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Read the following links: Read also in the labview help or the labview manual that comes with the software... To show you that using Google is no rocketsciense check out this trick
If your data rate is 20 samples per second. I think that you may use the uart port of microcontroller interface with PC. Matlab provides serial communication function (MATLAB Central - File detail - MATLAB serial - code example ) and file tools. By the w
Hi, serial port under different windows versions in labview isn't always easy. Have you tried the discussionforum in the NI developer zone? are quite a few topics about serial communicaion problems. Have fun, Spasomat
you can develop industrial applications using labview, with this software you can control hardware on your PC. but you can also program in C, ...
Hi Isn't the labview interface for the older Bitscope working in BS310 by reading from USB port instead of serial? Please give me your comment about the new bitscope, i have an old 120. Cl
I have not tested it and I am not in front of PC with labview but RS-232 with labview should be a breeze I think. labview is designed for all kinds of communications. Is any thing in labview help documentation?
Anyone have experience in the program eprom with the tool labview through the serial or parallel interface? Regard
To measure and display temperature from a thermocouple you don't need a PLC and labview but a analog card and just labview .. Go to National Instruments web site and check out their offer of analog cards; these cards come with labview drivers and can be configured to work with several types of temeprature sensors including thermocouples .. (...)
Can you please tell me where i can find a labview driver for a USB to printer port interface cable
if you search matlab help you will find a number of functions that deals with serial port but i don't think that you need matlab i think you can use labview it's a free of code programming method is very easy to learn
AOA i m working on my final year project which will have some GUI and will be interfaced by serial, parallel port. i dont know VB or labview programming (will learn one of these) PLZ give here ur recommendations and comments for which langauge or software to choose and learn giving their incentives to the other thanks very much
hello , i was trying to interface my microcontroller with labview through serial port. i want to use serial interrupts in labview program.i.e whenever i receive a character an interrupt shud be generated in labview program. but i dont know how to do this. i have done this in visual basic (...)
Hi! I want to design a measurement device, which can comunicate with PC via GPIB interface. Where can I find material and tutorials about this communication standrad? Which microcontroller and/or chip can I use for this communication? hey,, hi, first of all, your computer need a communication device like a PCI card, or something like that, and
Hello everyone.... Help me regarding this C programming for PIC16F877A matters... I'm going to interface my temperature sensor and humidity sensor with labview application by using a serial communication(RS232) with PIC16F877A.. Please... I'm hoping to get a guide and good feedback.. Thank You Regards mindmoody :cry:
we are working on a motion tracking camera system order to achieve this we have used labview for image processing.the final step we need to get is to send 5v to the relay so the motor we are using rotates our camera.but we need help to send 5v from our computer to the realy unit.somebody told us that we could use a converter for usp port
SA Hello everybody i need tool (matlab, labview, .....) to help me in sending/Receving data from/to computer to/from FPGA board (Virtex II Pro). BUT through the USB-JTAG interface only. The situation is like that: the FPGA board is the channel of certain communication system. i need to send the modulated data from computer to that channel. the
Hi, I like to control the gp0 & gp1 of the PL2303 from the PC, how can i do it using or C or labview ?? Any helps here... Thanks, Simon
Try using a USB to serial port converter hardware. Does the ports that you create are shown by the device manager? I faced a similar problem with matlab using actual hardware and each time i had to close matlab to solve the problem of "device in use" I suggest labview software for such experiments. The easiest way is to send the command through the
Hi, I'm currently using labview to receive data sent from the microcontroller PIC18f452. I'm using visa to receive data from the pic. But the problem is the read result always zero!! I'm use a virtual serial port to interface Proteus with labview.. Also i connect the RS-232 in Proteus to a virtual terminal to enable me (...)
hi.. guys i am doing a project in labview ...( HMI) which controls the machine.. user interface.. now what i need is i want to communicate the pc labview with some standard communication and protocol... it should be faster.... (because i want to do frame grabbing the raw data) reliable, less hardware , multi slave (...)
Hi all, I am trying to send 2048 bytes continuously from FPGA to Computer serially. i have checked behavioural simulation the code is all correct but still it is sending only 1250 bytes. I have divided data into two 1024 bytes of memory inside fpga. I read first memory one by one byte and send it to computer after sending 1024 bytes completely I r
hello.. I'm starting a project on labview first time. and I have planed to develop a project on PIC16F877A serial communication with labview plot data recieved from RS232 interface. My serial communication is ok now. ( I have written a vb6 programme and its working fine). for testing purpose Im sending 0 to (...)
Hi All, I am currently working on a small project .. specifications like this: One computer did say this temperature data acquisition computer A, then read on labview. for this one I managed to melakukukan simulation hardware that send data to the serial port. and with my visa successfully reading data from serial port. then computer B, (...)
thanks for the reply works fine......ur labview vi file ask password to open ur vi block diagram? there is no password required if you have installed NI DAQ complete guide attach here for you regards Fragrance
Hi RishabhG, we can do this by, serial communication using UART module in PIC16F microcontroller. Communicate with PC through RS232 protocol. labview dont have special toolkit for pic microcontroller.
I think Mathlab and labview are a lot of simulation software... mathalab is maths based Mathlab is used for Data Exploration ,Acquisition ,Analyzing &Visualization, Engg drawing and Scientific graphics, Analyzing of algorithmic designing and development, Mathematical functions and Computational functions, Simulating problems prototyping and mo
if you don't have programming skills then labview is the right package for you, but before buying a card you should make sure(by reading the manual!) that it can be interfaced with labview. labview also can use parallel port. it has a very good tutorial for non programmers.
GPIB is General Purpose interface Bus now mainly used for instrument communications & control. It is relatively easy to program & it is more powerful than,say ,serial control. GPIB will make you do whatever you want with your device, even some functions you can't make with the real "interface". You can transfer the graphs, in form of (...)
Hi people! I am trying to make a HC908GP32 to communicate with labview through COM2. I use the MAX232 as an interface but although rs232 transmmits the go word for the uC to initiate the convertion and transmmition of my data, this does not happens. I noticed that the receiving pin of the uC ( that is RxD) is in HI status when idle ( this normal
try to use labview, instead of Matlab. labview can handle USB. The maker of that soft manufactures many types of DAQ hardware. see the !
you can build a good data acqusition system using PIC18F4550 micrcontroller, this MCU contain 16 channel 10 bit A/D with maximum sampling rate 102 KHz and build in USB interface, the PIC USB firmware you will find it for free on , try CDC firmware cause it emulates COM ports through USB which mean you can any simpl
Hi All, I'm a beginner in interfacing. I have three analogue signals (low frequency around 10 KHz) and I want to send them to a PC. What is the easiest and at the same time the cheapest solution for that? Is it better to design a ADC board and send the digital output to labview, or use something like micro-controller in between? Cheers Had
Hello everybody i am doing a project in which i need to perform an A/D conversion using PIC, then transmit the data wireless to the receiver. Then i need to input the signal in labview. My queries are : 1) whether we can enter digital value received through DAQ in labview or should we use analog inputs 2) if analog signals are needed,