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Usually the foundry will provide you the layout and schematic of your IO pad which is actually two diodes.
Hello everyone, I am new to IO pad characterization and hence what should I learn first so it would be helpful in later stages. Regards sandysuhy
hi, although i've searched this site and read some discussions carefully, i still have no idea of choosing the appropriate IO pads correctly. Has some one experienced this? As I know the basic criteria of choosing the IO pad is like the follows: <1> the current passing through the IO pad including the GND/VSS <2> once the (...)
Hi, say i have a design that i am migrating to smaller feature technology. Can anyone tell me wht are the key points that i should note while i select equivalent IO pads in this smaller technology. cheers, Gold_kiss
Did anyone have been used the stagger io pad ? Due to my design is pad limit, so I am surveying the stagger io to solve this problem.... But I never use it for our IC, so I don't know the risk , when using stagger io pad? :)
I design my asic. who can give me some advice about selecting io pad? welcome any doc about this topic. thanks!
For multiple metal pad layout, i want to know which mtal layer from internal ciruit is connected to the pad? for example , the three metal process, 1. when the internal signal must connect to the pad for bonding, which metal shoud be use to connect to pad? and why? 2. do all (...)
I think this is the oldest post reactivation ever. More than 7 years!! Perhaps the initiator "boy" now is a man.
Hi Guys Can anyone tell me where can i find gd material on IO pad design. If you any materail kindly let me know. It will be a gr8 help.. Thanks in Advance
A packaged chip need receive a high frequency(1.1GHz),sine wave,low swing(peak to peak=0.3v) signal from external. How to consider the IO pad's equivalent model including bondwire(Au wire between analog pad and pin) and analog pad in chip? My design is based on TSMC0.25 mixed signal process, what are the parameters of this IO (...)
Dear all, Can somebody explain this a little bit or where can I find the related information about this? Many thanks though i didn't know much. these two types of IO pad are used in different design types. If your design are pad limited, the staggered IO pad are decrease the whole chip area. While inline pad have more
if you write precision constraint of you chip external environment, such as driving ability, load, and voltage level, you can insert IO in synthesis. But frankly, i never use it. It is better to add IO cell in your RTL and in the top level of your design. It must fit your dirving requirement. During synthesis, you only compile the level under IO ce
Hi, In P&R, the JTAG (boundary) cells are always placed as close as possible to the I/O pad. This make sense as the JTAG cell are connected to the pad. My question is beside connectivity requirement, is there other requirement that make it important to place the JTAG cell as close to the IO pad as possible? Is there timing (...)
by making the layout of pads very accuratly and puting the guard ring in all diods and wells ..
IO floorplan is new tech for EDA vendors. Synopsys has annouced JupitorIO for IO arrangement. If your design is not more timing critical on IO, you can place IO as your experience. Place the specific IO cell near the relation logic. If you have high frequency IO pad, such as DDR or SDR data signals, you can use IO place tools. But personall
I don't think you need fillers for IO pads. I only used them for core cells. Hope this helps!
I posted a similar topic somehwere here ... anyways, bondpad when deposited will cause stress on the Si. This stress does adversly affect the characteristics specified for any material in the chip.... I am not sure wheter any EM plays some role or not.. nevertheless it is better to keep it away unless and until fab comes back and says .. you can
Hi, Can anyone tell me the IO pad architecture.Or related document Regards Tauqueer
Hi, how are you all? I am in rush. I am doing the layout of 0.13 charetered. Anyone has this technology pad layout library can share for me? Thank you in advance! test_out
You can do panelisation for that. Ask your fabricator for the data it needs in Panelisation
Hi guy, you can use tcl command of create_pad_rings or scheme command of axgCreatepadRings to insert io pad ring. Best Regards, Chayu
Calibre LVS error: exit code 4 in pad layout: -------------------------------------------------- I have a sheet of metal connected with a pin in layout and a pin in schematic. When I run Calibre LVS, I get error "exit code 4" and it says that the layout and schematic are empty. Any ideas to solve this? PS: calibre (...)
Hi. After we finish the RTL coding for a design, the netlist has no IO pad definition. So how to implement the IO pad for the boundary of the chip ? Is there any tool for the implementation? Thanks!
Hi, What are the parameter needs to be considered for calculating max frequency of IO pad in FPGA...Say for example IO pad with voltage 2.5V and drive strength of 16mA...I know that we need to used the DC switiching characterstic of the device..but not sure on parameter needs to be considered..can some one help on this..with virtex5 as taking ex
use primetime to analyze timing when annotate with spef ,some IO pad won't be annotated anyone can tell me why IO pad won't be annotated ? and it is right ? if have timing analyze?
Hi, I would like to know wat is the difference between IO pad cell & Boundary Scan Cell, And how they are connected at theTop Level of SOC.
I don't think the IO pad design for flip chips is much different than wire bond chips. The IO pad functionality is still needed like heavenevil says. The flip chip IO pads are even arranged similarly around the die compared to non-flip chip designs. A redistribution layer (RDL) is created to connect the IO pads to the flip (...)
Anybody please explain me why we need space between core area and the IO pad area? i am giving a snapshot.... 84118 Thanks in Advance...
What are all the different type of pins/ports are there in an IO pad?
Hi everyone, I would like to ask it possible to import from CAMCAD to pad layout or to Hyperlynx. If is possible, will the constraint still remain the same during the conversion. Thanks
Hi everyone, I would like to ask it is possible to open file that generated from CAMCAD like .tgz file to pad layout. Can you guy please direct me to the instruction. Please help. Thanks
Dear analog experts, can someone comment on typical IO pad speed at low voltage (0.9 voltage), c90lp technology, and low-power IO let's say? What would be a decent output delay I should expect, in worst case, 60 degree C, with 0.9v or 2.6v IO supply? 0.9v -> 50ns, 2.6v -> 10ns?
Hi, experts I'm faced with a problem in connecting I/O ESD pad to nmos transistor. DRC error window shows this error: Any N+active or N+active cluster connected to an IO pad must be surrounded by a p+ guard ring... i don't know how to solve it an will be glad if any one can help me. thanks alot.
when using a pad, the lib usually give you driving strength. such as 12mA. but in the high speed design, the calculation always use driving resistor. does anyone konws the output pad's resistor? that should have something to do with the driving strength. Bests kinysh
I have a circuit that some devices terminal(D) connected to pad and they are not in I/O, now some question need you help ASAP.? thanks! 1. These device should be layouted to ESD device or normal device? 2. If these device must follow ESD rule, how i care about match issue?
It is better to get it from TSMC. Its IO cell proves good ESD and ESD under pad is very area-saving.
open the pad Cell GDS in layout viewer, then you can measure it. or see the IO pad spec. doc
IO pads could drive more capacitance. 1) I don't understand, you should simulated the RTL with IO pads. 2) ? dont understand your txt
You can go to cadence website for SE information
There is parasitic diode on the layout because of some active region and/or n-well region and therefore Assura marks it as an error when it checks it. Or ESD pad has a diode which is not mentioned in schematic or something like...
To be more compatible with the environment of your PCB, the IO pads provided using synthesis may not be the best method, so some times some very timing-constraint IO pads shall be replaced or inserted by hand. And sometimes these IO pads are customerized according to your PCB environments.
In our design, we don't let tools to select the IO type. you should inst. the IO type by yourself in the RTL top level. The partition should like this: rtl_core and rtl_pad. you set the IO pad don't touch during the synthesis flow. regards, In our RTL chip level simulation, IP buffer is added as a seperate module.
i also not very familar with the IO pads. rgds cheelgo
Hi Siva, I am confused. I thought IO pad design is analog, and should be designed in transistor level, and layout is custom crafted. If you are talking about logic squeeze into the pad then it is digital design, and has llittle to do with IO pad. I am interested to learn what is you job scope. Regards, Eng Han
yes you need a lef file ask your vendor to give lef file for pad cells.. you just edit you netlist and add component io pads for all in and out pins.. and then will importing lef file it automatically regonises as pad cells and it fill place it around the core.. and add filler to fill the gap.. regards shankar tallika
Hi, Sould i insert metal fill at the end of my design? Can anyone give me a layout picture which includes io pad which will be taken to gds2. I need this to compare with my design. Thanx
My pdk doesn't contain a pad layout, so I have to design one myself. Any guidelines for this?? Thanks ~~!
Welcome to compiler optimization. The Xilinx tools have determined that no active logic drives your "pad_ARST" and therefore it downgraded it to an input only. Finding the issue can be a challenge, since the tools only list the output was removed and do not list the exact point in the upstream logic where the signal is either not driven or driven
Hi all, I am looking at a referral I have with me for my firm , I am looking at IO Design Engineers, Custom IC layout Design Engineers interested in IO layouts and ESD protection structures. Memory Design Engineers, memory layout engineers, physical design engineers with testchip expereience and good Analog Design Engineers senior level (...)
I don't know what a "stamp rule" is, but expect the purpose of NWell is to provide an isolation against the pad capacitance which might push undesired AC currents into the substrate. The NWell would be tied to wherever you think is the best current return, to minimize circuit perturbations. Floating only reduces capacitance by series, and wou