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Hello, I am new with pic18 I am following this tutorial to interface GLCD with pic18f4550 everything is ok but until it's said As this tutorial is based on PIC18F4550 and PORTB is also used, so please make sure that Analog To Digital Converter
Hi Take a look here: interfacing KS0108 based 128x64 Graphical LCD with AVR Microcontroller. | eXtreme Electronics
Hello guys.. I need to ask that what should be the connections at pin no. 1, 3, 18 in jhd12864e graphical lcd?????????????? I have already tried 1) 0v at pin 1, and no connection at pin 18 and pin 3----- no display 2) ov at pin 1 and potentiometer of 10k b/w 1 and 18, where 3 as middle pin of potentiometer----
i actually used 8051,code seems to be rnning correctly on proteus. I'm not sure whether my glcd is wrkin because i accidently gave pin no. 18 +5v for a short while.
hello friends, i m using jhd12864e 128x64 graphical lcd interfacing with avr microcontroller . i wrote the code also how can i simulate with proteus software. i used ampire 128x64 in proteus but it is not work. which glcd should i use?
I'm trying to make an Ultrasonic Flaw Detector using A101S-RB transducer and 8051 microcontroller and a jhd12864e GLCD..... Can anyone tell me where i can get the program to interface Glcd with 8051 and also for interfacing A101S-RB with an ADC.... Thanks....
The jhd12864e employs a controller chipset which is compatible with the KS0108 chipset. Therefore, you can substitute any of the GLCDs with 128x64 resolution and the KS0108 controller chipset: Under Optoelectronics:Graphical LCDs Ampire
interfacing jhd12864e GLCD with hcs12x
i require the circuit diagram n the codes for interfacing the Glcd to at89c51 to display the day of the month, date of the week, year and another line for the name of subject. i'll be using rtc ds1307 for date and time. pls help as early as possible. :sad:
Here is a forum discussion on the jhd12864e and problems interfacing it: jhd12864e and PIC And a previous discussion: jhd12864e Interface