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Dear all, Does someone have lectures on teaching you how to draw a a capacitor and resistor in Virtuoso by using TSMC 0.18um process? Thanks!!!!
how can i convert impedance from the format of : a+bj to capicator/coil and resistor? the load is 50ohm and the freq is 3400MHz
Dear all~!! Thanks in advance~!! I attached the schematic! In CMFB, 1) how can I choose the cap and resistor values in circle mark? 2) What's the cap's fuction? for compenstion? Please let me know it ~!!
What does one mean by differential inductor , DCR and resistor current sensing(in a 6 phase buck reg)? What is meaning of light load efficieny? VID ? APA Adaptive phase alignment modulation scheme? APP Active pulse positioning? Integrated open sense line protection?
Hello Edaboarders, I need help regarding the using of Spectre to know: How to mesure gm of a circuits ? How to measure the input/output capacitance and resistor of a circuits ? How to plot the caracteristic of a varactor ? 50 pts to be given for helpers. Merci.
can any body help me in making inductor,capacitor and resistor pads in ADS layout
May i connect latch output directly to led and resistor. Or NPN darlington array have to be used.
hi in our design we've used a parallel RC circuit for Chassis ground and Digital ground isolation the resistor value is 1M ohm and the capacitor is 1000pf_2KV i was told that it's basically for "EMI ,EMC and ESD protection":?: i would like to know why exactly it is used and how (...)
This capacitor close circuit for curent wich flows through transformer parasitic capacitance. If you miss this capacitor, supply will be noisy, even PWM controller can behave abnormal. In general it must have capacitance of 1 to several nF. Upper values are limited by isolation requirements. It must be so called "class Y1"
Should I put capacitors and resistor in Nwell? Added after 11 minutes: one more question: I use poly to draw the resistor layout, if it is not good useing the minimum ploy width as the resistor width. Say, is the minumum poly width should be 0.6um. I draw the resistor with 0.6um width (...)
Why opto-isolation? It would be a good solution if you could put it (and DAC) on medical device side like vvv wrote. If you need isolate an analog signal, maybe an amplifier isolator like ISO124 would be better... Regards, bicho
Another kind of isolation transformer is audio isolation transformer. It is 1:1 in most cases. Using isolation transformer enables the secondary circuit to be galvanically isolated from the primary circuit. Actually any kind of transformer does this.
HI, Like I remember the resistor (in theory) suppose to be 100 omh, and you need it for improve isolation and return loss of the ports. if you need a formula tell me!! David
HI, If a diode is forward biased; i want to place a current limiting resistor in series. What is the difference in placing the resistor at the cathod side, or the anode side, in terms of RF and matching please? Thank you for your help
This is a simple well resistor under STI (Field), the cross section shows an NWell resistor. For better isolation the resistor could sit in another well (for a triple well process). It could also be surrounded by an isolation ring and could have a metal field plate over the top of the (...)
Hi all, I plan to use an igbt module , in order to replace 6 discrete igbt burnt, on my bldc card. Power 1500 W V bus: 340 V Rated current 4,5 A Which component is best suited for the job: INFINEON|FS50R06W1E3|IGBT,LOW POWER,600V,50A,EASYPACK
The problem is the relation of different test voltage specifications and rated voltage. A manufacturer application note discussing some numbers: As an additional remark, for long term reliable AC isolation, partial discharges must be safely avoided.
Hi All, I am a newer for IBM 90nm process. In its PDK, the capacitors and resistors all have three terminals. I am just not sure how to connect the third terminal in the schematic, also in the layout. Also, when I set up the capacitance value of the capacitor, I found we need to set up the length and width values and (...)
I want to route 300V DC signal and 5V TTL signals in same PCB board. What should be the isolation and what is the layers difference? that is how many layers should i keep distance between them?
need analog and digital ground isolation ic for proxy input isolation to +3.3v microcontroller
If you don't use resistors in Wilkinson divider, you don't have isolation between outputs. But VSWR and insertion loss does not change.
Hello , I have Triac switched 600W on 230V. Snubber for triac is R=33 ohm and C=10nF Question is what type of capacitor and power resistor used? Ceramic 10nF 2000V is a good choice? What size (Power SMD) resistor to use?
Hello, I need to design an LNA and for my tuned load I will use an inductor parallel with a capacitor. But the problem is I don't know exactly what is the biggest capacitor I can it related to my Cox value?What is the cap or even resistor range in cmos technology? My process is 0.18um and I appreciate your replies,Thanks
Hello Guys, Please, I need to buy a Bias tee to bias a source follower (Connector 1: RF + DC, Connector 2: DC (input) and Connector 3: RF (output - connect it in the spectrum analyzer). The RF signal is 2.5 GHz. Do you have a suggestion of a good brand and where to buy it? I also need a variable load (like resistor (...)
Dear EDA Family, We are trying to find Resistance, Insulation and isolation using micro controller. For this we have different multi meters and different tester readily available in market but we are trying to incorporate these features in our project. I have seen some information in the following link www.edaboard.
Hi everybody I am new in Rf design. I am trying to design a 5.8 GHz LNA and i don't know how much resistors and capacitors are acceptable for that. for example my i have a 4K ohm bias resistor,is that OK?or not? or is 1pF capacitor for coupling stages is good or not? thanks for your helps.!
I'd suggest you use a small transformer to get safe isolation. Something out of a junk "wall wart", or if you have an AC-output one, as-is. Apply the output to a resistor divider that centers the voltage within the rails of the uC's digital inputs, through a series resistor that makes the signal rail-rail at the input node, (...)
You'll notice that most industry standard SMPS have the reference and error amplifier for voltage or current feedback on the secondary side and are transmitting the error signal with an opto coupler. This way, the accuracy and linearity requirements for the analog isolator are much lower and can be usually (...)
hi mowgli check this site : ww*w.sensors*mag.*com you can search for isolation and find many articles about isolation. galvanic isolation is done by 4 method: 1: optocouplet 2: magnetic (transformer based) 3: capacitive isolation(see burrb*rown isolation products from TI) 4: (...)
hello friend, I'm in need of a level1, 2 and 3 of this MOS transistors, any clue where to find them?? regards, 2000
I have saw a 6-finger mutiple line design ,it use a little cap shunt with the isolation term resistor to compensate.another problem:when I use ADS2002 to design such a coupler,the EM simulate results sames have much difference with schematic results ,so I think the 6-finger lange passive model ADS2002 use maybe not so exact.but how to do a calibrat
If you need only to make a fact: is ringing voltage or not, use opto isolation and a capacitor to block dc voltage. If you need to know what exactly voltage is, use AD on line side (powered from the line), then opto isolation use between AD and uC.
Hi, You could try a Wilkinson type divider, and use coaxial cable for the 2 transmission lines. This is basically composed by 2 quarter wavelength 70.7 ohm transmission lines, which transform the impedance of 50 ohm at the terminations to 100 ohm.The 100 ohm resistor across improves the isolation and the output match. (...)
how to increase the RF-LO isolation of the single ended Gilbert mixer????
Hi, There are several drawbacks of having long(er than needed) lines. 1. Losses will increase 2. Exact phasing of the divider network is difficult in practice. As Flatulent poined, your bandwidth will narrow even in theory when you add extra multiples of quarter wavelength. However, in practice things are going to be even worse as exact elec
Sorry for ask two stupid question : If loading is capacitor , what kind of op-amp architecture I need for this loading? If loading is resistor , what kind of op-amp architecture I need for this loading?
One problem that i always face while making projects or circuits is How to make inductor ? How to measure its value (when measuring gadgets are not available or don't give proper measure ). ? Please guide or provide some reference. Thanks !
hi ! I have a capacitor value of 0.1 uF and resistor value of 3k, and the signal take 40 us to settle, is it normal for such value? what is the relationship between setting time and RC constant ? suria
Hello how can i make an Xor gate with some diods and resisors? Thank you
Hi friends, I have build a water tank controlling system, Using normal metallic probes as sensor. As for power supply i'm using normal Stepdown transformer 230v ac to 6-0-6 v and diodes and regulator with capacitors. Now what i'm afraid is, in INDIA due to voltage fluctuations the transformer burners out and there is current leakage (...)
Dear all: I designed an AMP with switch-capacitor CMFB. but i don't know how to simulate the open loop gain and GBW of this AMP. When i do this simulation,i replaced the sc CMFB with an ideal cmfb in the AMP,then i can get these results,but i don't know whether these results are the same as SC CMFB. Another quesition is how can i get the r
If you dont worry about isolation, and you may consider 10:1 or similar isolation transformer, here is a simple circuit that will convert +230 to -230 to 5V-0V .. You may feed the output directly to ADC pin or you may use a unity gain buffer (opamp) .. Just add a 5.1V zener diode .. This circuit has a small drawback: at 0V input the (...)
Hi, dear all. I am desiging a cascaded CMOS amplifier with broadband and high gain. One soluion to get broad bandwidth is the use of active inducto formed by NMOS and resistor. My qustion is , in the papers I read, I found that where the activce inductor is used, no soure follower is followed. Why? Is it (...)
I am Absolute Begginer in Electronics Please Help Me ............ of which value should be place at R1 to achieve 3v and 20mA for LED and what will be the values of current , volatage and resistance across each component I am trying to understand resistors since
Decoupling capacitance is not always thought of as something that increases the isolation between two points,but it serves the same role. isolation is desirable to attenuate noise coupling from one portion of the chip to another. If decoupling capacitance can reduce the amount of noise created by supplying local charge for nearby switching (...)
hi all, i need a small circuit between 555 timer and a relay to avoid any problems "i want to control the relay by a stable 555 timer"
Hi, One can apply even-odd mode analysis to understand the operation of Willkinson divider. Even mode: the middle point of resistor is open circuit and resistor is not contained in the circuit, so the even part is indeed losless. Odd mode: the middle point of resistor is short circuited so the (...)
Total isolation and in the same time dc leakage detection is not possible .. Unfortunatelly, you need a common reference to monitor any leakages or shortcircuits .. One method is to introduce a dc offset (say 10Vdc - now your 0V is 10V and 12V becomes 22V) through a high-ohm resistor (something like 10MΩ) (...)
Hi to all in one of my project i had to use a feedback resistor to regulate the gain of a fet. This resistor is placed between drain and gate and it effectively reduces the gain of my device because it introduces a negative feedback. My problem is that i don't know why this connection, i.e. between gate (...)
Ok I've read through lots of posts regarding noise isolation and guard ring strategies and I like to add some import points: Without doubt the one thing that layout people get wrong is guard rings. Very wrong in fact. Let's look at some examples: 1. What potential do I tie the inside of my guard ring to? i.e. the ptap connection (...)