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his board can control electrical appliances and devices from smart phone even from another city. You may be a researcher, student, hobbyist or business man; this development board will provide you WIFI based smart control for rapid development of smart home, intelligent lighting, hotel multi-room control, smart industrial system, engineering proje
Low power version enables Bluetooth technology to be extended to the use of button battery powered some emerging markets. Bluetooth low energy technology is the core technology of Bluetooth low energy wireless specifications based on an upgraded version of the application, to lay the foundation for the majority of emerging market watches, remote co
Engine thermal management technology mainly consists of two systems: one is the cooling intelligent control mode, the second is the fan intelligent control mode. Thermal management system is to make the engine neither too cold nor overheated,making it been controlled in the 90? C which is the best
I believe there are dozens of Edaboard threads discussing failing UART transmission with simple ASK modules. intelligent answers to it are mostly emphasizing the same points: - need a modulation method with balanced 0 and 1 bits, e.g. Manchester encoding, 8b/10b encoding, some kind of bit stuffing - need a synchronization pattern (preamble) an
Hello people, I need to use an intelligent Power Module (IPM) in my project (3-phase induction motor inverter), but I haven't used it before. Thus, I need your advice about the good brands that manufacture these modules because they are not available in my country and I am going to buy it from abroad. Thanks in advance
People have invented the grep tool to quickly answer similar questions. An intelligent IDE should also show the symbol definition. I see it in Include\stm32f4xx.h
I think the confusion is with the term 'logic interface' which you are assuming is an 'intelligent' connection that allows conversation between different devices. For the most part, a logic interface is a reference to logic levels, the digital high and low voltages representing a '1' or a '0'. A driver is normally the name we give to a device th
You don't say what this device needs to do. Yes, it's got a small number of I/O, but you don't say whether it needs to blink a light or provide automatic steering for a car. And what do you mean "connect ideally to USB"? Do you mean you need to implement a USB stack? More information is needed to provide an intelligent answer.
I presume, "ethernet cable" actually means an ethernet link, e.g. 10 or 100 Mbit/s, not a different interface using a RJ45 cable? The easiest way to intercept the ethernet communication between a PC and a peer is to run Wireshark on the PC. If this is not possible for any reason, you can connect an intelligent ethernet switch with for
Consider that these "intelligent switches" are performing slow switching to reduce EMI, so pwm frequencies should be moderate, e.g. a few 100 Hz up to 1 kHz. And there should be a freewheeling means for inductive loads.
Personally, I would forget those diagrams as they are not directly relevant to street lighting. If by 'intelligent' you mean the lights turn on and off according to ambient lighting conditions, what you need is a light sensor, maybe a comparator, a delay mechanism and a power switch. If the lights are battery powered, you can use the output of the
Hello guys and gals I am building an electric 4 wheeled buggy from 2 pushbikes, 2 alternators converted to 3 pole electronic motors driving each back wheel, and a Peripheral Interface Controller . My reasons are that I believe that controlling each back wheel separately using an intelligent controller, I can do away with a mechanical dif
Can you help me please with software selection? I need to twist a 3D object. Technically, mapping vertices into twisted coordinates is a minimum requirement. But since there are long edges and wide faces, I want the software to make some intelligent twisting, bu curving the faces. It has been 18 years since I tried such things as Autodesk 3DS
In a brief, set_clock_group is the intelligent way of cutting timing pathes between unrelated clock domains. There are good tutorials describing the Synopsys timing constraint syntax and answering your questions, e.g. the Altera Timquest User Guide by Ryan Scoville
It is not necessary unless you configure the arrangement of your circuit. Proteus is built upon intelligent schematic capture component part. All lines will show as crossing but will only show a dot at connection points (nodes). They use to have some environment settings in the user preference area that allows you to show the display mode when lin
Hi, For brushless DC motors you need a somehow intelligent control. You can't control a brushless DC motor wit a potentiometer, you may do this with a brushed DC motor. Klaus
void LongToTime (long Ticks, char * h, char * m, char * s) { while (Ticks--) { s++; if (*s == 60) {*s = 0; *m++;} if (*m == 60) {*m = 0; *h++;} } } This is untested. Wrote in 10 seconds after lunch (intelligent descreased greatly). Few minutes later... Ticks = 60*60*h + 60*m + s;
Hi all, I want to find some intelligent power module models for my project and compare them. Do you know any websites have these kinds of information Thank you!
have used above mentioned device for my inverter project. I have applied following voltages to the module pins through a 30 V dc supply. 113980 Bootstrap capacitors were also used. I trip -0V Vcc
I must say that statements like "we don't have constraints solvers because we don't need any" and "we don't have any OO going for it because we don't need any" are a bit ... novel. Why do we not need a constraint solver? And "because the testbench is intelligent " is no answer to that. ;-) In the meantime I think I rather like the
Hi, I want to implement a digital controller for a switch mode power supply in Orcad pspice. The controller will take voltages and current values as inputs and create the control signal using intelligent algorithms (state machines, digital control techniques etc). Therefore I need a block that runs a code for processing these values (ie. C
got an ATX DC-DC PSU M2ATX 160W. It worked well when I first bought it. I've not used it in a long time, and I've never used it for any substantial period of time. Mostly testing ideas. I don't recall it being
I want to buy a large high resolution graphical LCD display with integrated controller. The best one I have been able to find is a 7" 800x480 SSD1963 based display. Are there any other types available that I should consider that have a higher resolution or more intelligent controller?
Dear All, I'm planning to build some intelligence in my car lights and I need your advice on recognizing ambient light intensity. I've already build DLR control in my car using PIC12F683 which is Mercedes style dimming for the DRL led's when turn signal is activated. Now I'm planning to make another version which would automatically switch from
An intelligent control of a GSM module requires to receive and decode command responses, did you consider it? To start bottom-up, design Tx and optionally Rx UARTs, design a state machine that replays predefined strings from a ROM, if necessary inserting variable fields. Optionally design a decoder for responses, e.g. OK, ERROR, >, if required m
Best intelligent charge monitor will pulse battery with light load and heavy load and compute C, capacity based on load voltage and ESR. For example using programmable current source ,pulse 1st 5 mA then 505 mA and use S&H to display ESR or delta V over delta I (0.5A) which is a function of C the Ah capacity of battery. Each battery chemistry has
Hi guys, I need help with a project I am doing. I am designing a battery charger that will allow me to control the charging current of a dedicated battery charger IC that is connected to a PIC18F4431. Is there anyone who knows how to go about doing it?
You have to go for microcontroller based intelligent charging. It can read battery voltage and current, according to stages can be programmed.
BOOOM!!!! FIRE!!! SMOKE!!! The end of civilization as we know it! Or maybe not. Not sure what you are really asking. Will damage occur? Maybe. You don't give us enough information to make an intelligent answer. What kind of bus? Ethernet is actually designed for multiple masters at one time; RS-422 is not.
You could make the interrupt system more intelligent, if you combine a set og flipflops with a register and use one of the INT inputs to a sum of all interrupt flipflops, you need som more intelligence in the ISR to separate the active interrupt and process this part of the ISR. You normally use the timer/ counter to calculate elapsed time. The id
hi friends I want to make an intelligent device that can measure length of thin object from 5mm to 1000mm. as i can not use ultrasonic because object is very thin or varnier caliper (as due to its length). i am thinking such thing which tell me distance travelled by it. please suggest me sensor(as i have great doubts on accelerometr for
Hi All, How to program the GAL IC AF16V8CZ15PU with the Jed file of different manufacturer GAL IC ? I tried with intelligent Universal Programmer but failed. Please suggest better method to get this IC be programmed.
hi dear friends i would like your help please i want to know which sensor is suitable to sense the availability of a letter inside the mailbox. what i mean is i want to design an intelligent mailbox that can sense the availability of a letter when dropped inside it. so when the post man drops a letter inside the mailbox the mailbox will sense it. s
Just to let you know about this year's UK embedded systems conference The UK Device Developers' Conference - 20th/22nd May - 3rd/5th June - 2014 Bristol - Cambridge - Manchester (Cheadle) - Scotland (Uphall) A conference for the developers of' "intelligent systems and intelligent devices". An event for anyone involved in Embedded Systems D
You should refer to a specific instrument type and also tell what you want to achieve. Periodical measurement storage, at least at moderate speed, should be possible with a computer controlling the instrument. "intelligent" signal analyzers also may have some inbuilt capabilities of the requested kind. With a basic spectrum analyzer, zero-span m
My mind-reading skills have failed me, I am unable to determine what you are talking about. Perhaps a microprocessor? Maybe a spaceship? And your circuit? Maybe it's a modulated neutrino-beam device or an automatic tomato picker? If you expect someone to help you, show a minimum amount of effort by posting an intelligent question. Don't throw up
Hi! I intend to design a simple intelligent restaurant of thee people having credits when they get service their account amount decreases. Please can someone help Dear friend, first of all please try your own design. Any errors or design doubts please ask perticular. Donot think we are doing this for buissness. If
to satisfy IEEE 512 standard I suggest using of LCL filter. many papers have been published about optimized selection of LCL values such as: W. Sui et. al "intelligent Optimize Design of LCL Filter for Three-Phase Voltage-Source PWM Rectifier" in proc. IEEE IPEMC 2009. good luck
Hi all, I'm trying to read values inside CAMEL packet going through intelligent Network via SS7. I use wireshark to capture data. There is something I'm not clear to understand. Here is my concern: - MSC and gsmSCF exchange a lot of messages in order to set up a call (initialDP), Apply Charging, release call, ... But at one moment, there is a hund
LEC checks the combinational logic, but it is enought intelligent to detect the logic used for the gating clock comes from the gating data.
Hi, The codes are never industrial its the hardware components that are of industrial level; lots of parameters but most important of them is the temperature range usually (-40 to 125 degree Celsius). The other thing that makes a product industrial is extensive testing. For fail safe your code should be intelligent enough to handle exceptions and
I presume, the potemtiometers are operated by put-on knobs not shown in the photo? In this case, you should check (by intelligent use of a multimeter) if the potentiomters have possibly a log characteristic. But standard linear PT-15 would be my first guess. What makes you think the potentiomters are defective?
Hi, 1.Vision-Based Automated Parking System 2.Simulation of Earthquakes and Tsunami Through GSM Network 3.Design of intelligent Traffic Light Controller Using GSM & Embedded System 4.Design and Implementation of Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor Based Security System 5.Touch Screen Based Robot Control with Speech Alert 6.Single Axis Solar Panel Controll
Hi friends, I search after examples of researches and projects that involve or collaborate Computer Vision and one of this big subjects Robotics, Artificial intelligent, Control, Mechanics and Communication.
Hi ZekeR, I don`t know if it will be possible to find a kind of interpretation or explanation of the expressions for H. These formulas are "simply" the result of some intelligent manipulations of the original circuit. However, perhaps the following is helpful: The EET states that the transfer function H of a linear network N can be calculated in
Are you asking for somebody to give you the transfer function of that circuit? We can do that, but I'm not sure that's really going to help you. Unless you understand what that circuit really does, you are not going to be able to make intelligent selection of component values. Depending on the values, that circuit can be thought of as a 'leaky i
Hi, I am trying to make an intelligent traffic light controllorvusing fpga with gprs which gives priority to emergency vehichles. I am using xc3s400 . And there is no serial comm port on the kit to interface eith gsm (sim 300) .can some one help on how to program fpga for serial comm and also how to interface uart with fpga
Hi, Device Developers' Conference - May 2013 - Bristol (14th), Cambridge (16th) and Manchester (22nd) A conference for the developers of' "intelligent systems and intelligent devices". An event for anyone involved in Embedded Systems development, Software Development, Electronics Design, En
hi, I'm not sure your tester will work as a poe switch is intelligent it only send the 48v supply if the poe device replies a certain sequence. the 48v are not always present on the wires.
Hi, Can anybody help me to complete the project PIC16F72 based intelligent Energy Saving System. I download the project from internet and try to implement it. But, I did not have the complete source code. I have problem with the following: #include <16f72.h> #fuses hs, nowdt, protect #use i2c(master, sda=PIN_c4, scl=PIN_c3) #include