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Integration Triangular Wave

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Some kind of integration will always be needed. If you cannot use an RC integrator, use a DAC and a up/down counter. As your input signal is high, count upwards high frequency pulses. When the input signal is low, count downwards. The output of the counter is supplied to a DAC. A low-pass filter smoothes the DAC output. Another way could b
what does OA1 do? what does the transistor do (when it is on and off what happens)? what will happen to the circuit if we remove the capacitor? OA1 is connected is a way so that when the transistor is ON it will give a gain of -1 and -Vin will appear at the output and it will be integrated, thus the output of the integrat
what will it look like if you integrate a triangular waveform ? thanks
integration is used in low cost ADC that have the advantage of averaging the input with noise. look for "Integrate & Dump" type ADC for examples Accelerometers with true piezo-electric type use charge amplifiers to produce a voltage that changes with acceleration, A and vibration. Since we know Velocity, V is the Integral of "A" and Position is t