Load impedance" which will give you either Maximum Output Power or Maximum Efficieny.You can choose a optimum point between these two and you may find a compromise between Output Power and Power Effciency.Gain is also impacted but not so much. Optimum Load (...)
Hi, I am reading quarter-wavelength transmission line transformer on an article: The Yin-Yang of matching: Part 2?Practical matching Techniques. I do not understand the second sentence about 22%. This percentage is regarding to which bandwidth? It gives as an example of the first sentence, i.e. for ratio 6:1, it is (...)
I have a current output and single-ended DAC, and an ADC. I'm trying to connect the output of the DAC and the input of the ADC as follows. 80329 Now DAC applies a sine wave form toward the ADC. R(50 ohm) is a load resistor for the ADC to take the DAC output, and the characteristic impedance of (...)
The problem is that if the antenna is not matched by design, it probably has a complex impedance. For example 20+j15 ohms. So you can not just hook up a 20 ohm transmission line to it and expect to see 20 ohms resistive at the far end....the reactive part makes it spin around on the smith chart. So, ideally you would match right at the antenna
There is always a copmromise between "Complex Conjugate matching" and "Optimum Load impedance".You don't have to use exaclty Optimum Load impedance point that you have found on the Smith Chart because there are Delivered Power Contours around this optimum impedance point.So, you should (...)
Re-read the conjugate matching concept, Conjugate matching between source impedance and load impedance means the maximum power should be transferred from source to load, the efficiency is 50%. No, if correct ideal matching is transmission loss 0%. if the antenna obtains (...)
The mismatch loss between two impedance terminations is given by: Mismatch Loss = 10*LOG (1 - Γ?) So, greater the difference between impedances, higher the reflection coefficient Γ, and higher the mismatch loss.
hi friends i am trying to simulate the rectangular patch antenna for 0.75ghz but i am not getting the desired the result ca u help me with this i have 2 types of simulations one without any impedance matching part and other with impedance matching between the patch and feed (...)
Hi, I am trying to match input impedance of LNA with antenna impedance of 50+1000j. While tuning the input matching network, i did s-parameter and PSS analysis in cadence, using input port of 50+1000j impedance, but i am getting some strange results. Firstly for input port impedance (...)
Hello All, In an attachment to this message, dipole antenna model is attached. can any body have suggestions, how to improve s21, s12 parameters without changing distance between dipole antenna.impedance matching is almost perfect.
Hi all, I found when simulating with ADS, the oscillating freq changes when impedance-matching circuits change without chaning DR setting ?Can anybody tell me the reason?Thanks. Yun
Hello all. I have heard that impedance matching is an effective way to suppress the electromagnetic interference. Is that true? If yes, how and why? How come an impedance coil connected to input of a system can avoid EMI? Thanks in advance for your kind responses. Regards.
I have to design the layout of an embedded device with bluetooth interface. I use an STM bluetooth module and an antenova Chip Antenna. In this contest, I have to design the Antenna matching Circuit to adapt the impedance value between Antenna and Module. It is very important to calculate the (...)
In general, the bandwidth is reduced by increased impedance ratios and increased with more LC elements in the network.
how to match 50 ohm impedance(feed) with 76 ohm impedance(slot) during transition
Hello everyone, I am working on a high linearity (~40dBm OIP3) X-band class A PA design. Output power should be in the range of 20~25dBm. The amplifier needs to be matched to 50ohm impedance. Here is the problem. I used conjugate matching for the amplifier output (it can be treated as unilateral). The output power increased at the (...)
Hello I am currently working on current mode RF receiver front-end question is do I need to conjugate match between two blocks(eg LNA - mixer) normally for current mode, input impedance should be very small and output very large. Do I need interstage match??(Rout=Rin)? antenna(50ohm) - (50ohm)LNA( ?ohm ) - (??ohm)
Hi, I have designed a voltage doubler circuit (for RFID application) using ADS. I would like to find out what is the input impedance of the circuit at different input power and frequency so that I can proceed with the design of an impedance matching network which will be placed in between a 50 ohm antenna (...)
Hello, everyone. I am now trying to design a GPS module with Brevis SMD Antenna. So I designed a Coplanar waveguide for the connection between GPS and Antenna. But in the antenna datasheet, it says the antenna requires some matching circuit. So I am not sure whether I should put both the matching circuit (...)
see: Microstrip antennas by Bahl teh spacing between elements depends on design goal and line widths varying may be due to impedance matching or phase varying.
Hi I came across this voltage source (attached below) but i am unsure what its output impedance is. Is it 50 Ohm and hence must be matched with 50 ohm transmission line and load? How do we proof its output impedance mathematically? thanks in advance!