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Just to ask: :?: Can I simulate circuit with Philips 80C552 (87C552) with Pr*teus and keil's uVisi*n! thanx
I am using AT89C51 to run a 24 seg, 4 com lcd using HT1621 driver. I am using C with keil uVision. Using the code below, all i get is 8 on segments. no matter what i write, those 8 segments will go on. rest of the segments will stay off... The segments which are on correspong to addresses 3, 4, 5 and 6 of HT1621. Please also explain why are
friends! i am using 8051 microcontroller and keil ide to devlop the code using 'c' language. now plz help me to devlop the code i.e. how a serial commn take place between microcontroller and rtc so that the time can be shown on the lcd display. with best regrads; rag_perfect univ. of pune,india.
in ke*il software... i only can simulate o/p by bit by bit...but i need to write c code for 8051 for controlling i need to simulate c code in virtual lcd...if any software does that...plz recommend that software to me. What's wrong with this ? L
I want c code(driver) for pcf8583 connected to 8051. I want example of time/date settings, Reading time,date and setting alarm using 8051 for RTC 8583.
how to program for graphic lcd in 89c51 using keil-c kindly help me with source code. i planned to use a 128x64 lcd
I m using proteus 6.9 with keil to develop a 51 base LCD driver. I hv written the code and it displays strings and letters etc fine. problm arises whn i try to roll it to the I saw it in the data sheets,the code to move the whole display right (w/o changing DDRAM data) is 0x1C or 0x1E. i hv put a simple loop like for(i=0;i<16;i++) {
Are you using keil Tools and their RTX kernel or you are using in-house developed boot code. What Bluetooth IC are you using? You are yet planning for 8051 so is it really urgent :) You'll need to interface the IC with 8051 microcontroller using I/O ports. Then you'll need to configure those ports appropriately to access the (...)
Hi guys i need any library in keil c with 8051 such as LCD,Keypad,...............etc. To help me in programming with 8051. thanks in advance
Examining the datasheets of both devices with answer your question: 80C31BH/80C51BH/87C51 - MCSÉ 51 CHMOS SINGLE-CHIP 8-BIT MICROCONTROLLER AT89C2051 - 8-bit Microcontroller with 2K Bytes Flash In
Dear all, Who have the experience which add a virutal com port in win98 os?Because I have a project which is a 8051 soc with usb 1.1 interface,but the keil mon51 only support the serial interace with the hardware platform,So I want to write a driver which add a virtual com port in win98 but all protocal convert with usb (...)
Look in BASCOM AVR book. It said how to use HW serial port and SW serial Port, HW serial port is for chip that already has TX RX pin, SW serial port is for general pin to use as serial interface. I believe I found the article at keil site for 8051 C library.
You can use Adam Dunkel's uIP TCP/IP stack for 8051 family microcontrollers. You can download it at . You can also find a port of uIP TCP/IP stack for keil compiler at . It also has the RTL8019 driver.
Hello everybody, I have board which has the LCD attached to the microcontroller pins. i am using keil C and AT89s52 Uc . I want to display some text in the LCD. so how do i do that what is the procedure to initialize LCD in keil C. if any one has a sample code for this process or anycode related to this pls send it to me. thanks in advance c
Hi frnds, I want to build 8 X 8 scrolling led board. The h/w I m using is using shift registers(74164) & 89s52. So i want keil C code for this. Please help me.