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Hello Sujit if you have downloaded from the cst website along with the license. Then you should be getting a complete instruction set how to install,refer to the installation help file. Regards Sajid Mohammed.
Hello, I Already Download cst microwave studio setup from Internet. 1)Tell me -Procedure to install cst microwave2011. 2) How to run SP3 package (.sup file). 3) How to open ".sup" file.
i download cst studio SUITE 2010 with cstpatcher.exe i need to know how to install it i flow 1) run cst License Manager and Stop Service, close cst License Manager 2) edit license.dat: change localhost in 1-st line with your real HostName 3) for work with standalone cst (...)
hello dear is it possible to install cst microwave studio 2006 and HFSS 10 on Vista operating system.... if yes then plz tell me the procedure for installing these softwares..... plz help me
Hi, I tried to install cst microwave studio 2006 on Windows Vista platform. Everything went fine but at the last step of installation when it says: STARTING SERVICES, the installation roll backs. Previously, I was using a XP based laptop and now bought a new Vista based. Could you (...)
Hi, Is cst v 5.1 working with Windows 64 bit ? I tried to install it but I've got problem.
Well... with a little help of ready-made macros... Here it is: Feel free to test it... mogwai. ps. copy it into /macros directory under the main MWS install path... Hi all! I'll try to setup a VBA script in order to plot VSWR circles in microwave studio's Smith Plots. Have anyone done this already and likes to share his/her expe
Hi All, I am now playing with hfss 9. It is interface has been greatly improved but what I find is that it is very similar to that of cst microwave studio. I wonder if anyone have tutorial materials on hfss9? Also, it seems that the nice feature of macro language has been removed. Is it really the case? or my install (...)