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Hi All, I am working on 14bit SAR ADC with a sampling frequency of 5KS/s. I am supposed to do dnl and inl analysis to get information about missing codes. what I know to do dnl and inl analysis is, apply a super slow ramp so that each code appears at least 10 times. Now my problem is, (...)
Hi, I have a couple of question about distortion and non-linearities in ADCs. I wonder except inl and dnl that cause distortion in ADCS, what can cause a bad THD. Assume someone wants to model the distortion in an ADC, say third order harmonic. I wonder if the extra term added to the pure signal (cos(ωt)) should (...)
Hello everyone, I am using CARRY4 primitive as delay line in my design and now I would like to characterize my design to evaluate the effect of temperature, jitter, etc. on the behavior of CARRY4 primitive and calculate and plot the dnl and inl curves. I do not know how to come (...)
Hi guys; I've recently simulated a SAR ADC in Cadence & now I want to measure the inl & dnl of the ADC. Each conversion takes 3us. I have designed this ADC for 5 bits & therefore we are going to have 32 states in the output. I've attached my 5 bit output to a 5 bit ideal DAC so that I can compare the analog input slow ramp to the digital codes wh
i have found the inl and dnl of flash ADC in cadence... how can i find the SNR?? ANY EQUATION or in tool cadence??
Assume the offset is linear/insignificant (with offset-cancellation), the linearity is limited by the matching of the DAC capacitors and the DAC type (binary-/themometer-code). Binary type has fewer switches but larger dnl; both types have the same inl. Hi Guys, Regarding a 10 bit sar adc, using binary capacitance for the D
ADS1174 having ?0,0045 LSB inl Nope. +/- 0.3 LSB, which is still excellent. An inl specification includes an upper limit for dnl, by the way. SAR and SD converters have both their specific pros and cons. Obviously SD-ADC have superseded other topologies in the low and medium speed range, (...)
Hi, dear professionals, I just started analog IC design. I use LTSPICE to design a flash ADC. At this stage, the dnl and inl need to be measured. Is there any method for LTSPICE? Thank you very much! Really appreciate your help!!!:-o:-o
See e.g. MAXIM's Application Notes 283 : inl/dnl Measurements for High-Speed Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) 2085: Histogram Testing Determines dnl and inl Errors or ATMEL's 110009
When I Rail to Rail OPAMP designed, I found that some opamp output range is really rail to rail. For example, BUF16820 & BUF16821 inl/dnl specification is like this. 108112 In BUF16820, when VDD power is 18V, inl measure voltage is 17V. So voltage difference of rail(VDD) and amp's output is 1V. Yes. B
sir i am doing 8 Bit folding 8 interpolating ADC in cadence. plz tell me how to calculate inl,dnl factor using calculator option of cadence tool. is there any other way to calculate inl,dnl factor. How to calculate noise margin and SFDR ?
The easiest way to calculate inl/dnl for adc is to used histogram method. Here You have everything:
hello, i was trying to find out inl and dnl for 8 bit pipelined adc by using "Maxim Integrated's" code given on their website. but facing some errors. i just want to cross check the format of file which is required by this code. if anybody has sample file format which will work as input file for that code, pls send me as I really need (...)
What is typical value of inl and dnl of ADC in LSB? Thanks.
I have designed a 10 bit pipelined ADc in cadence.From the wave forms I have obtained the. csv file which contains samples of the 10 digital bits and inputs. How can we link this to matlab so that these codes are read and hence the inl and dnl plots are obtained??
I have designed 6 bit ADC.can any one please tell me how to use .csv file in MATLAB for inl,dnl calculation. and How to get IDEAL values for error plot.
First you need to simulate the full input sweep, picking off the actual input voltage value at each code transition and subtracting from it the ideal transition value. Store all of these (0 - 2^N-1) and use either Ocean code or an external tool to process the individual bit errors to get dnl (max()) and (...)
Many articles, which discuss the relationship between ADC linearity and dynamic specs, say ... inl is related to harmonics, while dnl is relevant to noise of ADC. Then I'd like to discuss this popular equation: inl=sum(dnl) Isn't "sum(dnl)" term in this equation related to noise, since (...)
I am no expert on this topic, but I can give it a try. You can connect the output of your ADC to a ideal DAC (Verilog-A model or similar). You can then extract the simulation waveform of the DAC output and calculate inl and dnl. I personally prefer to write Verilog-A models for both DAC and an (...)
I don't agree to the see SD- and conventional ADC that opposite. A conventional high speed ADC will show output noise as well, even the signal source does, so you need to refer to averaging/statistical methods. The chaotic (but not purely random) noise generated by a SD will be reduces to an acceptable level with appropriate decimation filters, so
Can anyone tell me how to calculate inl or dnl for SAR circuit in cadence virtuous 6.1.3
I Have designed the schematic of 8bit SAR ADC in cadence . For calculating the inl and dnl of adc, i have used the slow input ramp and the output digital data is recorded in the tabular form in .csv format . As i want to proceed calculation in matlab by using the code provided by maxim but not , please help me providing the (...)
Here's a simple matlab setup which evaluates dnl & inl from reconverted (D2A) analog measurement values from a full range sinus (I guess) over a 10bit ADC. Perhaps it can serve as template:
Hi Guy, Could you please help me on the derriavation of offset and amplitude formula being used in the computation of ADC inl and dnl using code density testing. The formula is in the attached file. Appreciate any help. Regards.
The easy way is to do a histogram of the output code with the bins being 0:255. The dnl is the number in the bin divided by how many should be in the bin, and then you subtract 1 from that. It is a probability calculation, but if you have a ramp input it is pretty easy. So, if you have 4096 points for your input, for an 8 bit dac e
Most of the causes from inl.dnl are from device mismatch. So you've gotta multiply your simulation time by a few hundred fold. That is why most ADC design is done in MATLAB or other faster platforms. Just so that it could be simulated at a much shorter timeframe. Or alternatively, if you know where your worst case inl/dnl is (...)
dnl will be never zero, because it describes the difference between the nominal and actual threshold levels. But it's clearly < 1. Reducing the resolution from 16 to 12 bits divides the maximum dnl and inl numbers by 16 rather than 4, by the way. So you'll get a dnl of 0.25.
I'm using current steering architecture and after running corner analysis in cadence, I have a bunch of plots cluttered together at the output. I was confused on picking the one that has the worst case inl/dnl. Anybody has any suggestion?
I have designed a 12-bit charged distribution SAR ADC in spectre. How can I simulate inl and dnl? 
Hi dear all friends, I designed an 8bit ADC and it works properly in normal conditions (without applying mismatch). Now I'm going to run monte carlo simulation to calculate inl and dnl. The main part of my ADC is comparator. For testing comparator circuit, I applied a constant voltage as a reference voltage (...)
Hi, all, I encounter a problem on my 14bit ADC, when i test it, the code at 2^10-1, 2^11-1 and 2^12-1,2^12-2 will be missing, and this will degrade the inl and dnl to 3LSB. but when i test the dynamic performence, the THD and SINAD is good. so i want kwon what can make the word (...)
How will inl and dnl affect the ADC output. I can understand inl would make the output 1001 instead of 1000 in a 4 bit ADC. How will dnl affect the output.
Hi All, May I know what the acceptable inl and dnl errors are? I think the acceptable inl is ?1LBS, is it not? Im not sure of the dnl error. THanks a lot in advance!! M
Hi Guys, I'm newbie on nyquist Is there any material/doc having theoretical proof of relationship between a DAC being monotonic and maximum inl/dnl? Thanks in advance!
I feel you have something very wrong here. Your output codes should be very close to your input line. Are you using an ideal DAC to sample your digital codes back into analog for the comparison? If so make sure your DAC is not clocked and works instantly, or you could also slow down your ramp to make sure you don't have a clocking problem. The
Hai, i am designing a time interleaved saradc which is a combination of 16 saradc operating in interleaving fashion. Can any one suggest a method to simulate inl and dnl of this time interleaved saradc.. Thanx in advance :-)
Hi, I just finished designing a time-to-digital converter (TDC) within Cadence but I don't know a effective way to test it. As TDC is a device that converts the input time to digital code, I firstly tried to vary my input time from 0 s to 300 ps and observed the output digital code. Yet since the resolution of the TDC is around few picoseconds,
plz ................
I want to design a PipelineADC , But I do'nt know how to measure the dynamic param such as SNDR, SFDR, and dnl, and inl. how to codeing to analysis above parameter?? Who can help me ?? thanks !!
hello, Does anyone have implemented the matlab codes form ? Successfull?
3.3V mean your block supply all corner cover and 10% variation. 8-bit decide the DAC dnl and inl, and comparator resolution. all error sum less than 1/2 LSB. 375k/s: in SAR you must know your convert clock frequency. your convert clock =375*(8+N) where N is clock cycle for sample (...)
Hi, Are there a lecture or documents talking about the linearity of Pipelined ADC? I know the measurement of linearity of Pipelined ADC is inl and dnl. But I want to know more about where the non-linearity effect come from. Thanks for your time. BR, Barry
Hi, I am going to build the simulink models of a Pipeline ADC, including SHA, each stage of pipeline ADC,clock generation, digital correction. The non-ideal of switched-capacitor opamp should be included. Eventually I can get the plots of inl, dnl, SFDR, SNDR, and ENOB in the Matlab. Is there any examples I can follow? Or where to get more (...)
Hi, I am building a 10 bit pipeline ADC using Simulink.I have got the output in steps of 0-1023 at the output.I have used a ramp input as the input signal. Is there a way to perform calculations for SNR,ENOB,SINAD,dnl and inl(theoretical and practical as in using Simulink) for the block in Simulink using the ramp signal. (...)
Hi All, I have designed a 8 bit SAR ADC. (1 LSB ~ 10 mV) In order to test my dnl and inl, I have an outomatic system with ramp input. (The input resolution is ~ 2mV - in order to reduce estimation errors) My typical dnl is ~+/- 0.1 LSB and inl ~ +/- 0.2 LSB. Every ADC has a (...)
Can you propose any ADC with the below spec. 1) Sigma Delta 2) More than or equal to 14bit resolution 3) Should be a single bit output without any internal memory reading. 4) Sampling rate more than 30MHz. 5) Supply Voltage Range Max 5V, Min 1.8V 6) inl, dnl and other (...)
Hello, 1.Can you help no what factors inl and dnl will depend in Pipelined ADC. 2.How to improve dynamic range in pipelined ADC. Bye.
Diff nonlinearity is the difference beetwen widths of ideal ADC quant and real. nonmonolicity appears when dnl > 1LSB i.e. one of real acd quants became wider then 2 ideal quants and thus "eat" the neibghour quant. in the situation with ideal ADC but when one quant is just missing in the point you have missing code, value of (...)
hello,everyone I have completed a flash ADC, and i want to use the matlab to process the data simulated by hspice, so as to get the inl,dnl,SNR,and so on. but i don't know how to do it, can anyone give me an example or some methods to do this? best regarads.
I have an inl & dnl simulation code by Matlab as the attachment, but I think this file isn't effective. Because I have to input sine and ramp signal to get the performance of dynamic (fft) and static (inl & dnl) respectively. By using LA (logic analyzer) in testing ADC, we just need (...)