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hi, I would like to suggest following books, which I found very useful. RF Microwave Circuit design for Wireless Applications by Ulrich L. Rohde introduction to radio frequency design by Wes Hayward Rgds, eco
As cross said RF design by Chris Bowick is od book. I have one and i can advice u to buy one. Other good book this area is introduction to radio frequency Desig by Wes Hayward. I also have one and it come with a floppy that contains some RF applications programs. Hope to help you Regards No Fear
W. ALAN DAVIS University of Texas at Arlington KRISHNA AGARWAL Raytheon Systems Company, Contents Preface xiii 1 Communication Channel 1 1.1 Basic Transmitter?Receiver Configuration 1 1.2 Information and Capacity 3 1.3 Dependent States 6 Problems 8 References 8 2 Resistors, Capacitors, and Inductors 9 2.1 introduction 9 2.2 Resistor
Hello, S parameters for CE BJT can easily be manipulated with maths to produce the S parameters for CB CC etc and vice versa. I believe Wes Haywards introduction to radio frequency design describs the Math.
I am doing BTECH we have a unique circullum in our college where we study IT ,ECE till 2nd year... With a choice to make between IT,DSP,VSLI in the 3rd year. I am interested in chossing the ECE stream. I am interested in both DSP(had BCS--->Basic of Communication System in 2nd year 2nd Sem dealing wid AM FM PM Noise...) n VLSI(had SSD--->Solid