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Hi everyone, is it possible to build an interface link between matlab and STK codes? I explain : part the output from STK are given to matlab code. It elaborates them and gives a feed-back to STK that continues its iteration. It's an iterative process. Is available a program like that? Any idea? Thanks in advance, Lupin
Hi, I'm simulatin a lecture in FIR filter desigening I'm to desigen the filter (not using filters in matlab) the desigen scheme is iterative in witch each iteration requires 2 FFT computations. any way, I need an initial estimate & the lecture uses the ideal filter (LP)(rectangular) . I use the fir2... function in order to compute the
Hello, My work is on numerical techniques which require to solve sparse matrices etc. All my work is in fortran and I have almost no skill in matlab.But I have just realized that matlab can do some computations quite easily with its built-in functions and I want to take advantage of this. I have no time to learn matlab deeply or work on (...)
references to dsplog zf-sic main.m M=2; Es_N0_dB=0:3:30; iteration=50; blocks=200; frames=40; frame_len=1; erros=zeros(2,length(Es_N0_dB)); for ii=1:length(Es_N0_dB) ii for mm=1:iteration for kk=1:blocks for ll=1:frames s_in=randint(2,frame_len,M); %
hi, i'm facing a problem with this attached matlab file. i don't know what this problem is but all what i know that the system is giving me zero output. when i tried to redo it by minimizing the no. of components that i put a hydraulic source with the pressure sensor but it said "Trouble solving algebraic equations in differential-algebraic system
Hi I am doing a turbo codec using matlab. I finished the encoding part and stuck up with the decoder. I tried using 'vitdec' a ready function available in matlab, but i cannot get soft outputs so that i can pass that info to the second decoder and begin the iteration process
Hi Try sim() function of matlab to execute your model in each iteration of loop. Like fid=fopen('file.txt'); fseek(fid,94,'bof') n=0; for (n=0:6) pause(0.5); A = fgetl(fid) A=str2num(A) sim('your_model'); % Collect output here. end fclose(fid);
hey all, i have a matlab code that i should run it in (from 2 to 9 minutes) but it runs in 45 minutes, so i have ideas about improvement the performance of the code by minimize the loops and the use of pre-allocations of vectors, but still run in 45 minutes, any other ideas or advices for the improvement of the code ( outer loop iteration=15..inner
A declaration like that defines the variable as a) existing, and b) being empty. (Disappointingly, the following lame example of bad programming practice is the best that springs to mind :) Let's say you have a loop in which a variable dynamically grows with each iteration*. For example: for i=1:10 a = ; end (This will build a row vec
Wow, buddy Square root should be avoided in matlab? Is this your suggestion for all the equations? or only this one? When solving something for numerical methods you have to be careful with the function domain, because if an iteration falls outside (eg. complex values in real function, division by zero or ne
Hi everybody, I got a problem when I try to use matlab connecting with CST 2010 and applying GA for simulation antenna. I setup for maximum of iterations (maxit) 100. But my simulation always stopped at the iteration of 26th. And a message appeared as "Server threw an exception". matlab can not call CST to keep run (...)
Dear all, I want to know as how to store iterated result in matlab. I'm using a for loop,for every iteration of for loop i want to store the output.After completion of all iterations, the outputs are to be added for final result. In C language we use array.But in matlab, i'm not sure as how to code it. Plz (...)
Hi Joserse, I've not examined in detail the code (the lack of indentation make it a bit more difficult to identify loops and nesting), but these are some hints: = Move out the loops calculations that wuold be repeated at each iteration. For instance, sqrt(EB_NO*2) is used a lot of times inside loops, requiring the calculation of a square
Can anyone please tell me what I need to do to enable me make MAPLAB plot the following outputs against time i.e. 1. Here I am differentiating the system step response, to show that this give the impulse response, but how do I make matlab do ?plot(t,x)? where t is 0 to 8ms and x is the step response differentiated. clear num=[0 0 20210
I am running SuperNEC with matlab 6.1. When I create a structure expecially a more complex one like a cone or a parabola, it takes a very long time to make the structure. It almost takes longer than to run the simulation. Has anybody else experienced this as well? Is this normal?
hi all is there any software which convert matlab code to vhdl? how can i get it? best regards baa110
Hi matlab R12 Toolboxes Image_Processing_Toolbox.exe 20-mar-2002 19:02 48.4M matlab.exe 20-mar-2002 16:41 49.0M matlab_Compiler.exe 20-mar-2002 18:47 12.2M Neural_Network_Toolbox.exe 20-mar-2002 18:49 7.1M (...)
Hi "matlab 5 User contributed M-Files" 1. -> t tnx
i have to make this 2 programs, if anyone could help me out, i would apreciate it: 1- Write a matlab program to compute the first L samples of the inverse of a rational z-transform where the value of L is provided by the user through the command input. Using this program, compute and plot the first 50 samples of of the inverse of G(z) from Eq. 3.3
femlab 2.2 works with matlab 6.5?
read mpeg from
Dear friends: Is it possible to use matlab code (or code translation) in a development under Delphi or Visual basic?. How can do it , what's the better way? I understand that matlab provides a compiler to C, C++ code, but how can I link this code with a delphi application? Thanks great peopple Nebisman
Hi matlab R12 !! Toolboxs for D/L 1. -> t tnx
matlab Program in the book " RF Circuit Design Theory and Application " by R. Ludwig and P. Bretchko
I need to simulate the electromagnetics of a three phase transformer in matlab/Simulink. ANy thoughts? Git
Can someone explain how matlab can be used for DSP development? Is it possible to make a filter in matlab and magically implement that in hardware? - Jayson
HI... I need to simulate an ABS (antilock Braking system) in matlab. But i don't know how i can do it?? IF any body can send me any Books (PDF) or sites learn me about Simulation ABS in matlab, Or you Of course.... Thanks
HI... I need to simulate an ABS (antilock Braking system) in matlab. But i don't know how i can do it?? IF any body can send me any Books (PDF) or sites learn me about Simulation ABS in matlab, Or you Of course.... Thanks
I'm a beginner in FDTD programing. Anyone have a matlab code to solve the irregular grid problem?? THX
hai, pls explain how to convert matlab m file to c code bye
Anyone gets S-Parameter simulation script(matlab or perl etc) to do freq / time domain simulation?
Dear Friends, Please help me to get matlab code(.m) for the following analysis(just example)..... Need your help to get the codes/paper/thesis/project....Any parameters analysis(such as gain/impedance/return loss..etc..) Circular microstrip antenna/patch antenna Ring microstrip antenna Anular patch antenna.... Thanks in advance.. B
hi could anyone please tell me how to convert matlab m files into c code? thanks
hi anybody has matlab code or any program to plot radiation pattern of different types of antennas (dipole,...) both 3d and in the planes xy,yz,xz,... or any other plane thanks
Hi all, I wanna code a matlab program that calculates maximum gain for a given transistor S parameters and draws constant gain circles for a microwave amplifier. eg. for constant gain circle: GA=Gamax-1.5dB . Then after selecting some gammaS values on that circle, for each gammaS I'm gonna determine gammaL that lie on constant (VSWR)out=1.7 a
I have a data file of a signal I captured on my oscilloscope, the data contains time and voltage for each measurement. Is it possible to import this text file into matlab and create a DSP model that uses the data file as input and runs a filter algorithm on it and then somehow using SystemGenerator export that to a VHDL program and dump the whole f
Are there anybody have a 3D FDTD matlab code with PML ???
Dear Friends, Could you help me to get a matlab program to calculate a Green function for circular microstrip antenna??/ Anyone has experienced with matlab for Green function???? Anyone has experineced with matlab for simulation in circular/ring/dics microstrip/patch antenna??? Need the source code/ to work with this kind of (...)
In matlab is there a way to extract the frequency from a bode plot for a given magnitude? You can extract the magnitude for a given frequency, but I want it to be the other way around. Thanks
I always meet this error when I simulate in modelsim: # iteration limit reached. Possible zero delay oscillation. See the manual. what this mean and how can I do ? Thanks. A VHDL process will restarts when it reaches the 'end process' statement. If you have a sensitivity list 'process(sig1, sig2, ...)' this is OK,
If I have E field and H field. How can I plot an antenna pattern? Anyone can provide a matlab code to do this ??
Such as Impedance vs Frequency Directivity pattern Elevation pattern Radiation impedance vs. wavelength Others
little matlab demo of fractional derivative..enjoy N=256; t=pi*/N; f=exp(-(t.^2)/(0.5)); f=f-mean(f); F=fftshift(fft(f)); figure(1);clf;set(gcf,'Renderer','zbuffer'); for n=0:0.1:4 Fn=(j*t).^n .* F; fn=ifft(fftshift(Fn));fn=fn/max(abs(fn));plot(real(fn)); text(20,1.0,sprintf('%0.2f',n)); grid on;axis( [0 2*N -1.
little matlab demo for fractional fft...enjoy N=64; t=2*pi/N*;c=1; for k=-N/2:N/2 B(c,:)=1/sqrt(N+1)*exp(-j*k*t);c=c+1;end; f=exp(-t.^2); f=f-min(f); f=f'; figure(1);clf;set(gcf,'Renderer','zbuffer'); for n=0:0.1:2.0 Bn=B^n;fn=abs(Bn*f);plot(fn,'b');hold on;plot(f,'r--');hold off; text(10,1.7,sprintf('%0.2f',n));
I am suffering from a painful problem with running matlab 6.x after I upgrade to RED-HAT LINUX 8.0. from 7.2. Problem1: I cannot run .m file under "command window". Whenever I do this way, matlab would be dead. Problem2: I cannot choose .m file from the file list. Whenever I try to pick the file that I want, matlab always reports "FILE (...)
Do any body know if the ISE can communicate some way with matlab .. i know that there is a tool can do it but iam not sure which one
Do anybody here know how to simulate a 8-Antenna with matlab or Femlab? Do anybody here have experiences with 8-Antennas?
hi ! How to convert a matlab file (program )to a C ++ file file.m ----------> file.cpp thank You
Hi Where can I download the matlab's polynomial toolbox? Can any one help ASAP?
how can i make a disgn at ADS and put block of matlab ,