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Good day I would like to isolate the control side of the circuit from the power side by using an optocoupler. As shown in the picture below, I connected the anode of the scr to the collector of the optocoupler bjt and then connected the emitter to the gate (with a resistor and a schottky diode in between). But I'm worried that the (...)
Greetings, Does this circuit work well? Application : to control speed of ceiling Fan or to control brightness of a Light bulb. Components : MOC3021 (optocoupler), BTA12 600 (TRIAC) 110117 Thank you !
Hi everyone i am working on project in which i have to fetch data from a 3 phase ac power supply and monitor it and correspondingly control a water pump depending upon the power supply status. Please guide me about the sensors and the controllers that i can use . Thanking you in advance :)
HI boys, please, can you help me? To this day I use optocoupler PC817 to interfacing atmel or pic input with other devices - switches, relay contacts, etc. Now I make redesign of pcb and need smaller size. pc817 is very big. I need some another circuit such as transistor, zener diodes etc. Connection will be same - switch NO NC, or contact of
please tell me how to interface single phase energy meter with 16f73 via optocoupler
Dear friends, I want interface the mechanical relay with FPGA. Can any body help me. Please send me the circuit. I want use the following things: MCT2E, SL100 and IN4007. I am waiting for ur response. thank u. with regards raj
Hello, I am using "ADC0804 with optocoupler" and 8051 for measuring Analog Voltage. Now I want to use MCP3202 which is SPI Protocol Based, Becasue is required Less pins to interface with 8051 Microcontroller. I have read from datasheet that It required ?Anti-Aliasing Analog" which is MCP601". My Question is that How I know MCP601 i
hi all, i'd like to find out more about this and would appreciate any help. the ignition (rpm) signal is at 12v and is a square wave signal. what would be the best way to interface this signal to a microcontroller? do i have to use a comparator or adc or some other way? thanks for any help.
give me the idea about isolation circuit i mean any means to isolate the main circuit while interfacing with power line normally for power line communication to transmit/receive data isolation circuit may be any form of transformer
Your post says that this is a "Sensor interfacing circuit" but I actually don't know where is your sensor !!! If I'm correct then I guess the sinusoidal function generator represents the sensor, that's why you mentioned it's voltage changes from 0.6V to 40V. The only thing I couldn't figure is how may the sensor change with a frequency of 100Hz?
Hi. I do ZCD for AC Power lines. I read application note of Microchip AN521. This application note explain for interfacing AC Power lines directely connect with Microchip I/O Pin. My Problem is they told Phase connect with I/O pin of microchip but they cannot mention what about connection nutral. Is it required to connection of Nutral .?
interfacing between micro and ac 220 V you need optocoupler ang try controlling the motor using phase ship method