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Dear Friends, How to Calculate track widths for voltages(+3.3V,+5V...) & Signal lines Thanks Karthi
All, I try to interface 2 bidirectional lines between a 5V PIC16F8xx and a 3.3V EzUSB (<=200kbps). Problem is : the MAX3372 seemed ok BUT I think I didn't get the point on the datasheet (and Maxim remains quiet... Example : 3.3v => 5v translation (see PDF attached) the 3.3 v device Vohmin=2.4V the MAX3372 VihLmin = VL-0.2 i.e. 3.3-0.2=
Hi. i need to interface a 3.3v (logic) IDE/ATA device to a 5v (logic) IDE/ATA controler how is this made the easyest way? 3.3v <=> 5v any suggestions Special chips for this??, maxim has af few (hundreds) or could i use simple logic chips that will do the chip when only supplyied with 3.3v? will my ata controller work with signals of on
Hi, I'm trying to interface a PIC18F46k80 (5V) with a radio module, and I've just realised the module uses 3.3V. I have a circuit built already, and software designed, so I want to know if I can just do a straight swap for a PIC18LF46k80, which runs at 3.3V, without having to change the circuit (except the power supply - and some base resistor v
hi i have a rabit 3000 microprocessor , it is 3.3V compactable. but i have my i/o 5v compactible how i can feed the input to the port. can any one suggest. binug
using buffer IC between them for I/O voltage convert As I know, 3.3V interface support 5V I/O standard
I need to speed up a multiplexer. The datasheet states about 80% increase in speed at voltages of 12V versus 5V, which the rest of the circuit operates. Can anyone suggest a way to get the multiplexer to run at 12V, and still interface with the 5V logic of the rest of the board? Speed is the key here, so adding a logic level converter would bri
hi. I would like to design a PCI card for desktok PCs andd I want to use a Xilinx FPGA to make PCI target interface. The FPGA works UP to 3.3V, but as I can see the PC motherboards have only 5V PCI slots. I dont want to use a PLX chip, only the FPGA. How should I make it? with bus drivers? It would be hard to control the busdriver directions
Hello, I want to translate a 3v3 logic signal to a 3v3 or 5v logic level (output voltage voltage of pcb is 3v3 or 5v). How can I make a cheap solution that can handle signals up to 16MHz? The signal may be inverted. Can I use a picogate? The picogate can be powered by 3v3 or 5v, but has to handle the 3v3 logic input states correctly with both su
I designed a chip with 3.3v/5v process. The digital part is working with 3.3v. but the analog part need 5v power source, How can I raise the signal of digital output from 3.3v to 5v? Is there any good suggestion? I tried a simple inverter. Though it can work, the pmos could not be shut down since the input is only 3.3v. There is some static
I haven't with a PIC, but I have from an ARM to a Smart Card interface IC to a Smart Card. Details required to determine how much that you can simplify your design: #1 - What physical size of Smart Card? Credit Card size or SIM size like in phones? #2 - Do you want to support live insertion of a Smart Card or will the SIM be installed pri
I think, a PCI interface with Cyclone II (or any other 3.3V limited interface chip) should not have a 5V key at the connector. This is clearly a design fault. The other question is, if you seriously have to take a system with 5V PCI (pre PCI 2.2) into acount.
hi i need schematic for phoenix reader with support 3v and 5v vcc for 3v card and 5v card please help me
main element of presented device is system A8498. The converter is definitely a better alternative than the popular stabilizer 7805 or LDO e.g. > LM1117-3.3. The converter can be used everywhere to power any system with a microcontroller or digital without any concern about p
Hello, I have been reading datasheets and many threads about the MAX485 and there is still one thing that is not totally clear to me. The datasheet states that MAX485 should run at 5v and indeed on my breadboard I was able to power it at 5V and have it communicate successfully with an FTDI cable connected to my PC (using DTR signal to drive the
Hey everyone i wish you could help me with this problem i want to use the ?drive-uSD-G1 with PIC 16F876A using problem is that the ?drive Tx-Rx levels are 0-3.3V , the pic Tx-Rx levels are 0-5V , how to manage that ?
Hi all ! I want to design a circuit to conver voltage 3.3V <->5V hope you help me slove this problem ! thanks all !:roll:
I need CURRENT 1A.
anyone knows what is boost converter .. which can convert 3.3V to 5V ? sometimes its called SVIC.... ?? any idea ?? is it simple amplifier or something else ??
hi 1)what's True-Digital? 2)What's Local Bus? 3)What's Diff B/W 5v and 5v Tolerant? 4)what's Diff B/W flash and Half flash A/D? 5)why parallel port is female connector?is there any std.? txn 4 yr reply
Dear All: Does any one do that , 5v tolerance in the 0.18um process ? We device just have 3.3/1.8v . I need 5v tolerance I/O and som circuit will use 5v . Does anyone have good idea ?
Stereo Audio DAC with USB interface, Headphone Output and S/PDIF Output
New to this so can anyone tell me in very simple and plain terms how to drop 12v down to 5v so i can run a rc servo off a car battery. does anyone have a picture of a circuit already done so i can see exactly what components go into it or a picture of one made on veroboard Thanks
Or you can use CD40115/CD40116 to interface between 5V and 15V maximum. nguyennam
Hi: I have made a USB serial EEPROM programmer recently. I wanna find a partner to sell this production. below is the feather of this production. 1. 8 bit MCU, support self-updata firmware. - easy to updata for future serial EEPROM (Support IAP) 2. USB port interface - easy to connect and support PnP 3
I have designed this 1-Wire? Driver breakout board which can simultaneously connect up to 8, 1-Wire? devices and perform the bidirectional communication without any micro-controller overload. The Dallas 1-Wire? products ranges from memory, mixed signal, and secure authentication functions via
Guys, can I interface the I/O s of these boards : EP4CE6E22C8N EP4CE10F17C8N Altera EP2C8Q208 FPGA / Nios II CORE
Anybody knows how to choose current of output for I/O pad of ASIC, I have a design of ASIC, the vendor say their I/O pad have 1, 6, 8, 12, 24 mA, but I do not know how to choose it for my ASIC, choose smaller, I am afraid it can not have enough drive capability, choose larger, I am afraid it will cause ground bounce or make noise, crosstalk et
Hi everyone: I need the buffer IC to connect two difference voltage level device.One is altera CPLD Max3256 (3.3 Voltage),the other is Digital Input Output Card(5 Voltage). I had tried the logic IC ,such as 7404,74244,and 74245. My design works at 20MHz,AND the test result is not good. I think the current of the buffer drive IC is not high
Hi I need to design some power supply with this characteristics: Vin: 60-70V Vout: Adj (3.3v..5v..10v) Iout: 100..150 ma Ignd: really low (as low as posible). I have only 100 mW for all the circuit, and I need a power suppy with very very low Ignd (very power loss) tia! regards
Is there a voltage formula for IC size? 0.8um----->5v 0.5um------>3.3v 0.25um------>??? 0.18um------->??? 0.13um-------->????
Hi, I have an incoming voltage of 9V. Is it possible that I used a single PWM controller to output either +5.0V or +3.3V but not both together ? Thanks Cheers,
I'm attempting to use my xbox as a car pc and would like to build a 200w dc atx psu which i will then modify to suit xbox. So input of 8v to 16v required and o/ps of 3.3v, 5v , 12v needed. Does anyone have any good places to start learning. I know a good bit already but i want to master this subject and not just copy someone elses work. Any r
Now,I am designing a CMOS bandgap voltage reference in hspice. It's been asked to sweep temperature from 0 to 100 degree and the vdd changing from 3.3v to 5v. I set: .dc temp 0 100 0.1 vdd 3.3v 5v 1.7v .tf v(vo) ?? .probe v(vo) but I don't know what's the words I could put in the place of ?? If you have other better method to get this resu
Hi all, I was wondering how to best convert a single-ended signal to a differential signal. Is a balun appropriate for most applications? Thanks.
Hello. Does anybody have any idea, how to build an 200w ATX power supply for PC? I need +3.3v, +5v, +12V, 5VSB output. I found a website which is However some technical data of inductance T1, T,L1,L2,L3,L4and transformer T2,T3,T4,T5,L6 are missing.Can anybody tell me what are the values for those compomen
what is the maximum voltage oe level voltage of the PAL signal is it 1V i connect the PAL signal from camera to TLC458 to convet analog PAL into digital .. i get reading from TLC458 2...3V ...5V
what is the maximum voltage oe level voltage of the PAL signal is it 1V i connect the PAL signal from camera to TLC458 to convet analog PAL into digital .. i get reading from TLC458 2...3V ...5V
I have some chips to test working at 900MHz but need five different DC voltages for VDD and other bias voltages. What option would be better to generate these voltages : - Make 5 voltages through a power supply with voltage divisors or - Apply some voltages with batteries (maybe more stable voltages ?) Also have heard that if your chip inc
Hi,everyone : I have some questions on the LDO's PMOS pass device . In one Rincon-Mora 's paper , it's said that " the maximum quiescent current was higher than expected by simulations for the effects of the large voltage drop across the Schottky diode on the parasitic vertical PNP transistors inherent in the PMOS structure . This
Problem : Friend of mine PC stop workin there was nothing coming on screen. So he asked me to help. I went check the pc , i thought sometihng mighe be wrong with Monitor or cables i check everthing and problem was not fixed. So i brought CPU home. As my troubleshooting skills the next day I open box and try to boot pc but no bip sound i knw it's
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i want to make a SMPS power supply..need the working one...i already try 3 design but the output is not very stable...the voltage output that i required is +3.3v,+5v,-15v and +15v...plz help me...TQ
Hi 1)Which PADs need ESD protection and which of them donot need ESD necessarily?Why? 2)Do we need seperated Power line for ESD and internal circuitry?Why?If it is possiable,PLS give some example like 3.3v(core)/5v(i/o) application and single 5v we need three power pads(3.3v,5v,esd) for the former?
As above. Is there such a practice whereby people just take a multiplication factor, say 1.5 times or 2.5 times of the normal working voltage? For e.g., if a CAP is to be work in a 5V circuit, its working voltage should be at least 6.3V? Or 10V? Or 15V? ... Please advice. Thanks! Regards, Eric
If I get a main power source using an AC-DC power adapter (12V@3A), is it possible to step down to few stable and regular supplies such as +3.3V, +5V, +9V and -9V? Can use voltage regulator such as 7805, 7809, 7909 to achieve? Thanks for any help in advance!
hi we need a power supply(smps) ,which should give o/p vlotages +3.3v,5v,-5v,12v,-12v.And the power supply should have remote sensing facility.suggest any power supply meeting all above reqiurements regards rama krishna
Is it possible to design an I/O buffer with supply voltages 3V-5V but input signal of 1.6V-2.3V. The aim I hope to achieve is to use only MOS and input threshold voltage having hysterisis of >0.2V. Any ideas???
I have 2 simple questions 1. I want to receive data on 2 receive pins from 1 transmit pin and 2. want to transmit data from two transmit pin and only 1 receive pin can receive it. These two tranmit pin does not transmit at a time.
Hello everyone. Could somebody explain to me the function of optocoupler? When to use Optocoupler? and the sample schematic diagram on how it is being used? Thanks.