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i require the circuit diagram n the codes for interfacing the Glcd to at89c51 to display the day of the month, date of the week, year and another line for the name of subject. i'll be using rtc ds1307 for date and time. pls help as early as possible. :sad:
interfacing jhd12864e GLCD with hcs12x
Hi Take a look here: interfacing KS0108 based 128x64 Graphical LCD with AVR Microcontroller. | eXtreme Electronics
maybe a stupid question but i still need to know Is the initialization,data read /write sequences of all 128x64 Graphic LCDs with the same pins the same? If no can someone help me with interfacing of this GLCD with spartan 3 fpga XC3S400 The GLCD is jhd12864e Its from Jing Handa Electronics http:
The jhd12864e employs a controller chipset which is compatible with the KS0108 chipset. Therefore, you can substitute any of the GLCDs with 128x64 resolution and the KS0108 controller chipset: Under Optoelectronics:Graphical LCDs Ampire
I'm having a confusion as to whether KS0107 and KS0108 are in-built within jhd12864e or not..... There are also several other KS0107/KS0108 compatible display driver chipsets used in many of the 128x64 GLCDs. However, as wp100 mentioned the jhd12864e does indeed use KS0107/KS0108 compatible chipsets: [URL="extr
hello friends, i m using jhd12864e 128x64 graphical lcd interfacing with avr microcontroller . i wrote the code also how can i simulate with proteus software. i used ampire 128x64 in proteus but it is not work. which glcd should i use?
i think that you may have a problem doing the interfacing without some kind of driver that you proably cant get source for
Hi, Anybody done interfacing with this part, any code examples, PC end and USB2 device end. Cheers Spit
i need sum tutorials on LIN interfacing sriram
A very nice article that has been printed as pdf file and post by someone at MCU Fileman under path /ebook/Networking as Internet interfacing.pdf (1.16 Meg) Probable this is the electronic version of the article published by Electronics World magazine may/june 2001. You can find the article online at: and (page 35
Hi, I have to interface SDRAM with a microcontroler. Could someone explain me how SDRAM works in order to do the interfacing by myself. See appl. note:
hai. how will write low level routine like lcd interfacing ,i/o control in wince application. example needed. pls help me what s/w they use in arm bye
Do any body have schematic and source code for interfacing Compact Flash card with 8051 microcontroller in true IDE mode, its to urgent for me , Please Pm me the Project schematic with source code.
Programming and interfacing the 8051 Microcontroller (Paperback) by Sencer Yeralan, Ashutosh Ahluwalia Paperback: 328 pages Publisher: Addison-Wesley Pub (Sd); 1st edition (January, 1995) Language: English ISBN: 0201633655
Hi, I need information/schematics/details for interfacing a camera (say DC215) with a PC for periodic image capture and analysis. Any other camera or interface with a uC is OK. TIA Madhukar
Dear All, Can anyone point me to some info on interfacing to Nokia phone graphic LCD with micro-controller? Also, which phone LCD (3210, 3310, etc) are the easiest to interface to? Thanks.
hi friends i have a LCD LM32019T from SHARP it is 320x240 QVGA lcd i got its interface on Hantronix web site and also from but it is with SED1335 with 32K SRAM and SED interface in pixel is up to down 8 bits column by column can i interface such type of LCDs with T6963 or toshiba e
hi friends i have two lcds containing Columns and rows driver ICS from toshiba and epson but i dont have connector status for what pin is what i determined some pins but could not determine all. please help me to determine this and also tell me interfacing . is it possible with T6963 because these have D0,D1 only or is it ok with SED1335?
I have the PCL for HPlaserJet 6P/6MP. Could i use this for the Epson 80 column dot matrix interfacing using the microcontroller ? Could i get the necessary connection details with that of the 8051? should i go by the parallel centronics way ? regards, karthik bala guru.
Hi all, i'd like to interface to either an ethernet PCMCIA card (standard or wireless), using a standard ?controller (like M16C, or that kind), using an EPLD to do all the interfacing job. Anybody having already done this,or any information on how to realise PCMCIA interface would help. For another project, I would also like to make my own
hi friends i want to interface 256x64 VFD graphic display (containing NEC ICs) with PIC/8051/AVR Controller but i dont have its pin connection and interfacing pattern. the specification of this display is NEC ICs D65015 x 1 D16306 x 4 D16326 x 4 BR6265 x 1 CN1 is 30 Pins Connector CN2 is 4 Pins Connector Serial Number is FM256GX64A
I wrote this ke**il c c0de for interfacing 8o51 to @D7715 ,a 16 bit sigm@ delt@ c0nverter from anal0g devices. But It works good for several hours and I can get data from ADC,But suddenly the ADC does not give correct data it only gives 0x0000 code on any analog input. I do not know what is the problem ? Is it noise? PCB layout? Lost sequence
Hi, Does anybody knows where can I find subroutines for interfacing a CompactFlash to a 89C51 microcontroller? Thanx.
Hi friends, I have two doubts regarding 1.interfacing external eeprom interfacing. If ext.eeprom (for eg AT24c04) is directly connected to atmega16 with correct 10k pull up resistor, I am not getting the proper channel set for data flow and hence data transfer doesn't takes place but when i changed volatge from Vcc(5v) to 3.3v it worked
hi i'am basically confused in how to select the number of bits while interfacing microcontroller 8051 with memory. Can anyone help me in this regard.
Hi Can anyone help ME!!! I am trying to Interface a FPGA to the LPT Port of my computer. I am planning to use the Data Register (Pins 2 - 9). The interfacing circuitry I am using comprises of only a Buffer IC and a resistor. I am using the 74125 IC, (its a Tri state CMOS Quad Buffer, I have forced the control pins to 0, i.e. its active state).
Hi, I'm using MSP430F135 spi to interfacing CC1020 RF device. I wonder if some of you have experience with it? Best Regards, ltg
Q1)which IC can be used as a BCD to HEX converter? Q2)circuit diagram or methodology for interfacing 4 thumwheel switches & 4 digit 7 segment display?
Hi all, I need C code for interfacing DS1302 RTC with PIC16F877 THANKS IMP
Dear ALL, Does anyone can help me about interfacing multi 8052 via serial communication... I know it's possible with mode 2/3 serial comm, but how about bus connection? Did you mean any serial interface? Then just add RS485 converter and you will get RS-485 network. BTW, some uC have special mode of serial I/O port
hi i am planning to implement signature detection in security systems using 8051 microcontroller ( planning to make a dedicated device ). interfacing is the major problem ..any1 of u know how to interface 8051 and the display device ? also provide me with some interesting URL's related to my query.. thanks god bless U all
Hi all, I have a PICMASTER ICE that uses a ISA interfacing board. Is there anyway I can use it under serial or usb or printer port? Modern PC motherboards do not come with ISA anymore :( thanks for any input!
Hi , I'm working on a Image Sensor project and now worrying about interfacing an ADC to the image sensor output. Now wot are the factors that I must think before selecting the converter like sampling rate, Dynamic Range(number of bits) ??? How will the input capacitance of the A/D Converter affect the selection ??? Also I wanted to know if
hai, i want to use HT1621 lcd driver to display 8 digit on LCD glass(custom LCD). want to use 4 com signal. I want to use C language for that.i am new to C language and lcddisplay . i have gone thro'the datasheet. pls can anyone help me with C CODE for interfacing HT1621 and Microcontroller(eg:ST).what are the steps to be followed.
Hi all, I request documentations about bus interfacing. For example 5V TTL <=> 3.3V CMOS (5V tollerant) 5V TTL <=> 3.3V CMOS (not 5V tollerant) Thanks
i THINK Stuart Ball has a book about "interfacing with the real world". Also embedded Hardware from Oreilly. Best regards, mimoto
hi all i need documents about interfacing and interoperating FPGA+DSP! xilinx's SPARTAN 3 + Ti's C54 can anybody give me a link ? i need it desperately ! tnx ahead
Hai any one knows about the factors to be considered for interfacing multiple clock domains in IC design.Could you provide some references...
Dear sir i hope you are quiet well. thank you very much for your attention. i'm astudent of higher studies"computer engineering dept.,basrah university,iraq" ,my research "design an industrial data logger ,interfacing to pc"mean design simple circuit that control in any device by using (PPI,A-TO-D,D-TO-A converter,isa card or pci,....
Would it be possible to interface an ISA graphics card to a PIC? Should anyone know how or of any links, PLEASE post them! Can you believe I got this idea by reading through an article about interfacing an IDE HDD! Thanks Sputnik :idea:
I was wondeeing if it is possible to hookup custom made devices like process displays or weigh scals to the serial port of PLCs. I am interested in interfacing to Siemens PLCs.
Could anyone tell me how to interfacing humidity sensor RHK1AN, so the output is a dc voltage from 0 - 5VDC. the spec is: - resistive sensor - 1Vpp AC source and anybody got the datasheet???mine is partial, not complete..... :( Try this just two IC used virtual groud as shown in power jpg note that the voltage are ac vo
Where can i find a HI-TECH PICC driver for interfacing a PIC16F877 to a MAX7219 LED driver IC
Hello. Anyone have good reference link and report/thesis/document/project for PCMCIA interfacing with microcontroller? Can post at here. I want start it from scratch. Thanks in advance.
Hope this can help, it also has sch+ code for LCD interfacing Added after 4 minutes: Here is the link for the source code of LCD interfacing with 8051 core MCUs
plz tell me and give links and codes for interfacing parallel port in JAVA I am using Java1.4.0 Editior is JCreatorLE
Search Code Project for interfacing with Parallel Port Article
hello everyone, i m working on interfacing of Cermetek CH1799 modem with Atmel T89C51AC2 this i want to know how to write the code for interfacing modem with uC.
Im trying to interface a JHD162A LCD module to my at89c52 micrcontroller. As far as i find in micrcontroller textbooks LCD modules based on HD44780 are supposed to have 14 pins. but this ones got 16 pins. can anyone pls provide me the pin diagram or datasheet of this LCD. google returned a chinese site and the datasheet was not accessible. tnx in