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hi, i want to import a Hspice netlist to cadence for automated place and route. in the cadence user's manual, it says that "import->cdl" can do such things. but it always fails when i do as it says in the manual. it produce a log file called nino.log, the information in it is as follow: (...)
When I import a cdl netlist in Cadence 5141, the VDD and VSS was convert to a general net in schematics. I hope they can be a VDD or VSS symbol. How to do this? Thanks a lot!
Dear All: DOes any know how to impoert "cdl to schematic " in cadence tools ? I mean composer . WHne we get the cdl or spice netlist how to import to schematic view . Thanks
From the icfb File >>>> import >>>>>>cdl Fill out the form ensuring that the correct reference libraies are listed ie basic sample etc. It work for me! The only thing I dont have is the parmeter file. Try testing it on a very small schematic to start. "K"
You can import cdl into schematic first.
Anyone has any experiences on converting a cdl netlist into a spice netlist? I know both languages are from the same family however I can't find a good manual of a cdl file and his syntax.
The Analog Artist can generate a flatten spice netlist. But this netlist has no pin information of top hierarchy. So I want to use 'export' option in Cadence software to generate a flatten cdl netlist with pin information. How can I get a flatten netlist with top pin? The 'export---cdl' (...)
Hi, I am looking for a free ware that allows me to construct the schematic and import the netlist to PCB layout for track routing FreePCB for Windows, GNU license Also Altium gives away Protel for DOS for free, have a look to their web site at downloads section
hi when i export cdl netlist ,i have got the problem the nmos and pmos i got the param of modelname ,l,w but the res i can not got these param . why ???? deos somebody can help me ??? thanks advance!!!
hi, two hcells such as rppoly and rppolywo are used in the schematic. During generating cdl netlist of the schematic, rppoly can be generated in to subckt while rppolywo cannot, that is, no ".subckt rppolywo ... .ends" can be generated. what can i do ? thanks
how can I extract a Vsource into netlist use cdl method? there is a voltage source vdc in my sch but doesn't shows up in the cdl netlist, is this a cadence problem or I miss some key setting?
Altium Designer imports Orcad schematics directlly. Use File>import Wizard, and select Orcad .DSN file type. Once you've imported the schematic, you can load the netlist directly into the PCB. To import just a netlist, you first have to convert it into Tango or Protel format. To (...)
I have drawn the schematic in eagle software. I have all the component libraries in pads format only. So i want to import the netlist from eagle to pads. How to get the asc file from eagle schemtaic?
I am working with protel 98 and very easy to import orcad netlist into it.I just upgrade to new Protel DXP and I don't see any command from DXP can import the Orcad netlist , anyone can help me?all I know from Orcad you have to generate the nestlist by choosing Tango output file.Thanks.
Hi, Dear All, Please help me this. My schematic has some resistance name like RR<1>, RR<2> ........... When I use si to generate cdl netlist, if I specify cdlnetlistType = 'fnl , it will fail and gives out info : ( explain "Error in evaluating property value: 'ancnetlistFileInstOutput()'." probeType (...)
I need to use Calibre to LVS a schematic which has two symbols. One symbol is Cadence schematic view and the other symbol is cdl netlist. cdlIN is not working since this cdl netlist has cell with more than 10k I/O pins. No matter how I tried, this cdl netlist view cannot (...)
When I tried to generate any cdl netlist from icfb, it always failed. The following error message is in the si.log file for ALL the PDK elements: netlister: Can't find 'hnlcdlParamList' property for element 'xxx'. netlister: Can't find 'hnlcdlFormatInst' property for element 'xxx'. (...)
Hello, I couldn't find the solution of my problem so I hope to find an advice here. The problem is that Assura doesn't recognize the device described in the cdl netlist attached to auLvs cellView. I have a cdl netlist of some block (EEPROM) and a layout of this block. For this block I've created the auLvs cel
Hello, Is there any online cdl netlist format tutorial? I searched for one, but I couldn't find any. In particular, I don't understand what the parameters, 'r', 'par', 'sbar' and 'bp' mean in the following line. R3_2 P PADR1 opppcres W='4u' L='2.6u' r=249.937 par=1 sbar=1 bp=3 $SUB=AVSS Thank you in advance!
Hello! I've installed Cadence software on a RedHat4 server. Everything seems to run, unless the cdl netlist Export. When I try File > Export > cdl nothing happen, and there is an error: *WARNING* (loadContext): context /installs/IC6.1.4/tools/dfII/etc/context/transUI.cxt already loaded
A netlist is a list of the connections between the various components/pins in a schematic/PCB. Why do you want to import one to Eagle? Eagle doesn't use "external" netlists - all the interconnections are contained within the .sch & .brd files. In the past most PCB packages were separate from the schematic package even if they were from (...)
I am trying to import some io cells for spectre simulation and am seeing some strange behavior. I have a map file that correctly identifies the devices and links them to the right pdk cells, however if a property is greater than 2 the following error appears in ni.err and the device is imported with a width of 0!! 65:MM2 Z A inh_vdde3v3 nwelle P
Hi I am trying to import cdl to schematic in Cadence. I did get the schematic, but whenever the cell has more than 1 output, only one output is correctly converted, all other outputs are converted to inputs. For example, the following cdl netlist: .subckt ADDFHX1 CO S A B CI M0 net105 net123 net132 VDD P l=0.18u (...)
Hi I am trying to import cdl to schematic in Cadence. I did get the schematic, but whenever the cell has more than 1 output, only one output is correctly converted, all other outputs are converted to inputs. For example, the following cdl netlist: .subckt ADDFHX1 CO S A B CI M0 net105 net123 net132 VDD P l=0.18u (...)
Hi, I have a spice netlist file where in VCVS, CCCS are used. I wanted to import that netlist to cadence through import--> cdl... , I am able to see all the components in the resulting schematic except VCVS, CCCS. Is there anything special I should do for these components? Thanks in advance. Ramesh
Hi everyone, I have another problem, again... I have obtained a cdl netlist and a spice netlist from my verilog netlist. I used v2lvs to generate the cdl and SPICE netlist. Firstly I tried to import the cdl netlist into IC5. (...)
As i know , ecs can't import these post-synthesis netlist ! You can use Novas debussy !
The best way is to make those components, and it does not need to be so enormous task when you do it in a clever way. First of all, you have to know anyway which decals you need. You may have most of them, and you just have to make component types matching the file you import. I have sometimes done a mass generation of parts by first exportin
If you use cadence virtuoso, you can import cdl easily. As usually the device name and properties are different between cdl file and PDK, you need a map file when importing cdl. For details, refer to cdsdoc. Following is an example of the map file I used before. devMap := nfet n18 propMatch := subType (...)
Hi, How can I add text labels to certain netlist (cdl schematic netlist), although i can't use a graphical schematic editor? I want to check also that a layout netlist I have too (layout of that schematic) have the same labels.. I can see these labels when viewing the GDS file, but where should these lablesl appear in (...)
there are many ways to extract netlist from schematic in the cadence. I used one among many way. it was cdl extraction method. extraction process is following figure. Question : in Initialize Environment, Simulator Name is "Other : cdl". When I want to modify some device or model name, what I have to modify to change device (...)
I am using the PCAD2004 in that i am not finding any option to import the netlist. Now i am having the netlist generated from orcad->netlist->others->pcad but i am not finding in tool option to import netlist
Hi everyone, I have made a circuit using ISIS 7.1 and now I would like to design the Circuit PCB with Eagle Cadsoft (I have the 4.01 version), I found in ISIS that it is possible to compile the netlist in different formats (Multiwire,spice,tango,SDF,...), so, which one should I chose ? and how can I import it into Eagle and start the designing
Hi, Is it possible to import eagle netlist into eagle? I have exported an eagle netlist from a schematic. Then I would like to use the cmd-net-list2sch.ulp to import back but nothing came out. Does the cmd-net-list2sch.ulp workable? anyone use it before? Thanks
hi, you can use "cdlin" in cadence virtuso File -> import -> cdl I am attaching one "Template File" and "Device-Mapping File". you have to edit the mapfile for your technology. Reference Library List -> your technology library contains the devices
Hi everyone, I extract hsim netlist using CIW=>EXPORT=>cdl. I have some model view which name is "hsimmodel" for some big analog circuits. I want to replace the "schematic" view with "hsimmodel" view when extract netlist. I create .simrc & si.ini file in my run directory, and add the "simViewList" in these files. But it doesn't work. (...)
You can use the import cdl option in ICFB but you should modify the cdl netlist , MOSFT should be modify the subcircuit format .
Hi, I have the netlist, how do I translate it to schematic? I tried 'import-cdl', the schematic library was set by 'samples/cdslib/sample'. It reports error: Failed to opent cellview (nfet symbol) from lib (/samples/cdslib/sample) in 'r' mode because cellview does not exist. May be the path start from the root d
Dear all: A SPICE netlist was produce in sonnet ,then how to import to cadence ? thanks very much~
Pls help to fix the problem (---------------------------------------------------------------------) ( ) ( Allegro Netrev import Logic ) ( ) ( Drawing : ke-
The verilog netlist has this statement for instantiating fillers: FILLERD1TD FILLER_323334(); FILLERC4TD FILLER_323334(); The cell FILLERD1TD has a symbol view only as its a pass through, but FILLERC4TD has a symbol and a schematic as it is has some moscaps. Both symbols do not have any pins as the power and grounds are globals in the cdl netl
saber designer is not supported with Spice importation facility... at least the version we use at my UNIV. try to search for plug-ins... it may helps you!
Hi, Anybody knows that how to change mos model type name when I use "Export cdl" to generate spice netlist ??? The reference library define pmos model name p1. I need spice netlist with pmos model name PMOS. I tried to modify instance pmos's CDF content in a top cell, but, cdl output the old pmos model name. :? (...)
Dear, I'm not quite sure that this is the place to submit the question but any help is appreciated. Is there a way in virtuoso to import a netlist and create from this netlist a schematic? Thanks and best regards, S. 8)
CAn i transform VHDL code to spice netlist?
Hi, How do I get spectre netlist converted to that of Hspice. Well I dont have license feature for Hspice. Are there any free tools (GNU) or any thing ? Also I need to convert it to Eldo Spectre ---> HSpice | ---> Eldo Thanks, Gold_kiss
Are there different types/languages/... available for cdl netlists? For example, Dracula and Spectre. Can they use the same cdl netlist or do they expect a different syntax? Tnx! S. 8)
HOW to use virtuoso to generate verilog netlist from schematic? I know virtuoso composer can generate edf netlist ,cdl netlist ,but I don't know how to generate verilog netlist . Does anyone know it?
Under cds 5.033. I need a synthesizable verilog netlist in APR flow? Any advise? cheers jaxshai
I'm using a MIM capacitor symbol in my schematics but I can't add length and width parameters in my cdl netlist. Could anyone help me? Thanks for your time. The schematic entry tool is composer

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