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irf 540 is the most common available mosfet with a power rating of 150W max. all the other feature should meet your requirement, i hope
It is possible. I recommend irf Z44. It's a power mosfet. It should do the job. irf 540 isn't bad, but Z44 is better. Hope this helps and don't forget to press the helped button.
Thats a good circuit, though you might want to connect a 100nf capacitor accross both of the transistor collectors, esp if you building this into a item of clothing using wire traces. I'd use an irf 540 mosfet, they are bigger an easier to work with and will take more abuse and can handle more current. A 9v battery isnt going to last long at all
Hi I have designed the Sliding Mode Controller for Buck Converter in Matlab Simulink. Now I want to interface this controller with the Hardware through PCI-1711 card and PCLD-8710... The PWM signal that is coming from the controller has 0-10V range, and current in mAa. I Need 40-50 watt(4-5 A and 10V) at the output and input is 12-20V. I am
I would use an irf540 MOSFET to switch the current from a 12 V source to your 4 Ohm resistor. Only please connect the N-channel between ground line and resistor; the other end of the resistor will be connected to +12V. irf 540 can be driven by a TTL signal to gate; you can find more MOSFET types among "TTL-controlled (...)
hey abhi tum banana kya chahtey hoo 7805 is not efficient instead use kro buck inducter with pwm then comprator for voltage of 5 volt thats all inductor on toroid aur switcher me use kro irf 510/540