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hello, reference this could works fine only if your PIC input is trigger type ... because of slow rampe of voltage Software filterring is maybe a better solution.. Other advises ? I a taking the input from infrared sensor [ATTACH=C
hi actually i am doing a project in which when an obstacle comes in between infra red rays it should activate a micro controller. the micro controller in turn activates a video camera and a gsm module. the camera takes a video for 10 seconds and the gsm module needs to send this 10 sec video clip to 3 mobile numbers. this is my project for this i w
can I use a 940nm infrared led detector with the 850nm and 880nm emitter infrared led ?
Photovoltaic panels turn light into electricity. The panel gets hot just sitting in the sun. It will heat up a little more than usual if you draw several Amperes from it. However that portion of heating is minor compared to the infra-red portion of sunlight. If you could shine pure visible light on the panel, I suppose any temperature (...)
Also, PIR type sensors they don´t produce fast enough response. Are you talking about a light that turns on when something moves in front of it? I was going to suggest this. Some (or all) work by infra-red. The ones I've seen have a translucent lens over the sensor. The lens is multi-faceted. A moving object produces
This all sounds very answer to your questions is
Do you mean the peak power of the infra red? Measure the power going into the diode, look up the manufacturers spec. Compensate for any focussing optics and you have your answer. Frank
The purpose is to open or close a faucet by the application of a stepper motor. The stepper motor will work by receiving signals from a PIC16F877A microntroller. This microntroller will be connected to a heat sensor. Most probabbly a IR detector. So i have outlined the code below. However, the code isnt working. And i am unable to debug. A
I see a Wireless Tachometer. Also an infra-red Tachometer. Both on Ebay. What 'pickup' do they have? I thought I'd make one, if it's not too complex. Thanks for any advice (other than buying one) that I may use.
What is "any infra-red signal"? You forgot to mention it.
Hello, What is the emissivity of the surface of this ferrite? MSD1583 sepic inductor: .....I need to know in order to set the emissivity on the infra red camera.
Hello Which end of the "thermohawk 400u" houses the sensor?....(I hope its the small end as I wish to measure temperature of very small electronic components)
Hello, Please can you evaluate this method of ensuring that the reading of infra red temperature monitors is correct? (it relates to accurately reading the temperature of components in an smps). infrared thermometer: When testing an SMPS, it is essential to do thermal tes
i want to make wireless IR sensor using 8051 and zigbee can any one help me in circuit and coding ,, i am going to develop an parking slot detector using IR sensors for this project i decide to use 8051 ,zigbee , . there is an zigbee connected with computer which is used to get status of other sensors and than computer will updat
usually ultrasonic sensors are used for this purpose , but i guess infra red can be used too . check this sample code an di helps it would help
They look very much like the infra red photo diode you see in some mice, except they have a clear case and the infra red ones are black. I think that they are definitely photo diodes though.
Hello I though this is not a photo transistor, may be this is an infra red receiver. But why don't you check it just like a transistor?
I think you will use the 555 as Pulse Width Modulator and put modulation into pin 5 of the 555, and yes you could do it with small fm tx/rx or maybe infra red or any analog transmitter from any audio source..just have to couple pin 5 and some level adjustment
Hello sir i want to know about the effect of infra red rays over house flies mosquito etc etc Are they come close to that or try to leave the area of effect ?
I found a Nice infra red object detection project on a wesite link i tested it out and its working fine Voltage on pin 1 LM358 when led on board is glow and no glow?
Maybe this projects can help you or give you some ideas for developing your project : Wireless infrared Link Module C
Sir let me help here for a very simple but importatnt designing i ve a versatile use of my computer system (its a big chapter no need to discuss that) for which i need the operation of keyboard on a separate pads like structure as i ve to hit all the time which may damage my keyboard after sometime :( but too that hardware cant be design
infra-red is severely attenuated in water so probably isn't a good choice. Ultrasound would be the obvious method to consider. Keith
Eight channels you could try Googling TV remote control or Radio Control models circuits (and drive an infra red LED rather then a transmitter). Frank
Does every remote control of the TV is using infra-red? Only TV without or with lost remote control dont use IR, all others use. :smile:
Hi everybody, Can someone please help me how to make a simple infra-red device? Thank you
Hello, my project is to communicate with microcontroller by uart protocol through ir.I succeed in it quite nicely.But the distance is very small,like 6 inches. So how can I increase the distance.I am using 16f73 for remot (tx) & 16f877a for Rx.I am also confused about selecting perfect boud rate,currently using 9600.I am sending characters,i.e. '
Hi, How can I test an enfra red remote control receiver (3 pins: - + S)?
can find similar schematics on the web good luck hope these are what you are looking for ah you want IR activated relay switch as the title said or something else be clear plz
Hi! I have a termal array sensor 8x8 and it has 60 degree angle of view. It has a lens in the package. I want to decrease this angle so I can put it away from the target but to safe the resolution. I check in the store but there are not any lenses available for this sensor. This is Grid-EYE infrared sensor of Panasonic. Can you tell me what can do
infra red lights are generally not visible. Hardly a dim red light can be seen. So please, can you elaborate exactly what your light source will do??? Just turn on at night???
Do you mean for imaging infra-red? If so, what wavelength? Monochrome camera chips will image near infra-red provided they don't have any filters incorporated. Keith - - - Updated - - - Have a look at the monochrome Aptina ones, for
You need a sheet of this: Keith.
Hello, I wish to use this inductor on our PCB, but the pad is "underneeath" it, and we won't be able to hand solder the you think it will be ok if i extend the pads so that they appear outside of the inductor body so that i can hand solder them. We dont have infra-red soldering equipment here. Inductor = XAL5050
please specify in detail, infra red like what you want.. look at this
I have this infrared Signal that is +280 dBm and I can receive it anywhere on Earth, anytime during the day, but you might have a hard time generating this level. It is called the Sun. So you must consider all sources of noise your signal level, bandwidth and received signal after inverse square loss and calculate if you can detect this. It is call
My infra red sensor looks similar to this Okay. Got it. I should be using a breadboard.. Hi, Don't forget to use the Arduino site / Playground / Forum - they have an amazing array of proven projects and
My TV remote sends a 38KHz frequency IR radiation to the TSOP1738 receiver inside my TV. To jam that wave, I thought i will send infra red radiation from a LED continuously so that it may interrupt the signal that was sent by the tv remote. It didn't work, why?
infra red light is severely attenuated in water, depending on the exact wavelength. Keith
Hi guys, I have a question regarding infra red. What is the distance of infra red transmission depend on? Because device like mobile phone's infra red is just a few cm of distance but the infra red for car locking system can be a few (...)
LEDs do not emit a single wavelength. If the LED is near infra-red then a noticeable amount of visible red light could be emitted. The same goes for UV LEDs. Keith
Pulsed infrared Sensors 38 kHz Pulse Generator with a 555 Timer 38-kHz IR LED Circuit infra-red Light Barrier Using 555
Now a days infrared technology used There were remotes using ultrasound tranduceres before infrared LED's came into existance. Necessity is the mother of invention. Similar is "Morse code".
Hello friends , Can I sense fire using infra red receiver ? Is there any fire sensor with two Pin ?
I have Made light dimmer with 89C52 using RC5 infra red remote VOL+ and VOL- key. RC5 IR interrupt is External Int. 0 timer0 interrupt for RC5 command processing. Zero Crossing interrupt is External Int 1 Timer1 interrupt for trigger TRIAC I am firing TRIAC with PIN 2_7. My program works OK, till the timer1 interrupt for triggering TR
Your choice of methods includes infra-red, ultrasound, radio frequency... Do you have a typical IR remote control as used with a tv/dvd/vcr/receiver, etc? Then a low-cost IR receiver module may be all you need to complete the project. Try a search at this board using 'remote switch' or 'remote control'. Also check below the last message
Guys, Can I solder my 44 pins TQFP with heat gun ? or I must use infra red one, do you know where to buy the nozzle for heat gun ? I have 35mm heat gun 70-600 degree celcius. Thanks
I cant find infra red Sensor in Proteus . How can i find it ? please help me ? My Proteus Version is &.6 SP0
Wireless control can be done cheaply by lightwave. Sending light pulses in rapid succession by infra-red or visible light. This is the principle of your tv (vcr, dvd) remote control. The signal can be similar to the signal you would ordinarily have sent through wires. A photodetector is used to receive the light beams. Decoding can b
You guys are all way over my head in this stuff. I once had a Wireless head set for the TV. I think it was infra-red. It was a pain thought. I wonder now, if there is such a thing as Wireless Headset for the PC? I have a Dell Inspironone. with the small .3 mm Stereo plug. I'm curious because I'm up so late and the wife is sleeping and