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You will not have specified the input_delays for the reset port and the jtag ports. That should be the reason. Reset should be fine I suppose. Not sure about the jtag ports..
embedded memories? let's say I have a serial embedded memory in test mode, which is controlled solely via jtag->TCB or/and a TPR. The memory's timing waveforms is custom-designed with verilog behavior model. How do they generate jtag waveforms automatically to access the memory? Are there such tools as to digitize the simulated waveforms (...)
looks like you can use jtag for programming because you have jtag on connector (you do not have isp pins on connector). btw. i do not see any xtal for mcu. your rs232 would not work correct without xtal timing
Hallo professionals! You have two boards: one is PMC mezzanine board and this board is placed at second (carrier board). You want use jtag interface between this two boards. Question is: Is signal TDI input or output at carrier board? At PCI and PMC standards I didn`t find explicit description of direction this signals. Thank you very m
Does any one have any material on jtag timing and how to interpret the waveforms? Thanks.
Hi my friend's Can anyone tell about detailed sequence and timing in xilinx jtag progrmmer and iMPACT software? I would like to know iMPACT programming protocol which interact main board via programmer . Thanks ahead
Hi, In P&R, the jtag (boundary) cells are always placed as close as possible to the I/O pad. This make sense as the jtag cell are connected to the pad. My question is beside connectivity requirement, is there other requirement that make it important to place the jtag cell as close to the IO pad as possible? Is there (...)
Hi, jtag is standard but every vendor use their own cables and conector mappings. Also different cables have different inducatance, capacitance and timming parameters. Input and output logic levels are also important esspecially in 3.3V and 5V mixed designs. Programming software assumes some timing parameters and appropraite level conversi
hi my friends A basic question comes to my mind ....would anyone please tell me more about accurate timing and voltage level during CPLD programming for all of pins included: IO+jtag+VCCINT+VCCIO+GND
you may select the physical compile! It is a useful tool! and your flow, the order shall be as follow: 1.Internal scan inserting.(full-scan) 2 Internal scan ATPG. 3Boundary scan ATPG. 4Boundray scan inserting.(jtag) 5 synthesis to get a fulll netlist. 6. Initial placing and routing to get the net delay imformation. 7 timing analysis
Hi ,all I want to insert jtag into my design,using Synopsys's design Compile. This is my first design ,so ,there are some problems. A: How to write the constraint script when synthesis the TOP-design including BSD and core_logic. B: How to verify the design ,and which tools are needed. C:How to set the timing attribute .
I found jtag XC95XXX timing diagram. :)