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hi, guys. i am using c programming to implement my programmable timer there is some part of the code where i want to be able to toggle between displaying 'set hours"and set minutes so that i can use an increment button to set the relevant time. i want to ask for help on how to toggle between set hours and set minutes minutes states usin
I want to increment a count and display in lcd, when pushbutton is pressed. button connected to PIN C0. It compiles successfully. In the display it shows count, but when i press push button it shows different characters at location 0x86 in the display. Please help... #include "18F2520.h" #fuses INTRC_IO #use (...)
I need my LCD to display Queue="number" , "number" starts at 0 1) "number" count up by 1 pressing button A // (PORTAbits.RA1==0); 2) "number" count down by 1 pressing button B // (PORTCbits.RC1==0); Please help.. void lcd_init(void) { TRISD = 0x00; PORTD = 0x00; // PORTD is connected to LCD data pin LCD_EN = 0;
Hi apizbaygon It is very simple. make your RA0 pin input and make PORTB and PORTC output ports. Write the code for switch with debounce and increment a counter from 0 to 4. 0 will represent OFF and 1...4 represent 4 patterns. You should also make the pattern counter 0 if its value is > 4. Then you have to use a switch case or if...else if statemen
Hey Guys. I need to program a PIC16F872. I have a vague idea of how to program a PIC. I need to increment count when a button is pushed, there are three buttons, the "count"/amount of pushes should be displayed on an LCD. Then I need a toggle switch to display the total count (on an LCD) of that button which is stored in (...)
Ok I know this might sound stupid and maybe easy, but I want to make a module in verilog that each time I press button and release once, the output will be either binary: 00,01,10,11,00,01...etc. Basically I want to make count up once each time I press the button. When I attempted to code it, I kept counting continuously when I press on the but
I asked for how to use a push button switch in Capture. In Microsim PSPICE there used be a switch where one could specify both the closing and opening time for the switch. I couldn't find anything like this in the libraries for Orcad PSPICE. If anybody know whether there is anything like this please tell me. It would be of great help. Thanks!
In layout go to the menu Option---->System settings Then fill the degree in Rotation increment
Hi, Anyone can tell me how to reset the place pin auto increment counter in the schematic editor? RSM
Hi, Can anybody give me a smart button debounce algorithm without using time delays? Thanks! Best regards, ltg
please send a routine for do it Thanks nebisman :=)
I am developing a graphic interface. From yesterday when I put a button with the wizard, then I can not sattach an event to it. I don´t understand it but simply it doesn´t work. I can´t see the button ID in the Wizard
I am having some problem using a push button with an AT90S8535. Basically the PB is connected to supply negative (GND) and the other end to an input pin PORTB.2. PORT B direction is input and initial value 1 (High) When I prees the PB my code doesn;t seem to respond. I have checked the hardware connection i.e PORTB.2 does actually go to GND
I have two marconi 2955 units. One works perfectly. The other is refusing to accept the STORE button, it recalls data from memory, but I have a suspicion that what it recalls is not what was saved. I see from the manual that the unit uses NVRAM for the data storage (X2210D 64x4). Does anyone have experience of this problem or aware of these c
Hi I have a dumb question, i think I am missing something very basic here. I cant seem to get TMR0 to increment in MPLAB, and i don't think it is working in the PIC either. First I setup the Option_Reg, and set T0CS, in order to turn the timer off. When I want the timer to count I clear T0CS so the timer will increment off the internal clock. T
Lets say u run the spectre simulation and plot the AC gain in dB from 10Hz to 50MHz. 1. Invoke the calculator from the plot window 2. now press the "wave" button in the calculator and choose the AC dB plot to bring it into the calculator! 3. press the "printvs" button which will bring up a dialog box to print values from the plot according
Use that algorithm : ;-) Switch pushed ? - No --> loop - Yes --> x,xx sec. debounce tempo, increment variable, when timing variable oveflowed, goto : x,xx sec. counter Switch still pushed ? - No, goto... - Yes, Is counter variable overflowed ? - No, continue to count - Yes, increment variable, and loop. Re
Hi, i need to automatically push the telephone redial button, i searched and the best thing i found is a reed relay... any recomendations? i dont have much time and i was hoping to get some feed back from someone whos done that be4..
Greeting everyone Does anyone know where to buy low cost 4x3 press button numeric keypad? If you find the cheapest keypad, you will be rewarded with 'help' points. Thank in advance Maverickmax
Hi! I can give u the code but first make certain points clear. Do u want to increment the count by 1 every minute?.The code that i will give u will be in Hi-Tech C, is that ok?:D Regards.
Below is the C code for handling an external interrupt. The initial value on PORTC is 0; When an interrupt occurs it increment the PORTC by 1; I used the WinAVR to convert the c code into hex code, then loaded the hex code onto the chip (avr atmega8) for test. The values on PORTC change randomly every an interrupt occurs. Can anyone tell me
Hi, I have a large switch panel with 13 switches, I want to set some alert when any 2 bottons are push in the same time (it's ok to have the signals comes in the same time) I only want a buzz sound to warn the user to return one finger. I want to ask for a idea to make this circuit, now I'm thinking of using large OR-gate array those switc
I'm trying to build a push button shift box. In order to shift a gear, +12v has to be applied to two wires either one on, both on, both off or the other on. I would like to be able to make this work with push buttons. I was thinking i'd need to use relays to supply the power to the wires, but the problem I ran into is... How would I turn the 1st (1
Hi. I want to make button routine in ht-picc. I write this code ( without debounce routine ) but it doesn't work.What's my wrong. if(RB4=0){ DelayMs (50); chanal++; } Thanks.
hai to all, i hav an doubt in time increment in fdtd. we r multiplying the value of delt(time increment ) with electric and magnetic field will it affect the simulation time. we r not incrementing the simulation time by delt.
When you make a copy of a component, the software will not increment the designator for you. It makes an automatic copy designator such as C14_Copy1, C14_Copy2, etc. Automatic designator increment only works when you place the component using the Place Component command. For copies, you will have to use the Reannotate Tool, or you will have
I was wondering how I can turn on my PDA without using the on button. I have a Dell Axim X5. I was wondering whether Infrared could be used or maybe hack apart an unused button and wire some type of RF module. I am looking for the cheapest solution so I am ruling out Bluetooth.
Hello Everybody, I am starting to use the mikroC (demo version) compiler for my PIC projects, but it seems it won't build successfully at all times. Sometime the Build button is disabled and can not be enabled back again. But I did make builds that run correctly. Any ideas? Thanks, Jack
hi i'm new to C language and i want a button command like in picbasic (with debounce and autorepeat) does anyone have a button macro i'm using hi-tech picc thanx Added after 50 minutes: hi i found this can anybody please rewrite it in hi-tech
Hello all....... How to get Push button Switch form PADS Layout? I need an immediate reply for this?Help....... Jayasuryan
somebody help me i need a circuit (maybe with help by logic gate ic) that only use one button as an input and give 2 input how to differentiate two types of input,i. e. the quick click vs. the long depression,by use only 1 button ?? somebody,can u solve my problem??
help me, does anyone have any idea,using logic ic such as counter,555... i have 2 button switch,one to increase width of pwm signal and the other to decrease the width of pwm signal to control the speed of motor with this specification. when the main switch on,the speed is zero. after push the 'increase' button for several time,the speed in
Hey, I need to add a button to my computer that I can access programatically (pref I usually would use the parellel port, but this computer doesn't have one.. Nor can I add one (for other reasons) It does have a serial port, usb, audio ports. Interrupt driven is preferable. But how can I do this? thanks [color=#99999
can anybdy help me with my pc plzzzz my monitor is not dispalying anythin'. restart button and power butter in pc is not working. i have to turn off the computer by switchin the power off,,,,,, not frm the computer. i think i have problem with my motherboard...............
Hello all, I am looking for a solution for using a push button(momentary contact - soft touch) to switch ON/OFF the power to a microcontroller based hand held equipment. The circuit is powered by a battery. Thanks in advance.
I mean using the push button ofcourse Thanks
This is a rarther basic and easy thing to do. Don't forget switch debouncing, though you may prefer to do that in hardware. You have to choose a time period below above which you start repeatedly incrementing your number. You can do timing in two ways a) by having the PIC execute a loop that takes a suitable amount of time, somthing equ
i use a push button for giving negative reset to my FPGA. The push button however is bouncy. can any one give me the code for debouncing the reset signal. so that the internal reset signal goes to zero only once for a stipulated amount of time after pushing the push button . I need the code in VHDL
please i'm beginner,i wanna generate deferent analog signal by using the dac08 and a PIC,how can i increment the output (PORTF for exemple)from 0x00 to 0xff using a loop of course i wanna get something like that f0 f1 f2 f3 f4 f5 f6 f7 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1
Hi all, I want to make out a dialog like this:there are one edit control "File Name" and one button "browser" in the dialog,which is a parent dialog.when press the "browser" button in the dialog, a CFileDialog child dialog pops up,then I could choose a certain file in the dialog, and click "open" to get the question is that how could I d
Hi everyone! I am working on a project using the mega8535 mcu. I have calibrate its internal oscillator at 8MHz and i have written a few lines of code to control a relay with one push button. When the bush button be pressed once the relay is activated. When the button be pressed again the relay is deactivated. The problem is that i have to (...)
I want to know how can i implement a delay on power on push button. So i want to power a device after push button has been pressed for 3 or more seconds. It is like power button on cell phones and other electronics devices. Thank you very much
Hello, experimenting with interrupts using PIC16F84A So i connected one LED to the RB7 line of PORTB. and i connected active-LOW Push button to RB0 line of PORTB. pressing the button toggles On/OFF the LED. so here is the code which i took from the book "Microcontroller Programming: the Microchip PIC", and remaked for my current circ
Dear Members How do I write a code (not in C pls) for this The LED must be off when I switch on the PIC. If I press the button once it must switch the LED on. Regards
hai..friends i will change the color of dialog box by using the "SetBkColor" method in InitInstance of app class.. but it works only once.... if i want to change the background color of dialoge frequently by clicking on a button...... what can i do.....? plz suggest me friends........
hi guys,i am using C programming to program the PUSH-button MODE code.i would like to ask how to re-initialize all the ports?my programming skills are lousy.maybe you be able to explain in simple way..thank you
I'm trying to devise a way to implement connecting different pins using one button only. I'm trying to do this all in hardware with no programming involved. Programming it would be easy, but i was wondering if this is possible in hardware. Ex: button pressed zero times led 1 - off led 2 - off led 3 - off button pressed once (...)
dear Someone can help me how to design as a pause button. It means that when we first active it :=> it is START and next we press again :=> it is PAUSE .and continue someone help me ideas please Thank you very much:D
the debounce is like when you change the slider or push button connected to clk, there are up and down (if you look at the waveform) on the clk signal and it might trigger many clk edges... so the easy way is to make a wait for few milisecond for the signal to stable down before your system read another clk edge... use state machine with 2 o
Dear all, I want to use I button (Maxim) for data storage (100KB). I m using 8051micro. Can anybody help to provide schematic, coding example in assembly & exact part no of the Maxim I button for so much storage. Thanks & Regards Mak