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I was thinking something like this for adding the modulation current: 113699 Will the switch cause spikes in the pulses? What Voltage controlled current source do you propose? Does some one has simulation model for laser diode? plz help
Hello Everyone! I would like to simulate the S-parameters and noise of simple circuits Tx / Rx in the range of 30-500 MHz. I can not find a model in ADS (ADS Agilent) for PIN- photo-diode and laser diode (wavelength ~ 1.1 - 1.6 μm). Please tell where to find S-parameters / models to simulate the photo-diodes and (...)
Hi. I am having a weird problem here. My setup is the computer running windows 7 ultimate 32bit, Hp1200 series laser jet printer with upd-pcl6-x32- printer drivers downloaded from Hp's official web site.Windows 7 does not have a driver for this model. previously i have been designing circuit boards Using both EAGLE and sprint layout5 on
pls., anyone tell me how to model the Digital PID controller for obtaining const.current for operating laser diode
Hello, Does anybody know any good designing software for optics and combined elektronics? I need to design system with laser, LF modulator, reflector, and high sensityvity detector. As this is dificuilt to build inexpensive model in reality, i need any software to test this idea first. I started with MATLAB simulink, but still looking for easi
I have heard (may be its a rumor) that new laser jet printers are using new technology in which toner cant be stick to the pcb, any info? Its true. It is to save toner for economical reasons. So old printers are good for pcb making. Other important is toner ink and also the transfer medium. HP model 5L, 6L with o
I want to model a laser beam and simulate its reflection/diffraction/scattering with medium/geometry I designed. which behaviour of beam (wave/particle) do you think should be chosen / does it make a difference ? which software best fits for this application ? I am currently on FEKO and I can't figure out how to model (...)
Hi guys, I am currently working on a set of non-linear ordinary differential equation which is my laser model. Attached is the equations and respective derivation. I need to find the relationship between N(t) and S(t). At equation (5), if I could find the relationship between this equation to be zero, then I could directly find the N(t) and S(t
Hi guys, I am currently working with my OFDM system. My back-to-back system works in perfect condition. My OFDM was done with 16-QAM, 72 subcarrier carries data and 56 carrier zero (zero padding) total 128 subcarries, then IFFT and DAC, then upconverting it to 1 GHz. Perfect back-to-back system. But when I include a laser model in my progra
Hello, Im working on a school project for my second year of learning electronic. My project is a kind of a safe which count all kinds of coins. This project is based on laser beam or LED at one side and a LDR (light detector resistor) on the other side. Once a coin droped in, the safe count it I would appreciate any help with the counting sy
hello everyone, Can anyone please help me out how to use laser diode ,cable and photo detector in matlab as there are no pre build blocks of above items in matlab. Actually i am working on radio over fiber for OFDM and i am using matab simulink. I have got OFDM model but i am facing problem in laser , cable and photo detector. I will be (...)
I want to model on the software Optisystem the various standards, using a VCSEL laser at 850nm, a multimode fiber 300 m in length and a photodetector pin. GSM: Carrier 2 GHz 900 MHz GMSK modulation UMTS: 2GHz carrier QPSK modulation Debit 3.84Msyn / s DPRS: 1.88GHz carrier Modulation pi / 4 DQPSK Debit 1.152Msyn / s
I want to model on the software Optisystem the various standards, using a VCSEL laser at 850nm, a multimode fiber 300 m in length and a photodetector pin. GSM: Carrier 2 GHz 900 MHz GMSK modulation UMTS: 2GHz carrier QPSK modulation Debit 3.84Msyn / s DPRS: 1.88GHz carrier Modulation pi / 4 DQPSK Debit 1.152Msyn / s
hello i have old laser printer brother model hl-10h the drum not available in local market it is scratched if there any way to coating the drum with special spray or some thing else any idea or document will help me by the way i get this link but he did not give the info about this spray hope some body have more infor
please i need to discuss with you about modeling of quantum cascade laser with vissim. if any one use this model to solve the problem of QCL. if any other methods are used and what is the advantages of this methods thanks
Hi every one, I need service manual for Lexmark laser printer model E220. If any has or can help me. Thanks. Raza
Merry Christmas to you all ! I need a spice model for a laser diode with pohotodiode included . There was an article on EDN magazine ,But it seems that model won't work good! Regards
Hi guys, I need a Pscpice model for diode laser: GFS-1C03-A02 (GIGACOMM) David
some manufacture present a spice model for their laser diode device ( o.e hitachi) u can use one of these model and modifie their parameter for your own. u can find a such LED / LD model in manufacture websites.
Hey folks, I need a favour of one of you who has ORCAD. I would like to obtain a spice model from the infineon STH51004 laser diode. It is included in the ORCAD 10.0 pspice library, but only the professional edition contains this model. Thanks for the efforts! I
Hello! Get the toner in a bottle for the device you require and pay attention that you get EXACTLY the toner for this model! Toner recipes vary in type, melting point, size, granulation etc. There are a lot of different toners around which all look very similar, but they all have different properties. Using the wrong toner can totally damage the
...Hi Folks, Can someone provide laser diode model..for DFB/FB thank u in advance
I simulate a circuit model of semiconductor laser in ADS, the DC characteristic is ok ,but the AC characteristic is not right. I feel confused about this phenomenon.What is the possilbe reason? How to debug this kind problem? Could someone give me any guidance? Thanks!
hi all i need to buy this model : HOP-A1 laser pick-up for CD-rom if any one can manage it for me please PM or email me at : i need 30+ pcs and may be more , just first deal and will be followed up later thanks in advance best regards
hi glenjoy do u have laser pick-up for CD-rom ? i need this model : HOP-A1 .. may be 30+ pcs .. it depends on the price of course :) regards Hi, We are only selling laser pointers, no laser pick ups.
In my simulation I need the spice model for the external component, such as phothodiode , laser diode and inductance. Who can help me? Thanks! my email is :
Hi. I need to develop LED and laser PIN diode models for system level simulation. Anyone have the experience to share with me on this topic? Two kinds of methodologies are needed: 1. We know the process parameters, thus can develop the model with sufficient information. model can be developed based on the (...)
Hi, I have bought a second hand Jap model CD7 portable component CD Player only :cry: works on 100V :x Now it went dead after emitting a harch karrrrrrr while playing my favouret song. Anyway it has four pots and one coil which controls everything. I have tried turning and tuning :cry: but it just remains dead. the laser is ok :D and is turned f
Regarding your request -opto.lib file of OrCAD9.0 and all later versions contain the model of SONY SLD1121 laser diode. -diode5.lib of Intusoft's PSpice 7.0 contains the model of HITACHI's HL7801 laser diode. -an improvement of this model can be find in EDN magazine. -one accurate model (...)