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Use the labview VISA usb wizard
Hello, I am developing usb interface using pic18f4550 with micro c that just on and off LEDS and it works well with visual basic,but when I try labview VISA RAW as the control program the circuit does not respond I tried all the examples in ni website usbRawBulkMain , usbRawControl (...)
Dear sir, Where can I get the knowledge about this ?? BOok or web site or ???? Thank you for help !!!!
Does anyone knows a Microcontroller with ADC (16bit,30kHz sampling rate) and usb interface? Something similar to TI-BurrBrown Msc1210 but with previously specified features. Optionally can work a separate ADC with SPI and uController with SPI and usb. Many thanks to
i need some information about any pic whit usb and flash programming memory
Who have ADI HPusb and usb Emulators Schematics?
Tell me. Thanx
Hi, I'm looking for an usb 2.0 high speed device with the minimum pins. I don't need ?C functions, it's just to make an interface between ?C and usb. I think NET2270 or NET2272 is a good choise. Is somebody have some experience with it ? Thanks.
Are there any other bus behavior or electronic characteristic differences between usb idle state and usb suspend state, except for power consumption point? Thanks a lot!
hi all, Could any ony tell me the speed of rs 232 and usb? thanks in advance
Hello everyone ! Who knows the circuits which interfacing between RS232 and usb ? especially is software to communicate between them Best regards !
Hello!! Give me some ideas how to communicate between Canoe test tool and labview. I try to simulate some button's press by labview and send it into Canoe. and then Canoe will generate some messages and send them into real bus. Is it possible ?? Please, give me some advices, Thanks!!!
what is the difference between labview and VHDL
Q: if I have a handset embedded with usb 1.1 HOST and usb 2.0 Device (two port) can I connect to any OTG device(if OTG be a Host , then connect to 2.0 Device, if OTG be a device , then connect to 1.1 host , with port transfer line ) ? or I still need a usb OTG PORT?
Hi! I am building pcb with RS-232 (Maxim Max232) and usb 2.0 (FTDI FT232) implemented. Is it needed to make galvanic isolation for both communications with PC? How can I make it if answer is yes? Please suggest some techniques. If I use notebook do I need galavanic isolation too? Thank you. Regards.
For labview check the following link: The three hours course will get you introduced to the minimal.
Hi all, I want to know the difference between usb Uart and usb FIFO? and which applications in which each of them are used? Can i use them interchangeably? Thanks a lot in advance
hi dears I am using AT89c5131A for the conversion of serial to usb and viceversa. Here I am using a baudrate of 115200 and usb transfers the data at 12Mbps. How to synchronize these speeds. How to calculate the Endpoint Interval.... Pls help me....its very urgent regards sunil
labview has an optional FPGA module. I've never used it. The advertising suggests it only works with NI's FPGA boards. I see no mention of CPLD support.
Hello, I?m new to pic and usb programming. So I start to test the article Basic usb - Using Microchip Stack and - Hardware form This code works, but I got some trouble when I?m trying to receive more then 1byte from the microcontroller. The thing I?m trying to do it that when I send the command 0x50 to (...)
How can I interface the usb(universal serial bus) with the 8051 mcu? Can you give me a sample circuit which includes a microcontroller and usb...:?:
Hi, I am returning to programming after a few years networking. I was previously well versed in COBOL, CICs, Easytrieve, REXX, Clist etc all on mainframes. So I am quite good with most concepts, analysis and design etc and more or less, I hope, have just to get to grips with the syntax of the new technologies like C++. An over simplification
SpecForge offers OEM modules to build own IP and usb cameras with hardware h.264 encoder or another similar equipnemt (transcoder for example) as well as SDK software supporting for DSP and host PC including MPEG2/MPEG4/h.264 decoders. Besides, we offer custom HW/SW development for your specifications. Please look our site: www.specforg
Hi i need your guiding to arm examples with c code. as example: lcd interfacing usb interfacing thanks in advance.
Hi , I've recently built the Sprut's Brenner 9L programmer but the software usbURN throw 2 errors : Error Code:997 , and usb Error SE: 100 (on the programmer window) .The programmer is detected , also my dspic33fj128 but I cannot do more operations (he throw that errors).:?
Hi Is there any layout guidelines for Ethernet RMII interface and usb device Differential pairs. Thanks in advance
Hi all, I want to interface usb phone to PIC32. I selected PIC32 because it can act as usb host. But I have lack of knowledge about usb. Tell me how should I start this? are there any one who did this? Thanks.....
If there are a PIC with 2 serial interfaces and usb interface ! can any one tell me what is its chip number and/or its datasheet ? Thanks?
Hi Friends, I had a microcontroller board evaluation board. I connected that board to the computer with a usb. I want to send some data using the Hyper terminal in windows XP. But Hyper terminal can send data the Serial COM ports for communication. Hyper terminal can not send data to the usb ports. Is there any virtual com port driver ,
Hi every one: I am trying to control the process of Multisim circuit simulation with varies parameters on labview by using the connectivity toolkit (beta). My softwares' version: Multisim 11, labview 2009 and Connectivity Toolkit (beta). Desperately, I have been struggling on difficulties when running the labview (...)
Hi all, I want the cheapest microcontroller with LCD/TFTcontroller and usb inbuild. Can you suggest any... Regards
Hello, I have a question on interfacing between usb-OTG device and usb 2.0 slave device. If I have a custom board with usb-OTG and a usb 2.0 compliant device, can I setup the custom board to be a master and make them communicate? Or, it is not allowed? Thanks, Gongdori
hello friends , i have to implement pic18f4550 to usb cdc basic demo . if any one have complete communication PC to pic and pic to PC using Proteus then step by step information give me. i am confused about endpoint and usb traffic . and also is that any problem if our micro (...)
Is there any difference in RS232 and usb communication for Keil for at89c51. If i have rs232 port at controller side and usb at PC side than what step i need to follow while programming. Can any one help me to write simple code for below. I have Connected in this is RTC I2C(DS1307) with 32.678khz and (...)
hello friends i have choose pic micro controller for my small application like Run 3 motor which controlled By RELAY . so i have a question i have a less pin like 3 motor controlled by 3 pin of pic and 2 pin for usb communication . so is that possible to 8 pin or 10 pin pic MCU ? so which MCU perform this task . So which pic at lest 8 to 10 pin
Hi every one, presently i am working on usb virtual com port, my question is when i am working with UART, i have write some application and print the logs in the terminal with 115200 kb baud rate, and with VCP also iam selecting the same baud rate to print the logs in the terminal. UART is much simpler implementation compared to the VCP (...)
Hello everyone,=D I would like to know the difference between usb host and usb device. What types of devices use? Anyone know any datasheet that explains all about it? How to use them in the development of hardware?
Hi, You can use labview to send date through serial port via VISA and Serial Drivers. As this is graphical programming, it will give developer a easy understanding of programming. Few are facing problems in usb accessing via labview. However Control IN, Control OUT like functions are available along with (...)
It all depends on your driver. If you have a dll that can be used to communicate to your device, then LV can talk through that dll. That applies to any device and any driver. Look at it this way, LV is just a programming language (G). If you can do it in C, ASM,VB or any, then you can make it happen in G. I can't stress this enough, labview i
Hi!I want to use labview in ordrer to control Cypress usb (CY7C68013).Has anyone done anything similar?I'm having problems trying to communicate with Cyusb and i could really use some help.
I got information from Sheldon Instruments. They provide IDE for VB an labview for the DSP6713 core. Also they provide all the needed libraries for signal processing. I feel it is much easier to start with the DSP programing with that type of latest kit though it is pricy. What about the experts feel about it. The one I selected is given below.
I need info , anybody have a schematic or info on usb to IDE interface?
Could anybody help me get information about PIC&usb protocol
I folks. I have a Ines ieee488 GPIB card. This card is not compatible with labview and I've been talked that a small modification can be done in order to make it compatible with labview. Any help?
hi, I need to design usb connection between my PCB board and the computer, I find there are usb series A and series B connector...Any difference between them? which one is better?
Hi , does soemeone has the mediatek MT1389FE datasheet ? it's a chip used for the divx players and have also an undocumented usb port. thanks proton
Hi.... I'm a senior student doing a project related to RFID application. Can anybody tell me how to do a Visual Basic Program to interface a device with the PC through the usb? Also, can you tell me the IO Port Address of usb on the PC? Thanx
I'm now doing a project, I'm using visual basic 6.0 to communicate with the usb device. My problem now is, Do I need an ActiveX control driver to start interfacing with the usb device?? What is the driver?
Are there any other bus behavior or electronic characteristic differences between usb idle state and usb suspend state, except for power consumption point? Thanks a lot!
Can somebody tell me how to interface a PC and 8051 using usb Interface. Thanking You.