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How to install ic5141 on ubuntu 7.04?thanks. The same procedure as other Linux system
Maybe it's a tar problem. What version of Solaris, what version of tar? You should be using some version of gnu tar to install IC. I forget what versions but it's on this board.
I can't install ic5141 on ubuntu. there will be some error while I begin input in terminal : Setting up softload for lnx86 in /home/Giorgos/Cadence The following tar errors were detected: /bin/tar: -b1: Not found in archive /bin/tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors /bin/tar: -b1: Not found in archive /bin/tar: Er
I hav enewly installed ic5141 and when i try to use icfb, i'm getting the following error: usr1@serv:~$ icfb /home/cad/tools/dfII/bin/icfb.exe: relocation error: /home/cad/tools/dfII/bin/icfb.exe: symbol errno, version GLIBC_2.0 not defined in file with link time reference usr1@serv:~$ Could someone please tell how to solve it?
Hi Everyone, I just want to know if it is possible to install IC4141 on ubuntu 8.04 without any hassle, and if not what needs to be done to make it work.
I got ic5141 base but USR6. And have found USR6 couple of days but I couldn't. So, which linux version should I install to run ic5141 without USR6 package? I tried on ubuntu 9.10 but there is GLIBC_2.0 library problem. P.S. if someone knew where should I go to get USR6, then please tell me.
look for my installation method on rhel /scientific linux 5 posted on forum. hock
Hi guys I installed both IC5033 and ic5141 in ubuntu with success. U need to rerurn softload from the directory where u started to install to. You will have do rerun it a couple of times during installation(1 at the begining and 1 afther u load products from cadence catalog). If u will keep having (...)
I tried ubuntu 6.06, FC5, but they dont let me install ic5141, shows permission denied, though I loged in as root, only FC4 goes. but FC4 doesnt have a DVD version, and need to build a boot disc by yourself. Yes, it does. If you're using x86 CPUs, check this
Hi Fom, finally I found a final solution for me: --> install virtualbox ( ) maybe under windows or ubuntu ... --> setup an virtual machine and install CentOS4 ( , it uses identical libraries like redhat 4 --> cadence tools runs without problems) I have an Pentium4, 2,4GHz with 1,5GB RAM and Cadence D
Hi all, I am a newbie. I want to setup ic5141 on my laptop. The OS is ubuntu 8, and cadence is ic5141 with 3cds. Firstly I copyed files to my computer and unziped, istalled to path: /cadence, but I met a fatal error. SL-10: installation of dfIIdb50.41-p003lnx86 declined by control program (Pre_load) (...)
Hello !!! I installed ic5141 on ubuntu 10.04, problems not encountered. PS You must install the necessary libraries
i have succedded in installing ic5141 on RHEL 5.1 and scientific linux 5.1 from the original installation media. no tar ball makeing and no modification of install script. ============================ Insurance | Accident Insura
Hello Which linux distribution is suitable for installing cadence ic5141? I tried on linux mint 13, but failed. What's about centos 6.3 or fedora 17? Or scientific linux 6.3 or ubuntu 12.x?
hi, I've tried to install cadence ic 5141 on ubuntu 13.04 and arch 2013 and fedora 19 electronic lab but after selecting all features to install it takes a minute to say some errors about something not found and bad interpreter it doesn't starts
if you plan to run an EDA tool and would like a stable tool, go for rhel 4 or 3. even if you manage to install the tool in latest versions and other ditributions, you'll eventually face problems. if you are a pro, may be not an issue ;-) i myself tried so many and switched to rhel 4 later.
This requires these libraries that are not installed in your system. These libraries are available in ubuntu. ubuntu -- Details of package libstdc++5 in hardy Ksh is stand for Korn Shell. Korn shell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia [url=pa
I have installed cadence 6 on ubuntu! but I assume the procedure should be the same!
CentOS 6 works fine with most EDA tools. Just installing missing libraries if encountered issues. Even ic5141 can work well with CentOS 6.