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hi what is the feko setting to correctly import dxf file? someone have a examples. tanks
I am design a PA,and decided to used the file from MOT,but the dxf type file import into protel PCB,display only the board line. May some help me?
do any one knows hw to import dxf files to mwo n hw to define the layers when its imported? thanks regards danesh
hi i haver a filter geomtry in dxf format. how can i import into a 3d modeller like hfss, please advise
I'm not sure about Expedition, but Mentor Boardstation will only import from somewhat expensive 3D design tools. There is 3rd party software available to import dxf - the program is called dxf2men. It costs about $1K(US). There is info here: If Expedition has the same Gerber import capability as Boa
I am copying this from my earlier answer to the same question: For importing dxf go to file import dxf select your dxf file preferably in Allegro folder. If you have already defined your layers select Incremental addition, failing to do so results in lost of all your layers. Also you need to know which (...)
Altium -How to import dxf files into Altium Hello sir give me stepwise tutorial for importing dxf Or DWG files into Altium. I tried lot much but i got errors. I also gone through Module of Altium. Right now i have DWG file so give me Tutorial.
I don't believe there is an import function for dxfs in the PCB Library tool. I will typically just import the dxf into the PCB directly using the standard File>import menu. Then once I have the dxf outlines on my PCB, I can copy and paste the associated primitives (from the (...)
With ADS export in dxf each layer then you can import in cst
Hi everybody!I am trying to simulate a patch antenna using get the geometry of the patches I am trying to import a .dxf file.However cst imports this geometry as a curve and not as a planar sheet.When I try to get a planar sheet from the curve by extruding I get the following message "Selected curve is not a single path " (...)
You can draw 3-D spiral in AutoCAD by using built-in VBA-based scripting language. After that You can export Your drawing into ACIS SAT file and import it to cst MWS. But much more simple to draw spiral directly in cst MWS - in this case You can make parametric model and can easily change the spiral size, number of turnes etc. Regards, (...)
Try to put the root of the coordinate system in the plane that you want to export. You can use/create a working coordinate system (WCS) for this: Select a point in the plane, then WCS->Local Coordinate System Export it again. Do you have a software to open the dxf files? For example many drawing software can import dxf. With this you could (...)
In my opinion, the Negative step (step 2) is really not necessary. If the solids you draw are all PEC, just import them into cst, set the background material to be free space, set the objects imported to be PEC. Then cst is "smart" enough to know that the fields needs to be solved are in your "Negative" region. Similar thing (...)
When I import a dxf into momentum, there is an error saying that the shape of layout can't be recognized. What I did is: 1. File-->import-->dxf (hierarchical) 2. select a dxf file Is this error from that my dxf file isn't hierarchical? what can I do to import a layout (...)
1) Before importing map the dxf file layers. 2) Sometimes, because of extremely thin line widths in dxf file, it may take some time to process the dxf file while trying to map with the respective layers. I would like to ask you a few questions at this point. a) Did you create a board outline/package keep in area (...)
Anybody use cst to simulate Allegro PCB board? I can only import dxf file or Gerber file,but the software help file says that Allegro can create some file formats that cst can read. who can tell me this direct way?
i have a .dwg drawing which i intend to use in my layout job so i had to save it as a dxf file in AutoCAD 2007. i had to import that dxf file into my layout job in Expedition, and i did successfully. the only problem is that the imported dxf file seems to be way too small from its dimensions in the (...)
I'm also trying to get gerber file from cst. I tried to export the .dxf but it seems there is some problem. Does any one know how to get the gerber file from cst? Almost any CAM editor like CAM350, Gerbtool, Camtastic, etc, can import a dxf file, and export a Gerber file. Likewise, almost any EDA (...)
hi, I have a problem of representation of polar curve with cst. Indeed, I can save a 1D curve cst in text file (eg S11, "file-export-plot data"), to import the same file in cst, I am: "macro-file-import-1D signals" how to do the same with a curve in 2 dimensions? such a radiation pattern in polar (...)
Dou you want to import the model or the S-parameter results?
Hi, i would import a structure with all data from HFSS to cst. I have already tried exporting this antenna in the format .sat but when I import this file, I obtain only the structure without all parameters (materials and so on). In which way I can fix it. Is there a way to export in HSFF all project and then import (...)
Hi, I used the following steps to export the cst structure to Altium. 1. cst export dxf file 2. use CAD open dxf and save as dxf 2000 version (only 2000&2004 version work) 3. use Altium import dxf and generate the gerber files The elements have ring shape. But (...)
Hi, I am a user of Altium Deigner Summer 09. In some cases we get a dxf file of a component and we have to import it in PCB to produce a PCB component. All PADS/HOLES shall be imported as PADS/HOLES and all other body lines and non-electrical objects shall also be imported. Looking forward for your help. (...)
Hello, I wish to import a dxf file from our mechanical guys into Eagle Pro. I've read numerous posts on this site, and elsewhere about it, but is there any youtube video type lesson on it anywhere? -Or is it really as simple as opening the dxf2scr ulp and just "going with the flow" so to speak. Presumably the (...)
I made a simple patch antenna in cst. Now I want to compare its results (S11) by designing it in ADS and HFSS. I'm able to import dxf files from cst into HFSS and ADS. I successfully simulated the design in HFSS but was wondering if I can simulate the dxf file in ADS (Momentum) as well? Is it doable? (...)
yes, you can import files in format of GDSII, IGES, dxf, DWG, SLD, etc.
hi everyody: '' import Native Bodies: Translation of "D:/fractal/carpet.dwg" failed. '' It seems to me that the usual mistake when working with AutoCad just happened to you, you are trying to import DWG not dxf (read carefully the error message). Try exporting dxf from AutoCad and importing (...)
when importing dxf file, you will enable the " incremental addition"
Hi anybody knows if i can do this? And, how can i do this? I`ve seen .emf import / load is possible but i dont know how to cvonvert an .jpg (e.g.) to an .emf Thx 4 help!
u can import a gerber file into ADS , and then simulate it or u can also import dxf file khouly
From my experience with dxf import, the HFSS automatically did "sweep->along vector" and made from a 2D dxf surface into 3D object. Fortunatelly, one can manually delete sweep along vector and 2D surface is again obtained...
Dear All; Please I need to know how can I import image(jpg,..) to Allegro 15.5? to be abackground(new layer). Thanks
Why you need to import dxf into SPECCTRA? SPECCTRA is an auto router which I am sure you are aware, and gets its input from layout tool which should have all mechanical info in it. M
I made a pcb project and when i import dxf or Gerber the following error occur. And i cannot see anything LWPOLYLINE entity was discarded because of invalid vertex coordinates (20,7.50011). But if i make CAM project the import is successful but i cannot export to pcb (File->export->PCB). is disabled.
Hi House-cat Thank you for reply. I have tried to draw spiral using Helix command. then i have saved as .dxf file format. BUt when i import from cst MWS 2008, it says "Unable to read the spified file". Why it is it not possible to import .dxf file. I have save spiral which was designed by AutoCAD 2009 (...)
Dear All, I was Created my Company logo in a corel draw. How to import in OrCAD or it's library? OR How to convert *.cdr file into *.lib? I am using OrCAD 16.0 Thank You, Regards Kishor Jadhav
Not sure how complex this board is. Hopefully not very for this situation... You will not be able to associate a netlist to the dxf file. It is most likely just lines, polygons, and arcs with no part information included. I take it you are using Orcad layout 9.1 for this endeavor? I have very little experience with this tool so I will not be o
protel can import dxf. yes but after import I do not Know what I must do in order to convert to PCB file!! Please download the attached file and convert dxf to PCB file and give me several pictures of the work process .
Hello, A simple question which I can't solve from years - how can I import polygones in Altium. Notice that when importing dxf or gerbers in Altium we always finish with tracks. Then we have to convert the tracks to polygones but in case we have very complex shapes converting the tracks to polygones becomes real challenge. If we (...)
while importing dxf.. its showing error (3D data occur in ur dxf).. 3D data not supported in PCB CAD tools?
Hi Everyone, I am not able to import dxf files into Ansoft Designer 4 or to HFSS 11/12. I am getting the following error when I tried to import, using Layout->import File " viewport entity with no extended data" Any suggestions regarding this error? Thanks, sv
I am familiar with the import dxf functionality of OrCAD PCB Editor, and have successfully imported drawings for things like a company logo and an ESD symbol for the silk screen. However, now I would like to import a dxf onto the etch layer, make all of the resultant shapes dynamic, and assign them to nets. (...)
hello can u plz send me the step by step procedure, how to import company logos or images to allegro
Hi, If you want to get dxf of the phisical copper of some layer on your board then the suggested method should do the job. Can you describe what is exactly the problem? There is one other issue with Altium - if you import dxf you'll never get filled copper which is polygone type. dxf is imported in Altium (...)
Hi everybody, I'm trying to simulate 850-900MHz Koch curve dipole antenna by using AWR microwave but i'm quite new with this and not familiar with its settings. I tried to follow some of the examples and tutorials in the internet and "getting started" from the Help option but i have a lot of questions. 1) How do i know what is the suitab
Hi.. i'm new to the altium software so i dont no much about it so i need some help from you guys. i have a cad file in .dxf file format and i'm trying to import it in my pcb. i have done with my schematic n all. when i'm importing its giving me error like this.. dxf/DWG Read Error Report (...)
Hi all, My protel 99 SE don't import dxf files! and tell not RECOGNIZE them! Please hellp me
I'm trying to export S parameters automatically and process them in matlab and with respect to the result optimize my structure in cst so send commands for changing the size in cst. is there any way for this? I know in cst script just some simple functions are possible to be used.
Hi K.Mehta, Before importing first you check all the plugins required to import are installed or not(DXP/plugins and updates). To import gerber just open one Cam file from file menu then try to import. dxf/DWG-you can import in both sch and pcb file depending on your requirement.