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Evening gents, I recently just got my hands on a 20MHz kenwood CS-4025 oscilloscope, but the problem is there are no probes. Is there any particular type of probes I should be looking for to use with this scope? If so, what kind? Also, where can I buy said probes? Thanks again!
Does anyone have service manual for either scope ? I need the document for calibration check . Many thanks !!
You certainly need to look at second had. Even the cheapest Picoscopes cost more than that. This might be worth a look: kenwood 40 MHz oscilloscope in Good Condition & GWO. | eBay
Hello, I am also looking for kenwood CS-6020 oscilloscope service manual. Any help would be appreciative. Thanks in advance!
Here some specs on the CS-8030 which should be similar to the CS-8010 accept to sampling rate. The 8010 appears to be 40Ms/s where the 8030 is 100Ms/s which is by today's standards really slow. Unless you are getting it very cheap, I will look elsewhere on ebay for something with 1Gs/s minimum.
Hi, I'm looking for schematics or service manual of kenwood CS-5140 oscilloscope.
Hi Friends, I'm looking for the service manual (or schemas) of Trio-kenwood CS-2100A oscilloscope. Thanks in advance! K.
Hi I'm trying to find the service manual for this scope - if anyone has a copy that they're willing to share, I'd be most grateful. Cheers Luke
try looking under Trio. I have a trio cs2100 - later kenwood bought them out Swingbyte
Manual needed for kenwood CS-4135A oscilloscope. Thank you.
In need of the user manual for kenwood oscilloscope CS-4025 user manual and/or the schematic. Regards,
In need of the schematics for kenwood oscilloscope CS-4025 osciloscape Regards,
I am looking for a copy of the service manual or circuit diagrams for a Kanwood model CS-1065 oscilloscope.
Does anyone have a schematic or service manual for a kenwood CS-4025 20mhz dual trace oscilloscope? I have one that is doing some funny things. The trace is no longer a straight line. For most of the time it is a series of curly lines.