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radio-frequency design program
Dear all, Could anyone share this one "The design of CMOS radio-frequency IC" to me? thanks wccheng
Hi I was wondering if someone could explain example 8.10 in Rogers, Plett's "radio frequency Integrated Circuit design" where they design a common collector colpitts oscillator. ("Colpitts VCO design") They set the base voltage at 1.65 and set the swing at 0.8V and so that is 1.6V total swing. They (...)
The design of CMOS radio frequency, Thomas Lee It is not easy to find the solution manual! Please could you upload it if you have it! Thanks!
anybody can give me some detail about st330.this is a kind of directivity antenna which design by radio frequency Systems.and i want to simulate it in supernec,but i don't know the size ,who can tell me?thanks!
I need documents about radio receiver circuits design: - ebooks - links to resources in Internet I know that I can find a lot searching with google but I'm asking some suggestion related to GOOD QUALITY technical documentation based on experience from others. Thank you in advance.
hi, I would like to suggest following books, which I found very useful. RF Microwave Circuit design for Wireless Applications by Ulrich L. Rohde introduction to radio frequency design by Wes Hayward Rgds, eco
for medium range wireless control, which has the less noise between infrared and radio frequency. which one is better?
can any one explain wat & the function of radio frequency block in wlan?? also can i get link in which complete info regarding wlan design.......including frontend & backend part.....i.e. complete ASIC flow of wlan..... thanks vreddy
Hi, I'm about to design a tracking device to be used by equipment located below ground. There will be a transmitter below ground and a handheld receiver. Where to find information about radio frequency attenuation in different media? Can I use 868Mhz or will more LF like 32768Hz work better?
Dear all. Recently I have started designing a radio frequency amplifier based on dual-gate MOSFET BF998. I have simulated it in HSPICE simulation software, designed input and output matching networks. Unfortunately, This is a four-parameter problem which is suitable to be solved by optimization technique. I need to optimize (...)
what is radio frequency conversion ? i know the main idea once say in IEEE . can you help me to find more knowlage ? thanks.
Hi, Harmonic Balance MW and radio frequency circuit simulator 1. -> t tnx
HI: I'm a senior high school student, and I study-myself the Anany Levitin's book: " introduction to the design and analysis of algorithm" because The book isnot my school 's official Book, So i can't download the answer from the publisher's web site. But I really need the answer to understand and master what I have st
VIA Communications Silicon Labs GSM radio reference design.
Hi, Anybody has a link for scematics/plan for a simple Car radio frequency Converter to be use on Japanese standard radio..76-90mhz to 88-108 mhz? BR rhonn
Any information, material or lecture stuffs on RFI (radio frequency Interference) Site Survey to qualify the site for TTC (Telemetery and TeleCommand) station (Satellite Ground Station for C , Ku and Ka bands) Kind regards, -->X<--
radio frequency and Gradient Coils
Hey, I'm doing project on radio frequency Planning of a 2G Cellular Network. I need to work on a few softwares like Gaia but it's version available on internet is full of bugs. Has anybody used Gaia then do tell me. Has anybody used Planet? Also tell me about other softwares which you have used. thanks,
Hello, I need the book: J.E. Kardontchik, introduction TO THE design OF TRANSCONDUCTOR-CAPACITOR FILTERS. Kluwer, 1992. Where I can this buy? Thanks!
I want the circuit diagram for radio frequency controlled car for motors of 12V Please help me
Hi can anybody help me in a project radio frequency simulation on Matlab?
hello world ! i m looking for low signal to noise ratio radio frequency Amplifire concept, on both VHF-L and VHF-H bands
Can any body explain what is a Smart Antenna in radio frequency Identification...? Thanks
I am always confused by radio frequency 2.4GHz and CPU 2.4GHz. What are they different ? radio frequency is analog signal , CPU is digital analog signal Is it right ?
Please somebody suggest me a simple radio frequency Preamplifier for frequency range between 3MHz to 100MHz. I need this preamplifier for Jupiter n Solar radio emission detection in Shortwave n VHF range.
Hi brothers, If you have documents about microwave link design with such topics; Path profiling, Antenna tower design, Earth buldge graph, choosing the transmission line for the equipment, loss calculations, link budgets, etc... , please upload here I would glady appreciate any related to the above topic. thanks in advance, the_risk_m
Hi all, Anybodu has this book: microwave radio transmission design guide by Trevor Manning? or related books about 2G/3G transmission planning & design. Thanks in advance ^_^
Hello, This code (Mikrobasic) converts an analogical value in a binary for a radio frequency control. This's the code: cod_fine: byteAdcbin1 = Dec2Bcd16(ValoreAdc1) ' conversione da decimale a binario if (ValoreAdc1 =0) then portb=255 'led or contraves on pins 32 to 40 else if (ValoreAdc1<100) th
i'm doing a project call radio frequency radiation from mobile phone base station simulation using matlab. but currently i am unable to do it. anyone have any idea on how to tackle this project? where can i get the specs of the antenna used in a mobile phone base station and how do i simulate it using matlab?
Hi I have an idea but I don't know where I should start. The idea is make a 'radio frequency meter' to monitor the emissions in the environment and register all the information in the box(pc). I want use an USB port to send the information. Where should I start ? How is the design of a radio (...)
Hi , we are working on Remote radio heads design for LTE systems and CPRI being used as an interface host between REC and RE. Power to RRH as defined in the standard specifies as either -48v or +24v nominal voltage . if RRH were used some few kilometers from our base station ,then how to fed power (-48v) to remote unit ? kindly help
Hello, S parameters for CE BJT can easily be manipulated with maths to produce the S parameters for CB CC etc and vice versa. I believe Wes Haywards introduction to radio frequency design describs the Math.
Hi community, I would like to know what is your opinion within the following problem: I am trying to understand and develop a radio frequency ranging system, i.e., to measure the distance between a transmitter (which is expected to move) and a receiver or set of receivers in a common place (for example think about an array of antennas). More
How do we achieve High frequency design with Latch Based. Thanks in advance.
An working on designing a sweepable radio frequency driver to be used to drive a acouto-opptic tunable filter and i wnt to use vco with ic hw do i go about it?
Hi, Already in so many threads discontinuity have been discussed, now i have to design two driver amplifier circuits operating at 14 GHz and 17 GHz respectively. I am using a nonlinear model that will work upto 20 GHz, since 17 GHz is higher than 14 GHz, what are the typical problem i will face while designing the circuit at 17 GHz !!!, plz sugg
9705-1.pdf Diode Model Parameter Extraction from Manufacturers' Data Sheets 9708-1.pdf PIN Diode Model Parameter Extraction from Manufacturers' Data Sheets Displays RF power and voltage realtions Either an AC network analysis or RF design tool Phase-locked loop designer
Excell files for various RF calculations This files are in the the book "radio frequency design Guide: Systems, Circuits, and Equations" (Artech House, 1995).
Hi.... Can anybody tell is there any relationship between Quality factor of Tuned Circuit (in Receiver Side) and the SNR of the Receiver.... Thanks
As cross said RF design by Chris Bowick is od book. I have one and i can advice u to buy one. Other good book this area is introduction to radio frequency Desig by Wes Hayward. I also have one and it come with a floppy that contains some RF applications programs. Hope to help you Regards No Fear
Hi, If I'm designing a transformer, should I need to consider S11(S parameters)?. Or I need to consider S12 and S21?. Regards, Praveen Gunturi
Hi, I am trying to design a true diversity radio mic receiver with roughly this spec. power = 3volts RF UHF 550mhz - 700mhz ( minimum 606.5mhz - 613.5mhz 10 channels ) Bandwidth 200khz per channel Dual receiver & antenna WBFM demodulator IC mono ? audio output at 300mv ( THD less than 0.1% ) Compander ( expander ) 4:1 ? possibly
Somebody have some idees to design a 5 Mhz power amplifier ?? input signal between 800Khz and 5Mhz. Input Level between 0 and 12VAC OUtput desired : 0 to 120VAC POwer output: 50 - 60W Regards,
Yesterday someone upload RFIC design, now it is gone, why? could somebody upload again? thanks
the book should include: digital microwave radio engineering design, point to point or multipoint network design, etc.
Hi I'm a beginner in circuit design implementing radio frequency. can somebody give me detailed informations on it. I'd be grateful for your help. Aldin :oops:
Hello everybody, do you have this book in electronic format? I appreciate a lot if you send me? radio frequency Integrated Circuit design Artech House Microwave Library by John Rogers, Calvin Plett thanks, lkuzu
Hello! Does anyone have any kind of documents about frequency allocation of World Space radio. I know this is about 1452-1492MHz , but i need a document where this is described, something like standard but not an ITU or FCC freq allocation plan. i couldn't find by Google. Thanx
hi, all friends, Pls recommend me some documents or resources on RF analog IC design! Many thanks and Kind Regards, wonbef