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STC8051+avr+atmega Professional kit is a high-performance development board with rich board resources. The board has many peripherals such as dot matrix LED, color dot matrix LCD, SD slot, PS2 port, stepper motor driver, DC Motor, infrared sensor and temperature sensor. It reflects fully STC Microcontroller performance. Please see the details in t
hello everyone, i want to interfacing the single phase AC motor to Friendly ARM.....but before that i will do it on my 51 or avr kit.... i also want to contorl its speed...... can anybody help me for this???? thank you.. Single phase or Three phase????
With boot loader you can program mcu without programmer ( USB development board ) see if you have programmer then you can program your hex file developed by your source code
problem facing while loading .hex file in atmega32. i am using extremavr as a loader. errors displaying of screen are as follows power on failed...... cannot communicate with target chip.... please help in this case...
facing problem in loading the .Hex file in atmega32 using avr development kit.I am using USBasp, winavr and extremavr. lot of error. please help me out. also help in using the avr development kit.
I am doing a small project on avr development board ver.3 .And I have to connect ISP6PIN header to SPROG3 target ISP header with the 6-wire cable.But i am not able to locate the SPROG3 in this kit.
Hi, I am getting a problem with my circuit , consisting of a dsp kit and an avr controller circuit. Whenever i connect my power supply to the circuit voltage gets decreased suddenly from 7v to 3.3v , I am hasitating to work on this circuit as i dont know it is some sort of short circuit or any other issue. Kindly guide me on this situation as s
Described here construction of a universal development kit can be a great alternative for expensive factory development kits which often offer small number of functions or lack basic peripherals. The most importa
Hello, This is my first try with avr microcontrollers and I never before uses it so please "basic type" of explanation. I get this avr test board: Inside is some test program in ATmega32 chip wh
I started of buying the STK500 kit using avr codevision. But I quickly get stuck, not knowing how to code something, for an example to get a LCD display working. If you are using codevision then there are already a lot of libraries included. The LCD pins can be set in the wizard and then it is just a matter of a fe
My circuit involves an avr microcontroller and a MAX3421E USB host interface IC. This IC is exactly the same one as what is used on the "USB Host Shield" and "Android Accessories Development kit" for Arduino. The circuit is powered at 3.3V, not 5V, keep that in mind. The 3.3V supply comes from a LDO regulator that is actually connected to my Androi
This project was based on ZL2-avr kit from BTC. Features: display HD44780 4x 7-segments display 8x LED RS232 I2C matrix keyboard 2x2 PS2 keyboard buffers [
What would be a good micro-controller to use - is there a developers kit for said controller? There are a multitude of acceptable controllers for your project. avr 8051 variant PIC MSP430 To list a few more common platforms. Which one you choose should largely depend on availability within your locale, budget an
Hello Friends, I am working as Embedded System Designer with 4 years of experience in C programming(C51, PIC, ARM, avr) up to 32 bit. Now i want to learn embedded Linux programming. my query is ==> from where, I am starting with Embedded Linux? ==> which starter kit is useful for better experience on Linux? ==> Friendly ARM board is bette
Hello Friends, I am working as Embedded System Designer with 4 years of experience in C programming(C51, PIC, ARM, avr) up to 32 bit. Now i want to learn embedded Linux programming. my query is ==> from where, I am starting with Embedded Linux? ==> which starter kit is useful for better experience on Linux? ==> Friendly ARM board is bett
What you need to get is a starter development kit to get you started. Something like: Easyavr6 Development System - avr Development Board There are lots to choose from but just pick one and stick with if for a couple of years to learn the basics. There are cheaper alt
hello i need to buy avr kit and this kit is available in my country and it's price is 56 dollar RAM Electronics : FEPST3 ATMEL-8051 Development kit (ICSP) - 350.00L.E. my question is this kit is good or not as iam beginner and i need your
i am building a USBAsp based avr burning kit by using the schematic provided at - USBasp - USB programmer for Atmel avr controllers I am using the latest firmware. I set the fusebits as hfuse=C9 and lfuse=EF (this is defined in the USBAsp makefile) [but some people have mentioned some different fuse
It's known that Olimex kits are the best price/features - OLIMEX Ltd. - Electronic Design and PCB sub-contract assembly OEM/ODM service You can get some PIC kit and start immediately testing the code
how can i interfacing with lcd in spartan 3e starter kit in c language
I am using avr development kit by deccan robots Its good... I can suggest u to use it...
Hi, There is for STM32 (Cortex M3) at ST Microelectronics. Go to their site, and download ZigBee? REva kit library package: This is primary for the REVA ZigBee kit, containing libraries and sample applications for ST Micro's like ST7, STR7, STM32, and You can modify it acco
avr atmegas have same basic concepts. Best thing you can is to buy starter kit (no matter which avr it has) or evaluation board and begin practice!
Hi all~ I have always been using the avr based development boards, but now we are starting a new project, which requires an ARM9 based dev kit, with LCD or better TFT connection. Better would it be if there would be a SD/MMC slot(s) or IDE. Does anyone here have any experiences with such a thing? If does, plz tell me where can I get one. Many many
Hi i have purachased stk500 kit ,so how to install code vision avr. but stk supprt avrstudio4.0 so pls give step hw to configure
Hi Guys I am thinking of getting a development kit for small robotics applications. I am getting a bit confused between AT91SAM7XC-EK and ATEVK1100 kits.. the first one is based on ARM7 32 bit core and the second one is based on avr 32bit core. I basically want to control 4-6 servos, interface some sensors, RC interface initialy and (...)
Actullay I have got STK502 starter kit (extension for LCD avr ) . I don't have STK500 board . The kit has a ATMEGA 169 microcontroller . Can I programm it with this kit .
Can someone help me..I want to build a board or starter kit based on AT89/8051 series or avr ATmega8535. But I can't found any schematic on internet and the old posting in here. Can someone give me the schematic or just the picture schematic or other posting in here? I need it so. The board complete with 8 LED, port from MCU, and also the good I
Peace be upon you all Im a second year power, machines and control student im a beginer in learning " avr microcontroller" im trying now to build up my own avr starter kit a kit that includes LCD, Keypad,Push buttons and LEDs also includes connector for interface with pc as well as a connector to programmer circuit, (...)
Also try Atmel avr embedded internet kit with with full sources and examples.
hello all, Actually i have experience in uC programming using high level languages and i'd like to make an embedded webpage to control 2 relays. that's it!!! i searched online and i prefered to buy a ready to use avr kit with ethernet capability but still have the barrier of designing a simple webpage with two buttons to control my relays
I want to tewach avr in student who know nothing about mcus.. Can you help me find lessons and a sample kit? THX :-P
Hi Guys I wanna design a starter kit for Atmega 8535/8535L if any links or tutorials or any other helps thanks in advance
Did you get any company who provides/offers 8-bit or 16-bit free development kit for students? Please let me know in details. Thanks
see atmel site : SAM7x: avr:
hi every one I am trying to make a potable kit which can program smart cards using avr but i don't know -which reader to choose ? - how to connect this reader to avr? please if any one can help please reply soon thank you
Hi every one I am trying to make a portable kit which can program smart card by avr but i don't know which reder to choose and how to connect thi reader to the avr please help me
I have SMS kit (Silicon Chip). It is based on AT microcontroller and it has come with pre-programmed chip. However, the HEX file can be downloaded fro Silicon Chip web site. Is there any chance of disassembling this hex file and translate it to common 8051 source code?
Had someone made layout and has software of this?
I am new to microcontroller programming I have made hex file of my .c file from gcc crosscompiler but finding error to flash .hex file in avr kit. tell me that Which kernel version is required for uisp and gcc and the sequence of command used. I don't know y uisp is required to install but i know that it is necessary The final command to
another avr and pic development kit
no more kit available !!!
I have stk500 starter kit
The best avr evaluation board is Atmel's own STK500 starter kit. You can buy it from your avr distrubitor.
Hi. dacadc. Do you have A V R E m b e d d e d I n ternet T o o l kit.? Please, send PM to me. Thank you.