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All, I try to interface 2 bidirectional lines between a 5V PIC16F8xx and a 3.3V EzUSB (<=200kbps). Problem is : the MAX3372 seemed ok BUT I think I didn't get the point on the datasheet (and Maxim remains quiet... Example : 3.3v => 5v translation (see PDF attached) the 3.3 v device Vohmin=2.4V the MAX3372 VihLmin = VL-0.2 i.e. 3.3-0.2=
Hi. i need to interface a 3.3v (logic) IDE/ATA device to a 5v (logic) IDE/ATA controler how is this made the easyest way? 3.3v <=> 5v any suggestions Special chips for this??, maxim has af few (hundreds) or could i use simple logic chips that will do the chip when only supplyied with 3.3v? will my ata controller work with signals of on
using buffer IC between them for I/O voltage convert As I know, 3.3V interface support 5V I/O standard
hi. I would like to design a PCI card for desktok PCs andd I want to use a Xilinx FPGA to make PCI target interface. The FPGA works UP to 3.3V, but as I can see the PC motherboards have only 5V PCI slots. I dont want to use a PLX chip, only the FPGA. How should I make it? with bus drivers? It would be hard to control the busdriver directions
I haven't with a PIC, but I have from an ARM to a Smart Card interface IC to a Smart Card. Details required to determine how much that you can simplify your design: #1 - What physical size of Smart Card? Credit Card size or SIM size like in phones? #2 - Do you want to support live insertion of a Smart Card or will the SIM be installed pri
Hi, I'm trying to interface a PIC18F46k80 (5V) with a radio module, and I've just realised the module uses 3.3V. I have a circuit built already, and software designed, so I want to know if I can just do a straight swap for a PIC18LF46k80, which runs at 3.3V, without having to change the circuit (except the power supply - and some base resistor v
Hi, I looking for a drawing to interface a Xilinx FPGA Spartan II to a ISA Bus, the problem is the : ISA = 5 V and Spartan is 3V .. Have you a solution. best regards
Anyone which can help in this two issues?: - C64xx PCI is 3.3V and standard PC PCI is 5V. - How to design a Linux or Win32 device driver for C64xx PCI. Many thx Amon
can XC9572 use Vcc 5V ?? if it can't using 5v it can interface TTL or CMOS
What device do I need to help interface 3.3V digital output to 5V input on CPLD??? I just have 3 signals to interface, with max freq of operation at 75MHz. I would like to be able to buy the component from Digi Key. Sparrow
Hi all I want to interface MSP430F149 with a 5V flash memory (AMD29F010) and a graphic LCD. boths supply is 5V . How can I interface this flash and LCD without using a level converter. thanks for your future response
For interface voltage level conversation, look 74LVC series chips, it is also available in very small 1 gate packages ( and it is very low cost, for example Philips 74LVC1G125GW or TexasInstruments SN74LVC1G125DCKR chips in small 5 pim SC-70-5 packege, cost only 5.1 US cents on 3K p.c.s.) FEATURES ? Wide supply voltage range from 1.65 to 5.5
partanIII can't interface 5V ttl logic, you can damage the device.
Hello Gorkin, if your microcontroller runs on 3.3V you can interface the ports directly to the A50. If you are operating at 5V you need some kind of "interface" (a simple level converter). If you need a level converter I can post a self made design later today when I am at work. best regards
hi i want to connect a 3V serial device to a 5V Pic processor how can i simply (opencol, opendrain ?) connect * 3V sensor out to 5V pic in * 5V pic out to 3V sensor in Thanks
Hi, I want to interface the isd 5116 chip coder from winbond with at89c52 (8052 from atmel) My problem is that at89c52 is 5v mc and isd5116 is a 3.3v so 1.I need a simple circuit to regulate my 5v power supply to 3~3.3v to power the isd5116 2.isd use i2c to comm with hosts (i.e mc) I want to know if I can connect i/o of the 5v mc directl
Hi all What is the best way to interface a 3V microcontroller to 15V CMOS ? is it possible to use uln2803? thanks
Any ideas on interfacing a 3 volt micro to a 5v device ? I have looked at options using logic chips and resistors. I am interested in a minimal component and DIP package option ;-) TIA
Hi, Use a switch or level converter isn't a smart way to solve this problem. You can choose a FPGA which supports PCI interface. PLS check the spec. of FPGAs. (see the attached file). BTW, PCI is 3.3V :)
hi... Ive made an interface in which PIC 16F877A and ATMEL 8051 communicate serially. PIC has an option in PIC Basic to make the levels True(0-5V) or Inverted(RS-232) levels. The problem is that PIC is not taking the input from 8051 directly(using True levels). I have to use an additional MAX-232 IC to convert level of 8051 to RS-232 and
hello all, i want to interface FPGA I/O to 5V TTL level or 5V devices so what should i do to make it 5V tolerant. Regards Preet
Stereo Audio DAC with USB interface, Headphone Output and S/PDIF Output
I need to connect spartan XC3S400(3.3) to Tern 5E micro-controller(5V) my design has three major components. 1. FPGA(3.3V) 2. External FIFO(3.3V) 4. Tern 5E micro controller(5V) the FPGA continuoesly generates some data and send it to external FIFO(3.3V). the FIFO status signals are routed through the FPGA to the 5E micro controller
This is done where there are several sections. The 3.3 V section interfaces with the outside world. The 2.5 V section has lower breakdown transistors that can run faster.
The JTAG pins on Spartan III devices are powered from VCCAUX, which is 2.5V, and parallel III interface (with simple 125s) cannot read 2.5V TDO from Spartan III, I think that there might be 3 solutions, first forget the JTAG, and use the Slave Serial mode, since Slave Serial mode pins are powered from VCCIO4 which can be 3.3V, and parallel III can
u can use 74125 level converters also between ur interfaces...but if interface lines are more than it will become ur design more comples as these level converters are not very very reliable....better go for "change device" option.
TI may still have some interface chip.
Hi, Anyone have the reference design/recommendations for an interface circuit between the PC parallel port and a device using SPI protocol? The main purpose of the interface circuit is to convert +5V output of PC parallel port to +3.3V which is going to be used by SPI protocol. Thanks in advance.
The PIC24 Family of ?C run at 3v3 and do not need any buffer/level-shifter to interface with 5v0 system. Use these. Polymath
Hi guys, Newbie here. I am trying to interface a microcontroller 3.3 V logic HIGH with 5 V logic HIGH microcontroller. I required to interface 18 parallel pins from 3.3 V to 5 V logic. I used a chip 74LVC425 to do the interfacing. I was wondering is there any easier method to do the interfacing? Thanks
i use max 232 to communicate with gsm module GM47. There is level different between them. max 232 serve 0-5V and GM 47 serve 0-3V. First i use level shifter using bjt shifter to step-down from max232 to GM47 and bjt shifter to step-up from GM47 to max232 but fail in hyperterminal looping test. Then i use buffer uln 2803 to step-down but di
my project must read adc output and display 0-5V on 7seg,i managed to get 0-3V to display but circuit seems to freezing at 3v.what can this be?
Dear chang830 : 1.level shift circuit for 5V/3.3V interface. 2.Power Ring mpig
Hai Which is the simple way to interface the I/O lines of LPC 2138 ARM which works on 3.3Volts to circuits which works on 5Volts. also will the control and data lines of LCD (HD4470) respond to 3.3 volt levels? picstudent
perhaps 74LVX3225 or 74LVX4225 or 164245 can be used to interface 5V system however, it will cost more
I'm trying to make a development board for xc3s400 like XILINX SPARTAN-3 starter kit but it has not LCD interface so i decided to add this feature. in elektor magazine there was a project about making a development board for altera fpja which used the following circuit for LCD interface with I2C: my questions are : 1-how this circuit work 2
Hi ee484, Do you have the electrical interface specs of the two devices? It would show whether or not some simplified methods would work. If your 3.3V connections are outputs and your 5V connections are inputs, then you may be able to connect them directly with no translators. If the signals travel the other way, then you may be able to use s
Hi: I have made a USB serial EEPROM programmer recently. I wanna find a partner to sell this production. below is the feather of this production. 1. 8 bit MCU, support self-updata firmware. - easy to updata for future serial EEPROM (Support IAP) 2. USB port interface - easy to connect and support PnP 3
Can anyone help me further with information about HDMI interface. According to the standards and documents I find on the internet the circuits at the receiver end are connected to a 3.3V power supply. However, there is no 3.3V supply line running through the cable. A 5V cable line is available though. Is this 5V supplied by the transmitter (can be
Have you looked at Analog Devices 33xx series? One of them would seem to suit your criteria.
im working on a project where i need to use a 2.5" harddrive in a device with compact flash (true ATA) slot. while the interface between the harddrive and CF controller in True ATA mode is fairly straight forward. as seen by the 100's of CF-IDE adapters on ebay. the problems start when going the "other way" when the CF controller is 3.3v l
That is a little strange. As you mentioned the 89C52 has only one UART, so the hardware has to be modified. Whether that is by adding a multiplexing scheme or by an external 2x UART that you can address either through the external bus or by bitbanging. Either way, a gps receiver and a gsm modem running at the same time could be A LITTLE too much to
Yes, I have had a similar problem, I had to interface a 3V3 micro with a 1v8 mobile phone interface in a usb dongle. Very little space as the circuit was in the connector. The solution was to use open collector single gate logic chips in sot23-5 package for the level translation.
Is the i2c interface in VGA DB15 connector 5V compatible or 3.3v compatible? I remember that most monitor's i2c is 5v compatible.
HI TO ALL ined levele traslation bidirectional betwen 2.7V<>5V i need simple circuit for thas without use transistor because my interface betwenn PIC 18 and XBee have hight baude rate thank you
i need interface pic 18F452 with xbee module but i find probleme of interface betwen xbee and pic if possible make VCC+3.3V for the pic question: he stille working with3.3V or any one give solution for this problem please now i'am in the last month of my final project. thank you for all
Hi, I wanted to print text and graphics using the dot matrix printer by sending command through microcontroller. Command will be sent through Embedded C language. Parallel port interface is used to connect between microcontroller and printer.
I'm currently in the process of trying to build a really simple logic analyzer. As part of this I want to be able to interface with TTL, CMOS and other logic level busses. I found this which should handle my level shifting just fine. Where I'm running into issues is trying to
Hello, I had built the schematic on the application note XAPP453, pg 8. I could program FPGA, also PROM, but when i did not have the JTAG attached to the board, the PROM was unable to download the bitcode to the FPGA. Now, i need to fix this issue and i am looking to different circuits, which makes me confused: :arrow: XAPP453, pg
thanks a lot but can you tell me whether i can interface serial to parallel IC (operating at 5V) directly with LPC2148 (working at 3.3V with 5 V tolerant IO pads) without damaging the microcontroller. please it will be a great help to me.