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I have schematics saved in the dxf format. Any (free) dxf to jpg converters?
Hi anybody knows if i can do this? And, how can i do this? I`ve seen .emf import / load is possible but i dont know how to cvonvert an .jpg (e.g.) to an .emf Thx 4 help!
Dear All; Please I need to know how can I import image(jpg,..) to Allegro 15.5? to be abackground(new layer). Thanks
Hello, i have simulated the design in HFSS and now for the fabrication purpose i have to make the negative of my design to make the pcb so i export the design to dxf design is converted into .dxf file but now i am not able to take its print out to make the negative. I am not able to convert it into jpg file with exact dimention. so please
HI everyone, while importing dxf i need to assign the layer (only dxf it possible previously i assigned Top layer and changed into dxf layer.every time it is irritating.please provide any solution to
Hi, I use Altium designer to generate a dxf file for the drilling holes. The problem is the cirles appear different from a dxf viewer to another. Some shows them as circle, some as hexagonal, and yet some just as a single line segment. My technician uses Autosketch to run the laser drilling machine and sees them as single line segment. [ur
Hi everyone, Please help any one to solve this problem in PADS 2005. i could not import the dxf in mm format ??
Hi, somebody know, a gerber to dxf translator ? Is avalaible a free versions ? And if work well ? Any help are welcome, best Skywalker.
can any1 help-me with some vhdl bmp to jpg compression core or some c code for 8 bit controller? thx, //a
Hi I am getting the following error while converting my cadstar design file into auticad dxf. Error: The transfer attribute 'dxfTransfer' specified in the mapping file could not be found in the design Please help me Amjad
8) FluidSIM 3.5 P Demo Following features of FluidSIM are in the Demo version not available or limited: * Storing * Printing * 4 sample drawings * dxf-Import and Export * Defining variables * Didactic material * Function charts * Film sequences * Project administration
I am design a PA,and decided to used the file from MOT,but the dxf type file import into protel PCB,display only the board line. May some help me?
Can anyone tell me what is the best program that can translate dxf to Gerber. I know ASM502 will do the job but I can't find it. I've tried "" , "WinMX", and "DC++" but no luck. Can anyone help. Thanks
thx i not have idea haw to make schematic to pcb plz make this schematic to layout pcb in jpg format thx
hai I need to convert bmp to dxf. But all Cad converters are not allow me to save the full dxf. Could any one tell me about any goog free tools that converts bmp to dxf. I searched forum and got traceart etc.. but theyonly offer demo only rishab
I need an advice about export to dxf format from CST4.0. I can translate only VACUUM box slice. Other model's bodys are not translating to the AutoCad.
hi! all, i would like to know whether there is software that can translate *.gds file, which is cadence layout output file, to *.dwg or *.dxf file, which is an autocad format. thanx! speedracer
Hi, everyone: I am new to PCB milling & drilling machine field. I understood the supported file formats of PCB milling & drilling machine are Gerber (RS-274D or RS-274X) and Excellon drill, but HPGL and dxf are optional. My question is how could HPGL or dxf data format be used in PCB milling & drilling machine? Or is HPGL or dxf file (...)
Dear Friends, Can anyone advise me on how can I export HFSS Drawing to "dxf" file format. Many Thanks in advance! Yours SIncerely with Best Regards, Zesong (
do any one knows hw to import dxf files to mwo n hw to define the layers when its imported? thanks regards danesh
i want to generate a dxf file from orcad layout plus. i now the command export layout to dxf. but the problem is, suppose a pcb file is completed (i.e routing and copper everything is completed),can i generate dxf file without traces and copper. And is there any chance to generate separate dxf files for cs side and ss side.
Hi all, i need to convert a pic file in bmp/jpeg into dxf for my silkscreen layer. Is there anyway in doing that using Mentor's expedition? please recommend if i need another software to convert fr pic to dxf thanks all taring
hi what is the feko setting to correctly import dxf file? someone have a examples. tanks
Hi everybody: I study about antenna simulated in matlab now. I paint the antenna pattern that used the function pdetool in matlab program. Have someone ever export this pattern to *.dxf?? Because I want to simulate in HFSS again. Please Help Me ........Thanks
I have many drawing files with dxf type, and they are translated by Orcad, Now I want to import those dxf files to Powerpcb to layout, but I can't do it although I try with many ways. Could someone tell me how to do? Tks.
Hello Sergiu! I wiil write in romanian, it's easy for me Se poate rezolva ce vrei tu in felul urmator: Poza in format cdr, bmp, jpg trebuie exportata in AUTOCAD (format dwg). Aici se verifica daca are grosime la contururi si se exporta in dxf; Se deschide ORCAD si se importa dxf. MAX-ul obtinut se salveaza librarie(LLB) si se (...)
as I know , chipsmith can read graphic like jpg/GIF file and convert to spice netlist .. by the way , have any tool can convert GDS2 to spice netlist , if I only know some layer is n_well , poly , oxide .. no technology file , and extract draft spice netlist ..
hi i haver a filter geomtry in dxf format. how can i import into a 3d modeller like hfss, please advise
Hi Everbody I want to make a program for signal processing with c++.With This program encode a jpg or avi with VQ and then decode.But I dont know how do it ? Anybody know about ths or any program codes
Hi fly_fish It Sooooooooo Simple in cst just go to File -> export -> BMP you will get what ever you want from your screen in bmp format and in power point or word import picture ->from file. point the bmp file OK and thats all. The bmp files very big so just open them with microsoft painter(in Stat -> Program ->accessories-> Paint) or
i am looking for program that can convert DSN (from Orcad) to dxf. i know that this option can use from the orcad, so my question is if someone know about this program ? or if someone know aobut web site that can do it (e.g. i know they have a lot of site that convert doc to pdf) thanks a lot
When I import a dxf into momentum, there is an error saying that the shape of layout can't be recognized. What I did is: 1. File-->import-->dxf (hierarchical) 2. select a dxf file Is this error from that my dxf file isn't hierarchical? what can I do to import a layout from the dxf and simulate it? Thanks.
im looking for a simple source can help me to understand the DFT(direct fourier transform) in the sequential jpg image compressor, im little weak in this kinds of mathematics, but unfortunatly its essential to be good using fourier transform to understand the whole copression idea.
When I am importing Big dxf (contain a big number of lines) file in the Alegro the Software not responding and halt? I want to Know if there is any Special technique must be used in the importing of this File
Hi, I'd like to create an image file (*.jpg, *.png, *.bmp or *.gif) from code. in Java, C++, C# or VB. does anyone know how to make it?
dxf file or emn file.
Hi, Iam trying to Import dxf file to allegro 15.2 Board file, when it imports main to main board file, main board file is missing and iam seen only dxf file. why this is happening? i want to over lap the dxf file and board file. How to solve this problem? Thanks Naveen
hi, the main difference in the file formats you mentioned is in the way that they save the picture information. for example in bmp format you save information about all the pixels, one by one. but i.e. in jpg format you some how compress the data in the pics using some standard algorithms and then save the reduced size. you can find many informa
Just a quick help needed from the experts of the forum!! I have exported a dxf file of my layout from ADS to Autocad. But the circuit elements comes as an in object in Autocad. How can those object can be converted into polyine object (I mean individual line can be selected and modified in autocad)? Any idea?? --X--
Hi, I need to plot out some waveforms obtained with hspice, in jpg or other image format, without openning a waveform viewer. I find 2 issues here: - .PLOT tran statment from simulation files, still allow hspice to put all signals in tr files, and I need that these output files to contain only the needed signals. - what too
It's Ok I knew how to. Just convert the bmp file to dxf file then import dxf to found later some introduction to make it, but still canot. I know first we have to convert the file (image) to dxf, and the next lines are from Orcad internet help...
hi, i'm looking for the header file of the jpg file. how can i convert 16 bit/pixel format to 12bit/pixel?
Does anyone know where can I find a low cost (or Free) dxf, DWG to GERBER file converter? Thanks, Krytar
Hi need help finding a couple of different pieces of software. Could anybody recommend or link to a free or demo version of - 1) A version of software that will easily convert dxf or DWG files to Gerber format. and 2) A version of software that will allow me to stress test an ethernet link, i.e drop packets etc. Thanks.
hay Does any one know how can I export a 3D design from IE3D to dxf? the Vias don't get export well.... and about import, well I have a 3D dxf of a PIFA and I can't import it...when I try I get only one layer...
Hi all, I need a tool that convert .dwg or .dxf file to any other file that I have to import in MapInfo. The file type I need as output could be: comma limited, xls, xml or mapinfo standard. Thanks in advance Ciao
Hello friends, Currently I am working on a project in which there are two PCBs one motherboard & another PowerSupply Borad which will be on motherboard with 7 mm Height difference. To get exact position of board to board connector i've generated dxf file for psu board but when i import it to motherboard file i am not getting it in some ano
I want a PCB layout software, that can, after designing the PCB, show the 3d preview of the actual device. Added after 6 minutes: Like this Added after 1 minutes:
Hi, I have to program a fft function, which i/ps and image and calculates the fft/ifft of the image... I would like to know the syntax for loading a jpg file in the desired format, like the RGB components separated please... thks, cedance.