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i want to buy a folding and interpolation adc monolithic, if anyone kown how where can buy one ,please give a help.many thanks
Hello all, I am now designing a clock driver for a folding interpolation adc. The output of the clock driver is connect to 32 comparators. The clock signal needs to be generated is 2GHz. Does anyone have experience with designing such a high speed clock driver?? Thanks for your help, chemaphy
Hello friends If anyone has information regarding the design of Folding and interpolation adc please upload the documents. Especially if anyone has Thesis related to Folding and Interpolating adc.. Plz upload it. Advanced Thanks Shady205
Can somebody helps me out to know the pros & cons of Folding & interpolation adcs compare to pipeline and Flash adc OR suggest some good material for ? Thanks in advance...
Hallo, How to determine the value of interpolation resistors for Folding and interpolation adc? Thx in advance
my project requires to design folding and interpolation adc can you help me
I designed 7bit Folding interpolation adc with 1.2V 65nm 1P6M process. and I'm going to prepare mesurment. I used input track and hold amplifier. this picture show measurement setup Why used 'Bias T' ??
hi, I have just done a DC sweep for my folding and interpolation adc. The top pane show the four folding signals generated by the four folding blocks. The below pane shows the 32 signals as a result of interpolation of the 4 folding signals. I have a problem that there are some wrong with the interpolated signalsat around 1.0 v of (...)
Hello all, I am now designing a clock driver for a folding interpolation adc. The output of the clock driver is connect to 32 comparators. The clock signal needs to be generated is 2GHz. Does anyone have experience with designing such a high speed clock driver?? Thanks for your help, chemaphy
Hi Everyone, I have just designed a 8-bit folding interpolation adc. When I simulate my adc, I cannot get to 8-bit of resolution. The SNR that I got from the power spectrum is only -30dB. The noise level is at -40dB. Is there any technique I can use to lower the noise level in the adc. Can anyone who has experience with (...)
hi, I read the article that folding&interpolation adc facing frequency multiplication problem in adc processing. And S/H can eliminate this problem. Can anyone explain those ? Why frequency multiplicaiton happens ? and why S/H can eliminate it ? best
Bandpass sampling is best approach to have reduced power consumptation for the adc implementation. I think most adc implementation independend from the architecture (Flash, Folding, interpolation, Multistage-Subranging,..) come down to about 150-500fJ/decisionstep. So a 10bit/1GS/s have (2^10-1)*1e9Hz*150fJ=153.5mW These results (...)
Hello friends, Can anyone tell me how to measure the Clockfeedthrough of an adc(Folding & interpolation) and A Switched Capacitor Low Pass Filter (5th Order Butterworth) Thanks in Advance Shady205
Hi, I am trying to design an adc with 8bit 2GS/s specifications with minimum power consumption. The process is 0.13um BiCMOS. I am trying to look for papers and found some groups used folding+interpolation to achieve >1G with 8bits resolution. Is F+I the only possible way to achieve the specs or there are better ways to do it? Do anyone have some r
You are experiencing some "numerical noise" due to the interpolation between two simulation steps, i.e. your 2048 points do not always fall on one of the points calculated by the simulator. So, the 0.01ns simulation is probably the correct one.
hi i have a problem , i work with dspic30f2010 , i should convert an analog signal to digital so i use the adc of the dspic but after that i should treat the result of the conversion with a program of interpolation then transfer it with the can bus; my problem is that i read the datasheet, but i didn\'t find a solution , to do the program of inter
For high sampling rate in Gs/s of scope passing data to fpga ,interpolation will be used , for a 8 bit adc , multiple and sum in sinc interpolation will result in 16 bit data . 255 pixel of lcd is representing 8 bit data,but after interpolation 16 bit is comes out , how to put this 16 bit into 8 bit "heights" ?
Anyone designed a circuit for CCD array to adc? Looking for advice or ref design. I am using a sony ILX5xx series 5k pixel CCD, need to do an A/D conversion and get the digital data out. thanks Ahgu
Anyone having experience using this adc especially in dasy-chained serial mode?
I could't find a good and fast video adc for my project and I have to use my graphic card adc but I don't know how.if anybody knows how to use video adc on the video is not important which card it is.I can find most cards.
Look in . They have very fast adc. But is 12 bit. Mybe you can do beter res. with interpolation. Look app. notes on web site. Or try with Analog Devices audio AD converters. They are wery fast with hi resolution.
Can give me some articles or vhdl souce code about the interpolation Time Counter.I need it very urgently.THX.
Hi All, I'm working on some servo mechanisms. I want to make a linear interpolation algorithm with micros (pic, x51, ti). I built a cnc with stepper motors. It has linear and circular interpolation but servos are different, i think... Please help, any documents acceptable.
I'm designing SXGA digital camera with a CMOS image sensor. PC interface will be IEEE 1394 or Cameralink(LVDS) I would like to talk to guys who has experience in this field. Especially about color interpolation of Bayer color filters and Firewire or Cameralink interface. Regards. U can find a good bayer pattern colo
Hi! I need 24bit adc with built-in microcontroller with 32-64 Kbyte flash. This device should low cost. Thanks Bye!
Hello I have worked with analog device AD77 series(like as AD7714,15,19,30) But I have problem with them in noisy environment and in sensors that connected to it with long cables ,Sometimes they hang or lock, if I power off the card then power on it ,it works,I do not know what to do with them, They are good adcs ,because they have low pass
Hi there, I need to build an interface that has 8 ch adc connected to pc.I want to measure voltage between 0-5V with this circuit.I saw one guy built this device with pic14f000.I can't copy device because its mcu is code i need to build my own device.I need a similar project (schematic, source code of mcu (asm), source code of contr
Hi all, I have a current transformer, and I whant to read the value using the adc of a 16F873. Problem is, for 20A in primary, I get 20mA on secondary, an with a resistor of 100Ohm I get a sine wave of 2.828 peak. I have tinked to put a rectifier bridge of schottky diodes, but any way, when I get 1mA, the voltage are all droped on diode
Does anyone knows a Microcontroller with adc (16bit,30kHz sampling rate) and USB interface? Something similar to TI-BurrBrown Msc1210 but with previously specified features. Optionally can work a separate adc with SPI and uController with SPI and USB. Many thanks to
this is a 4-order cascading adc, a simple 4-order adc with matlab i find a problem . first the input of the second stage is too large (see the pic) second the last output is in the arrang of -1 and +1,but it should be in 0-1 why ? what wrong? thanks a lot!
any good cheap 16bit adc , higher than 10K sample rate single channel out there that you recommend? thanks ahgu
Hi, Does anybody have a good book for adc (preferably high-speed)? Bye.
Any good design adc/DAC using adc0804 and DAC084 chips?
I was building a PC based oscilloscope based on a parallel port and a tda8703 plus some glue logic. However i was having terrible problems with noise (in form of some spikes). Hardware is simple. Just a 74als244 connected to parallel port for data in(in epp mode). In one extreme and tda8703 in the other. adc clock is 24MHz. Some example circuits
Hi, I'm in trouble with adc function of 16F877A.I am using port A0,A1,A5,E0,E1,E2.When i measure voltage between ports and GND they are usually at 1 milivolt or 2 milivolts.But when i log them adc function returns 100-120 values equals to 2.0V - 2.5V.When i measure E2 it gives 50 milivolt when i dont apply voltage on it(when idle i mean)!! My devi
any idea? please help
What is the basic requirement of equipment for measuring a 14-bit resolution of a sigma-delta adc, in particular to measure the Signal to Noise ratio ?
How to simulation SNDR on hspice ?? someone said use .Four Fin and will find THD , SNDR=THD
Any article about High Speed adc modelling?. I'm looking for AD9070 model. Analog Devices doen't provide it. Is it possible to model some of this effects ENOB, S/N, AC linearity, Error Rate, Aperture jitter How reliable could be such model?
I am reading value from adc of PIC16F870 and transform in to another value by using the equation (y-y1)=m(x-x1) where m=(y2-y1)/(x2-x1). I also including the code where the value temp2 is the y of the equation. This value is to be displayed on 4 digit 7 segment display. What I am doing I am not getting the result. Is there anyone can help me.
i have access to a zilog encore F64 eval board. after reading through the manual...i'm still clueless as to how fast can the onchip adc sample incoming signal i asked tech answer anybody can help me?
In my design ,an ads7844 is used, the /cs(chip select pin) is connected directly to gnd(i have only one serial adc,so i think no chip select is needed ) and the logic operations are controlled by an altera cpld EPM3256a the problem is that when the power is on,the chip's Busy output signal keeps high, that means the chip is busy all the time wit
Hi all For a new project I need to use a uC + lcd (50 segment driver min) an 3 ch adc converter (8 bit and up on board the uC) + 3 timer's Price under 5$ @1000 Can any one recomend me for one ? Best regards Bobi :?:
Hi, You can only put +ve signals to the input of AVRs and PICs Analog to digital convertors. :( Any Idea to get -ve input. I have two ideas 1. Inverting the input (but how to stop +ve signal to get invert?) 2. Shift the input voltage i.e 0V gives 2.048V at adc (how to shift? and we will loose one bit also) What is your idea, need help.
HI, Need your comments on my atmega64 board, specially on the adc supply and refrence.
I want to interface adc with PIC microcontroller using SPI protocol.and i want to know how SPI works .wat is the protocol ???? i want a detailed explanation about the protocol can any body please help me.
who can tell me the application of 10bit 100Msps adc in detail? can it use in 802.11a/b/g? :idea:
hi, can someone help me by giving a method or code( :D ) in c for converting a hex o/p of the 12bit adc on the msp to a decimal number ?? i need to do some mul. and div etc. on that data before displaying it on the LCD. any help will be appreciated. :) thank you sam
I'm designing a cmos image sensor (LM9647 ) capture system with FPGA,color interpolation algorithm is used to takes the sequence of single-channel color pixels and creates a full three-channel RGB color image.I find some useful papers in,but I am confused by these methods when I want to implement the simple one of them in
Hi, I thought that you want to design ISP for CCD or CMOS image sensor. 2 line buffering can supports 3 line signals, and you can get enough image quality from them. Don't worry about serious problem. But interpolation will be suffer aliasing effects and image soomthing effects. interpolation is same effects with low pass filtering. So, you