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But are practical edge trigged circuits done by master-slave arrangements ? Or are RC networks used ? Or is it the two input AND gates with onw inverted input...depending on the propagation delay to create the triggering pulse ? The book said that Master slave flip-flops are obsolete... The edge triggered FFs I see do not give the output on the
Hi, Please give me detail information about flip-flop and latch difference with examples where these are used. Thanks Sangmeshwar
Hello All, I have questions about the flip flop based divider by 2. There are two D flip-flop. Is one D flip-flop not enough? What is the purpose of the second flip-flop? Thanks for your help.
Hi, Please clarify, 1. From the following synthesis area report, how can we find out the flip flop gate count . Eg: Number of ports: 601 Number of nets: 1387 Number of cells: 92 Number of references: 17 Combinational area: 85900.859375 Noncombinational area: 65242.964844 Net Interconnect area: 1863876.375000 Since non combina
In my exam I had to design a logical circuit with D flip flop cell which responds to a clock signal during the low-to-high transition of a clock pulse, but given D flip flop responded to a high clock pulse. So the absolute right way of doing this was with following design: 87024 But since I was not really 100% sure I
I want to make a simple digtal simulator that contains say few commercial digital ICS like gates, flip-flops, counters, shift registers (from 74XX series) and one logic probe for viewing results. I do not want to add any arbitrary gate or anything else from my side. Just pure components from 74XX series. Can any one suggest me the (...)
I decided to learnt about CPLD and FPGA and commenced to read "The design warrior's guide to FPGAs" by C. Maxwell. Clear and to the point. Budget is a concern. Still considering costs for a starter kit, probably Coolrunner II from Xilinx. Yes it's a CPLD. As a self taught hobbyist I don't like to waste my time and money as I did many times in
I am using a simple op-amp to make an inverter. I set Rin = Rout. However, when I implement it and feed a 1 MHz sine wave into the input, the output was unexpected. It seems to have distorted plus something I don't know. I don't know why. When I use JK-flip flip to serve as a frequency divider and I feed in a 1 M
Hi, I am using a 74LS157 (Quad 2 to 1 multiplexer). However I only need to use one of 2 to 1 multiplexer. My question is, should I ground the pins I don't use or leave them alone. Thanks
can i get any software to study about all flip flops,counters,registers.....i hav TOCCI book wit me..with softwares i think it will be much easier to plz...
tracing through digital circuits IC chips When tracing through these components: Encoders Decoders flip Flops counters Shift Registers Multiplexer Demultiplexer How do u know if they are functioning properly? or how can i trace through each one of these components ? how would u guys do this to verify them? Its hard to use a (...)
hello I want to code vhdl for some project in altera software my code is not owrking its showing errors dat i cant understand it . i complied a fuul code form jay basker on famous book in vhdl its also showing errors wen compliling can any one guide me to how i can code and study vhdl I am using max plus II software is any tutorial is der.........?
i need to execute vhdl programs like logic gates , d flip flop, counters, multiplexers and demultiplexers in XLINX 7.1 i have the software and programs also but i dont know how to simulate to get output waveforms plz help me.......................................
I want to make a digital clock using combinational logic gates flip flops counters registers and full adders. Can any one please help me. If any online resources please provide me the links. Regards,
I want to make a digital clock using combinational logic gates flip flops counters registers and full adders. Can any one please help me. If any online resources please provide me the links. Regards,
Could anybody give ideas for a circuit which finds out the higher frequency of two clocks - circuit should have 2 inputs, 1 output. Depending on the circuit, synchronization also should be taken care of. Verilog code is also fine. Thanks for any help.
sir , i want to design wireless controll to my fan. please help me in circuit design. thanking you in advance for your answer Achuet
Either a D or a JK flip flop can easily do the job. If using a D flip flop, simply connect the output of a given stage to the D input of the next stage. If using the JK type flip flop, connect the K input to the complement of the J INPUT. The J input now acts the same as the D input to a D (...)
In which case we can use clock? wheteher or not clock can use in both case?
When I insert scan chain in a module (not big, only 8 chains). I found many scan flip-flops missing in the chain. The scan check report says: Shift clock pin CK of cell ××_reg is illegally gated.(TEST-186) My test clock is TCLK, only one. The missing scan flip-flops are all clocked by the gate clock from the (...)
Hi, I want the procedure to Design of counters using JK flip flops. I have seen question like, some input & output equations will be given & we should provide the state diagram, state table, state equation & logic (circuit) diagram. I don't know if its a synchronous or asynchronous? Bye, PRAVARDHAN
Can concurrent statements be synchronous? I have a when-else statement like the following and I want to make it execute at the rising edge of the clock: sig1 <= '1' when (sig2 = '1') else '0' can it be done without a process?
I am developing DDR2 SDRAM controller. In FPGA, I used a double rate register. In ASIC, What kind of logic do I need to use for double rate register?
Hi every body* At first i must say that i built the 555 circuit ... but it didn't work good! RS flipflop worked but always R and S was high!? I cann't understand what happened to it ! And i must say too that i built RS flipflop with two NAND gates . how can i make it with transistor.
I wonder how the fanout contribute to the setup time violation. Please advise.
Dear Sir, I am using 4020BE ripple carry binary counter for my project which is 14 stage binary counter . But at present I have to extend the timing so I required 16 stage binary counter. But I am not able to locate the 16 stage binary counter , is there is 16 stage binary counter available and if it is available then kindly send me the link
Hi friends , I want to call the dff module from always block But it shows an error like undefined veriable.. Pls rectify my problem... Thanks in advance ..
After Metastability state finally the output of the flipflop settles to eighter logic high or logic it happens? what is the parameter making it possible to settle to a steady state ?
can i get OrCAD schematic to generate 30 MHz Square wave...
what r the applications of flip flops(sr, jk) ring counter and johnson counter Do you want to know a COOL application of flip-Flops? Spread-Spectrum (pseudo)noise camouflage generation in Stealth Aircrafts. Well it is a long way to get there but just not to get you bored in time, I know how it is. So you always will like
What are the advantages/drawback of JK flip-flop when compared to D flip flop ? Why D flip flop is prefered for circuits implementation ?
hi, I don't think it is possible with the help of a single D flip flop since the characteristc equation of a D flip flop is D = Q* and that of a JK flip flop is Q* = J Q' + K' Q, and also that there is only one controlling input in case of D flip flop. (...)
Q is comes from Latin language "quiscens" or "the present particle" or "what is present available" or "present output". Similar is the word quiescence. A lot of words in physics come from Latin and Greek languages. To scientists and scholars it is an obsession. Nothing else. Just humans. You love rock and roll they love other things. JK are inti
Hi, Does anyone knows how to construct a JK flip-flop using Transmission gates or complex gate logic with a positive edge clock triggered? Thanks in advance.
Hi, I would like to desing a counter using the JK flip flop. Can any one tell me the circuit equivalent to the JK flip flop? Thanks
dear, I want to design a sequential circuit has two JK flip-flops A and B and one input x. the circuit is described by the following flip-flop input equations: JA=x KA=B? JB=x KB=A (a)Derive the state equation A (t+1) and B (t+1) by substituting the input equations for the J and K variables. (b) Draw the state diagram (...)
Hi, I am looking for some equation for the derivation of JK and SR flip flops from D flip flop. I am given only D flip flop but i need the function of JK flip flop in my circuit. Any help will be appreciated. BR, MAK
could anyone help me in building a digital clock using JK flip flop circuit.. thanks
Please , if anyone can answer to my these 3 questions :- 1.Why JK flip-flops are called Jump to kill ffs? 2.What is special in referring "solid state switching devices(eg.JFET etc.)" afterall we all know that these are ofcourse in a "solid state"? 3.How the physical size of inductors or capacitors depend on the frequency at which they operate
Using JK flip-flops as the store, design a synchronous BCD counter in: (a) Binary code (b) Gray code include state diagram, state assignment, state table, excitation (transition) table, KM, derived Boolean expression and complete logic-circuit diagram i dont know anything about this I'm so dump please help me I'm helpless.. I'll a
I am utilizing a 26 MHz TCXO along with a JK flip flop to generate a 13MHz clock that is needed for another IC. My question is on what pin of the JK flip Flop do I connect the 26 MHz TCXO? Clock, J or K?
As I know that JK flip flop is to avoid the ambiguous case in SR (NAND latch) where S=R=1 is ambiguous. But I can't see from the internal circuit for JK flip flop that it can avoid ambiguous case when J=K=1. It seems it also need to depend which is start feedback Q or !Q, then only will get the toggle output. What happen (...)
Hi quietfoot, You have to use 4 JK flip-flops, with asynchronous set and clear. Wire the JK FFs as T FFs by connecting J & K pins to a logic high. Connect the Q output of first FF to the CLOCK input of next FF and so on. Next you need a combinational logic which upon detecting a '1010' (decimal 10) on output clears FFs 1,3,and 4 (through
I am using 74LS112N JK flip flop, and i'm giving 5 volts to the circuit using 7805, which becomes extremely hot, when the circuit works. I have connected 0(GND) to CLR, K=0,J=1 CLK=1, PRcomplement=1, what could be the problem? When I give an i/p of 12V, the i/p that reaches 7805 is just 3.8, and also it becomes unbearably hot..
Maybe this will help The JK flip-Flop or J-K flip-Flop Alex
Hello, I'm new to VHDL. I have designed the 2 bit up counter using JK flip flop. But the test bench is not producing the results i need. Please find attached the vhdl code and the test bench. --- 2 bit counter with JK FF library IEEE; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.ALL; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_unsigned.ALL; -- Uncomment the following library de
Hi folks, I'm using a JK flip flop to build a counter in high level, and my flip flop has Clock ,J,K input and Q,Qbar output, I'm supposed to connect the J and K to high , apply a clock pulse to input ,so it will toggle at clock pulse edges, But the flip flop doesn't work .and the (...)
hello evryone !!! I wish to design a jk flip flop with preset and clear in Simulink Matlab. I have trying a few designs... but all of them show faulty waveforms.... So, Can anyone provide me the design????
Hi, Guy: I think you still have a long way to go. And before you begin to do something, you'd better have a good understanding about it. Answer you quetion: 1): Do you know sync reset / async reset? So, your JK flip-flop is designed as sync reset. Then, the first JK can be reseted, but how about the second / third / fourtch JK (no
hi all, i am trying to use a SR latch and two 3-input NAND gates to implement a JK flip-flop i tested SR latch and the nand gate separately, they all function well but when i combine them into a JK flip flop, it cant work the simulation graph is attached (j and k are equal to vdd) , i dont have any idea what (...)