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Has anyone ever seen a product or project converting a number of measurement data converted to a video signal? We have some measurements to transmit and video transmitters and receivers are quite cheap. Eddie
hi, During the simulation I got this error: "Fast sweep solution: Unable to import matrix data from solver output". I don't know what is the problem. If anybody have any idea I will be grateful.
I did a testing on a BPSK receiver. The measurement data is attached. Since the measurement is kind of tricky. I am not sure if the measurement is correct. So if you look at the measurement data, and if the data is correct, do you think the receiver is bad or average? Give (...)
Hello, I am trying to synthesize a radiation pattern. I would like to use a required pattern data set to be able to define an average difference between the required pattern and the calculated pattern as the goal function. Does anyone know how to import external data in HFSS and use it this way? Thanks Katto01
Hi, everyone: I'm using a material with varying relative permittivity with frequency. How to import the data file into the material property in HFSS (9.0)? Thanks, Ang.
Hello all, Iam working on microstrip patch antenna design in IE3D. I want to plot the S-Parameters of 2 different structures in the same plot. In HFSS there is an option called 'import data' so that we can import the result data values into MATLAB and plot there. Is there any such facility in IE3D?
hi,all i want to import the simulated data from spectre to matlab for further process, but how to do this? I try the BYU website's method, ( ) but after simulation, it told me that the fprintf imcompatible with data...! any other good skills exist???
I am implementing a 1024 point FFT using Xilinx ise 9.1i. Is there a way I can import the data for test bench automatically, using Matlab or any other text file. Regards, Dhawal
Hi, I want to use matlab to analyse the simulation data of hspice. How can I import the data type of tr0, sw0 and so on, to matlab, please? I use cosmosscope to analyse the waves of reslut, but the matlab toolbar (matlab commend line) of it can not work for it can not open of package "saberlink_matlab", I don't know how to set the (...)
Search for it on the ADS help files... write_var() write_var It is just a command that will write an ASCII file , with the header you want, the number of digits that you specify, etc, etc. You use that command either in the schematic entry or via command window. Then you can import it easily to Matlab
Hi guys I am trying to figure out a respond of a circuit according to impulse with different durations. For 1 of the capacitances, I am after a sort of voltage-duration curve. There is not such analysis in Pspice , but Matlab probably provide such possibility. It's said that the data simulated in PSPICE could import into matlab with some in
I just tried to open the each options in load pull measurement data import utility but I am here confused do I need to put the values at random or calculate it. In d options like contour generation, behavioral model & model verification how should I know to set up the values in order to design output matching network. There are so many (...)
I have simulation impedance data file which is text or excel(csv) format. And, then, I will import these file into Agilent ADS program and then, plot it with a separate graph to compare with another simulation plot of my designed circuit together. So, I can compare how similar two graph is. In S parameter simulation, CITI or touchstone file fo
Hii everyone, When I click 3Dpolygon from Curves menu, a window offer a option to load xyz data from .txt file. It's very good!!! But I have hundreds of files to load and it's borring and wasted time to load one by one... So, I'm trying to program a macro for CST import several .txt files with xyz data to create a 3Dpolygon from each file (...)
hello everybody, Now I have the data (S21) from VNA measurement. I would like to plot these data using matlab. How to write the program? I am not expert in Matlab. Please, help me. Thank you so much in advancce.
First, You should have the process parameters (e.g. Si:Er=11.9, Loss Tangent, and hight Every Poly's , Loss Tangent, and hight Every Metal's conductivity) Then, import the inductor's gds file to the EM simulator and Key in the process parameter above. You can use @DS's momentum, Sonet, HFSS, Microwave Office
Hi guys. I've to collect some measurement data from 200 different stations. There are P2P leased-lines, phone-lines at the remote points and at the center point. There is no possibility to use another RF / optics etc. medium. I plan to use only a microcontroller board for each station and there will be a PC at the central. I was think
Does anyone have any experience with RF emission measurement from PC's? I need measurement data to 10 GHz and would appreciate any input. Thanks in advance D.
I'm trying to build a match network from an antenna to a switch whose impedance is 50Ohm. To realize that, I first got the return loss values of the antenna in the whole frequency band, namely from 800M to 900MHz. Then I import the data into a port in ANSOFT designer. Then, I choose the center frequency of the span to make a match by the Smith Ch
I have used this type of spectrum analyzer and it has three default catalogs (directories): • State, which stores analyzer settings(.sta file). • Trace, which stores trace information. • Screen, which stores screen captures of the display in .gif or .wmf format. Trace files are not bitmap files. Files saved as Trace cannot be
i have used momentum to design antenna.however i wanna do some simulation in schematic in another project instead of the current antenne project folder.anyone know how to import the data to be used in another project folder.
When I've imported a spice netlist into ADS, I've copied active device models' (BJTs, Diodes) data file to the working directory and it automatically included the models into the schematic. If you're not importing a spice netlist, then, I guess, you should include models data file path to the (ADS) netlist and hopefully (...)
Hi friends I have a verilog code which provides a output of samples to a stimulus. Howdo i import it to matlab to plot it. The samples of the filter output are in an array say array. Thanks in advance cheers srinivas
I am using Pspice V9.2 student edition, and I had a question about importing data: I?m simulating an audio amplifier, but I have only used basic sine wave and square wave input voltages in transient analysis. If I have a music file on my computer (wav, wma, mp3, etc.), is there a way to import this data into spice as a (...)
I'm trying to use a large amount of data with HSPICE in a .data statement, reading in an external file. The process is very slow, and I was wondering if it is possible to read in this data in binary format. Does anybody have any experience using large .data sets with HSPICE? Thanks, lladnar23
Paul if I well remember there is an example in the examples directory that explain the use of DAC. This instrument is OK for your needs, but is not so simple to use as it is a general instrument to import data into simulation environment. I hope it can help. Mazz
I have a datalogger which logs simple voltage information to a txt file. I would like to see the graph on Excel. I'm using data--->import External data--->import data then I choose my log file. So far so good, the data appears to excel. But how can I update it online? When (...)
Hi, I've tested the DAC I designed using the ATE. But I'm confused the results. The ramp data on nth code is always different in every ramp period. For example in 12bit DAC, the output from input digital code 0100 0000 0000 in the 1st ramp, 2nd ramp, 3rd ramp .... are totally different. It reached over 3LSB and it would be increased with highe
Hi to every body I am working on my project and I need some measured data on far zone field. Is there any one can help me and give me some real (Experimental-for specific antenna diameter) data aboat INSERTION LOSS AS A FUNCTION OF ANTENNA SEPERATION DISTANCE. best regards, Ebrahim
Greetings, I need to optimize my structure in HFSS to get the best fit between the simulation results and measured one. When, I import the measurement data in HFSS and try to make a subtraction from simulation results it seems that HFSS does not allow me to do this so. I wonder if you guys to help me to find a solution for this (...)
Hi all, I have a device that sends 16bit characters out throught serial. Now i am using a serial to usb cable to connect to my pc in order to display the characters in matlab. i managed to send characters to the device using a matlab gui. now i would like to import the characters into the gui but can not get this right. the following code mi
Hi all, I have a device that sends 16bit characters out throught serial. Now i am using a serial to usb cable to connect to my pc in order to display the characters in matlab. i managed to send characters to the device using a matlab gui. now i would like to import the characters into the gui but can not get this right. the following code m
Hi, I want to use data from MATLAB as an input vector for my Spectre simulations. In the past, I created a seperate pwlf source for each bit of the bus. This worked well, for small small bus widths :). Now my bus is becoming quite large (+64b). What is the easiest way to import such data? Pieter
i have a problem of received data from network analyzer to pc by using GPIB. someone can give me the way to receiver frequency and S21 from network analyzer to PC (using GPIB). how does this frequency can show in pc
Hello Everybody, I'm containing a text file that contains ECG data.Can anybody please tell me how i can import this data onto the explorer 16 board using Kerhuel's Simulink model.What are the blocks i need to use in order to import the data efficiently onto dsPIC.Expecting a quick response from any person (...)
Hi all, I have a 4-port device to be measured using 2-port NA. The other 2-port are terminated with 50Ohm load during the 2-port S-parameter measurement (total of 6 combinations). Does anybody have experience in constructing the 4-port S-parameter from the measurement data?. Thanks
Hi everybody ! Does a software exist to automatically import catia data to feko ???? thanks for your help
You can import gerber data into Expedition, "File --> import --> Gerber". But you need a Fablink license to enable this feature.
 1. Choose FILE->EXPORT->TEXT  2. Set “. . .” to send file to an easily found folder of your choice (the same directory as your project would be a wise choice) (After first save, this selection is remembered)  3. Run Microsoft Excel and choose FILE->OPEN and open saved date file  4. Click “finish” to finalize impo
The question refers to the specific features of your design compiler. In constrast to Verilog, where $readmemb and $readmemh are widely supported by synthesis tools, only some compilers support text_io functions for data import. Some have vendor specific data formats to import constant data to ROM (...)
The web server is already setup successfully on the ATMEGA32 microcontroller. I only need a functional GUI to any client on the internet to view the data through the browser by communicating with this web server. The objective of this problem is to prevent any PC-Server dedicated to this embedded system. (E.g. for the purpose of webserver
Hello, I have a measurement data of FSK modulated signal (time vs voltage). I need to demodulate and calculate its BER using ADS (Advanced Design System). I can generate and demodulate an FSK signal in ADS, but don't know how to input this external file into FM demodulator. Could anyone suggest something on this? Any advise would be helpful.
Hi, How can i import voice stream into Opnet 14.5 and simulate jamming attacks effect(in AdHoc network) on it? Is it possible? Thanks.
Using Visual BASIC for Applications Microsoft Office 97 includes a complete programming language called Visual BASIC for Applications (VBA). With this interpreter, which is largely compatible with Visual BASIC, it is possible to perform measurements directly in Word or Excel. The full power of the Office applications is then available
When you need to test a new modualtion scheme which are not avaliable in @DS, your can use MATLAB to generate I-Q signal and then use DAT format in @DS to import the data. In another case, you may need to test , say an equalizer, in matlab. you can use @DS simulate the effect of power amplifier, filter, etc. then jusy bring it back in matlab to tes
could someone tell me how to improve the accuracy of DC(operating voltage)computation? Ex. more than four digit after decimal. thanks! Edited the long subject line /Cl
Waveguide Filter : WR90 F0=9.5GHz BW=20MHz Insertion Loss : Max. 0.5dB Rejection : Min. 15dB @ F0 +/- 40MHz VSWR : Max. 1.3 I want to realize it. I failed of success. Let me know, please. Thank you.
Can anybody here explain how do we generate spice model
Is there any way to import some data file to create the symbols? like what we can do in Concept HDL. Binu G
how to determine the absolute max rating value for analog chip ? is it partly from the spec for the packaging ? what about other criteria ? thx in advance.