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even for yourself in your own home, you might appreciate PFC sunny, your post is the correct one. especially for a job interview Q&A ;)
I know the formula for calculating the question is hardware Selecting hardware is distance depending. You can use a car odometer to measure distance to your job from home, but is not a good tool for measuring distance between two atoms or two planets. Same problem when using radios, needed equipment is depending on envi
Leroy is not home anymore, but he has left a great legacy of work , which used some cancelled servers still on archive using you are Leroy, nice job.
Hi , I coud'nt find any onsite opportunities for VLSI professionals.Please guide me where/what can i search for? Any links/job sites dealing with onsite opportunities. Is it really possible to get some onsite opening... Will they prefer people from home country first? Any help will be appreciated.
Evolvetech is a innovative company in software and embedded technologies looking for Skilled Embedded Hardware Design Engineers for their mumbai branch. People with the experience of 2+ years in designing of hardware in Power electronic, home automation products can send their resume to For further enquires or cla
Hi I may posted on a new job to design an electrical system for any building like hospital or any other system .. so please some one guide or provide me any kind of example in which properly describe how i design such kind of electrical system.. Thankyou
Grounding will do the job... 86138
hi all basically i am from india & my name is vijendra . actually i am looking for some pcb design jobs for home. i have 10 yrs exp in pcb designing. i can work on mentorgrahics pads, orcad & i had worked on Altium designer also , I can design the pcb upto 12 layers. So if anybody has pcb design jobs for me than please refer me . you can (...)
I've dabbled a bit with microprocessors and even taught an online course in microprocessor interfacing (which is concerned more with peripherals than coding). However, I do not have any formal training or on the job training (or at home hobbyist training) in microprocessors such as the PIC or HC12. I have written limited code for both in C and a
Yes you can. This will work if 9V is enough for this job. Dont forget to put diode.
Hello i looking for job in pcb assembly factory or i can assembly pcb in home as self employment . SMD and through hole assembly. FEw examples what i do, all hand made: . I live in London,Northolt.
If you want to make good money , you have to be good and dedicated in ANY engineering. If you want to make good money and have time to fool around you go for management position. If you want to be highly paid analog or digital designer you will have to live it - it's not job you do for 8 hours and go home forgetting about it. You will work your bu
Dear all I am working in Europe as asic design eng for abt 6 years now. I am originally from india, home town bangalore. I want to relocate to India, though my job in Europe is safe but still some how i am not very comfortable here and wen i see the sal ranges in India I am sure it more comfortable to live and work india. except for working cul
Silicon Vision (Silicon Vision LLC. home ) requires experienced digital verification engineer to join the digital design activity. Below you can find the job description and the required skills. Digital Verification Engineer (REF: VDE001) job Description Our group offers a unique opportunity to grow you
Hello everyone I have recently graduated and I am facing problem making end meet in my home country (can't find a job) Do you know where i can find any jobs in wireless systems (my thesis was about OFDM) in Europe? I'd appreciate your help Thanx in advance
It's a good job! Thank U.
Hello, I have 3 sound blasters available and I would like to see which one is better since I am doing some audio job at home. 1. The one shown in that link, which is inside my motherboard. ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Motherboards - ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe/Wireless Edit
HI everybody I'm a fresher in VLSI from (Tech) VLSI Design. I'm tired of searching for a job in VLSI Design. Please help me out for searching a job in India. I'm fair in Verilog,VHDL,SystemC and digital design. I'm attatching my resume. I'm in need og a job. My mail ID is Please help me.
hi everybody my self vijendra from india & i am a pcb layout engineer & i need some part time pcb layout jobs for home i can design pcb layout upto 16 layers & have the capability of signal integrity analysis, cross talk verification & correction , emi emc analysis. I am having exp. of 10 yrs in this field. Any body interested can contact me at [
Earn Rs.15000 per month by Ad publishing Copy-Paste job. Rs.5 to Rs.7 for per Ad Publishing. No pay per Click, No Pay per response just publishes the Ad & gets paid monthly. No experience required. Basic knowledge on computer & internet is enough. Work as a part timer or full timer from your home / Café / Office. For more details please call +91 98
Hello tomeco, Thank you for this great job ! Really nice... Exactly what I was searching. On the web there is a lot of original schema with Cypress chip, but not with 18F4550. Thank you again ;)
HI I am doing my job as PCB DESIGN ENGINEER. I want to some extra work at home so i need some pcb designing work. Pls let me know if u have any information about this. I am stay in AHMEDABAD.
I want to ask do anyone try this part time job below It asks for an advance fees I dont know I think it is spam Do any one try it it was posted as part time job in page 2 10 Jul 2009 12:40 Part time job Reply with quote Report this post to the moderators of this forum Work at home, starting today. No selling or (...)
Hi The ATMEGA128 is to week for the job Try using AT91SAM9 or similar All the best Bobi
Do online Data Entry jobs for more than 50 International companies directly on their working server. Offer available worldwide. Work in the comfort of your home. A Genuine Typing job from worlds best home based business provider. Work Free before you register. Earn a guaranteed $5000 p.m. Payment Proof Available. For more (...)
There are some dedicated IC to do the job. TEMIC, now ATMEL, makes some. Please refer to the data sheet attached. They have one more part number doing similar jobs. S. H.
but how to do vias i,e plate through holes at home??? IIRC, there are some plating solutions available that can get the job done but don't expect any production quality though. Or you can use solder to fill the holes like most people do. You can also try using solder-paste along with solder wire to fill the holes. The so
Recently I got a job of sales from Toshiba electronics (shenzhen) Ltd,if you have some businesses with electronic components used on home alliances and TV,let me keep in touch,hehe,be friends is still me...
You may need modify the install shell file to omit the error of the writing permission. I had a similar experience. It is not a fan job to install EDA tool in the Linux.
Hello, New Hosting Tech Ltd, a rapidly growing EU company is searching for a business affiliate in the USA. We are interested in dealing with energetic and positive person willing to support sales within the USA . We offer a part-time home-based job that'll take no more than 5 hours a week. This job is a real chance to earn (...)
Hi, would like to create a Electronics Engineer Free Lancer home Base. Those who is interested in the Free Lance job. Please state: Name: Contact: Email/Phone Country: Core Competency/Skills: FPGA/High Speed PCB Design/Analog + etc... Added after 2 minutes: For those who are looking for free lancer
To all those looking for job What is your expected monthly salary if you have to work from home ? Please convert in US$. I am unable to promise anything now but above will help me to workout my business plan and I may hire someone in future to design circuits. I have gone through many solutions posted by young engineers from
hi good job is this machine acept gerber files?? bye Ahmed
For my opinion, Debussy may do this job for you. Its Schematic interface can communicate with Edit interface easily.
I am searching for a job as : Programmer / analog desginer /Microcontroller programing Ready to work from home Programming using C/C++ MFC VC++ VB VB script java ASM
If you know anyone working in a large company and doing RF, usually that will help to get afoot into the company especially in my current company but they are not looking for RF engineers. Some jobs are not advertised in the company website but internally. You should look at jobserve or jobsite for listing of RF jobs. It (...)
hello i know verilog well and have xilinx foundation on my pc at home. i am searching for entry level job in asic design. pls. suggest me a project in networking domain and some info regarding it so that i can do it on my own and include it in my biodata. thanks
To get best sound from 5.1 home theater system, we hv to acoustically treat listening room. It is professional job. But as a DIY i will like to know simple solutions. MP