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hi, 1-why ADC op-amp use -5v 0v +5v supply power why not use single supply?? 2-the -5v 0v +5v connected to low voltage 3v ADC that's mean more op-amp gain can damage the high cost ADC ?
Hi All, What is the preferred easiest way to drop 3.3v usart pins to 1.8v to interface to an external device. I cannot change the Micro Vin voltage, so I will have to lower the voltage level external. Is it acceptable to use two resistors and create a potential divider, or would you recommend another method. I have already built the board
Unless the 3.3V FPGA has 5V tolerant inputs (only a few FPGAs have this feature) the 5V will exceed the maximum input voltage of the 3.3V FPGA and the 3.3V FPGA input connected to the 5V FPGA will be damaged. The solution is a) don't do this use the same voltage for the I/O that interface between FPGAs (3.3V). Most FPGAs allow for different bank v
hi ! i want to send text msgs from my AVRmega micro, how easy or difficult it is to interface this module to my micro ? does this module has all hardware built in and just needs to be programmed? does all local carrier SIM works on it like T-mobile, AT&T , Verizon etc ? any guidance is highly apprciated. thanks
Please let me know that I want to interface CT of 30/5A and 60/5A with arduino but issue is that how arduino recognize which is CT connected 30/5A or 60/5A?
Hi, I am trying to interface Microcontroller operating with 3 Volts and Modem operating with 4.2 Volts using UART (Rx and Tx) lines. Can I interface them directly or do we need to use any circuit inbetween. Could you please suggest me any circuit to interface. Thanking You, Ravi Kumar G
Hello All, I want to interface between MMC card and USB pen drive with a PIC 16F controller. My problem is voltage level two devices, USB has 5V logic and SD card operates on 3.3V, So how can I do this with out voltage level convertors or anything else am I missing? I am New to USB, So please give me if you have any sample code for USB interfacin
Hi, My pir sensor output is showin only 3.3 V , & i would like to interface this to PORT B of pic16f877a but then inorder to make the port high , there should be 5V , ryt? & but PIR Sensor Output is only 3.3V , So how i can solve this. Should i use relay or something ? or is there any other way like using the internal pull up resistors of p
Hello, Using LPC2148 I want to run a DC Motor using relay and ULN2003. I was able to do comfortably with 8051 but got stuck with LPC2148. Please find the Image. The same connections in the figure with 8051 was working fine. Please help in switching the relay using LPC2148
I am trying to interface MQ7 (CO) with TI Stellaris launchpad (operating voltage is 3.3V) but according to datasheet MQ7 requires Vh= 5v and Vl=1.4v. So, how to interface MQ gas sensors with 3.3v microcontroller????
Yes, many people can explain it. It is an RS-232 interface chip. Why do you ask?
hi i went through some blogs and links ,after going through it i am many clarifications in the components and sensor which is interfaced with pic 16F877A .please explain the below questions. 1) explain the below mentioned sensors briefly with the application and their correctness in the real world while interface with pic a) temperature senso
Hi all. I would like to as if pic18f6620 can be operated on 3.3V. I want to interface an mmc card which should run on 3.3V. The datasheet of pic186620 said its operating voltage is 2-5.5V. I just wanted to be sure. Thank you.
Guys, I'm using this motherboard Gigabyte GA-8SR533P, I want to interface the PCI slot into my FPGA, is the PCI 5V 32 bits or 3.3V 32 bits, or can accomodate them ? it's easier for me if it's 3.3V 32 bits since I can interface directly to EP2C8Q208 without 16-BIT 2.5-V TO 3.3-V/3.3-V TO 5-V LEVEL-SHIFTING TRANSCEIVER, How do I know it's 3.3
Guys, can I interface the I/O s of these boards : EP4CE6E22C8N EP4CE10F17C8N Altera EP2C8Q208 FPGA / Nios II CORE
I want to interface ICL 7135 ADC with nexys 2 kit provided by digilent. How to do that?? it contains PMOD connectors. i think that might be helpful, i just want to know, where to connect my adc.
hi friends I'm trying to interface glucometers with atmega16 on uart. but the problem is that one of my glucometer gives LVTTL interface logic(0 to 3.3v) and another one gives rs232 signal (-12V t0 +12v) and one more glucometer gives TTL o/p (0 to 5v). but the problem is that my controller is capable to read signal ranging from 0 to 3.3v. so how
Dear I would like to connected I/O from spartan2 (@3.3v) to I/O in Virtex6 (@2.5v). Wich component do you porpuse in order to tanslate 20 bidirectionnal signals. thank s in advance regards
Level shifting the MMC/SD interface to 3.3v is certainly required in physical hardware and maybe required in simulation as well. The MMC/SD interface is by no means 5v tolerant. BigDog
Hey everyone i know this question has been posted several times , i read all the other topics but i didn't get the right answer yet well i want to interface my micro sd with pic 18f2550 , i format it with FAT 16 and i used the code in the mmc help section here is my code : // MMC module connections sbit Mmc_Chip_Select at LAT
hi all i'm going to translate the 0/3.3V pulse to 0/5V pulse with frequency of 2kHz.the circuit should derive 1.5A current.I meant the part is the interface between a 3.3V and 5V system and should deliver a current about 1.5A to the 5V system
Hi, I'm trying to interface a PIC18F46k80 (5V) with a radio module, and I've just realised the module uses 3.3V. I have a circuit built already, and software designed, so I want to know if I can just do a straight swap for a PIC18LF46k80, which runs at 3.3V, without having to change the circuit (except the power supply - and some base resistor v
Hi, Can i interface LPC 1768 with MCP 2551 For CAN communication. There are two other can driver IC which is TJA1040 and MAX3051 which works on 3.3V but i could not get it in our area(chennai). So the MCP 2551 which has absolute maximum voltage is 7V. I think it will work on 5V but i want to know, will it work on 3.3V
Dear Friends, How current sensors interface with PIC micrcontrollers for finding output currents of any systems?
Hi All, I want to interface unipolar stepper motor with my processor having 3.3V & 1.8 V IO. Anyone suggest stepper motor driver IC for the same IO voltage level, replacement of ULN2003a(5V TTL/CMOS). Thanks in Advance Ashwani
You can use the 74AHC series (74AHC245) to interface the different voltages. The AHC series can tolerate an input of 5v with a power supply of 3.3v so it can take 5v as input and output 3.3v The 74LVC series can be also used, it can also tolerate a 5v input with 3.3 power su
Hi, I am working on MSP430 microcontrollers, which operates in 1.8 to 3v and i want to interface few peripherals which have the operating voltage as 5V. Can any one please give option to interface this two voltage domains. Thanks and Regards, Ashok Kumar.P
Dear sir, I had interfaced 5V LCD with 5V MCU. But now i have to interface 5V LCD with 3.3V MCU. MCU will tolerant upto 3.3V. I have to read the data from LCD. Will it damage the MCU? If yes, what to do to interface 5V LCD with 3.3V MCU ? Regards, V. Prakash
hi, I am trying to interface 16x2 line LCD with Microblaze . I am using spartan 3A(XC3S400A). supply voltage of spartan-3A is 3.3V. The LCD which i am using have the supply voltage of 5V. How to interface this LCD with Microblaze. I am attaching the Spec of LCD for your reference. Please let me know how to interface LCD having (...)
Good evening, I would like to ask some questions about the ULN2803 device. I am working on a college project and i need to interface some 5V signals with a PLC which requires a input voltage of 12 V. Can i use a ULN2803 for that? Can anyone explain me how to build a circuit to interface those components?? thansk a lot
First of all, does it work well now? If it doesn't, we need to dig deeper. And yes, the VCCIO should be 2.5V if you want to interface with existing equipment. If the interface is set up between 2 similar ECP2 devices, it shouldn't be a big problem (as the inputs and outputs are 3.3V tolerant)
I'm trying to interface an Allegro A1160 half-effect sensor to a TI MSP430 CPU. The A1160 is a 5V device whilst the MSP430 operates from a 1.8V to 3.6V supply. The MSP430 has onboard ADC, but the analog input pins have an absolute max rating of VCC + 0.3V. I have both 3.3V and 5V regulators on my PCB design and I'm assuming that I'll need som
Mr. Tjelum's idea is good, but it is usually not a good idea to turn on the input diodes. It is done tho, with a max current well below 20 mA. This can make for a slow interface so isn't popular.
I wanna feedback encoder signals to explorer-16 board for dsp calc. The pulses from encoder are 5v. Do I need a interface to convert it to 3.3v before connecting the explorer-16?? Thx a lot!!
Dear Friends, I am interested to know how to interface an LCD operating with 5V where as Micro controller is operating with 3V. Thanking You, Ravi Kumar.
this will also have a interface board with max232 to which this module is plugged in... you can communicate it with serial communication then.........
Check this level translator ADG3246 | 2.5 V/3.3 V, 10 Bit, 2 Port Level Translator, Bus Switch | Level Translators | interface | Analog Devices
Hi, How(if) can I use 74hct245 to interface 5v MCU with cmos(3.3v) device(gps module)? I've tried using it directly in-between but had no luck.
- Data card is used for 2 interface: PCMCIA and Express (34/54) of Laptop - It ensure stable connected network and good quality of signal - Save electronic cause of used 1.5V and 3.3V - GPS world location.
i am working with cc2500 RF module.i have to interface the si and so pin of rf with the p89v51rd2 controller.but problem is that rf module need 3v supply.and controller need the 5v can i interface the rf module with controller at this supply.may this supply harm the rf module? plz anyone can help me in this regard.
This is the simplest solution: 5V-3.3V bidirectional level converter ? rocketnumbernine
Do we require MAX232 between mobile(nokia) and microcontroller(8051) during their interface?
Hali, yea, only question is your speed/signal frequency? You can see in Maxim`s ApplNote too a transistor "CommonEmitter circuit", with remarks "<200Kbps"... I believe, that basically are all common emitter/source circuits usable for level translating) if you have a serial resistor (Base/Gate) and on the Gate/Base you have to GND another-attenua
Please check the logic levels in the datasheet and you'll see that it doesn't work. So you'll need levelshifter. Btw. there's a nice application note from NXP/Philips about that using FETs only:
Which Zigbee you are using? I have used "ember zigbee from CCS" and it has SPI interface. what kind of interface u have in your zigbee?
Hi, I am a design enginner working on TCA8418 keypad controller. we have interfaced a pic 24f processor with it . The i2c bus is pulled up with a 3.3 k pullup resistor and 1.5 k series resistor for voltage drop from 5 v to 3.3 v as the TCA8418 is a 3.3V IC and PIC24f is a 5v chip. Can any body help me as i am not possible to interface. Any sour
Please note that ENC28J60 is a 3.3V device (although the inputs are 5V tolerant). It's possible to interface it to a 5V MCU (s. datasheet figure 2-4), but I think it's easier using a 3.3V MCU.
I'm currently in the process of trying to build a really simple logic analyzer. As part of this I want to be able to interface with TTL, CMOS and other logic level busses. I found this which should handle my level shifting just fine. Where I'm running into issues is trying to
i need interface pic 18F452 with xbee module but i find probleme of interface betwen xbee and pic if possible make VCC+3.3V for the pic question: he stille working with3.3V or any one give solution for this problem please now i'am in the last month of my final project. thank you for all
Is the i2c interface in VGA DB15 connector 5V compatible or 3.3v compatible? I remember that most monitor's i2c is 5v compatible.