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Hi. I am interfacing a Mobile with 8051 through the data cable, for that i need to have a max232 for the serial communication b/w mobile and MC. So anyone with solution to this pollution, plz help me
hi!! wish you a very happy new year to all of you:D i am doing a hobby project of sending sms through Nokia E71 with 8051 using AT command.I successfully able to send sms from the mobile through hyperterminal or trying to make a call (ATD 98541*****).The same commands were also successfully sent from 8051 to hyperterminal.But when I (...)
i want the schematic and code for the interfacing of rf module A315 do we need to interface it through max232
Hi i am using R30x module. it is a finger print module, communication is RS 232. how to start the programming, please guide me.. first i am trying to interface finger print module R30x with 8051. first i am trying to interface with PC. but it is not showing any thing on my hyper terminal. even i can not write any thing on my hyper (...)
Dear friends i have just use tws and rws pair for wireless communication between two 8051 microcontrollers. when i communuicate them with wire, work fine... but problem arise when i used the wirless modules,it does not seems that RWS data pin is not able to drive the Rx pin of 8051,because i have tested that the transmitter is transmitt
If you are new to serial port interfacing and new to 8051 ,and want to learn these two for interfacing only. Then the best choice for you is "Serial port complete " By Jon Axelson . Have you checked it out ? It has circuit as well as explaination of what you are looking for. You can download it from the forum (e version of the book ). (...)
Hi, Can any one send me circuits and programmiing samples for intefacing of 1)Atmel 89c2051 with Max 233 2)Atmel 89c2051 with ADC 0804 Thanks in advance. if you simply want the connections between 89c2051 and max232/33 the follow this links :: -->>
i am assuming you are interfacing 8051 serially using max232 with use hyper terminal
hi.. i need help interfacing gps garmin 35 hvs with micocontroller 8051..if u could provide a schematic diagram i will be thankful..
its just connecting to serial port and configuring the bauud rate properly. You dont need any interfacing as the module and your 8051 board will have MAX 232 in it. The zigbee module should have a max232. check if it is there or not. If it is there then directly you can connect.
hi,sorry for my English i want to interface gsm modem with 8051 using serial communication , but first i want to know if (GPRS/GSM-Modem SINAUT MD720-3) must connect first to rs232 circuit or it has already inside it a rs232 circuit because on websites i read that not all modems needs to rs232 circuit and , please help me to know how to connect i
sir i haven't interface a PC to a microcontroller before this is my first time.....i want to send data from my computer to do i do max232 with RS232 cable going to work or i can make it work with other connections(diode 1N4148 and transistor QCS9014.......i read this connection somewhere i havent tried this yet) as well????
anyone, please give me CIRCUIT AND CODE OF 8051 USING IR, and also a circuit of db25 connection, which is for interfacing with computer,
Thanks for your advice but I've completed my project a month ago ;-) friend, i am trying to interface fingerprint module R30x with 8051. first i am trying to interface with PC. but it is not showing any thing on my hyper terminal. even i can not write any thing on my hyper terminal (after connecting fingerprint
hello.. i am interfacing 8051 to xbee (tharang f4-it is a module from NSK )using max232 ic. when i connected the xbee to PC it works properly at 9600 . I programmed 8051 to sent hello word at 9600 .when i connected 8051 to pc at9600 it works fine.but when i connected to pc through (...)
The design may or may not require the use of max232 transceivers, depending on whether the GSM/GPRS module provides a TTL UART or RS-232 interface. interfacing GSM Module with 8051 microcontroller (AT89C51) without using PC [URL="www.
OK, "Serial Port Complete" book can help your problem. In this book, interfacing with 8051 and other microcontroller are included. merlion
hi, if you can use the DPDT Relay for the switching the interface .......... i also did same when i am interfacing the GPS and the GSM modem coz when i need one device at a time ...... it is nice solution when u wnat to send data to only one device at a time
What modem are you talking about? Is it Benq m22 or m23? They are almost the same. I have used this modem before many times. You do not need to convert any signal if your going to use it with a microcontroller. You only need max232 level converter if your going to connect it to a computer. I recommend you to try to communicate using a computer f
Hi, You have mentioned that while connecting to PC, you have connected the phone to the USB port of PC, which means the phone is interfacing to PC using USB signals, it does not matter whether the level is TTL or not, you need to emulate a USB host in 8051 for it to work with your phone. Apart from just the levels, it means a lot of (...)
I m using 89c52 to interface it with sonyericson T290i mobile... i tested mobile at is working. and supports AT commands. i know that max232 IC will be used in between mobile and microcontroller... but i dont know what connections should be make in DB9 connector of mobile with max232. what connections should be make in DB9
How can i interface max232 interfacing with P89v51rd2 It's typical DB-9 - max232 - 8051-derivative configuaration .. Rgds, IanP :|
Hi, 1) as for interfacing the 8051 using RS232 check any 8051 related book(mazadi could be a good one)/ or just google it out. 2) For controlling the realys why do u need NE555 ? Whats the purpose you are trying to achive? I guess you are getting the basics wrong!!!! Asimov
i m interfacing 8051 with a max232 to VTerminal program is writen in keil c only a ? appears when i m sending the data to the VTerminal plz help me with right schematic and program
actually i m interfacing rf module to 8051 without max232 so will the transmitter and reciever work without it i dont know plz help
Please see my example for 8051 interfacing to PC serial port . It is working example with 9600 baud rate. Hyperterminal file is include in whole project zip file. For more examples see project page of site
Pls anyone can u tell me wat to do for interfacing 8051 with GSM module, i hav bought AT89S51, i am jus beginner and need to buy GSM module. What are the steps i need to follow for interfacing ?? Anyone pls help me??
I don't see any use of max232 or MAX3232... there is no need to convert the signal to TTL logic as both work on CMOS logic. Simple interfacing RX(of GPS)->Tx(of MCU) and Tx(of GPS)->Rx(of MCU) should work, won't it???
Hi, I am interfacing a GSM Module with the help of a AT89S52 Microcontroller. I am writing the program on C and compiling using Keil. Please could anyone tell me how do I generate a call through the MC using AT commands and how should I enter it in the C program. Also please could you tell me about the RS232 connections. Any help on th
You can use MCU 89xx Programmer, with serial I/F or Parallel I/F to send .hex file Some resource available for free and commercial. for example link site: And reference for interfacing serial/parallel
Hi , I would like to know about interfacing 8051 microcontroller into PC via RS-232 connector, can anyone tell me how i can do it, what are the steps i can take ..
yup jitu is right u have to use max232 IC for interfacing micro controller to the PC... using hyper terminal is very simple, check this link for hyper terminal settings
for a serial communication you have to use UART and a voltage converter IC like max232 for converting 5 - 0V to +-15V compatible to Serial communication in Computer And VB directly has an interfacing command with the COM Port But I Dont know much about VB
can anyone plz help me , i want to make my very first project regarding microcontrollers...i want to switch on/off led connected to p0.0 port of at89s52, through key: 'A' . i have used here max232 for interfacing at89s52 with the plz anyone , send its source code in assembly language only????
hi, you may first study how to make a simple program in your device before you can do interfacing.. we will try to help you in the interfacing if you have problems..
i want a circuit diagram through which i could read sms from a gsm module using a project is "controlling home appliances using sms" --->wanted a circuit diagram interfacing gsm module sim300 and a microcontroller............. urgently plzzzzz someone help me out. my
how can we help you if not know what type of modem you have? here is some example: instead of classic 8051 series to C8051F330 is very litle difference..... use datasheet of F330 and datasheet of modem and all will be clear very quick!
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