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Loot at and search "l4970". I use its to create a very good switching power supply up to 10A I have to make 12V ~ 10A power supply, but I have no idea how to do that. Any idea are welcome. thanks
I don't think you can just add an external MOSFET to boost the output current of these switching voltage regulators .. This "modification" will require more than that .. If you need 10A output current much better alternative is to go for a 10A regulator (l4970 , for example) .. Regards, IanP
I have a 48V Input Circuit.But I have found something simpler.I'll give it as a Image.Its really good based on a
Hi, At 8.5A from LM317, impossible. At this power level, I wouldn't even think of going linear. I'd choose switching. Check out l4970 from ST. Amazing chip, man! The price is a tad high though. Datasheet: Application Note:
Hi, Like you said, there are many possible options. To have something between an efficient design and simplicity at reasonable current outputs, I would say you could use a step down transformer and use a switching regulator. For switching regulator, check L4971, L4964, l4970, L496x, L497x. Transformer should be easy to acquire. The easiest solution
Take a look at these chips if you need more current: l4970 - 10A L4971 - 5A L4972 - 2A L4973 - 3.5A L4975 - 5A
Where does this "-48V" come from? Is there a "paired" +48V? If there's no "accompanying" positive voltage, it doesn't matter that it's "-48V". Treat it as just (+)48V. Just take care with polarity (direction). Then, use a buck converter circuit. How much current do you need? You can use one of many available switching regulators, such as L4971, L4
Use a switching regulator such as L4975A (5A) or L4977A (7A) or l4970A (10A), to minimize losses and maximize efficiency.
At this current and power level, you should look to use a switching regulator. These usually work as buck converters. You can choose a specialized buck controller and use it as the main controller in your converter. You may use general purpose PWM controllers like SG3525 or UC3842. You may even use a readily available (but rather expensive) regulat