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What are the advantages/drawback of JK flip-flop when compared to D flip flop ? Why D flip flop is prefered for circuits implementation ?
Hi, I want the procedure to Design of counters using JK flip flops. I have seen question like, some input & output equations will be given & we should provide the state diagram, state table, state equation & logic (circuit) diagram. I don't know if its a synchronous or asynchronous? Bye, PRAVARDHAN
what r the applications of flip flops(sr, jk) ring counter and johnson counter Do you want to know a COOL application of flip-Flops? Spread-Spectrum (pseudo)noise camouflage generation in Stealth Aircrafts. Well it is a long way to get there but just not to get you bored in time, I know how it is. So you always will like
Truth table for JK FF: ------------ J K Q ------------ 0 0 Store 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 1 Toggle It is a decade counter. Counting sequence is given below: DCBA 0000 0001 0010 0011 0100 0101 0110 0111 1000 1001
Hello. I would like to modify a timer's design I have built, but do not have electronics workbench any more sad.gif I do not know that much about electronics, I've built a few velleman kits, made radio's as a kid. Kinda basic working knowledge.but with gaps. When I was at uni part of the computer course involved using Electronics workbench. T
Sorry, I don't know how to make a /3 divider with only DFF and no gates. I can do it with JK-FF or T-FF, or with gates + DFF. Maybe this will help you: I would be very interested to see how one can use a Karnaugh Map to make a clock divider.
Hi, I am trying to simulate a BCD counter in Hspice, as you know BCD counters are consisted of flip-flops such as JK-FF. In my circuit there are four JK-FFs, the flip-flop subckt is working properly, I mean when I simulate a single JKFF individually in a netlist it works properly, but when I connect the (...)