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Long channels especially used in current mirrors to reduce lambda effect . As lambda inversely proportional to L .Large area less is the mismatch. Addressing skyismylimit question :I think Gate resistance would be the major factor considered while doing layout for large transistor .
Hi, The sizing of L is depend on type of application when u design a circuit. Mostly in the high frequency signal path, the size of L is to keep the min as in the design manual, in order to avoid parasitics cap which will degrade bandwidth. Like in the the design of differential amplifier, the L size of the tail transistor will be kept 2 or 3 ti
Hi Surianova, As you said, in saturation region current , Ids will be constant for even Vds change, but since the existence of short channel effect/lambda effect, anyhow you won't flat curve. So, the value of Ron could be measureable as I stated. Other's opinion are welcome. Correct me if im wrong. Thanks Surianova. The slope which (...)
usually i define the ICMR and the output output rail-to-rail voltages and use this specifications in helping me calculate my Vdsat/Vov. the hand calculation should give a close match to the simulator, recheck your calculations especially the lambda effect on L
It's not easy to understand what you want say. Is the Shielded structure a waveguide, or a mirror or what? generally speaking the roughness play a role smaller that many people thinks. For a Waveguide the roughness increase lhe loss (not so mutch as you change the metal from Ag to Al). For a mirror a gaussian distributed roughness generate an ef
Dear ambreesh, Thank you. I made a mistake by typing gamma instead of lambda.
In simple words, In a transmission line applied with 1G Hz sinusoidal frequency all the points along the line will not have same potential. They behave same as sinusoidal and repeat the same after some point of distance. The minimum distance at which they posses is depend on the dielectric constant i mean it is related to lambda. Means after
How do I get the value of \lambda ( the channel length modulation parameter for MOSFETs), starting from a BSIM3 model? And what about N_A, N_D (acceptors and donors concentrations) and the \gamma coefficient for the body effect? Is there a web reference with all of the BSIM3 parameters described? Thank
Hey, I'm trying to simulate a light soliton using FDTD with Mur's boandary conditions. The results don't explode but I get funny solutions (Sometimes the soliton loses amplitude, sometimes it gains amplitude...) that change when I choose different resolutions for the simulation that should all be small enough for this sort of simulati
I have two 3G ceramic antennas operating in 850, 1900, and 2100 MHz band that are mounted in vertical and horizontal plane to compensate polarization diversity. Two antennas are 10 mm apart. I heard that when antennas stay closer than lambda/2, there will be a coupling effect deducts antenna performance. But how does the coupling effect (...)
Hi, For the SPICE model of MOSFET, How can I define the lambda as a gate voltage dependent parameter? Thank you so much, I am using both PSPICE and NGSPICE. Best, KUI
the channel length modulation, which is valid also for long channels, is very relevant in short channel MOSTs. In the simple parabolic equation, the lambda coefficient is inversely proportional to L, so for very short transistors the drain current increment with Vds is decisively relevant. Body effect is not a phenomena involved only in short, but
Hello the channel length modulation or lambda has a huge effect on the analog circuit, therefor the analog circuit can not not apply the smallest channel length available by the modern technology . digital circuit in the othe rhand working in the linear and cutoff region that is not effected by lambda as I believe. so (...)
For a single frequency circuit, yes you can. The added lambda/4 (open end) behaves as a short circuit, so you can replace a short circuit for an open stub. You may experience some reduction in Q factor as the short circuit will not be zero Ohms (due to transmission line loss). you should check your new solution over the full frequency range as
It seems to me this effect could be due to a long (referred to lambda) poorly matched transmission line. Is your network analyzer calibrated at the end of the connecting cables ? Can't you measure S11 and/or S22 ? Hi, yes, i have measured S11 too. as per attached is the result of measured value for S11.
Hello People. First, I have to say that I'm very happy with the return of this GREAT forun! I need some help about Skin effect. Does anyone have experience or some good hints about how to compensate Skin Efect on coaxial cables? Some parameters (those are real values :') ): Rise time ~ 200ps Pulse duration ~ < 1ns Lenght ~ 100m t
Could someone explain me the following in short: I have a layout of my 4-layer PCB. The traces should carry relatively high-speed digital data (up to 80MHz) from onboard FPGA to the edge connectors. The trace's routing on the board is really dense so I have to put some vias in order to complete the routing successfully. Which "via" effect should I
effect of an Image Plane on Printed Circuit Board Radiation
in microstrip antenna design, if microstrip line edge-fed is applied, the pattern will be largely affected by the feedline. how to reduce this effect or which type microstrip antenna has the characteristics of low effect by feedline?
how can i take into consideration the effect of the plating to microstrip circuits? :?: is soldermask advisable? thanks
in layout. if there is a float nwell, what kind of effect it will arise?
Has anyone worked with lakeshore's hall effect system?
Hi all, Here is some more work from me working with hall effect or magnetic sensor with example how to used them with your application a complete article, hope may help full for the friends and lover of elektroda.
You can use a 'standard' lambda/4 antenna and place it lambda/4 away from your metalic wall. So your wall will serve as a reflector and give you an additional gain. Bye
Can anyone explain me what does the proximity effect depends on ? (in flyback transformer) As far as i know it has the influence on Rac/Rdc ratio in the windings. I made 50W flyback SMPS; it works very well, windings temperature is about 57 C. It is acceptable value, although i'd like to calculate copper losses more precisely than using only RMS cu
which best high lambda/4 Transformer or radial stub,which use at biasing any design of stub i will be thanked
IEEE paper required: The effect of Quadrature Modulator and Demodulator Errors on Adaptive Predistortors for amplifer linearizaion Author:James K.Cavers,IEEE 0018-9545/97.pp.456-466. The paper is about how to cancel the dc offset and IQ imblance produced by the AQM process. Does anyone help me get the article? Much thanks.
hi guys any information on simulation of lambda/4 with pec ground using HFSS,i will be thanked
hi can any one tell me what is the effect of removing the signals from the sensitivity list in a vhdl code. below is the code for it. intially only signal a is mentioned in the sensitvity list and then later both a and b are mentioned in the sensitivity list. Can any one tell me the diff on c output and the hardware generated in both the cases.
Does any one know the formula for calculating capacitance of (5*lambda)/8 vertical antenna. The ARRL antenna handbook metions formula for wavelength less than lambda/4 but no for greater than lambda/4. If any one knows derivation of it that will be perfect icing on cake.
Hi: I am trying to do some radiation effect simulation with Pspice. My intention is to study the potential effects of heavy ions on CMOS transistor and photodiode. If anybody have done such work before, if you did, would you please give a hint. Thank you so much!
Hi: According to the equation of Ids=1/2K'W/L(Vgs-Vt) (in saturation), the Ids should increase with the ration of W/L. When I use Pspice to do the simulation, I can't observe the increase in Ids in the saturation region. I am using Level 1 model, and the parameter is : VTO=1.4 KP=0.05e-3 lambda=0.05 and I set the width W as the parameter
Hi, there, The AMR magnetic sensor shows about 1%~2% cross-axis sensitivity. I just wondered if there was such thing for Hall effect sensor as well? I searched the internet, but could not find related infomation. Also, what about the GMR sensor? Many thanks
Is spectral frequencies related to doppler effect shift.For example. the doppler shift effect will be positive if the recever (mobile phone) is moving towards to the base station. :?: Thank you,..
Based upon the characteristics of floating body in SOI, history effect seems to be a trouble maker in circuit designs and simulations. Does it seriously impact on the circuit performance?
What is the so called miller effect of the collector base capacitance of bipolar transistor. would some body explain how the common-emitter common base connection cancels the miller effect, please explain in an easily understood manner.
Does anyone know a good site or stuff about "cross strapping effect"? Thanks in advance. Lupin
What is a tunnel effect? Can somebody explain.
Hi! I know that aircraft navigation is based on DME equipments which provide a measure of distance and VOR equipments which provide a measure of angle. DME measure is done by measuring the time distance between pulses generated by aircraft and echoed by DME. I've heard that the measure of the angle is achieved by Doppler effect of RF signal gener
what is the physical significance of skin effect? how it applies to a waveguide? the em wave tries to penetrate into the conductor? will it not lead to powe dissipation if the wave travels within the conductor? what is the gen requirement---should the sigal flow along the cond surface or should it be confined within the con
Hello everyone, when assigning a PML on a DUT(the PML must be assigned on an AirBox which surrounds the DUT,with a thickness of lambda/4 at least!)a dialog window appear and a Minimum Radiating Distance is calculated. I don't known exactly the effect of the variation of this parameter. I see that if i use the default value (82mm for example) i ge
Hi guys, In many PCBs i have seen a small part of a trace is routed snake-like (as shown in attached picture). I am wondering what it is for? what is its effect? for which type of signals it is needed to be routed like this? I would be grateful if a professional clarify this matter for me. Alireza :roll:
Can somebody tell me how the Hot carrier effect is minimised when the channel length is increased. I am interested only on the dependence of Hot carrier effect and channel length.( and not on the introduction of LDD)
Srivats.. ...please remember following 2 rules for current mirrors.. 1. always use Channel length which is 4-5 * Lmin ...(though this is ideal for DSM i.e < 0.25u)....the best thing wud be for u to characterize the MOS and see for which 'L' Id slope is less...use that length 2. Ensure that Vds of mirror X'tors are similar..this takes out (1+
1) plot of o/p resistance vs Vds for different values of Vgs 2) o/p characteristics 3) lambda in zoomed in view all for a 0.18um process
Hello, Has anyone realized constant-temperature cell by "peltier effect", I found it used in laser field to control temperature, but how to realize it by the cheapest cost? Regards, Davy Zhu Add by Myself
how do you get lambda and Kappa (u_nC_ox) of a transistor and plot it against some sweep variable? Any suggestion will be helpful. Thanks
for my design LNA at 5.2G, the post-simulation tell me that the resonat has shift to 4.9G. It maybe for the long lines between devices, how to consider the lines' effect? any help document?? thank you!
The height of top layer should be much more, than lambda (mean for microstrip structure) for boundary effect (with open =377) avoidence
How to reduce hand effect to handset antenna? 3x!