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hi what is the feko setting to correctly import dxf file? someone have a examples. tanks
hi i haver a filter geomtry in dxf format. how can i import into a 3d modeller like hfss, please advise
I see only one way: make the VB script in hfss or AutoCAD to drawing the parabola. But in any cases it will be only approximate parabola by polyline, however it's unimportant, because the simulation method cause much more error compared to this inaccuracy. Best regards, Kit-the-great
yes, you can import files in format of GDSII, IGES, dxf, DWG, SLD, etc.
Hi ablendos try to check the dimentions of the model that you import. sometimes after import you get wrong dimentions. or try SAT or STEP export import if you have it. RGZ
hi everyody: '' import Native Bodies: Translation of "D:/fractal/carpet.dwg" failed. '' It seems to me that the usual mistake when working with AutoCad just happened to you, you are trying to import DWG not dxf (read carefully the error message). Try exporting dxf from AutoCad and importing (...)
From my experience with dxf import, the hfss automatically did "sweep->along vector" and made from a 2D dxf surface into 3D object. Fortunatelly, one can manually delete sweep along vector and 2D surface is again obtained...
Hi, I have been using ADS for my patch antenna design but I now want to simulate these designs in hfss. Do I have to start all the designs from scratch or is there any way to import these designs into hfss? I am new to hfss so please help. Thanks, Aarkay.
I think you should create a line and then select your geometry, select the line and then choose Draw-> Sweep along line.. You should get your 3D drawing. For more instruction, look at the help file for sweeping along the line. Added after 1 hours 9 minutes: I have a problem of my own. When I import the d
I would like to use Matlab to draw a geometry and then save it in dwg or dxf format to import into hfss. Does anyone have a code to generate dxf or dwg from a generic geometry like a square? Thanks in advance for your help.
Hi Everyone, I am not able to import dxf files into Ansoft Designer 4 or to hfss 11/12. I am getting the following error when I tried to import, using Layout->import File " viewport entity with no extended data" Any suggestions regarding this error? Thanks, sv
you can easily import dxf by Altiume designer! It should be noted that in two software the unit should be same.
In my opinion, the Negative step (step 2) is really not necessary. If the solids you draw are all PEC, just import them into CST, set the background material to be free space, set the objects imported to be PEC. Then CST is "smart" enough to know that the fields needs to be solved are in your "Negative" region. Similar thing happens when using (...)
Try saving as a .sat file and then opening in the program of your choice to save as a .dxf. You may have to fool with the ACII ver to get the import to go smoothly. H3O
If you use hfss 9, then things are more or less quite same with Microwave Studio's 3D modeler... The concept of 3D drawing is the same. If you prefer another 3D drawing tool then you must export your geometry to .SAT or any other 3D format... dxf is a planar drawing format. That's why you get only a plane interpretation of your original geometry
check yours yahoo mail , i've sent hfss manual to you. if you used dxf import of cource you have 2d model or set of FACEs, so you need add volume to model and transform it to the OBJECTs by "SWEEP ALONG VECTOR" function, applied to FACE. only after that you can assign material properties to (...)
I've tried the .dwg and it imports correctly into hfss. But I still haven't done myself to export/import different layers
Dear Daniel. I'm think if you export your hfss's file with .sat format than import it in Solid Work software , then you can export it to CAD format.
hello, I am an ocasional autocad user and, up to my knowledge, the dxf format is only used for 2D drawing, not 3D. If you want to import to autocad a 3D drawing, i think you must use ACIS (*.sat) format or 3d studio. Check hfss to export one of those regards
hfss has 3D-model import from mechanical programmes, only. For example -SolidWorks.
Dear Sir : I am trying to transfer a file from hfss to the layout of ADS. I export the file from hfss as dxf., but when I import it under layout in ADS, it always said error. Could u tell me how can I transfer such a file from hfss to ADS momentum. Thank u very much! Regards, Wei
hi.. 1-export dxf from hfss.. 2-open it in micowave office 3-import this file 4-paste it in a schematic 5-then export to GER file --------- we faced this problem in our graduation project a month ago.. and we could do it correctly.. :D we manufactured our desgings using both CNC and PCB methods.. ------- for any question : (...)
try to export step and import it to hfss you have to buy the license for it. step or sat better then iges. pl
You can use export your hfss model into a suitble extension that you can import in your desired PCB software. Regards
Thank you I draw a box on AutoCAD and save with *.dxf extension. In the hfss I import this file, but hfss not accepted. plese help me more.
OK, problem. I am not able to post my files in order to our security guidelines. But maybe you are able to help me with another problem. I have importet data from an dxf file and build up my model with variables. All good all fine, but hfss created me some polygons in my model which are not selectable and not listet in my objects or (...)
Hello Asim, If you want to export Ansoft hfss design to Agilent ADS then 1. Simulated design use export S-parameters (in touchstone format) then import for ckt simulation in ADS 2. Layout Design export in dxf or IGES/GDSII then import & use the Momentum for EM simulation... you can use even Ansoft Designer or AWR (...)
Pl. can somebody tell me any way or software for conversion of .hfss file to Gerber format for Fabrication.............I need to know it early since this is a part of my Final year projecti.e. (Design, fabrication and characterization of multilayer microstrip patch antenna for gain enhancement) Added a
I trying to find the way by which i can cut the head cress section. I want to import then into MATLAB.
Hi, I'm just learning and I would appreciate if somebody could help me. I drew a microstrip antenna in Draw! and exported it as dxf, then dwg... (I had some problems with importing, but I sorted this out.) I have an object, which is sitting under Model -> "Not Assigned". I want to assign 'copper' to it, but I can't. When I select a
Hi, I've made some 3D designs in hfss and now want to export them for PCB fabrication. What I had done in the past was to use hfss -> SAT export -> AutoCad import of SAT -> dxf export -> ADS/Momentum dxf import -> Gerber export However, this doesn't work very well with what designs I (...)
I am modeling a 3dB wilkinson divider at 30 GHz. In ADS, the S parameters and performance is exactly what I would expect. I then export the layout in dxf and import it into hfss. After adding all the geometries and ports to hfss the model converges and solves. However, I have run into something that I can't explain. (...)
hfss can export a dxf file. Once you have that, you need a CAM editor, or other PCB software that can import the dxf and export the Gerber files. Without knowing what sofware you have at your disposal, it's difficult to give detailed directions. If you can get the dxf file, and you can't find software (...)
I think dxf is not good for this problem :wink: Try STL format (it describes 3D object by mesh that is spread on object surface .. so if you have scanned object by 3d laser scanner the STL format describe your object with no problem). Originally, this format is developed to this task (STereoLithography). 400 000 faces are quite good. Sometimes
hello, would anyone know how to effectively import a single layer layout file (dxf) into hfss ?
I think one should go for AutoCAD in case of such curves.. First drwa the structue in that and than import the .dxf file in hfss Besties Kecbackbencher
Hi, I am working on simulation of human brain, so I need to import a file to hfss, the file is a .mat file (MATLAB). is there any way to do this??? thanks,
Hi, These files are the full human brain model in different versions of AutoCAD (2000 to 2010) in .dxf and .DWG format(acrually I export them from 3ds max), I'm trying to import them into hfss and run simulation on them. I searched a lot to find a human brain model in hfss, but I couldn't (The price of human brain in (...)
i have tried to convert the .dxf,.gbr file into .hfss file by the option import in the hfss menu bar. but it report there any chance to convert the file into hfss.
Hi Guys, I need some guidance to import .dxf file (which i extracted from hfss) to ADS. I read few previous post but could not get the solution to my problem. The .dxf file that I get form hfss is attached. I am really not sure if I extracted it correctly as its just 19KB and does not seem to have (...)
I am trying to import the attached Spiral.dxf file in to hfss is not showing any error during the process of importing the file but hfss is not showing the structure also.Help me.
The AutoCAD data exchange format for 2D layout is dxf. dxf can be imported into hfss and other EM simulators.
Maybe if you have exported your model to dxf in CST and then importe to Altium, it may not work because dxf (in CST 5.0 atleast) is 2D and all layers may not have been exported precisely. What I would suggest is to export the file in *.step or *.sat. Then may be you will have to again convert this to DWG using any CAD / CAM softwares and (...)
hi I have hfss13 and design one microstrip antenna now I want to put it in protel but when I export file in hfss to *.dxf and then import in autoCAD software . just ground and probe will be imported in autocad and i cant see patch WHY??
save in the dxf format, then import in the protel
Hi Use Zeland IE3D it's the best one from all. Accurate and fastest For this purpose you can import your GDSII file or sat. dxf. gerber PL
Hi All I have designed a microstrip antenna used hsff. and i need to transfer it to CircuitCAM for fabrication. I tried to export the design from hsff as .dxf files, but the CircuitCAM counld not import it, there was "syntax error". CircuitCAM supports Gerber files, but hsff can not save as that format. I hope someone can get me some sugges
I recently had to figure this out myself. There are several ways to get to the end result, but they're all heavily dependent on your antenna and milling machine. I used a T-Tech milling machine with an outdated version of Isopro software. I?ll tell you how I would accomplish your problem using this software, and hope that it generalizes to you
Dear friends, Thank you very much for your time. I have a question: How can I export my Antenna from ADS layout into ADS schematic as a component? (I simulated the antenna in Layout and now I want to import it as a component in schematic section.) And another question: In Layout section is there any way to improve the accuracy of plotting? I
Hi tot import to some file such as .dwg or .iges And make film/mask from it As suggested by llololl you can use Orcad if your pcb manufacturer/ Film maker dont accept dwg or .iges etc. then convert your file to .pcb.