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Problem interfacing adc0808 with 8051. I have uploaded the schematic files and hex file for 8051 also. I have set the Vref(+)=2.5 and the Vin to 2.5. In this case the ADC should have an ouptut FF. But the output is not FF. Can someone explain the
does any body know the coding for interfacing keyboard with 8051 mc and to transmit it to selective receiver
I tried interfacing rtc with 8051 to display hour,min,sec but got seconds alone displayed on lcd with an error logic contentions on data bus
See this : TMP101 output looks quite similar with DS1631 (except the last 0000 from LSB) You can try for interfacing DS1631 and 8051. It's in C code. If you can't manage I'll translate for you in assembler.
i need help on interfacing EEPROM with 8051
hi..., we r facing a problem while interfacing gsm wit 8051, we r able to interface gsm with pc n 8051 wit pc , but we are not able interface microcontroller wit gsm module..plz help us here is our code #include // include at89x51 . h #include // include stdio . h (...)
may be helpful
hello friends... I am currently working on a project in my college in which I need to interface a number of devices with 8051 microcontroller like sensors, lcd, buzzer, gsm module, keypad etc. i couldn't find any good source on net about interfacing other than datasheets of these devices(which i found difficult to interpret:roll:) it would (...)
Hello friend, Can you send me your interfacing circuit diagram. I use P89v51Rd2 means 5V microcontroller and my GSM module (SIM900) is working at 4.2V, so how can i connect my Micro RX, TX which is at 5V to SIM900 RX, TX which is 4.2V support. Please help me to design my circuit. Thanks in advance. Regards, Ghanshyam
hey, i am interfacing SIM300 with 8051 and i want to send sms to a group of mobile nos. In order to do serial communication need to send string via the serial port. how do i go about it? for sending a single character i can assign the character to the SBUF register but how do i do this in case of a string? How to write a function which (...)
atmel has a pdf file explaining interfacing 24c16 with 8051. get the document from atmel site. (doc0507.pdf) srizbf 31stmay2010
hi, can any one help me in interfacing sd with 8051 programming... i want to use spi mode and want to build code in embedded C thanks
hi doing a project regarding zigbee and 8051. but im struck in some ways when i send a interrupt on zigbee the 8051 is able to receive and its unable to transmit the data back to hyperterminal. the source code link is here . thank you.
For details GOTO: "MICROCONTROLLER interfacing with RS-232 STANDARD DEVICES" Regards, IanP
HI see this file "interfacing SLx 24Cxx I2C-bus Serial EEPROMS to 8051 microcontroller, especially Siemens C5xx" with c example SOKRAT
Hi I need ur kind help. I want a sample program for DS1302 interfacing with 8051. This is for my polytechnic project. I already have one sample program. But I guess there is something wrong with the program because the LCD displays ??:??:??(Question mark and semi-colon) It is supposed to display time. Pls send me a s
hi i have a material on ADC interfacing with 8051 with full source code
Hi every1!!! well frndz, i'm given a task of interfacing PC with a 8051 ?C (of course using serial port). on the PC i'll be developin a GUI which will probably have 3 (or more) toggle buttons as i press a button the FAN, BULB or TUBE_LIGHT attached with the ?C turns off or on. i'm not good @ programmin. anywayz i've wriiten (...)
Please Give me detail circuit diagram and assembly language program for interfacing of ADC with 8051 using SPI protocol. Give detail information about SPI protocol. Thanks, Sangmeshwar
plz help me on this topic the problem is that i am interfacing a eeprom with an 8051 ,but the problem is that when the controller is in the middle of a write or read cycle ,there is a possibility that the controller might be interrupted externally which i have also programmed ,the controoller will process the interrupt then come back but (...)
plz help me on this topic i am interfacing a eeprom with an 8051 ,but the problem is that when the controller is in the middle of a write or read cycle ,there is a possibility that the controller might be interrupted externally which i have also programmed ,the controoller will process the interrupt then come back but till then there (...)
Please also check this: ds1307 RTC and p89v51rd2 with C.
can I use T610 for this mobile interfacing? :D
i have done RTC (DS1307) interfacing with PIC16F877A in 'C'.But at this time i m working on 8051 and i want to RTC (DS1307) interfacing with 8051.plz help me
Hi, I have heard that T230 can be interfaced with 8051 by using serial communication through data cable. But the set is not available in market.T280 is available in market.I have never done interfacing of any mobile with 8051. Now,I want to interface T280 with 8051 by (...)
Hi friends, I am in the urge to interface a GPRS Modem with 8051 Micro controller. I am having lot of doubts regarding this. Any one can please help me.... My doubts are 1) whether i can interface GPRS Modem with 8051 Controllers? 2) How to assign IP address to GPRS Modem and 8051? any one (...)
hi!! wish you a very happy new year to all of you:D i am doing a hobby project of sending sms through Nokia E71 with 8051 using AT command.I successfully able to send sms from the mobile through hyperterminal or trying to make a call (ATD 98541*****).The same commands were also successfully sent from 8051 to hyperterminal.But when I (...)
hi this is shikhar need help and guidance regarding apr 9600 voice recorder playback chip interfacing with 8051 nxp and programming . iam using only 4 msg to record in chip pls reply soon
I need info about interfacing of physical parameter sensor with 8051
This is john.. Hi guys... Here I tried 4x3 matrix key pad interfacing with 8051 and its working... I have used port 3 and connected row 0, 1, 2, 3 in P3.4, P3.5, P3.6, P3.7 and column 0, 1, 2 in P3.2, P3.1, P3.0 respectively. #include sfr keypad = 0xB0; //port 3 sfr lcd_output = 0x90; //port 1 sbit RS = 0xA0; //port 2.0 (...)
Need PPI(8255) interfacing with 8051 and run a stepper motor program in assembly language... use port c of ppi
I am designing the system in which I need to interface strain gauge with 8051. Can anyone help me in designing the interfacing diagram. Please send on my e-mail. My e-mail ID is
i want the schematic and code for the interfacing of rf module A315 do we need to interface it through max232
hi all, i am interfacing sim 300 with 8051 in assembly(not in assembly C) using keil please help me with the programme and codes. Thank You
go through the following link you will get the
help me for software of 8051 to use matlab simulink interfacing with 8051 via serial port
hello experts please correct the code below lcd 4 bit interfacing with 8051 #include #include #define LCDPORT P2[/FO
I want to interface 8870 dtmf ic with 8051 what is the program for ....this when we press 1, 2... like this thankyou Can be more specific ? You need to decode DTMF using 8051 and show number on 7-seg LED or LCD ? interfacing 8870 DTMF decoder with 8051
please send me c codes for interfacing nokia mobile with 8051 microcontroller ;;;thanks in advance ,,,i m waiting for reply ,,,my project is in the process
wants c codes for Nokia mobile interfacing with 8051 please tell which important commands should i used while programming for 8051 interfacing with nokia mobile 1208 model
Hi i am using R30x module. it is a finger print module, communication is RS 232. how to start the programming, please guide me.. first i am trying to interface finger print module R30x with 8051. first i am trying to interface with PC. but it is not showing any thing on my hyper terminal. even i can not write any thing on my hyper (...)
Dear friends i have just use tws and rws pair for wireless communication between two 8051 microcontrollers. when i communuicate them with wire, work fine... but problem arise when i used the wirless modules,it does not seems that RWS data pin is not able to drive the Rx pin of 8051,because i have tested that the transmitter is transmitt
thank you jayanth, i got idea about interfacing external memory. like wise how to interface SRAM & DRAM with 8051. and how to write to & read from that? and also could you explain the function of 74LS373 in that circuit?
I need transceiver circuit for interfacing with 8051 based microcontroller for a minimum distance of 1Km. Thanks in advance
hello everyone, i m working on interfacing of Cermetek CH1799 modem with Atmel T89C51AC2 this i want to know how to write the code for interfacing modem with uC.
How i interface EEPROM (AT28C256) with 8051 microcontroller and i how erase this EEPROM either using GENIUS NSP universal programmer or any other eassy method.
i m using EPROM 27C256 with 8051 microcontroller . plz give me a very basic code for doing this . plz also specify the diagram for interfacing . give me a small code for displaying any number on microcontroller port using EPROM for code storage
Hi Guys, I am in the process of interfacing 12 bit ADC (ICL7109) with 8051.I have only the data sheet with mw.Can you please guide me how to do the interfacing with some assembly code of 8051.If possible Please give me the component values of Cap and Res used in the (...)
dear friends i am working on a project,which uses tsop1738 to detect whether there is an intrruption in the path of IR ray.i want to connect tsop with 8051 some how so that 8051 can count the interruption per second.(i will use the timer 0 of 8051 as an event counter and timer 1 to generate an interrupt every second) the (...)
Hi, interfacing LCDs is in general quite easy. However if you are looking at character LCDs they all use basically the same (or compatable controller) a Hitatchi HD4470 or something like that. Anyway I might have some LCD code for the 8051 that I can dig uo if you need it. Cheers Slayer