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Some kind of integration will always be needed. If you cannot use an RC integrator, use a DAC and a up/down counter. As your input signal is high, count upwards high frequency pulses. When the input signal is low, count downwards. The output of the counter is supplied to a DAC. A low-pass filter smoothes the DAC output. Another way could b
Impedance of an inductor is wL ohms, for a pure sine wave. What is it's impedance to a square wave or a triangular wave signals.
The input sinewave may have varying frequencies. Would there be a problem if we convert it into square wave and take integral? I tend to believe that the resulting triangular wave would have varying amplitude Yes, you are right. The result of integration depends in its amplitude on the duration of the (...)
what's the difference between sawtooth and triangular wave ?
i,m using a PIC 16f873 and want to generate a triangular wave. do i need tonuse capture mode continuously until the wave reach to top wave for raising edge and return to bottom wave for falling edge?
i need to generate triangular wave using matlab for sinusoidal pwm.....can u suggest ....some methods.....i m using matlab7.8 version
plz i need the code which generate triangular wave for pic16f877a ???? plz help me as soon as possible.Thanks
Hi, I need to generate a 10kHz triangular wave 0 to 5V level.. I ve the facility to generate a sqaure wave of desired frequency 0 to 5V level. I just need to convert it to trangular wave form.I ve 555 timer, some opamps if needed. Very tight linearity is not required.Its for testing purpposes..What can be a simple solution?
Hi, I ve got a triangular wave having some DC content..can someone tell me how to remove this dc content so that my triangular wave starts from 0V.
i need to convert triangular wave into sine wave so pls help me thanks in advance
How can i make a simple sine wave or triangular wave circuit. I need a time constant of 4 seconds...minimum :( I cant use inductors,I am looking for an RC type generator. please suggest me a method.
Hello, I am doing a project where i need a matlab code to draw a triangular wave on a spiral. means on spiral arms, the triangular wave is drawn. Can somebody help me please? Thankyou so much in advance..
Hello,I am trying to generate a traingular wave with PIC16F877A and output this and be variable in duty cycle,can you please help me with that? I want to set a number of digits in EEPROM and be accessed and output be sent to the port C where the potentiometer can be used for varying the duty cycle of this signal. Not only the potentiometer,b
Is it possible to generate some sort of sine wave generation on FPGA. Using CORDIC algo is it possible. what shud we do if we want to generate analog signal on FPGA. is there any alternative. USMAN HAI
what does OA1 do? what does the transistor do (when it is on and off what happens)? what will happen to the circuit if we remove the capacitor? OA1 is connected is a way so that when the transistor is ON it will give a gain of -1 and -Vin will appear at the output and it will be integrated, thus the output of the integrat
need references of triangle wave generator! thanks!
hi..i'm want to build the function generator that produce triangular wave using the concept of charging and discharging the capacitor and not using any IC's can anyone show me how to design the shcematic for it ? plz help.. thanxs
I'm currenlty making a relaxation oscillator the produces a triangular wave. It is based on a charge pump technique, i.e. the upper current source charges the o/p capacitor (instead of the filter which is usually placed at the o/p of a CP in PLLs) then, after some time, the lower current source is activated while the upper one is dea
I am designing this triangular wave generator for 250kHz using schmitt triggger. The triangular wave is not linear and there are jitters at the rising slope. ANyone knows the root of the problem? Is that to do with the changing of output impedance? Any other suggestion to generate triangular (...)
Hi, I am designing a triangle wave generator. I am wondering how to define the linearity of it. E.g.,if it is defined 1% lineraity. How it is defined? thanks a lot.
hi, can any one help, how to generate triangular wave using c programming
can we generate a 10 hz wave using pic microcontroller , if yes then how?!
I need a triangular wave generator or square wave to triangular wave converter for 50 - 60Hz. I ahve a square wave source (555). single supply op-amp circuit i am searching for. Thanks in advance.
Hi, Please can you help me, I need to write a few simple programs. I do not have a lot of experience in Matlab and will appreciate your help: Write a MATLAB program to create a simulation of a square wave using harmonically related sine waves. The square wave will have a 50% duty cycle and will have negative values i.e. it is a zero (...)
it possible to make an integrator without using an op amp implementation?or are there other ways to convert square waves to triangular waves other than using op amp integrators?i need to convert a high-power square wave to a triangular wave, and i don't think there are any op amps capable of (...)
i am doing a project on class d this i am using four nmosfets for h bridge. i am using sine wave 20hz-60hz with triangular wave 400-800hz to generate pwm which is used for gating signal of mosfet. mosfet drain is conecting to 28v dc. i need to get 28v pwm with sine wave freq and shape.but
Hello.... I want to generate Traingular wave using mc..... anyone help me to generate.......
Cud anyone tell me...what'll be the resulting waveshape if a triangle waveform is being given as an input to an integrator opamp circuit.... Thnks all....
Hi all, I have read some very exciting stuff on this forum and i am hoping some of you electronics gurus can help me. I am building a pure sine wave inverter using a wien-bridge for my oscillator. Input voltage = 12v dc, Output voltage= between 30v and 60 v ac, output current not to exceed 2A. Frequency = 50hz. I have used a JFET in the negative f
Hi :-) If I want the 'electric current wave' to flow in only one direction, then I would a diode. While choosing a diode I would take into consideration several factors such as maximum current flow allowed, maximum power, etc. In the end, electronics is more or less about how to manipulate that 'electric current wave' to do different things. The
I NEED 12KHZ triangular wave USING OPAM LM324 MY CIRCT IS LIKE FOLLOWS, (parameter values are diffrent my problem is squere wave itself is not perfect, slop n both side Triangle wave Generator
Hi! I was trying to make a square wave generator followed by an integrator in PSPICE. The output of the integrator, which should have been a triangular wave, is getting clipped at the saturation voltage. Any ideas as to why this is happening? Attached is a copy of my schematic.62189
Hii I have a sine wave of freq 50 Hz stepped down from a transformer and a triangular wave generated from IC8038 with freq 3KHz now i have to synchronize these two waves so that my pulse width modulation wave obtained from these two waves on inputing to a comparator has a quarter (...)
integration is used in low cost ADC that have the advantage of averaging the input with noise. look for "Integrate & Dump" type ADC for examples Accelerometers with true piezo-electric type use charge amplifiers to produce a voltage that changes with acceleration, A and vibration. Since we know Velocity, V is the Integral of "A" and Position is t
Hello all, I've designed a square wave generator on proteus and i want to check its output on the virtual graphic mode but it seems i've a problem with the design itself I got this error "Singular Matrix : check node ....." here is the simulation file 83628 Your help is much appreciated :) - - - Updated
I have tested my triangular wave generator on the bread board according to the schematic below, but I have some problems and I don't know what is happening. 87754 The amplitude of the triangular wave should be calculated like this: 2×(R1/R2)×Vcc=2×50k/100k×12=12V The frequency of the triangular (...)
hi. i am using dspic33fj64mc802. writing code in 16 bit C compiler. sine wave frequency is 50 HZ and PWM frequency is 5000 hz. initially i have written code for generating pwm only. Later on i changed it as per sine wave PWM. instead of giving pwm with varying frequency according to change in amplitude of sine wave it is giving peak (...)
how should i design an astable multivibrator circuit which does not produce a triangular wave at 15000Hz
Does anyone know how to find the dc equivalent voltage of 240V rms? I need to know the required dc input voltage for an inverter to produce an ac output of 240V rms. Thanks.
I'm in a ADC design team. I'm in charge of the chopper comparator design.But I don't know what a chopper comparator is.
I want to generate SPWM signals and simulate them on PROTEUS. How can I generate triangular wave on PROTEUS. How can I adjust the width and frequency of this wave without any distortion. Can I generate SPWM in different ways from comparing sinusodial wave with triangle wave. Can I generate PIC (...)
Whats it called when a waveform starts BELOW the zero crossing point? example: triangle waveform starts from -6 goes up to +4 or starts -10 goes up to +2 Mostly DC offset Raises the waveform up ABOVE the zero crossing point what makes the waveform go Below the zero crossing point? (...)
Hi all, Can someone help me to prove this question without using Matlab. I have found the sampled signal x to be x= since 8 samples in 1 secs. Qn1) since the sampled signal is x= we can actually show that the reconstructed signal of 2 sine waves by pur
I need to design variable f variable D oscillator. Any suggestions where do I start? Thanks.
hiye everybody i have designed a boost converter and when i was measuring the output voltage ripple. i noticed that the ripple is not like a triangle wave which i am expecting. but instead it is like a square wave. i attached a snap of my scope. can anybody please tell me why this occur. the output voltage is 8v. and the load is around 20 Ohm to
Hi, I have a stupid question about integrator noise.. Say an OTA has an input-referred noise Vn at it's positive input, and be connected into integrator, the transfer function (1/SRC) has infinite gain at DC, ideally. So what would input-referred noise Vn be at OTA's output? If I give input a rectangular wave, the OTA's output will be tri
how to make sure the output of multivibrator will be 1Vpp triangular wave if the Vcc is only 1.25 V? iszit possible?
hiii all my design depend on measuring, sensing and controlling the small current about (mA) my design builded by op amps, so must be the small current (mA) is converted to voltage. how small current about (0.5 mA) measured and transformed into (microAmp) to used for op amps..... or directly from (mA) to voltage for op amps.... i hope t
hii all please how to compare between sine wave and triangular wave (not DC value) to get pulses by using op amps.. please help me and very thanks for you
when i connect the o/p of the relaxation oscillator (which has a capacitor at its o/p) to a schmitt trigger (which makes the amplitude control of the o/p triangular wave), the wave decays. i think i'm having a very bad loading effect. How can i solve this? I've tried using a source follower with large source resistance (as