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Evening gents, I recently just got my hands on a 20MHz kenwood CS-4025 oscilloscope, but the problem is there are no probes. Is there any particular type of probes I should be looking for to use with this scope? If so, what kind? Also, where can I buy said probes? Thanks again!
Does anyone have service manual for either scope ? I need the document for calibration check . Many thanks !!
You certainly need to look at second had. Even the cheapest Picoscopes cost more than that. This might be worth a look: kenwood 40 MHz oscilloscope in Good Condition & GWO. | eBay
Just picked up a kenwood CS-1044 oscilloscope and could REALLY use the service manual (unit needs to be calibrated). User manual (if available) would be nice too. Thanks, in advance. -- Jason
Hi, I was offered a kenwood CS-8010 Digital Storage scope for a good price but I'm unable to find any information on some basic specification of this device (how fast etc.). After extensive google-ing I found only two sites selling manuals but no basic parameters to decide whether it is worth to spend on the manuals or not. I contacted kenwood
Hi, I'm looking for schematics or service manual of kenwood CS-5140 oscilloscope.
Hi Friends, I'm looking for the service manual (or schemas) of Trio-kenwood CS-2100A oscilloscope. Thanks in advance! K.
Hi I'm trying to find the service manual for this scope - if anyone has a copy that they're willing to share, I'd be most grateful. Cheers Luke
try looking under Trio. I have a trio cs2100 - later kenwood bought them out Swingbyte
Manual needed for kenwood CS-4135A oscilloscope. Thank you.
In need of the user manual for kenwood oscilloscope CS-4025 user manual and/or the schematic. Regards,
In need of the schematics for kenwood oscilloscope CS-4025 osciloscape Regards,
I am looking for a copy of the service manual or circuit diagrams for a Kanwood model CS-1065 oscilloscope.
Try demagnetizing the whole scope with something like a large TV de-gausing coil. 8O This may sound very strange but I have cured many kenwoods with exactly this problem. Take off the covers and see if there is any improvement on the screen. If it then seems to look better you know you are on the right track. The frame and or covers seem to ge