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hi i am trying to simulate slotline to microstrip transition and for that i want to use waveport for microstrip line and for double slot line but i dont know why every time i got same error msg that port ids assigned to internal face.i am attaching my hfss model also paper from which i got idea of this balun plz if anyone (...)
I usually only used lumped port when analysing an internal impedance in the structure. waveguide ports are the one to use on CPW, but you have to take care to define the dimension of the port correct. Make sure that you only propagate CPW mode form the port and not other strange (...)
Hi All, I got some problems on size of coaxial wave port. Since i am simulated planar antenna which i am using wave port to be touched with my feed point of antenna, although the result of simulation shows me a good size, however, i wondered how large the coaxial wave port should i use. (...)
ok, 1st possibility: the wave port is inside the airbox. The simulation rule is to draw a very thin PEC brick and assign the port to the PEC brick face touching the antenna (looks to be fed with a cpw, isn't it?). PEC is a 'non-solve inside' material in HFSS. waveports must be placed between a 'non-solve (...)
I am using HFSS I believe I've made my wave port correctly based on previous answered post, yet I keep getting the error message "p1 is assigned to an internal face". I understand that it thinks my port is "inside" my design, but I'm confused if it really is. For my antenna design, I ran the traces for 5 GCPW lines to (...)
Hey, I'm trying to design a fractal patch antenna. The patch is fed by a direct-connected probe. However, on running the design, I get the following error message: port refinement, process hf3d error: port 1 is assigned to an internal face. Only allowed with lumped ports.. Simulation completed with execution (...)
Is it possible to define internal CPW port in HFSS simulation? - - - Updated - - - In one of the HFSS training manuals, it is given that : " wave port Restrictions: port should be on exterior model face, or capped by a perfect conductor block if internal." Here, what does capped by a (...)
I am using the HFSS and I would like to know how to set the port. There are wave port, lump source and gap source. What are their difference ? What shoud I shoud if we use microstrip line to feed? Thanks a lot.
I am simulating a 50 ou stripline in CST.But I cannot get the right result.And there are always some higher modes in wave port.Could you tell me how to set the wave port?
hey, guys, i m a newbie in antenna design. i have got a problem, is there anybody know how to determine the length and width of the wave port? does the size of wave port affect the result? thx!!
Hi, I am currently start to explore the HFSS v9.2. Before that, I have learned that there are wave and lumped port for the simulation. My question is if I would like to simulate a structure (assuming it a retangular model), it is always a "must" that I need to draw a 2-D vertical square at the input and output and assigned it as a (...)
I looked through the forum at some pifa simulations and they used lumped port, which I think is correct. But I also looked at the tutorial and it shows that you can use a wave port for a microstrip feed (p. 345). Please comment.
Hi, all I am trying to simulate the electric field distribution inside the water filled circular glass tube, while the incident wave is the TE10 mode of the waveguide(with the flange connected to one end of the cavity). I also set up a air box more than quarter wavelength away and assign radiation boundary around it. The hfss file (...)
I am trying to excite a CPW using wave port ,i have seen a method to use an extra pec box for the use of assigning the direction of the incident energy.but will it affect the computation accuracy of the field? can i set the pec box to non-model object and designate a face of it wave port? Best regards!
Hi all, I couldn't understand how to determine a waveport's or a lumped port's direction. Can anyone experienced in this tool give me detailed information? I know it should be from lowest to highest voltage. But don't know the direction of the arrow represents which field? or where to assign it? I'm very confused. Thanks and best regards..
hi, i need a tutorial to design a circularly polarized patch ,i don't know how to assign wave port excitation with HFSS. thanks If somebody have an example please....
for a lange circuit how to add wave port ? first , how i did it assign->wave port->p1->number of modes 2->set newline at the microstrip edge p1(port1)have two modes ,what does mode mean ? two stimulations ? or propagation modes ? i get a bad result i change the (...)
you can generate them in quartus 2 fpga developing environment. best regards Hi all! I have designed fpga (ACEX1k) based device with external SRAM module (single port) and now need to create the internal dual port ram interface with it. I'm looking for any decision. Thanks a lot.
hello! I have another question regarding wave ports. I've read in the Ansoft White paper that "wave ports are always a matched termination to a transmission line". What does this mean? If I have a transmission line with a wave port at either end, and I run a FREQUENCY SWEEP, then will the (...)
Dear all, Could you please tell me how to define a wave-port on a slotline structure (port width, hight, line of integration)? Thanks. Best Regards, Marwah Shafee
Lumped ports: Lumped ports are similar to traditional wave ports, but can be located internally and have a complex user-defined impedance. Lumped ports compute S-parameters directly at the port.The complex impedance Zs defined for a lumped port serves as (...)
lump port is located internally and compute S-parameters directly at the port. complicated than wave port. wave port is like a external source feed to the structure
Hi, Could anyone show me how to add an interior wave port? As shown in the attached picture, I want to replace the lump port with a wave port. the impedance line can be the same direction. I want to do that because the real source is a high frequency resonator made by asemiconductor device. it can (...)
Does anyone know how can I get an incident plane wave on a wave port? The poynting vectors in my design (which is a cylinder with the top defined as a wave port), don't look like a plane wave. They look like a sine wave is coming down.
Could somoeone tell me how to displace a wave port when doing a parametric calculation that enlarge the structure translating the source? Thank you very much
Hi , How can i find the dimensions of the HFSS wave port?. I know that it exist a calculator to do that in and for 50 Ω TL only, but i want to determine the size manually for TL feed not 50 ohm. is there any exact rule ,i've read a HFSS doc but i'm not convinced when comparaing with results of my simulation. help pl
Hello everybody, I have a few questions on the wave port. For a dipole antenna with a coplanar line feed on a dielectric substrate I have to define a wave port. By changing the size the s-parameter will change as well. What is the reason? Theory? What is the optimal wave port size? (...)
Hello, what is the difference between a wave port and a Lumped port. I am assigning a dipole antenna at the foot point. The S-parameter diagram is different when a Lumped port is used instead of the wave port. What is the reason therefore? And which way is right? Regards, H.
who knows how to set wave port at 75 ohm both solution type at driven modal and driven terminal. thank you!
Guys, I have to assign a wave port in this design. I tried different ways explained in this forum, but none seemed to work in this design. I am thinking maybe I made a mistake making a ground as perfect E. Every time I run check model I am getting rad and perfect E are overlapping. Not sure how to fix it. If any of can help me I will really ap
Hi all, I'm very new to HFSS and now trying to learn it by reading Ansoft HFSS user's guide (ver 10). Though I used HFSS v.11 software. I was working on Example 5.3 (Probe Feed Patch Antenna). Everything seemed to be fine, until I tried to assign a wave port excitation (page5.3-11). In the document it shows that after calling HFSS>Excitations>As
hi alls I am new on hfss. I don't understand wave port and lumped port excatly. why we use these . why these are necessary?
Hi, I want to simulate a dipole antenna in HFSS with a wave port simulation. I want to figure out the change in input impedance of antenna as frequency is changed. I dont think using a lumped port lets me get this information. I dont want to use a CPW to interface with the antenna because then I will not know what the input (...)
hi friends, I will highly appreciate if some one can tell me, how to calibrate tilted polarization in HFSS 12. When i use HFSS 9, i find a check box "Polarize E Field", which has aligned my E field along the integration line...i-e yielded a perfect TE11 mode for a circular waveguide. But in HFSS 12, there is no such option. When ever I d
Hi friends, Please find the attached model and a picture of a wave port excitation for a circular wave guide. How can I make this tilted polarization correctly TE11, aligned to the integration line, along z axis. Please help me out of this...... Thanks
I'm simulating a multiple fold dipole antenna for 200 GHz (lamda_g = 597.2 um). The antenna is folded 4 times (has 5 poles) for very high impedance. The antenna width and arm spacing is 0.02*lamda_g. The feed gap is 24.5 um. So I made the wave-port 24.5 by (s + w) um. Is this acceptable? Or is a lumped port more appropriate? The antenna is (...)
Hi all I want to simulate the shown coplanar coupled lines. I want to calculate Zeven and Zodd. Can someone tell me how to define the wave port? what are its size , position , any necessary boundary conditions ... ? should the wave port include the ground metals? also , shall I use Zpi , Zpv or Zvi? The (...)
hi, I'm using HFSS11 how do I assign one wave port with 2 differential terminals? thanks!!
It is multi-layer PCB for mobile.And microstrip is designed in internal layer.
I want to try to simulate an antenna consisting of a piece of coax with a slot in the braid. i.e. Leaky Feeder. I'd like to look at the power at each end of the feeder, so want to put 2 ports. The attached file has the important bits, but the dimensions are purposely changed to make the thing easier to see. But whenever I try to add (...)
Well Friends, I am designing a ultra wide band antenna with CPW. Now I want to use wave port Excitation. I designed the wave port but whenever I am not getting good result because of improper excitation. Now I really need to know the proper excitation method. I did go through Help menu but problem was not fixed. Please help (...)
Hi All, I'm working on ungrounded CPW structure. I've been through all previous post about CPW , how to feed it and Ansoft tutorials,and I designed a cpw antenna with SMA. From Antenna_kit released by ansoft I realized that the length of the coax should be Lambda/6. So I simulated my CPW with 4 different feeding, 1.SMA with Lambda/6 length, 2. SMA
wave port is used for external feeding as given in hfss manual..for example wave guides . we can assign wave port for micro strip transmission lines also..lumped port is used for internal feeding for example dipole antenna..the difference between those two (...)
Hello, I am simulating some lambda/2 series CPW resonators, and have been getting some disagreement between my results when simulating by wave port or Lumped Terminal. They both show resonance at roughly the expected frequency, but disagree on order of a few hundred MHz. I am inclined to believe the wave port results as (...)
Hi all, I wanted to feed the dipole patch antenna with the wave port(the figure of the antenna is below), but I don't know how to do that. I know how to feed it with lumped port. However, I'm willing to know the input impedance of the proposed antenna. Thanks all (I have hiden the substrate, and GND doesn't exist) 97285[
Hi everyone, I used the Solve ports Only (HFSS) to determine the wave port size. It should allow only the fundamental mode to propagate. Solution Freq.=14.25GHz (operation freq.); Sweep Freq.=; I want to see the transmission characteristics (including S-parameters later) in the sweep freq (bandwidth). The wave (...)
Hello what is the difference between wave port and lumped port in HFSS. When we use lumped port and when we use wave port?
hi, can any one help me in assigning the wave port( file is attached ). thank u :-D
Hi, I'm ACPW structure but i do not know how to design the wave port. The dimensions of the antenna in hfss file exists Thanks for help
Hi, So I have an urgent problem. I'm trying to design a cavity/resonator coupled to a multi step CPW filter. Now, individually everything works properly, but when I couple and try to model, it doesn't work well. I've used the standard suggested wave port dimensions and still get nothing. The field at the port is often non symmetric (...)