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interface it with your pc first! Send and receive messages throug phone and pc.
Hi I am new here.I want to send data to a output pin of nexys 3 using PmodBT2 to interface between android app Blue term. What I want to do is to switch on and off LED at the out put pin of nexy's 3 from my mobile phone.
Hi I am new here.I want to send data to a output pin of nexys 3 using PmodBT2 to interface between android app Blue term. What I want to do is to switch on and off LED at the out put pin of nexy's 3 from my mobile phone.
what you have done till now in coding do post your code here and try yourself first GSM module interface with micro controller simple UART communication try that first.
I'm doing a line following mobile car (also differentiating the colors) using vision system. I plan to use a CMOS sensor type camera to interface with PIC. If you plan to differentiate colors also,then it seems like it will be using image processing a lot,which is a computationally intensive task.Most likely you will need to use MAT
Hai all, How to transfer data from microcontroller(Ethernet interface) to mobile via Wifi router (TPLINK) Thanks in advance
HI FRIENDS NOW AM interface 8870 WITH NOKIA 2310 CELL PHONE i check dtmf 880 q1,q2,q3,q4, outputs are working pressing all keys on only that mobile only and not working remote operation another mobile why.............??? am using c1=0.1uf, r1=10k, pin 2 r2=10k , pin 3
well thats easy interface 7 pins of keypad to any port and get c code will be found on any blogs.....
Dear All, I need to make a mobile App controlled Gate Automation. For that I am planning to Use mobile Wifi to send commands. I am planning to interface some wifi module with the PIC micro controller. I am new to Wifi interfacing. Anyone please help me in this. Thanks in advance.
I think it depends what kind of mobile that you have .....If you have mobile where wireless network is possible then you can use that using Networking based methods.....but to do that you need to have some other machine on which can communicate it with Nokia mobile and PIC18f877a per as I know you will able to interface (...)
Of course it's possible. The easiest way to do this would be to use a cheap Android handset. It already has all you need; a graphics display, touch interface and Bluetooth. Just add a Bluetooth single on your project side, and your Android now becomes a graphics display as well as a control panel. Of course, you'll need either a terminal emulato
Look Here
My total ckt is that i interface dtmf to micro-controller and then this controller to 3 phase motor, The application is that i want to operate motor by mobile so that it is usable in irrigation system for ON-OFF motor.
There's no chance to use an USB GSM stick (usually it's a Huawei brand) with a PIC16. You need an USB host controller and complex software drivers to interface the device.
Hi, till now I used only uart interface for bluetooth module and the top baudrate is 115200. But how can I transfer files very fast like that in mobile phones? Which interface they are using, other than the uart ? I am using HC_05 bluetooth module and it have different interface like usb, spi etc...
Hi, I am working on a product design. I need to interface a mobile Trackpad such as used in Blackberry phones (8520/9300/9700/9800/9900) to a micorcontroller. I am having extreme difficulty in finding pinouts and datasheet for these track pads. There are so many sellers on alibaba, aliexpress and lots of other chinese websites, but all of them I t
Perhaps you need to explain. You have a sim900 GSM module. That one has what looks like DB9 RS232-type serial connector to interface with a PC. To get any of these to work, you normally need a SIM card and arrangement with a mobile network operator. So - if you have a working interface to your PC, you would be able to say that you (...)
hi i am doing automatic accident identification.. By taking the vibration value produced by the sensor we are predicting the accident location by using gps and sending that location to another mobile number by using gsm.... now we need a coding that act as interface between gps and gsm with pic microcontroller 16f877a.. plz help us and provide the
Yes. You can do that with bluetooth. You have to interface bluetooth module to mcu.
Hi all.... i have completed my project to send and receive messages between mobile LG "GW300" and Pic16f877 using UART for controlling two relays. I used frequency of 8MHZ and baud rate 9600 using the program MikroC Pro. I faced big problem with my code which`s attached below. I can`t read the message, there is no action happens when i received th
I would almost bet that u need a usb host capable MCU, else buy a cheap cellphone with serial interface (rs232) like old motorola/siemens or try nokia FBUS.
Hi, Can u help me how to interface the keypad to ARM processor having multiplexed keys in a single button as in our mobile phone keypad.
Hi Pritee... I think this can help you if you want to interface PS2 keyboard with AVR... Ismail
LCDs without a controller require an AC waveform; there are some microcontrollers with an appropriate interface, or there are dedicated LCD controllers. Color displays need a high-speed refresh, and would require a lot of RAM, a lot of interface pins and high speed microcontroller. For this reason, it is often easier to use a dedicated controller
i need connections of samsung c5212 mobile where the controller can b connected and how to connect mcu where the oin in mobile ****also need interfacing detail of avr or 8051 with nokia 1200 thanking all
please help me about c codes and commands used in interfacing Nokia mobile model 1208 with at89s51 please send me some basic codes and commands that can b used in interfacing
How do you interface Bluetooth ,infrared ,tcp/ip ? Or serially ? you should write an application in mobile using java . and communicate with 8051 ?
From which part of globe you are..? It is easily available in Indian market. with lot of option like sending massage through mobile SMS and serial interface from your PC. Regards Praveen
I want to interface a mobile TFT_LCD numbered tft8k1465fpc-a1-e But despite googling, I could not get its data sheet, or Controller name, or Pin diagram. Anyone, if worked on this tft-lcd, please share or provide links. Thanks.
Hi, Today I got a working vga camera module from an old nokia 6600 mobile phone. It consist of 14 pins and could be easily soldered out... So if possible I would like to interface it with any mcu... Any one tried some thing like this? If any one seen any documentation any where on net, pls share it here... :-)
interface of mobile phone with micro-controller Use Google translator : h
How to interface phone with microcontroller? With your hands.
I have a camera module and wants to interface it with atmega8 or so. on camera's board there is a number : "pd0630" .I don't know what it is . but I think it is the datasheet for the module the module is taken from a mobile phone anyone can explain how to interface it with my AVR ? thanks
hi i interface my omap35 board with pc for file got connected through windows mobile device centre software.i am able to view the board files in pc but i cannot tranfer anything from board to pc also not able to sync files please help
Hi.... I need to interface GSM modem with micro controller PIC16F877A and send some AT commands along with a message, to send an sms, to a GSM modem through/from a micro controller PIC16F877A as a part of my BE project. I don't have much knowledge of a GSM modem. Which one should I use...? I know that micro controller and the modem are interfaced
You can connect it via bluetooth.....connect a bluetooth module having ttl interface like this one
hi everybody: if i have 10 mobile phones & i connected the first to the second & the third to the forth & so on(pairs). why they dont interface with each other? is it because of synchronization? & what is the maximum no. of phones can i connect by bluetooth at the same time(pairs) without interferance. thanks.
I am trying to record audio from the Usb powered GSM Modem's Audio Out Pin using my PC. I have used a 2.5mm to 3.5mm audio jack feeding Modem's Audio to the PC Mic interface. But I am hearing the EMI noise that usually generated when you bring your mobile in a call to an unsheilded speaker system. The system works well when I attach my (...)
if you are looking at something like the Belkin mobile Numeric Keypd Belkin : USB Numeric Keypad which has a USB interface you will require a microcontroller with USB host facility such as the
Of course many projects base on AT command for many different purposes (reading sensors, remote control, sms alarm,.....). You can use specific phone with builtin AT modem to interface with Your project, or You always can buy GSM modem for this. uC project with phone low cost but effective (SMS Alarm) : 63499 GSM Mo
Hi! im making a project in which i want to send data from one mobile to another.. im using MH88612 (slic) & i want to interface it with microcontroller.. i didnt find any related material on net.. can any1 plz help me.. or sugest me... thnx
Hi i need to interface bluetooth to speaker of my car, so that i can also access my mobile through it. Can anybdy specify wat type of bluetooth device i can use and how to intrface(any codings/ programming required- pls give me an idea for this project).
it should would with any MCU with serial interface.. choose modem that is available in your area and MCU you like to work with
To use a cellphone you will need to interface to the cellphones serial port and establish serial communications with the microcontroller. Otherwise utilizing a GSM module will be necessary in place of the cellphone. Using a cellphone: Nokia F-Bus
plz i need u help to interface gsm module (M1306B) with pic 16f877a i need the code ( micro c) including the at commands.... i connected the gsm with the pc using hperterminal and it workss it send msg to za mobile now i need the code to send againg the msg but with both gsm and pic ..... using serial ports (RS232) and max
HI, I am repeating... I am doing a project to get input data from a 4X3 matrix key pad (just as in mobile) and display it in lcd using pic 16f877A.... the keys are like (.,1),(abc2),(def3),............(wxyz9).... i dont know how to write code for key identification as it uses multiple character in a single key..... if any one know
So i have the following problem: I should get a phone to simply start and stop an electromotor... now my problem is i have no idea how to get an interface for connecting a mobile phone(possibly a Java enabled Android phone) to the motor... It's a working prototype for further development in Java programming language but we can't get past the tehnic
A mobile phone with USB interface can only be interfaced by an USB host, e.g. FTDI Vinculum or an USB microprocessor with host capabilities. Software is difficult as well.
Hi, i have the ftdi development module V2DIP2-32, & i want to know is it possible to interface a mobile phone to it via the 1st USB host port & in the 2nd USB port put a flash drive so i can view the flash drive contents from the mobile? it's like this --------------- | V2DIP2-32 | ---phone | | ---flash drive (...)
hi i am sathish i want to operate 8 relays by sending sms from my mobile and i am using gsm modem and 8051 microcontroller so can any one help about this topic i want to know the steps to do this project regards sathish