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Hi anybody knows if i can do this? And, how can i do this? I`ve seen .emf import / load is possible but i dont know how to cvonvert an .jpg (e.g.) to an .emf Thx 4 help!
I have schematics saved in the dxf format. Any (free) dxf to jpg converters?
Dear All; Please I need to know how can I import image(jpg,..) to Allegro 15.5? to be abackground(new layer). Thanks
Hello, i have simulated the design in HFSS and now for the fabrication purpose i have to make the negative of my design to make the pcb so i export the design to dxf design is converted into .dxf file but now i am not able to take its print out to make the negative. I am not able to convert it into jpg file with exact dimention. so please
8) FluidSIM 3.5 P Demo Following features of FluidSIM are in the Demo version not available or limited: * Storing * Printing * 4 sample drawings * dxf-Import and Export * Defining variables * Didactic material * Function charts * Film sequences * Project administration
Hello Sergiu! I wiil write in romanian, it's easy for me Se poate rezolva ce vrei tu in felul urmator: Poza in format cdr, bmp, jpg trebuie exportata in AUTOCAD (format dwg). Aici se verifica daca are grosime la contururi si se exporta in dxf; Se deschide ORCAD si se importa dxf. MAX-ul obtinut se salveaza librarie(LLB) si se (...)
Hi fly_fish It Sooooooooo Simple in cst just go to File -> export -> BMP you will get what ever you want from your screen in bmp format and in power point or word import picture ->from file. point the bmp file OK and thats all. The bmp files very big so just open them with microsoft painter(in Stat -> Program ->accessories-> Paint) or
It's Ok I knew how to. Just convert the bmp file to dxf file then import dxf to found later some introduction to make it, but still canot. I know first we have to convert the file (image) to dxf, and the next lines are from Orcad internet help...
I want a PCB layout software, that can, after designing the PCB, show the 3d preview of the actual device. Added after 6 minutes: Like this Added after 1 minutes:
here ur request hfss 10,hope help u
hi guys! how do i print my design to scale? i tried exporting it in jpg, bmp but it is not to scale i also tried dxf then opened it in Autocadd, again it is not to scale? i am simulating antennas and i would like to make the actual already to test it. but i can't! i need to print my design wit the right dimensions help! thanks al
hi all i like to design custom board here i attached . is it possible to design board in mechanical symbol or is it possible to import in .dxf file NOTE: i have not auto cad to import .dxf file. I LIKE TO DESIGN THE BOARD IN MECHANICAL SYMBOL IS IT
hi rajgo, I think your dxf donot contain any valid data ( file size is only 9 kb). here I attached screen shot when I opened dxf given by you in a dxf viewer .How ever I followed the steps I mentioned earlier and successfully imported it to allegro. Herer I am attaching the new dxf. You can import to your allegro (...)
thanks for the advice, but I get still the same error... Ok, but I can confirm that the file is valid dxf. It does read properly with my dxf readers. Around your rectangular spiral, you have an additional frame. I wonder if that causes problems in the Altium reader because it overlaps with the spiral on the same la
Hi, if I draw a round shape or import a round dxf into altium to use as board outline the result is pretty bad (see attached image). Is there a setting to edit the If I export this to gerber it is even worse...
The heart was designed in Corel, then exported to dxf. Gcode was generated in Edgecam. At the end, the heart was engraved and cut on cnc milling machine of 5mm plexiglass. The shape of the heart has the dimensions of
I had the same problem. Try to delete ALL graphics from design/schematic ( .bmp., .jpg, .png ....) and then try to save in 16.2 format. Worked for me.
There might be some incorrect setting in your export options When I try to export, everything works as expected. All layers with drawing objects are automatically included in the layer list shown
hi my friends i need to convert this picture to PcB for my project and Use it in Altium Designer Summer 09 Who can say how did you do it? can You upload files of this for me? THANKS:-D