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I just tried to open the each options in load pull measurement data import utility but I am here confused do I need to put the values at random or calculate it. In d options like contour generation, behavioral model & model verification how should I know to set up the values in order to design output matching network. There are so many (...)
First, You should have the process parameters (e.g. Si:Er=11.9, Loss Tangent, and hight Every Poly's , Loss Tangent, and hight Every Metal's conductivity) Then, import the inductor's gds file to the EM simulator and Key in the process parameter above. You can use @DS's momentum, Sonet, HFSS, Microwave Office
I'm trying to build a match network from an antenna to a switch whose impedance is 50Ohm. To realize that, I first got the return loss values of the antenna in the whole frequency band, namely from 800M to 900MHz. Then I import the data into a port in ANSOFT designer. Then, I choose the center frequency of the span to make a match by the Smith Ch
Introducing the newest addition to the Diamond Engineering product line: the DAMS 6000 v5.0 Antenna measurement System Platform Features: - DC-18 GHz Frequency Range----->not new - Precision 2 axis Movement-------->Precision level?? - Accuracy to 1/8 of a degree--------> not good for high directi
Hi I have some measurements from a VNA. The VNA saved the measurement as: data00.S1 and data00.D1 How do import these in ADS2004A? I just need them in a dataset for plotting and etc. If anybody knows how please advise. Thank you. HP VNA ?? data00.S1 (...)
Greetings, I need to optimize my structure in HFSS to get the best fit between the simulation results and measured one. When, I import the measurement data in HFSS and try to make a subtraction from simulation results it seems that HFSS does not allow me to do this so. I wonder if you guys to help me to find a solution for this (...)
I suggest for your application using Momentum to simulate the actual capacitor geometry you are using. You can import your gdsII file directly into the ADS layout to do this. If you define your silicon substrate losses correctly and also the process layers then you will get a very accurate result. I simulate complete MMICs this way with excelle
I have a data file of a signal I captured on my oscilloscope, the data contains time and voltage for each measurement. Is it possible to import this text file into Matlab and create a DSP model that uses the data file as input and runs a filter algorithm on it and then somehow using SystemGenerator export (...)
Hi all, I have a problem with importing graph into Microwave office and hope that someone can help. I have receive some impedance measurements for an antenna. The data of real impedance and imaginary impedance are in seperate files. No s1p files. How do I import it into microwave office to plot it in the smith chart. I (...)
Hi, everyone. I have a question about the electrical delay related to VNA. In doing S parameters measurement by Network Analyzer, We can get the electrical delays. The HP VNA gives the delay represented by time. However, the output of the S parameter seems doesn't have this information of delay. If I directly using the S parameter
Hello danesh, It is very simple... import the schematic or S-parameter of the previous filter design to current project, if the previous version of filter already exists in the same project then no need to import... Then go to Add New Graph & Add New measurements such as S-Parameters & choose the data source as (...)
Hey Professional Guys, Plz suggest me a suitable sensor(Transducer) to interface with AVR controller to sense the position of the object with in the range of 1 meter. There are many available on internet but mostly unavailable in PAKISTAN. So xperts from PAKISTAN plz suggest one which is available in local market. And international Users may
hello Yakihimo, yes, i have some experience in doing loadpull simulations using AWR Microwave Office (MWO)... To read data files .lp, .sp files just right click on the data Files in project browser then select import data files & set the file type to Text files... Then select the .lp file & add the Smith chart graph & (...)
Hi all, I am trying to load Hex files to MATLAB. I have measurements from 8 sensors each 1 m second. Each sensor measurement is giving me 8 bytes (Example 3EF1)....How can i used matlab to import the file (continuously..i mean live measurement from the serial port) and then convert it to decimal version... example of the (...)
You can also compare simulation and measurement results in ADS.. import your s2p file by using file utility and create a new dataset for instance "meas.result.ds" and load s-parameter from this dataset and simulation result dataset on a single graph..
Hi, everyone. I have a problem here. I made a series of cavities and did some measurement. I heard that if I import the import the measured power data(theta, phi) into HFSS, he can plot the 3d pattern for me. Also, he can compute the directivity based on this. Is it true? Can anybody tell me how to achieve this? Thanks a lot.
In a separate schematic window, import S parameters of both Tline and LNA to s2p data items, connect ports to them and measure Zin. Then you will have your Zin and can use it in your current schematic
thanks for your help. Actually I want to import the S parameter measurement result into ADS, and do the loadpull to see what is the best performance I can get no matter what output impedace it is. I know it seemed a little wield, but anyway, is it possible to do this in ADS? Thanks you.