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Also, PIR type sensors they don´t produce fast enough response. Are you talking about a light that turns on when something moves in front of it? I was going to suggest this. Some (or all) work by infra-red. The ones I've seen have a translucent lens over the sensor. The lens is multi-faceted. A moving object produces
Do you mean the peak power of the infra red? Measure the power going into the diode, look up the manufacturers spec. Compensate for any focussing optics and you have your answer. Frank
The purpose is to open or close a faucet by the application of a stepper motor. The stepper motor will work by receiving signals from a PIC16F877A microntroller. This microntroller will be connected to a heat sensor. Most probabbly a IR detector. So i have outlined the code below. However, the code isnt working. And i am unable to debug. A
Hello Which end of the "thermohawk 400u" houses the sensor?....(I hope its the small end as I wish to measure temperature of very small electronic components)
i want to make wireless IR sensor using 8051 and zigbee can any one help me in circuit and coding ,, i am going to develop an parking slot detector using IR sensors for this project i decide to use 8051 ,zigbee , . there is an zigbee connected with computer which is used to get status of other sensors and than computer will updat
usually ultrasonic sensors are used for this purpose , but i guess infra red can be used too . check this sample code an di helps it would help
Hi, How can I test an enfra red remote control receiver (3 pins: - + S)?
A magnifying glass should be able to do what you want. If it can focus the sun's rays to start something burning, then it means it can focus infra-red. You want a short focal length, similar to the lens in your package. It does not need to be expensive. Even plastic is okay. Consider trying strong reading glasses. The lenses can be
Do you mean for imaging infra-red? If so, what wavelength? Monochrome camera chips will image near infra-red provided they don't have any filters incorporated. Keith - - - Updated - - - Have a look at the monochrome Aptina ones, for
My infra red sensor looks similar to this Okay. Got it. I should be using a breadboard.. Hi, Don't forget to use the Arduino site / Playground / Forum - they have an amazing array of proven projects and
I cant find infra red sensor in Proteus . How can i find it ? please help me ? My Proteus Version is &.6 SP0
there is an IC called HT 12A for encoding and HT 12D for decoding the infra red. search for the datasheet, you can get all the information related to the components u need.
The term "infrared sensors" isn't particularly specific, referring to at least two decades of wavelength and many different sensor types. You should give additional hints about your region of interest.
Hi, everyone.. The output of PIR sensor is not stable although I follow the data sheet to connect the jumper position setting on position H( retrigger) means output remains "High" when sensor is triggered repeatedly. but the output will drop until zero when there is no movement after 3 seconds. is it possible to make the time longer (...)
infra red. Normally called as IR remote Nandhu
What is a PIR sensor? What controller will u be using? PIR Passive infra red sensor Shakeel
i have infra red sensor how can i conect it to microcontroller for external interupt..
first thing...get some backgorund info on LDR (Light dependent resistors) or IR (infra red sensors) coz most of them are used....when smoke fills the chamber in which the sensor is placed the resistance changes....accordinly u can turn on the alarm...dont forget the helped button..if this post helps....!!
Hi..nw i am doing final year project in university technology of malaysia (utm).. my project title is smart traffic light system using fuzzy logic.. my traffic light system is control by PIC (16F877a) microcontroller..and im using infra-red sensor to detect the vehicles.. is it possible i can get the circuit design for this
Goto: Regards, IanP
Look at the passive infra-red (PIR) sensor such as this one
is there any way to measure the exact distance up to 1.5 meter by using an infra red sensor what is the part no. ????
i am trying to design circuit controlled by infra red LED. my question is ... when opto detector (sensor) is illuminated by infra red light, is it the resistance that changes across its two pins? or is it something else? I've seen op amps used for this type of circuits but i am trying to design one myself (...)
infrared has the same properties as light: if you can see through this "thin" plate it will pass; if you can't it will NOT .. Regards, IanP
I would recommend you to use a standard infra red reflection sensor instead such as the one on the attached image. An interesting alternative would be a linear ccd-sensor + a miniature ccd-tv-lens. I have tried this and it works very well. /Johan
Hai I am looking for a proximity detector circuit for a moving Toy project. Preferably using infra red signal detection. Plaese .. Links or circuits. or any commercial units available in India. Picstudent
Hello, i a m new here and sorry for my bad english. i am in this web because i am trying to do a heartbeat monito but instead of sensing human heartbeats i am trying to sense chick´s beats inside an egg. I am trying to do it with photdiode and infrared(i am using a convencional emitter and a BPW41n).The problem is that i do not receive any change.
Artem is talking about an Active IR sensor. Search for "Active infra red sensor" in Google, and You will find a lot of materials.