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How to install ic5141 on ubuntu 7.04?thanks. The same procedure as other Linux system
how to install ic5141 on debian linux step by setp install teach
yep try to install an older version like 1.13
Maybe it's a tar problem. What version of Solaris, what version of tar? You should be using some version of gnu tar to install IC. I forget what versions but it's on this board.
I can't install ic5141 on ubuntu. there will be some error while I begin input in terminal : Setting up softload for lnx86 in /home/Giorgos/Cadence The following tar errors were detected: /bin/tar: -b1: Not found in archive /bin/tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors /bin/tar: -b1: Not found in archive /bin/tar: Er
I got ic5141 base but USR6. And have found USR6 couple of days but I couldn't. So, which linux version should I install to run ic5141 without USR6 package? I tried on ubuntu 9.10 but there is GLIBC_2.0 library problem. P.S. if someone knew where should I go to get USR6, then please tell me.
look for my installation method on rhel /scientific linux 5 posted on forum. hock
could u kindly tell me how to install it?? thanks!!!
If you want to install linux on another partition of your system you must, while installing it, make sure that you have selected the free partition then you make "automatical partionning". Just a suggestion you must see someone more expert doin thins since there you can look for the live edition ubuntu it's a little bit slow but it safe.
I hav enewly installed ic5141 and when i try to use icfb, i'm getting the following error: usr1@serv:~$ icfb /home/cad/tools/dfII/bin/icfb.exe: relocation error: /home/cad/tools/dfII/bin/icfb.exe: symbol errno, version GLIBC_2.0 not defined in file with link time reference usr1@serv:~$ Could someone please tell how to solve it?
i am about to install Cadence in a Solaris server. We should use it for 4 years continously from now on. Which version is recommended? What are the differences between ic5141 and IC61x excpet that their data format are different? Is IC6x popular in industry now? Thank you.
Hi Everyone, I just want to know if it is possible to install IC4141 on ubuntu 8.04 without any hassle, and if not what needs to be done to make it work.
i am getting problem while installing MLA on ubuntu. I successfully installed MPLAB IDE and XC8 compiler. after that i download the MLA but it is not getting install. I first go in directory and after that execute following command sudo ./ it is giving error as (...)
when I install ic5141 at redhat9.0, I follow gitarrelieber's article "How to install Cadence IC5.0.33 under Linux RedHat9", and the total time that i install ic5141 is more than 4 hours.;( when I type icfb&, the following error comes out: Incorrectly built binary which accesses errno or h_errno directly. (...)
Why you think to do like this? Firstly, I assume you already know that Cadence IC suite doesn't support Windows. Then if you want to install IC5 within shared FAT32 partition between Windows and Linux, I think (since I've never tried by myself) it may work, but with less efficiency.
I've install ic5141 SUSE 10 oss. After several hours' searching and trying, I finished installing ic5141 on SUSE 10 oss. I've also set ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1 Everything goes fine until I type "icfb&" or "icms&", it pops "symbol errno, version GLIBC_2.0 not defined in file with link time reference". It seems to be (...)
hi are you root? can you access install directory and can you write in it? regards
hahaha finally someone has the same problem could you post the specs of the PC that you are installing on I am supecting that it is a problem with the compability issue on 64 bit computers or a issue with fedora core
no problem to install ic5141 on RHEL AS 3, but when trying AS 4, there are some error message shown up (i just directly ran, and the message disappear very quik, i don even had a chance to see it) anyone could give some clue or idea to install it?
I tried ubuntu 6.06, FC5, but they dont let me install ic5141, shows permission denied, though I loged in as root, only FC4 goes. but FC4 doesnt have a DVD version, and need to build a boot disc by yourself. Yes, it does. If you're using x86 CPUs, check this
same problem. I install the IC5033 in SUSE 10.2
My friend, I am thinking to install ic5141 as well on Linux distribution, got few questions which need your advice? Very urgent!!! Hardware 1) Is that a generic PC (such as a Dell dimension 3100) suitable to install RHEL3, Suse10 or CentOS4? Is that difficult to find all drivers for Ethernet card, Graphic card? DimensionTM 3100 ? (...)
Help Help!! I got 4 cds to install ic5141 ISR200604120740_ic5141_lnx86 CDROM#1 ISR200604120740_ic5141_lnx86 CDROM#2 ISR200604120740_ic5141_lnx86 CDROM#3 ISR200604120740_ic5141_lnx86 CDROM#4 However during the installation, they ask me another 3 more cds also (...)
You'd better install ic5141 in RHEL 3.
When i install ic5141 in my RH7.2 completely,and cannot find .cshrc or .tcshrc file....There are only .bash_profile in my root directory. what should I do ??Modify the .bash_profile ?? who can help me ?? or give me some tips... PS: some people said that RHEL 3 or 4 is good for ic5141. where can i download them.??? thanks (...)
I have two question shown below, 1. I can not install ic5141 USR4 in RHEL 5. Clicking, the screen just springed a window and then disappeared. 2. USR4 can be installed in RHEL 4.4. But the match window can not appear in simulation although I had press the radio button for match option in the artist simulation window. When (...)
I also install ic5141 on FC7. And it works well. I donot occur the problem. please list your .cshrc file
Using a default install of ubuntu Hardy I was able to open djvu files in the included document viewer. Cheers H
Hi all I want install ic5141 in RHEL3 but i have problems. first, I install cad and cad update.i don't know that fist i must do configure products or license configure.please guide me about that. second,for license configure, where must i put my license and what's my license name?because when i put my license put in license (...)
I agree, best alternative is dia. It has tons of plugins... network, circuit, logic, chemical, and map diagrams (and many more). A universal program: 'sudo apt-get install dia' Other alternatives are Kivio, Draw, or XFig. Oh, there is also a KDE application called Umbrello.
i have RHEL v2 v3 v 4 and v5 and also ic5141 but i need installscape and i want to work on it i have tried installation by shell now i can help u if u sand the installscape of me my mail add is
This topic is about installing Cadence ic5141 on Centos5 distribution of Linux. This post augments the topic at the following link: This installation was implemented on a Sony VAIO laptop. installation of ic5141 failed on Fedora Core 9 run by this hardware. As recommended by Cadence, RHEL-4
When I install ic5141 + ic5141 USR6 on RHEl5. I have encountered the following problem: Determining available disk space sort: open failed: +2: No such file or directory Determining required disk space and Executing control programs (pre-load) ... sort: open failed: +3: No such file or directory expr: syntax error SL-8: No infor
when i install ic5141 on RHEL $ cd /eda/share/license/ $ Imgrd -c license.dat -bash: Imgrd: command not found What should i do?
Finally I've got everything working on ubuntu 9.10. Hope this howto will be useful. I'm not going to describe in details how to install ubuntu, Cadence etc. but additional tweaks in order to get it working. 0. Clean install of ubuntu 9.10 386 Desktop 1. install additional packages (...)
I am trying to install ic5141 on fedora 8. I followed all the install procedure from EDABoard. i had set the export_POSIX, changed to ncompress, and modified my *.c, vld files i added the error i got for reference, Checking for ic5141 lnx86 P/N 356-70352-0501 CDROM # 1 ......... Extracting control programs (...)
I use VMware to install ic5141, and the system in the VMware is redhat5, there exists a problem during the installation. SL-8: No information available on :. Call the Cadence Customer Response Center (CRC) at 1-800-Cadenc2 (1-800-223-3622) to get the right (...)
Hi everyone I am sucessfully installing mentor ams 2011 on ubuntu 12.04, but when i execute command on terminal to run the software it said : Linux operating system: unsupported revision Supported OS revisions are: 2.4.21-4.EL 2.6.9-5.EL Can anyone shows me how to deal with this problem? Thanks a lot
I have the same problem when I install ic5141 on Fedora core 4. Who can help us??? Thanks a lot!!!
I suggest you use RHEL 3 to install ic5141.
Did you apply this already? LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4 further readings here:
install ic5141 on low version and copy the file to high version why go through such trouble?
Hello Everyone; Is there any version of ADS2006 or RF/microwave simulation software under Linux? If yes, how I can access to it? There is ADS2006 Linux version and you can find the installation instruction in Agilent website. Ask your labmate or teammate who manages the C
Hello, I installed cadence 5141_usr4 on RHEL 5 WS(I installed RHEL 4 WS first and then updated to 5) and I can run "icfb" properly well. But when I tried to run a simulation(I opened Virtuoso Analog Design Environment), I cannot see the information on the top right corner. That part is just black and invisible. That part usually shows "T=27 C S
Why did you install ic5141 into RedHat9? I think it's too old. I have installed ic5141 into RedHat Enterprise Linux As4, it works very well.
Dear all: I had install ic5141 in centos 4.5, the DRC and LVS of carlibre can work very well, but can not run pex!! wish someone can help me to solve this problem. thank you so much!!
Dear All: If I want to install ic5141 well in my notebook (nx6320), what versons of Linux are the lowest limit? Is Fedora 4 O.K? I know that the old versions of Linux is more better for ic5141 installation but I'm afraid that my hardware may not be known on those OS. Thanks~~
Can anyone help me by providing a download link or torrent?. It seems some installation number needed for installing the same.
Dear friends, I´m working with a Laptop with following hardware and software configurations : Windows XP SP3 2 GB memory 250 GB HDD Due I intend to install LINUX ubuntu and some few programs inside it ( QT \ OpenCV ), what is the best choice of virtualizers ? +++
Hi cuiviay You should install cadence on scientific linux better than centos. From you log file I can see you install cadence virtuoso 6.1.4 64bits on centos. I did install on ubuntu and centos before and get crashes so many times and I decide to install on scientic linux. It look like you missing some (...)